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"First Date"

First Date

By: Haiku

Link was sitting in Saria's cottage, nursing some tea she made. Link was shaking a bit, and she was trying to calm him down. "Link, just calm down. The way you are now, when you see her, you're probably going to pee your pants," she said, and laughed at her mental picture of Link shaking her hand while pee began to pool on the floor. She opened her eyes, and Link was glaring at her.

"That's not very funny right now," he said.

"It's not like your going on a date with her. All she did was ask you over," Saria said, scooting over to Link, and put her arm around him best she could. He was 13, she was the same age, but stopped growing at age 10.

"Saria, this is the princess!" he said.

"So what? She just wants to see you," she said, but Link didn't cheer up.

"Saria, what if....." he started, but she put her small hand over his mouth.

"What if, what if, WHAT IF?! What if she just wants to be your friend, huh? What if!" she said, getting annoyed by that.

"But Wh..." he started.

But she said, "If that is going to end with 'what if', I'm gonna slap you," she said. Link smiled, and she hugged him. "Link, I'm your friend. I know you're nervous, just calm down, and everything will be all right, ok?"  Link nodded his head, even though she couldn't see it. "Now go, or she will  have your head."

Link walked to the door then stopped dead in his tracks, and turned around, a look of total shock on his face. Saria was laughing so hard, no noise was coming out. Her mouth was open wide, and her face red. She fell out of her chair, and waved for him to go. Link had a disgruntled look on his face, and headed out, with Saria pounding the floor, it was so funny.

At the castle

Zelda was pacing back and forth. Impa was with her, like Saria was with Link. "Honey, just calm down, ok? OK?!" she said, and looked at her. Zelda
nodded. "Zelda, I don't want you to do what I did on my first date," Impa said.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well, I was so nervous, I pooped my pants." And when she said that, Zelda busted out laughing, and servants turned their heads, wondering what that was.

"You...messed....your......pants?!" she asked, starting to hypervenitilate.

"Breathe, honey. Yes. I was really nervous. This was Karo, my husband too. I saw him, and was so nervous when I said hi. I then realized what I had done. He realized, and I started to cry. He told me later that he didn't laugh cause I was crying, and that made him sad too. He held me tight, and said it was ok. That was when I fell in love with him. He was really really kind, and caring. Of course, looks didn't matter," she said.

Zelda rolled her eyes while she said, "Sure, and the fact that his arms were as big as your waist had nothing to do with it," and laughed.

"It was a blind date Zelda. And no, he didn't. He was as thin as a stick," she said.

"Impa, how much did you love him?" she asked.

"I loved him  more than anything. I wish I could be with him," she said, and lowered her head. Zelda wrapped her arms around her.

"Impa, I'm supposed to the the sad one! Now go find some work to do!" she said, and Impa laughed at what she said.

"Maa'm, the small boy is here, I think it was Link, correct?" said a servant.

Zelda's eyes lit-up, and she looked at Impa. "Just don't get nervous, and you will be fine." Zelda smiled, and walked to the door, opened
it, and walked out, heading towards the foyer.

Link was in the foyer, looking at all the cool stuff. Ancient swords, weilded by ancient heroes, a tapestry three stories high with words in ancient Hylian,
letters the size of Link's hand, telling of the first people of Hyrule. Link was holding a sword, then saw a glimpse of someone hurrying down the stairs. He put it back and Zelda came down the stairs, in a simple but eloquent dress. He was stunned, and he smiled slightly when she came down. She came down like a, well, princess.

She was watching him, and saw him smile slightly. She knew he liked her, just from that smile. She saw him, in a silk shirt,and a pair of silk pants that he got just for today. Zelda thought he was very handsome, and to touch it off, a green silk hat, that went down to his knees. "H-hello..." Link said, unsure what to say. Zelda smiled, and Link looked away, wondering if he embarrassed himself.

"Don't worry, you're not embarrassing yourself. Do you want to know what Impa did when she went out with her husband, Karo, for the first time? You know what she did?" and whispered in his ear.

Zelda giggled, and Link said, "Well, I wouldn't blame her. My friend Saria told me not to pee my pants when I saw you," he said, and both laughed a little.

She bent over, and whispered into his ear. "Link, we're not going to dinner, come on, let's get outta here!" she said. Impa came down, and heard shuffling, then the door closed and she sighed.

"That girl, she is always running off," and went into the dining room, where the king was sitting.

"Where's Zelda?" he asked.

"Off with that boy, out beyond the drawbridge by nowm" she said, and the king laughed.

