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"An Enemy's Return"

An Enemy's Return

By: Janus

Note: Like almost everybody else, I don't own anything in the Zelda games. Duh. The characters John, Duncan, Richard, and Knil are all mine. They can't be used without permission.

Part 1: The Return of Evil

Link removed the Master Sword from Ganon, the King of Evil. The monster stood and roared, waving its swords.

"Six Sages, NOW!" Zelda yelled. The Sages created a gateway to the Evil Realm and casted Ganon into it.

"YOU." he said, "CURSE YOU. ZELDA. CURSE YOU.. SAGES. CURSE YOU. LINK!" He made a promise that, as long as the Triforce of Power was in his hand, he would return.

"Link, it's time for you to go and regain your lost life," Zelda sadly said. She lifted the Ocarina of Time, and sent Link back to the Temple of Time. Link put the Master Sword into the pedestal, and returned to his young, ten-year-old self.

7 years later.

"YOU. SHALL. BE.DESTROYED.YOU.WILL.NEVER. DEFEAT.ME." Everything was blurry. A fight. A fight was happening. Someone familiar, important, being shot with an arrow.

Link woke up, breathing heavily. "It's just.a dream," he reminded himself. He laid back down, and went back to sleep.

"You're getting better, Zelda," King Harkinian told his daughter during fencing lessons. Link came in.

"Excuse me, your Majesty, but I need to talk to the Princess for a second."

"Certainly." He left the room.

"Link, what's wrong?" Zelda asked.

"I've been having a strange dream lately, where I hear Ganondorf's voice. He keeps on threatening that we'll all be destroyed. Then, I see a battle being fought, and someone very important dying. I don't know who it is, though."

"Link, I have a bad feeling about this."

"So do I, Zelda."

"HOLD THEM BACK! DON'T LET THE VILE KNAVES THROUGH!" the captain yelled. There was a large group of Stalfos attacking.

"YOU DIRTY BRAGGARTS, I'LL- AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!" one of the soldiers yelled while being stabbed.

Link rode toward the battle on Epona. He had just gotten news about the fight and was riding as fast as he could. There were ten Stalfos left, and Link fired his bow, taking them out one by one.

"Thank you, Link. Many lives would've been lost if you hadn't have come," the captain said.

"Do we have any idea why those things attacked so suddenly?" asked Link.

"Legend says that when those creatures attack like that, it is a warning that the King of Evil will rise again."

"Oh, no."

Ganondorf trudged across the desert sands. He had found the Death Sword that was in the Evil Realm, the realm that he had been trapped in for seven, long years. If somebody found the weapon, they would have the power to destroy the guard that guarded the exit. Whoever found it had to get out quickly, because the guard would soon be replaced. Ganondorf was going to Gerudo Fortress, and when he got there, he decided that first, he would take care of someone who betrayed him.

Link was having another strange dream.


Link woke up. He knew it was one o'clock in the morning, but he had to get the Master Sword before it was too late. He left Kokiri Forest, and played the Prelude of Light.

Ganondorf walked out of the room, putting his sword back into its sheath. It was always a shame when the second in command was a traitor and had to be removed.

Link put away his Ocarina, then stepped into the large room. He clasped his hands on the Master Sword, and pulled it out of the pedestal. He suddenly felt like someone was behind him. He turned around, drawing his shield. Someone who looked like him, only with a black tunic, was there, sword and shield drawn.

"Who are you!?" Link asked.

"I am Knil, created by Ganondorf to destroy you," he said. He leaped to the attack. Link blocked the attack, then tried to attack, but was only blocked. They continued to fight until Knil said, "We will meet again." There was a flash, and he was gone.

Link was just about to leave the market, when he heard someone's voice.

"Link, are you all right?" It was Zelda.

"Zelda, why are you up this late?"

"I usually take a walk when I can't sleep."

"Why didn't you just play the ocarina?"

"I just didn't feel like it. Link, you have a cut above your eye! What happened?"

"Rauru contacted me. He told me to pull out the Master Sword; when I did, I was attacked by some copy of me named Knil, and he dropped this note during our fight."

"What does it say?"


"It seems the plan is already underway."

"What do you mean?"

"I can just sense it that Nabooru has already died."

"We've got to talk to the other Sages."

