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"Ganon's Mask"

Ganon's Mask

By: Haiku

Interactive Story

  • No gory stuff. Remember, this is the mushroom kingdom, and everything dies in a puff of smoke, not a splash of blood.
  • No sex. When Link talks over the vid-thing, there is no sexy stuff of any kind. Link may kiss the screen, so as Zelda, but that is all. Zelda CANNOT flash Link at anytime.
  • Nobody dies. Of course, we can't have Mario or Link die, but Zelda, Malon, or Saria can't die either.
  •  No illusion, or dream sequences. There are no dream-stuff, this is not a soap-opera. Also, Gannon can't cast a spell over the vid-thing or Link to make it seem that Zelda is sick.
  • Mask. I will lay out the kind of mask, and what they can do. You can't combine mask (except for the Deku, Zora, and Goron mask, and fierce diety, They are the only original mask used in the story.) Fierce Diety mask is for when Link has BIG fights, such as with a enemy with a star mask, or Gannon. Link may face Bowser once or twice, but don't do it every time. Oh, and Link and Mario can't lose mask, they are magically bound to them after they get them, just so you know.
  • Time. Each segment of the story is to span about 3 days to a week, 2 weeks if it is a really tough part, but I don't every submission to be 2 weeks.
  • Capture. Nobody gets captured, nobody. Also, Gannon CANNOT appear in hyrule for a short while and take the princess.
  • Changes. No drastic changes, period.
  • Injury. They can be minorly injured, but no large amount of blood, and the injury cannot take them out of the story, even for a short time. Also, they should still be able to do all of the functions that they could do before.
  • Joint adventure. Mario or Link DO NOT go separate ways at anytime to try and find star-mask faster. If you right that in your submission, I will throw it away faster than a final fantasy poster.
  • Mario's weapon. Mario has a sword with a power star as the hilt. It is 3 feet long. He cannot lose it. Also, it does not shot a beam, and it is ineffective against Bowser, he has to do that tail-grab thing.
  • Faries. Since Hyrule and the mushroom kingdom are parallel diminsions, they have faieries, too. They are called star faries, and two will follow Mario around as soon as they enter the Mushroom kingdom. They are friends of Mario. Everytime you get a star mask, the hundreds of star faries forced to work on the mask are freed from within the mask. The are little bitty thinigs, they are in the shape of a star. (If you have the mario 64 game, When it says press start, and Mario is watching the tiny stars, that is what they look like. They come in all different colors.
Masks: You all ways get two masks, because each mask is half of a star.

Types of Masks
  • Red star mask: Shoots fireballs, will be first mask you get. Protects you from the temperature of cold, but not against cold attacks, and you can't swim in ice water with it or any other mask on.
  • Emerald star mask: protects you from freezing temperature, and allows you to swim in water in ice areas. There, this will be vital before you go into any ice area's, so this will be got second.
  • Blue star cloud mask: used in areas with poisonus gas.
  • Pirate skull star mask: used to gain access to the ghost pirate ship.
  • You can make more masks , just don't overdo it. NO flying mask, NO death mask, NO strength mask, and NO KEY MASK!
  • Blocks: Here is how the cap blocks work on Link.
  • Wing block: Only useable with Zora Link, and Deku Link. It causes his fins on his arms to grow twice there normal size, or the deku flowers spin like helicopters, and he can fly with prescision. Also, when Link hits a block, a cap doesn't come out, the power is just suddenly granted to him, and he doesn't wear the cap (Link would just look funny.)
  • Metal block: Usable only to Goron or Zora Link.
  • Invisible block: usable only to Deku Link.
    Feel free to send whatever part of the story you want to write. I won't be accepting endings to the story until I decide when the final chapter is, so don't send them, you will just clog my email.


It was a gorgeous day at Hyrule castle on the day of King Harikinian's birthday, and they were having the party out in the courtyard. Link had decided to come; after all, he was involved with princess Zelda, and no way he could refuse the amount of food that is expected at an event such as this. He was coming back from the food table back to there spot next to a tree beside a small duck pond with his plate heaped with food. "This is your fourth plate. You think you can finsh that?" she said, the amusement evident in her voice.

"Yeff," he said thickly through a large piece of birthday cake.

"You have a piece of frosting on your nose" she said, and began to rub his face with a piece of silk cloth that said 'happy birthday!!!' embrodereid on it in gold and silver thread.