"I was just like that. I did the same thing with Marilyn. We ran for it, and spent the whole night in town, and when I got back, my mother tried to ground me from seeing her. I snuck out every night for a month. I don't know if she ever found out, but I think she might have," he said, but Impa was still worried. "Cheer-up, Impy! Come on, sit down!" Impa looked at him mean-like, but she knew he meant well. She sat down, and began to eat, chatting.

Link was feeling great, as they ran through the dark courtyard. Zelda had grabbed his hand, and pulled him out from the castle, and was still leading him along. They stopped against the wall, and saw the guard. Zelda was thinking of a way to get by. Link saw the bar that released the lever. He picked up a good-sized rock, and approached the gate. "Zelda, run!" he said, and she darted through. Link yelled, "Guard, theif in the castle!" and the guard ran, then fell on his back, as the stone hit on the back of his knees, collapsing them, but not hurting him (too much). He scrambled to his feet, but the gate was shut and Link and Zelda were running off, and he went to the gate and tried to pull it open, but only one person wasn't enough to open the heavy metal gate.

Link and Zelda were running off, and were almost out of sight of the castle, but also almost out of breath. Both stopped, and began to gasp. Zelda sat on the ground, and Link went over to her. " we" he said, between gasps

. She looked at him, and thought. "Well, we could go to dinner."

Then Link saw a small colorful peice of paper on a tree. "The Carnival! We could go to the carnival, Zelda."

She looked up, and said, "Sure, I would love to," she said, and Link reached down, and helped her to her feet.

"How are we going to get there? It's an hour from here," she  said, having second thoughts.

"Why, you want to go back to the castle?" Link asked. She thought it over.

"No, I would like to get some fun if before I get grounded," she said, and smiled.

"Well, we better hurry," Link said, and they walked on, coming to the closed castle market. They were walking through the market, and they hadn't talked for almost ten minutes. It was bugging Link. "Zelda," he said, and she turned her head. "Do you like me?" he suddenly blurted that out, and clamped his hand over his mouth, an expression of total shock on his face. They both stopped, and the only sound was the gentle rustling of the fabric roofs of the market stands, Zelda's slow breath, and Link's slightly heightned breath. A thousand thoughts raced through his head, all of the negative (of course).  What if she doesn't like me? What if she really only wanted to be my friend, and i ruined it? I could have been friends with the princess, but i ruined it now! Way to go, Linkie-boy!  He lowered his hand, uncertainly from his mouth, and waited for the response to come.

She reached over, and took Link's hand. "I like you a lot, Link. Do you think a friend would dress like this?" she asked. Link managed to find his tounge, which was somewhere in his stomach.

"You're the princess. I thought that would be very casual for you. After all, I remember when you were only around ten, and you wore all those fancy dresses," he said.

"I hated those!" she said with a smile. Link hadn't realized that she was holding his hand, and when he did, butterflies went through his stomach. "Link, come on! I can't drag you along, silly!" she said, and Link's feet responded, but his mind was in, what you would like to say, la-la land. She looked at him, and saw his dreamy expression on his face. Oh my god, he is in love with me! I don't believe this!OR is it that he just likes me cause I'm the princess? I'm gonna have to make sure that he likes me for me. Zelda then began to talk, which snapped Link out of his trance. "Link, when we get there, please don't  tell anyone that I'm the princess, It will just draw a crowd, ok?" she asked.

"Ok, Zelda. I won't. I don't mind," he said, and smiled at her. They approached the entrance, and Link saw a sign that said, Mosli's carnaval, 5 days left! He saw a sign that said, Admission: 10 rupees for adults, people under 12, 7. Link read it out loud, and reached into his pockets, to find he didn't have any. "Uh, Zelda, I have no money. I spent it all on these clothes," he said, and looked really downcast.

"You're forgetting. I'm the princess. I have plenty of money, silly!" and opened her purse, and pulled out a red rupee. They went to the gate, and she put it in a metal tube, which slid into a series of tubes. It slid and clunked into a red colored tank, which it activated a switch, and it dinged twice. "Two adult tickets, ok." And the man handed them two, and they walked through, and they wondered which rides they should go on. They saw one, it was a large wheel, with people sitting on it.

"Oh, lets go on that one!" said Zelda, pointing at the wheel.

"Ok," he said. Then Link saw a small boy, slip off Zelda's purse. Link kicked his foot in between his legs, and the boy fell face first. Zelda was shocked
at what he did. Link picked the boy up, but got a firm hold on him, so he couldn't get away. "Now, why would you go and try to steal her purse?"  Link
asked, no anger in his voice. Link looked over at a group of people, who looked like everyone else, but was intent on watching Link deal with the boy. Link pulled the purse from his hand. "Don't let me catch you again," Link said, and the boy ran to the group of people, who retreated into the shadows.