"Listen, you've all got to go into hiding!" Link said to the Sages. "You've probably noticed that Nabooru is not here."

"Link, what in the world's going on?" Saria asked.

"Ganondorf is back. He's gathering his followers, and is planning to destroy all of us."

"So the legend of the Death Sword is true," Rauru said.

"I agree," Darunia replied.

"You'll have to do everything within your power to stay alive," Zelda said, "Ganondorf's power is frightening. He's even created a copy of Link!"

"Both are very dangerous," Link warned, "I'm counting on all of you to protect yourselves from them."

The next night.

Link was riding on Epona, going towards Lon Lon Ranch. Hylian soldiers had to hold off a group of Stalfos. Smoke was coming from the ranch. Link feared the worst for Malon, Ingo, and Talon. He arrived at the fight. He got off Epona. There were seven Stalfos attacking.

"You decomposing heap!" he said to one of the Stalfos. He defeated the skeleton, and saw down by the corral, a figure that looked just like him, drawing his sword. He saw Malon trying to get away. Link ran towards them. He swung at Knil. Knil blocked his blow, and made an attempt to stab. Link jumped away, and did a jump attack. He was blocked, though he kicked Knil in the stomach. Knil returned with a powerful punch to Link's face that left him seeing stars for a few seconds. That was all that Knil needed. He threw Malon to the ground, raised his sword above his head, and swung it down. The Stalfos were all destroyed. He threw a Deku Nut, and disappeared. Link ran to Malon's body.

"Malon! Answer me!" There wasn't an answer. "Malon, no! Please. you can't be." Knil was going to pay. Nabooru, Malon, Talon, and Ingo had fallen. Link then remembered that Knil and Ganondorf were colleagues. It was Ganondorf's fault for creating the clone. They would both have to be stopped, before any more of his closest friends were dead.

One month later.

"Master, what are you doing?" Knil asked Ganondorf.

"I'm trying to reopen the Evil Realm and release those who followed me."

"That should help out on slaughtering the Sages and that Hylian. Also, the plan is proceeding perfectly. Who's the next target?"

"Patience. patience."

A week later.

Soldiers flooded the castle halls. Lizalfos were approaching the castle. Link was going with everyone to defend the castle. He proceeded down the corridor.

"Duncan! Watch your back!" Link yelled. The lizards had attacked. "Don't let your guard down!"

"KNAVES! DON'T GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO ATTACK!" Richard Steffans, the captain, yelled.

Link knelt down, charged his sword, and spun around. Five Lizalfos fell. Just ten to go. "Everybody get down!" he yelled, and began to cast Din's Fire. Eight of the lizards slumped to the ground. Just two to go. The soldiers could handle that. Link felt an unwelcome presence. He turned around to find Knil.

"It appears we meet again." Knil said.

"Knil, this ends here!" Link swung at Knil, but was blocked.

"You may want to work on your swordplay!" Knil laughed. He made a series of blows at Link. Link evaded each attack, and struck back. They were right next to the moat. Link kicked him in. He drew an ice arrow, and fired. It hit. Suddenly, Knil's body disappeared. An evil laugh filled the air. Knil was still alive.

Link was in a very strange area. It looked like a vortex of colors. Everything was in slow motion. There were two figures ahead. Knil and Zelda, but something was wrong. He then saw that Zelda's body was lifeless. Knil drew an arrow, and fired at Link.

"NOOOOOO!" he yelled. The arrow hit him in the chest.

"AAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!" he cried in pain.

He woke up. It had been another nightmare. He wiped his brow. He got up and went through the Lost Woods. He made it to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Saria was already there.

"Saria, what are you doing up this late?" he asked.

"What about you?"

"I. just had a. uh. an uncomfortable dream."

"What was it?"

"I. really rather not say."

"I understand."

"You always do." Saria smiled.

"Link, how do you feel about the war?" she asked.

"I. want it to end. we all do."

"That's how I feel. I hate it. Friends are dying. Link, I'm so frightened by what may happen. I fear this forest will be destroyed."