"Ow! That hurts!" he said, because the embroidering was rubbing his nose raw.

"I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you," she said, and moved her face closer to his. For a second, there lips touched, but suddenly there was a lot of commotion comming for the gates, and they both turned around to see what it was. Two guards on horseback where carrying a strange-looking man, with a red cap, small mustasch, blue coveralls, and a red shirt. He looked as if he had been severally beat-up, and it looked like someone tried to set him on fire.

"King! There is a man here wantig to talk to you! He says it is urgent!" the guard shouted.

The king made his way over to the strange man. "What is your name, kind sir? Mine is king Harikinian," he said to the man.

"My a-name is Mario," he said in a accent that Harikinian had never heard.

"What do you want, Mario?" the king asked.

"My a-world is under attack! It is being attacked by our archnemesis, the evil Bowser!" Mario said. "But there is another working with Bowser this time. I have beat Bowser a-fore, but this new enemy is diffrent from ahim! He calls him self, hold on, let me a-remember." He began to think, and the tension was getting terrible. "Ah, now I a-remember. His name was Gannondorf, that what it is." They all acted like an audience is suppossed to. They all gasped, some fainted, and even a few small children lost control of there bladder and bowels. "I a-see you a-know who he is. May I ask what he has a-done?" Mario asked, curious.

"He tried to steal our most sacred object. The Triforce," the king said.

"My I ask, what is a Triforce?" asked Mario.

"No, not a triforce, the triforce. It is the most powerful object in the world, all the worlds. It was created by three goddesses after creating all the people in all the worlds. They created that as a symbol of themselves. They put some of their essence in it, you see," the king explained. "Would you like me to show you the person who beat Ganon for good, or so we thought."

"Yes, I would like to a-see who beat that person. He was most powerful," said Mario.

"Come here, Link," said the king.

Link stepped forward, and Mario said "Where is he? I don't a-see him anywhere?"

"He's right here" said king Harikinian, pointing down to Link. "He cannot be the a-hero who beat that evil man. I was barley a match for Bowser, and then Gannon came along. I almost died. I barly escaped with my life. He has my beloved princess," Mario said, and a tear slid down his cheek.

"What is her name?" asked the king. "Her name was Peach Toadstool," said Mario. "Still, if you are not a-kidding me, then he can accompany me on helping me free my land from their control. You are not kidding me, king?"

"No, I am not kidding. He also performed vailantliy," said the king.

"If I may something," said Link, and everyone looked at him. "How did you get here? You look like you took quite a beating."

"I used a-this," he said, and pulled out a golden star. It golwed and spun, and had two eyes on it, looking around. Everybody oohed and awed, and stared at it. After a few seconds, Mario spoke. "If I may say so, when am I and this strong young a-man to leave?"

The king was jerked out of his trance. "Huh? Oh! Yes, of course, as soon as you would like to."

Link and Mario slept at the castle. The next morning, they made plans to leave. "Mario, how long are we going to be gone?" asked Link.

"Last a-time, Bowser took over the castle. It took me about a week to recover all the stars and drive Bowser from the castle. However, this a-time, he has taken over almost all of the Mushroom Kingdom! I managed to recover this last star from that evil man Gannon. He was about to a-seal this last star in the great desert pyrimid. I a-got these injuries from the evil Bowser and Ganon. That Ganon had made many mask out of some of the power stars. I have tried to get back into Toadstool castle. However, the door was sealed. We need to recover the mask to get into the castle. This may take months, even a-years. Are you a-ready for athis?" explained Mario.

Link took a moment to digest what Mario had just said. Then he looked at Zelda's face. "Can I have a few hours to think it over?" asked Link, still looking at Zelda.

"A-sure, have as amuch time as you need," said Mario, and everybody but Link and Zelda exited the room.

"Zelda..." Link began, but Zelda cut in.

"Go, Link. They need you, we need you. Gannon is up to something, and you have to stop him."

"Zelda, I don't..." he began to say again, but she cut in again.

"Go, Link! They need you. I will miss you greatly, but I will still be here for you. Take this." And then she handed Link a small round rectangle-thing. "Push this button, and I will be able to talk to you, no matter where you are. Oh, hold it out in front of you." She instructed, and pushed the button on it. Zelda's thing began to beep loudly, and she took hers out and pushed the button. On hers was the picture of Link, and on his was Zelda's face talking. "See? This way, we will be able to talk to each other!" she said, and Link's face slightly brightened-up. "Oh, I almost forgot..." she said, and then said a few words and did some hand-movements, and then said, "Here, I have just said a binding spell that will summon this to you. Now, you need to give it a name, and when you concentrate on it, and say that name, it will come to you."