"Link, why did you scare him like that?" she asked. "He was probably some poor child, needing some money."

"No, Zelda, he was a panhandler, a theif. He had friends over there, but they're gone now. It's ok, they won't come after us," he said, and she was shocked.

"There are people... who devote themselves to stealing, and thievery?" she asked.

"Don't be so dramatic. They're people too lazy to work. They like stealing, and living out of the law. They're crude, mean people. You don't get out much, do you?" he asked. She shook her head.

"I never knew things like this were out here," she said.

"I didn't either, until I first left the forest. I was even more shocked, 'cause the meanest person I ever knew was Mido, and all he would do was push you in the mud.  Then I found out about all this stuff. I didn't want to leave my home, I wanted to forget that the outside world existed. I think that is why the Kokiri never leave. Someone left, and found this all out. But, we have to get over it, ok?" he said, and Zelda nodded. She was still scared. "Listen, I won't let anything happen to you, ok?" he said, and grabbed her gently on the shoulders. He let go, and said, "C'mon, let's ride the big Ferris wheel," and pointed to the entrance. They walked to it, and got on the ride. It stopped while they were at the top, and Zelda was like a child, filled with the senses of the new experience. She could see her home, the large castle, with its turrets and large domed center. She was awestruck, and put her head on Link's shoulder, and sighed.

Link looked at her, and asked "What is it?"

She sighed again. "It's so beautiful, Link. The land, the sky. It's almost as if  I am flying. I can see the castle, with its lights. I can see the village, I can see a little bit of the forest, a ranch, the market, oh Link, it's so gorgeous. Thank you, thank you for bringing me. This is really cool. And so are you," she said, and she laid her head in his lap. She was so relaxed, she could go to sleep. She closed her eyes....Then the ride started again, and she opened them again. She sat up, and Link put his arm around her. The ride did two more circles, then his seat was at the very bottom when it stopped, meaning their turn to get out.

They stepped out, and Link looked at the various stands. One of them was a knife throwing one. Link walked up to it, but he said to Zelda, "Keep your bag in front of you, and hold it in both hands," he said as he pointed indiscreetly at a shady looking man, whom they both saw pull out a green rupee quickly from a woman's purse.

She swung  it in front, and he asked, "How much you got in there?" She opened it up, to show a few green, blue, and red rupees, but he saw many gold, and purple ones. Link motioned for her to stay close, and he walked up to the booth.

"I feel like I'm in prison, made sure to stay away from all the people who wanna touch my butt."

Link laughed, and he nodded. "Well, just remember. Keep it in front of yourself, ok?" She nodded, and he got up to the booth. He handed the man a
blue rupee from Zelda, and placed the six knives in front of him. He got one, and threw it at the target. It hit, but the knife bounced off. Zelda began to
snicker, and Link was annoyed, but also confused. He wondered what was up. He threw the next one harder, and sparks flew off from the 'wooden' target,
which had the prize as a sword. Zelda busted out laughing, and Link was mad now. Link drew back, and threw as hard as he could. It flew. And then broke
on the target. Link was mad.

The gamekeeper was chuckling. "To get the prize, laddie, you have to knock it down. No one said it was going to be easy." Link looked around, and saw the support of the stand the items were standing on. He aimed the next one, and snapped a rope that was tying it up. The shelf shifted with a loud thump. The gamekeeper said, "What are you doing?"

"Knocking it over. You never said it would be easy." He threw another one, and hit another rope, and a side fell down, the object slid to the edge, but
didn't fall off. The gamekeeper watched this boy destroy his stand. Link threw the last one, and it tinged off, and the cyliner object tipped slightly, then
plunged to the floor, and the thick clay cylinder shattered on the packed dirt floor inside, and the people who were watching cheered, as the grumpy
gamekeeper handed the sheathed sword. Link pulled it out, and held it in his hand. He sheathed it, and said, "I would also like one of those stuffed bears."

The gamekeeper was not thrilled about giving him something else. He gave the giant bear to Link, and Link said, "Do you want me to help?" The
shopkeeper was taken aback, but Link hopped over the bar, and said to him, "Lift those shelves." The large man did, and Link got the ropes, pulled them
though the loops, and tied them. The man complimented Link, never thinking of that kind of knot. Link left, with the man a lot happier, even though he lost
his top prize.

"Link, that was really nice that you helped that man. What do you wanna do now? It hasn't been very long. Hey, can I have the bear?" she asked.