"Don't worry! The forest won't get destroyed. No matter what happens."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Well, I'm just sure of it."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

Link looked around. It was his shift on being the watch guard. Nothing had happened so far. He was on one of the towers of the castle. A few times he thought he saw something, but it would turn out to be a dog or something. He yawned and stretched. It was one o'clock in the morning and his shift would end in thirty minutes! He took another look around. Nothing. Just a couple of dogs. He thought of what had happened during the war. Memories of friends came rushing back. It was a good thing that he wasn't lost in thought for long because a Mad Scrub appeared. Link knew that a scrub wouldn't come all alone unless. He grabbed the horn that was lying at his side and blew into it. Scrubs appeared everywhere. Soldiers ran out the front gateway, while archers with flaming arrows appeared at the towers. The portcullis came down, and the drawbridge was raised. Link readied his bow, and fired Fire Arrows at the scrubs. Soon, they were all gone. But then, a large group of Poes started hovering towards the castle. They were no threat until they grouped together and made one giant ghost. It was 20 feet in height and length, and its torch had a white flame, which burnt twenty guards to a crisp. Link began using Ice Arrows, but they had no effect. They would just have to use normal arrows. The flame shot toward the east tower, hit it, and one of the vassals fell out as a burning heap.

"Hit it with everything you've got, you knaves!" Richard yelled. The flame fired again, this time nearly hitting Link!

"Whoa!" he yelled. The ghost began a transformation sequence. It turned into a giant Redead. It grabbed guards and slowly sucked their life out. Link thought quickly, trying to remember its weakness. He pulled out his ocarina, and began to play the Sun's Song. It froze stiff, covered with a translucent white plaster. The guards on the ground that were still standing grabbed torches and burned the parasitic zombie to a crisp.

"I just don't get it. Why hasn't Knil appeared? It's not like I want him to come, it's just that it worries me."


"That I know he's out there but I don't know what he's doing." It was 3:30 AM, two and a half hours after the attack. Link and Zelda were sitting on the hill near the first gate, discussing what was going on.

" I feel like I should be out helping with the battles."

"Zelda, you know they wouldn't let you do that. You could be seriously injured."

"So could you!"

"I know I could. I'm sorry, but I've had more practice with this type of thing."

"I know. It's just that I feel I'm not doing anything to help."

"You're the one that's helping keep keeping the kingdom together!"

"I guess so, but. I. I'm just worried about everyone. The Sages, my father. you."

"Don't worry about me. Just do what you can. You're the leader of the Sages, surely that can help."

"Oh." She embraced Link.

"Don't worry," he said, putting his arm around her, "We'll be all right. all of us." He wasn't quite sure if he was telling the truth.

"WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DIDN'T WORK!?" Ganondorf yelled at one of his followers.

"But I. I didn't know. I." he stammered.

"You know what this means. Guards! There's someone here who would love being a Stalfo!"

"NO! PLEASE!" He was carried off.

"That knave thought that would work? The imbecile." Ganondorf muttered to himself.

"We are to protect as many commoners as we can, and get rid of the attack. Mount your horses and get to the village immediately. You are dismissed," King Harkinian said. Link proceeded down the hall.

Kakariko Village was on fire. People were running, trying to make it to the castle. Link stabbed a follower of Ganondorf. All of the captains charged the enemy, protecting the villagers and helping the young, old, and the weak to escape. Link sunk his blade deep into the followers, while making sure none of the peasants got hurt. Some followers were surrounding him. He focused on Din, the goddess of power, making her ability's his own. He cast her blazing hot fire at the enemies surrounding him. They all fell to the ground. Someone snuck up behind him with a dagger. Link turned around and got slashed above the right eye. He swung his sword into the enemy's shoulder. The opponents fled to Hyrule Plains. The Hylian army followed them. Catapults were there in case this happened.

"Fire!" The king ordered. Flaming rocks flew in the sky, burning small enemy groups. There was a fifty-yard space between the two armies. Someone slashed him on the right arm, but Link slashed him across the chest. Link recognized this battle. His dream. Everything was the way he had seen it, only clearer. He noticed a black tunic to the left side of the battlefield. Knil. His bow was drawn. But he wasn't aiming at Link.

"AAAAAAAA!" King Harkinian yelled in pain and fell of his horse onto the ground. The arrow had gone straight through his armor and pierced his heart.

"Nooo!" Link ran to his king's side.

"Link." the dying king weakly whispered.