Link thought for a minute, and then finally came up with a name. "I will name it Zelda!" he said, and the thing flew from Zelda's hand to his. "That was very original," she faked mocked, and gave him a smile.

"Zelda, do you have one of these for Saria? She is my best friend, and I am just as close to her as I am to you," Link asked, and Zelda took Link up to Impa's office. She knocked on the door and walked in.

"Impa," she said, in her most innocent-sounding voice.

"Yes?" She asked, and noticed the look on her face. It said: I want somethingreally bad.

"Do you have another one of those talk-things? I want to give it to Link's best-friend, Saria." Impa had already given her two of those, and she thought that she doesn't need anymore. After all, they where quite expensive.

"Now Zelda, I have already givin you two of those, and you shouldn't be giving those away..." she began to say, but then Zelda burst into tears.

"Impa! Link is going to be leaving for more than a year!" she cried. "She is his best friend. This is the only way I can think of keeping in touch with him! please Impa!"

Impa could tell when she was sincere, and when she was faking it. She wasn't faking it. "Ok, here you go." And handed her another one of those things.

"Thank you Impa," said Zelda, and hugged Impa.

Link was wondering what these things were called. He decided to ask. "Uh, Impa, what are these things called?"

"They are called Video bars. I take it that she has told you what it can do?" asked Impa.

Link nodded, and Zelda and Link left. They met the king and Mario at the bottom of the stairs. "So, Link, are you ready for this?" asked king Harikinian.

"Yes, I am," said Link.

Mario then said, "We leave in two days. Is that enough time for you to get your affairs in order?" Link nodded, for there was only two more people to tell goodbye, and his horse. His horse! He could use her if he is going to be gone for so long.

Link broke off his daydreaming to answer Mario, "Yes, that should be enough time. Is it okay if I bring my horse along? If we are going to gone so long, she might make it go a little faster."

"Ok," said Mario.

Link and Zelda then left to go to Link's house. They walked all the way in silence, hand-in-hand. They got to her small cottage, and Link walked in. Saria ran up to him, and asked, "Where have you been? I was wondering... where... you... are you ok, Link?" she began to scowl, but stopped at the look on his face.

It was a very sad look that was on his face. "Yes, there is something that I have to tell you," he said, and told Saria about Mario, and all the stuff that Mario had told him, and about how long this is going to take.

"So, you are going to be gone a year?!" she asked, and tears began to well-up in Saria's eyes.

"Here Saria, I have something for you..." said Zelda, and gave her the the VideoBar and explained how to use it. She then performed the binding-spell for Saria, and she named hers 'cabbage'.

"Uh, Zelda, why did you do the spell for her?" Link asked.

"Because these things are 600 rupees apiece, and I don't want to beg Impa for another one" said Zelda matter-of-factly.

Link then left, and went to say goodbye to Malon, and get his horse Epona. Link got there, and knocked on the door. Talon greeted them at the door and said that Malon would be out in a few minutes. About half an hour later, they had fell asleep on the door step.The sun's light had almost died out when Malon came out, in a night gown and holding a small dagger when Link's toe hit a pot and it fell over and shattered. Link and Zelda didn't stir a bit, but Malon was wary of thieves. She saw Link and kicked him awake, not realilizing who it was at first in the dim light. "What are you doing asleep on my doorstep?!" she asked, thinking it might be another drunk who had lost his way home.

Link moaned, and sat up. "Is that you Malon?" he asked, squinting in the dim light.

"Link, is that you?! What in the world are you doing here?" she asked increduously.

"I came here to talk to you. I knocked on the door and Talon said you would be out in a few minutes. That was at noon. What took you so long?!" he asked, the annoyance he had kept inside of him the last few hours before he fell asleep.

Her eyes widened to the sizes of dinner plates. "Oh, Link, I am so sorry! My dad had told me that I had a visitor, and I came to the door, but then I remembered that I forgot to close the pen of the chickens, and they all got out. After I got them up, I went up to change. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I woke up, and changed into my gown, and I heard a noise. I thought that maybe that someone was trying to break in. I'm so sorry Link. Please come in," she said.