"No! It's mine!" Link said, and ran off. Zelda ran after him, and caught him. They play wrestled, and she got the bear.

"Ah, the first present from my boyfriend!" she said, and Link's laughs died away, and he was in shock. Zelda looked at him, and at his shocked face. "Link, are you ok?" she asked.

"Y-y-y-you think of me that, Zelda?" he stuttered out, and she smiled.

"Yes, Link. I'm your girlfriend, you're my boyfriend. So, are you going to come with your 'girlfriend' to see the rest of the amusement park?" Link felt all
these feelings wash over him, and she took his hand, and interlocked her soft fingers with his. He noticed that his hands were almost the same size as his.

"I love you Zelda," he said.

"I figured that out at the village. I love you too," she said, and she moved closer to Link, and they kissed briefly, feelings of emotion and warmth washing over them both, their love becoming almost tangible, and able to be shared through this contact. After a few seconds, the kiss was broken off, with smiles on their faces.

"I noticed something. My hand is only a little bigger than yours," Link said, holding it against hers, and she began to laugh.

"Do you always go off on a tangent like that?" and Link shook his shoulders, and put one arm around her. "Well, come on, let's go get some food, and do something else!" she said, and pulled Link off.  She went to a candy stand, saw this stuff, called cotten candy. She got it, and pulled some out. She put it in her mouth, and was delighted when it melted, and was sugary. "Here Link, eat some." And she shoved some into his mouth. Link tasted it, then they got some drink, made from cream, and this fizzy stuff, to make this really tasty drink. They got gigantic cups, made from paper, to Link's amazment, then Zelda yawned loudly.

She finished her drink, and Link said, "I think it is time to go home, uh, I mean back to the castle."

She nodded, and took another gulp from the drink. "This is good, I wish I had some of this at home," Link said, and took another sip. They began to head back, holding hands.

"Link, I love you. I just would like you to know," she said.

"You don't have to say it, sweetie," he said, and kissed her head.

"Just cause I'm a foot shorter than you, doesn't mean that you have to rub it in!" she said, looking up at Link. She wasn't really a foot, more like half. She came to Link's chin. Link reached over, clamped his mouth on her forehead, and sucked hard. "OW! Come on Link, stop that!" but really, it tickled, and she was laughing. She pulled off Link, and wiped her forehead off. "You're nasty!" she said, and smacked Link with her giant teddy bear. They played for a little while, and saw that they were near the castle.

They ran for the gates, and Link saw that they were open now, undoubtly Impa told them to do that. Link and Zelda ran past, laughing as the guard yelled at them, and ran into the castle. Impa was in the hallway, and Zelda said, "Link, hurry, this way!" and the two ran off. Impa only smiled, as she calmly
walked up the stairs she had blocked off, and walked into Zelda's room, waiting for her to get back. The door to Zelda's room was closed when she got
back, and Impa could hear Zelda and Link approach the door. They ran up, and stopped.

"Link, I had a very nice time," she said, and both of Link's hands in her. "I love you, you know that, right?" she said, and Link nodded his head.

"I love you too," he said, and hugged her tight. He closed her eyes, and felt her lips on his, and he gradually nudged her lips open, and kissed her deeper. After what seemed like five minutes, both released, and Link said, "Good night Zelda," and walked off. Zelda opened the door, and went inside.

She closed the door quietly, and turned around to see Impa. She jumped, and almost screamed, her heartbeat going up high. "I-Impa, hi. You scared me!"
she said, and walked over to her dresser to find her pajamas.

"What were you doing going out of the castle like that?" she said sternly, more of a statement than a question.

"If you're gonna talk like that, I'm not gonna tell you about my date then," she said, matter-of-factly, and took off her dress, and slipped into her P.Js. Impa was wondering what went on, and heard what she had said. "I know what dad did when he was my age," she said, and Impa knew that she took after her father.

"I guess it would be worthless to punish you," she said.

Zelda said, "Besides, after a month of that, you would have no voice." Impa chuckled, and Zelda's mouth dropped open. "You actually laughed? I knew you had a sense of humor!" she exclaimed.

"Quit that. Now, spill with the details," Impa said, and they talked for a long time into the night about boys and stuff.

Link had got back to the forest, his soul still in the heavens with that last kiss he had with Zelda. He climbed into his house, and saw Saria, sitting patiently on her bed for Link to return. "Well, how did it go?" She saw his dreamy look, and her eyes went bright and sparkly. "Oh, it wasn't just a friend thing! Tell me how it went!" she exclaimed, and Link remembered that she had the gossip equivalent to a noisy housewife. Link spilled, and she bounced happily on his bed, their conversation going long into the night...