"Yes, your Majesty?"

"Watch over my daughter. Tell her.  that. I. love. her." His eyes kept open, staring at Link. He was dead. Link looked up, but Knil was gone. He closed Harkinian's eyes. Link got up and raised his sword. He charged the enemy along with the other soldiers. A captain attempted to kill Link. Link parried the blow, and returned with a vertical slice. It was blocked with a shield; Link quickly evaded the stab. The captain made many attempts to destroy Link, but Link parried all the blows, and eventually stabbed the enemy, who fell to the ground. Link fired a Light Arrow into the air. It came down, and destroyed a very large group of men. Catapults fired, taking out half of the remainders. They ran towards Gerudo Valley. The Hylian Army pursued them. The enemy ran across the bridge and cut it. There was another group of Ganondorf's followers ready for this. They all drew bows. The Hylians raised their shields. A large group of them were shot on the side. Link realized that those men had been the archers. He was the only one with a bow. Retreat filled the minds of the majority of the soldiers. Just then, the enemy's back row fell to the ground. A large group of rebel Gerudo was there.

"For the death of Queen Nabooru!" one of them yelled. Just then, more Hylian archers arrived. The enemy was surrounded. The only chance of escape was the river. The captains that were still alive jumped into it. A few were shot down in midair. The rest of the followers were dead.

The enemy swam down the river. They made it to Lake Hylia.

"We were lucky, weren't we?" one of them asked.

"Not anymore." a mysterious voice said. They looked up. A group of Hylians were there. The captain was speaking. "Thought you could escape, eh? Well, you just-" Ganondorf appeared.

"So, Ganondorf, you decide to show up when there are few of us, you coward!" Ganondorf used his Triforce of Power. A purple light surrounded the captain, and he was lifted into the air, screaming in pain. The light disappeared, and he fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

"I would normally have slaughtered all of you, but I have seen your skill. I think that you would enjoy being Stalfos." A few of the Hylians tried to escape, but the same purple light surrounded them, and they were pulled back, screaming in pain. "I'll send you to my domain."

"NOOO!" they all pleaded, but they all turned completely white, and disappeared.

"Oh, thank you, great Ganondorf!" the followers all said.

"Enough! You were all cowardly enough to try to escape, so I should kill you. BUT there still is the fact that you revealed the location of the rebel Gerudo. Let's return to the hideout."

The battle had been won. But there was one thing that Link still had to do. Link approached the closed door of Zelda's room. He took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"Zelda? It's me," he told her. She opened the door.

"Link! You're ba- what's wrong?" she asked.

"Zelda. your father." He didn't have to complete his sentence for Zelda to know what had happened.

"No!" she yelled. Link hugged Zelda to comfort her. She hugged him back, sobbing into his tunic.

"I'm sorry." he whispered, "I am so. sorry."

"And here we put to rest the great King Harkinian; amen," a preacher said. The body was set to sea; an archer fired a flaming arrow, burning Harkinian's body. Zelda was crying; Link put a comforting arm around her, though he too had a tear in his eye. The rest of the Sages were there, mourning for the fallen king. Harkinian's death added a whole new purpose to fight Ganondorf. He would not get away with this; the King would be avenged.

Link stood outside Zelda's room. Impa was in there, comforting Zelda. Link kept on reliving in his mind the death of the king.

"Link. come with me." It was Richard. Link followed him down the hall. "Link, I'm sorry about what happened." Link had his back towards him.

"I know. I just can't stop thinking of it and all the pain Zelda is going through." Link heard the faint sound of Richard drawing his sword. Right when he swung, Link dove out of the way, drew his sword, and swung down at Richard's head. He parried it.

"What are you doing!?" he asked.

"You fool. You thought that we were on your side the whole time!" He swung and was parried.

"IMPA! GET ZELDA OUT OF HERE!" Link yelled while parrying the constant blows. He kicked Richard to the ground. Impa and Zelda came out the room.

"Richard's one of the them!" Link yelled. Richard got to his feet. Impa threw a dagger at him. It got him in the middle of his torso. He fell to the ground. Link, Zelda, and Impa ran down the hall. Zelda changed into Sheik. Some guards opposed them, but were easily taken down. They got to the stables. Zelda and Impa got onto their white horse, Lylett, while Link mounted Epona. They rode out, staying low as arrows were shot at them. When they reached the market, the horses jumped on some stalls, and jumped over the wall, barely making it over the moat. They rode back to Kokiri Forest.

"The mission was accomplished, my liege. King Harkinian is dead. But Link, Zelda, and Impa escaped," Knil reported.

"Pity. But, I guess this means that I'll get to kill Zelda myself. You should be able to destroy Link," Ganondorf said.

"What are my next orders?"

"They are."

"We can hide you two here. I'm sure that Saria would be more than happy to lend you her house," Link informed Zelda and Impa.

"Thank you, Link," Impa said.

"Yes, thank you," Zelda also said.

"You're welcome."

One week later.

Zora's Domain was in ruins. All the Zoras were slaughtered, including the Sage, Ruto. The Zoras had put up a fight, but the followers had torches and swords, so the Zoras didn't stand a chance.  Knil stood over Ruto's corpse, smiling. "You fools. You can't beat Ganondorf. You can't even squash a bug without putting up the fight of your life." He laughed.

Late at night.

"Stay quiet," John Parkins whispered.

"Right," Duncan Kapsen replied. They were sneaking into Kokiri Forest. They crept into Saria's house. They raised their clubs, and knocked out Zelda. They took daggers and stabbed Impa and Saria. They stuck a note into the wall. They took Zelda out of the forest. Everything was according to plan.

Link went into Saria's house. Saria would've woken up by now. He walked in and stopped. Impa and Saria were motionless. They had daggers in their backs. Zelda was nowhere to be found.

"No. NO!" he yelled. He removed the knives, and noticed a note on the wall. It read:

You can't win, you knave. First Zelda, then you.

He'll stop at nothing. He's gone too far. Harkinian, Nabooru, Malon, Talon, Ingo, Impa, Saria. all dead because of him! Him and that copy of myself. We will end this today. Link thought.

"Get in there!" a guard commanded, throwing Zelda into a cell. He grabbed her and slammed her against the wall, and then roughly chained her wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, stomach, and even her neck to the wall. She could breathe, but hardly. She tried to move, but couldn't. The guard punched her across the face twice. "That should teach you," he said, "Oh, and by the way." He put some food and water on the floor, a foot away from Zelda, "See if you can get it." He punched her one more time across the face, and left. As much as she tried, Zelda couldn't get the food.

The rebel Gerudo were all tied to stakes. Ganondorf smirked at all of them.

"You imbeciles were foolish enough to betray me." he said.

"YOU were the one who betrayed US, Ganondorf. We know that you killed Nabooru," one of the Gerudo spoke. Ganondorf punched her across the face.

"Perhaps you would like to join her. Then I shall make it so."

"With you Ganondorf, there are worse fates than death."

"I'll think some up for your friends. in fact, I'll make them my servants. But first, I'll fulfill your request." He untied her and handed her a sword. He pulled out the Death Sword. "You know what this is? It's the sword that killed Nabooru." Ganondorf swung his sword, but the Gerudo parried it and returned with a horizontal blow. She was blocked, and was barely missed by the blade. Ganondorf swung again, but his enemy did a back flip and tried to slice down on his head, but stopped abruptly. Ganondorf's blade had sunk into her stomach.

"Just so you know. this was how Nabooru died. But there is one thing missing. You'll know what it is soon enough." He withdrew his blade as she fell to the ground. He turned to the other Gerudo. He raised his hand, the Triforce symbol glowing, and shot magic onto all of them. They were all white for a second, and then the light subsided. They all looked up. Their eyes were all red and full of evil. Knil and the other men slashed the ropes that held the Gerudo.

"Knil," Ganondorf said, "Begin the attack on the Gorons."

"Yes, Master." He and the rest left. Ganondorf looked at the dying Gerudo that was still on the ground. "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you." He snapped his fingers. Two Wolfos charged. Ganondorf teleported to his hideout. The two Wolfos were getting closer. There was a flash, and one of them dropped. Link sliced the other one's back. It fell to the ground.

"You. you're the legendary Hero of Time, am I right?"

"Yes. Here, I've got some Red Potion, so-"

"There's no time! They're going to attack the Gorons! Please, Ganondorf killed Nabooru. He tried to kill me, and made the others his servants. You have to stop him. We helped the Hylians, so please, help. us." Her eyes closed. Link sat silently for a moment, out of respect, and got up. He didn't like to leave the body lying there, but he had to get to Death Mountain.

The Gorons got the drop on the enemy army. They were pounding them, not giving them the chance to attack. Link stood, facing Knil.

"If you want a fight," Knil said, "Follow me." Link chased him to the rim of Death Mountain's crater. The rim was wide enough to stand on, but was hard to stay balanced.

"Now, Link, we finish this." Knil swung from the right side; Link parried it, and returned the blow from the top, only to be blocked. Link and Knil fiercely swung their shining blades at each other. They continued their desperate battle, both wanting to end the other's life, but Link eventually blocked Knil and kicked him in his left side. He slashed Knil across the back. Knil yelled out in pain, and fell into the crater.

"NOOOOO!" he yelled, plummeting to his death. He landed; Link could see Knil's hand slowly sink into the fiery pit.

"Hmm. Your friend is strong, Highness. He will be a formidable opponent," Ganondorf said.

"He'll rip your dirty head off!" Zelda yelled. Ganondorf opened the neck clamp and grabbed Zelda's neck. She was gasping for breath.

"If you do not keep your mouth shut, then Link will come and find out that it's too late to save what he came to rescue!" He squeezed harder. Zelda started to lose the feeling in her arms. Her cheeks were starting to turn blue. "Is that clear?" he asked, grabbing even harder. Zelda didn't have the strength to nod. She felt her life slowly leaving her. Ganondorf let go and put the clamp back on. "Consider that a warning," he warned. He punched her square in the face. Her nose was starting to bleed. She had bleeding cuts on her forehead. There were painful bruises where the clamps were. Ganondorf kicked the glass of water over and ate the food. He smirked at Zelda and left. Zelda, from extreme pain and hunger, blacked out.

Link quickly focused his power on Farore's piece of the Triforce, the Triforce of Courage. Knil was almost out of sight. He read the deceased mind, and knew where Ganondorf was hidden. He focused again. An unearthly wind was cast upon him, and he was blown to a dark, dungeon like area. Ganondorf's hideout. The Triforce began to surge. There were two other bearers of the Triforce here. He drew his sword and shield, and cautiously walked down the hall. A guard charged him. Link held out his sword. The guard ran right into it. He fell to the ground. Link continued. He slew all the guards that opposed him. He was right outside Zelda's cell. He took the keys from a guard, and unlocked the cell. He ran inside and unlocked her neck, stomach, legs, and then the arms. He caught her as she fell to the ground.

"Link." she weakly whispered. She had lost almost all of her energy. There were cuts on her head as well as the spots that had been restrained to the wall. There was a handprint on Zelda's neck where Ganondorf had grabbed her. They heard a laugh from behind them. Link turned around. Ganondorf. They were transported to a dark, floating island... Link gently set down Zelda, and drew his sword. Ganondorf drew his.

"I see you've made it this far only to be defeated by me," Ganondorf smirked.

"To bury you."

"Well, to bury one of us." Ganondorf attacked. Link blocked and returned with a blow to the right side. Block. Ganondorf put all his strength into his arm and struck down towards Link's head. Link blocked, but fell to the ground because of the force of the blow. He quickly rolled back and got to his feet. Ganondorf did a horizontal blow; Link ducked and dove out of the way. He quickly moved behind Ganondorf, but he grabbed Link and threw him to the ground. He cut Link's right arm.

"Aaugh." Link groaned in pain. Ganondorf was about to stab Link, but Link jumped up and gave him a quick slice in the chest. Ganondorf bent down in pain. Link was just about to make the deathblow when Ganondorf grabbed him by the neck and held him off the ground.

"Take your time and die. I can wait," he said. A blast of magic hit Ganondorf. The force of the blow was strong enough that Ganondorf lost his grip, but it sent Link flying off the island. He stuck his sword into the side to break his fall, and began the climb back up.
Zelda fell to the ground. She had used all her energy that was left to blast Ganondorf with magic. Ganondorf held his hand high above himself and charged his multi-shot attack. Zelda was hit and flying through the air just as Link got back up.

Link ran towards Ganondorf, yelling. He swung at Ganondorf, who parried it and attempted to slice down on Link's head. Link back flipped and made many attempts to hit his enemy. The Gerudo King quickly parried all of Link's blows, and swung as hard as he could. Link dodged the blow and swung at Ganondorf, barely missing his back. Ganondorf attempted to decapitate Link. Link ducked, and was about to make a hit when Ganondorf punched Link straight in the face. He fell to the ground and dropped his sword, blood trailing out of his nostrils. Ganondorf grabbed Link, and threw him down on the ground as hard as he could. The weakened Link tried to get up, but Ganondorf grabbed him by his shirt and held him over the edge. There were sharp rocks after the hundred-yard fall.

"No." Zelda sobbed.

"Look closely, Princess. This is the last time you'll ever see him again." Ganondorf turned his head toward Link. "Now, legendary Hero of Time. you will die." Link pressed the back of his hand against Ganondorf's right hand. A flash appeared from the hands. Link had gotten the Triforce of Power. He kicked Ganondorf straight in the chest. Ganondorf fell back, throwing Link back at the same time. Link got to his feet and raised his sword.

"Nooo!" Ganondorf yelled. The Master Sword began to glow. Ganondorf held up the Death Sword in order to block Link's blow. Link struck the sword with the strength of a thousand men. The Death Sword flew from Ganondorf's hand and flew off the cliff.

"Nooo! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!" Ganondorf cried. Link thrust the Master Sword into Ganondorf's heart. The end of the blade was sticking out his back.

Ganondorf gasped, his eyes glaring at Link. Link withdrew the sword, and Ganondorf fell to the ground. His breathing stopped and his eyes rolled back into his head.  Link dropped his sword to the ground, and ran to Zelda. He slightly picked her up.

"Zelda, answer me!" he said softly.

"Link. I."

"Are you all right?"

"I'll. be fine. eventually."

"I'm so sorry for what's happened to you."

"Link. it wasn't your fault. You were asleep when they came."

Link sighed as he held her closer. They kissed each other. Zelda held out the Triforce of Wisdom. "Take. this." she said.

Link slowly took it from her. Everything changed. He was pulled into a twirling vortex. He was brought to an area where Triforce shapes were constantly moving upward. The sky was gold instead of blue.

"Link." a feminine voice said.

"Link, the Chosen One." another feminine voice said. The three goddesses appeared. They all looked like they were in their early twenties. Din had fiery red hair. She had golden eyes and was wearing a red gown. Nayru had sapphire blue eyes with golden hair, and wore a blue gown. Farore had emerald green eyes and brown hair, and a green gown.

"Link," Din said, "Thou hast destroyed the evil that once choked the land."

"Princess Zelda and thyself must protect the Triforce from others who wish to seek it," Nayru commanded.

"Now, Link," Farore softly said, "Makest a wish in thy heart, and it shall be granted." Link focused on his wish. He knew of many things that he wanted, but decided to use this chance for the people of Hyrule. The image of the goddesses faded away, as well as the area he was in.

"Link. Link, wake up," a comforting voice said.  Link woke up to see Zelda. Her cuts were gone as well as his. The were at Lake Hylia


"Yes, it's me."

"What happened?"

"When I gave you the Triforce, you disappeared and I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were on Lake Hylia."

"What else?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is the war finished?"

"Yes, Link. It is. Hyrule is safe again because of you."

"No. You helped. I would've died if it hadn't been for you. Thank you," He stood up, "Let's go home." He pulled out the Ocarina and called Epona. They mounted her, and returned to the castle.


Everything returned to normal on account of the Hero of Time's wish. The king was back. So were Nabooru, Ruto, Impa, and Saria. Malon, Talon, and Ingo were back as well. Everyone who had died and was not a follower of Ganondorf had returned. All the followers that were found were arrested.

"John, I found it!"

"Careful now, Duncan. Don't slip."

"All right! I got it!" Duncan held the Death Sword above his head.

"All right. He'll want it when he returns. It's a pity that it takes two years to make the revival potion."


The End

If you didn't like this story, remember that it's my first Zelda fanfic. My apologies to the makers of the movie "Dragon Heart". I ripped off some of the lines.