Link woke up Zelda, and they went inside. "Malon, there is something that I have to tell you..." Link then told her the whole story and how long he was going to be gone.

"Link I am going to miss you," she said.

"Link, I think you need to say goodbye to your horse."

"That's the problem. I am going to take her with me," said Link.

"Oh, ok," she then thought of something and smiled real big. "Oh Link, guess what? I've got a new boyfriend!!!" she exclaimed. Zelda and Malon then delved into the mysterious and dangerous world of boys and dating. Link then quickly fell asleep again, bored to death by all this girl talk (there was alot of squealing and high-pitched talk, in situations like this, doctors believe the body begins to produce estrogen at an alarming rate.) Link woke up about an hour later when his head slipped off his hand and banged on the table. They where still talking, and this was a side of Zelda that Link had never seen. Zelda had always been such a tomboy, and this was like a whole new Zelda to Link.

"Uh, Zelda, I think it is time to go home," said Link, rubbing his forehead.

Zelda looked at Link, an impatient look on her face. "Ah, Linkie-pooh, come on!" said Zelda, adopting her 'I-wanna-do-this' tone (more like a whine) that she usually reserves for Impa.

"Now Zelda, I am not Impa. That won't work on me. I don't want you sleeping all day on our last day together. Now, come on, You can sleep with me at my house, it is closer," said Link, annoyed. Zelda usually acts more grown-up with Link.

"No, you can stay here in the guest rooms. Lets just say that it's payback for making you wait so long," she said with a smile. She showed them to two of the guest rooms in the large ranch-house. They slept soudly, and woke up at about 10:00 in the morning. They walked into the kitchen. There they found Malon already up and making breakfast. They ate, and they went out to the stables.

They found Epona still asleep. "Come on, girl, time to get up!" said Malon, and slapped her on the rump. She woke with a start, and she got to her feet. Malon fed Epona some carrots and apples, and some grain. After they had took her on a walk, Link and Zelda mounted her and prepared to return to the castle. It was about noon.

"Malon, what is his name?" asked Link.

"Who's name?" Malon asked, not knowing who he was talking about.

"You know, your new boyfriends name?" he asked again.

"Oh, his name is Mido."

"Where does he live?" asked Link, and he used all the self-control in him to keep from laughing if the answer was what he thought it might be.

"Oh, he lives in the Kokiri Forest." Link tried with all his might to contain his laughter. It felt as if he opened his mouth, laughter, as well with all his insides would come from his mouth. Malon was watching Link with interest. His fist were balled up with effort. She thought that for a split second that he was going to hit her.

Link decided to savor the moment. "About how tall is he?" asked Link knowing the answer.

"About a head shorter than me." Link managed with all his might to keep his laughter and amusment from showing. "Well, Malon, we have to go," said Link.

"Uh, Link, your not mad, are you?" she asked, because the way his fists were was starting to scare her. He didn't look it, but he was very strong. He had once defended Lon Lon Ranch from Ganon's troops when they came here to steal all of their livestock, and had orders to kill them all. Link drove them off after Talon was knocked unconcisous.

"Of course not, it's just that I know that person, and I never thought that, in a million years, even if he was the last man on earth, and if you where being held at spear-point. I am doing my very best to try to be nice, that's all," said Link, hoping that Malon wouldn't get mad.

"Oh, it was just that your fists were all balled-up, and I thought you might hit me," she said.

"Oh, I would never hit you, even if you started to hit on Zelda. Well, I would hit you then, but only in the arm. Well, we better get going. If you ever want to talk to me, go over to Saria's house," he said.

Malon's heart rose. "D... Does that mean that you are going to stay?" she asked.

"No, I am still going. After I leave, ask her about the 'VideoBar'. Don't ask me anything else, I have to go," he said, and mounted Epona, and helped Zelda up. They then rode back to the forest.

"I have never ridden a horse before. This is so fun! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!" she yelled, and all the Kokiri children turned there heads from their business to watch Link gallop into the forest.

Mido was yelling at Link to slow down "Your going too fast! Slow down," he yelled. Link stopped by Mido and got down, with a large smile on his face (Why do you have that idiotic grin on your face?!).

"Hey Mido, I hear you're going out with Malon," Mido's face went red like a cherry.

"W...W...Where did you that? I... I..I'm n not, o...ok?" said Mido in a frightened voice. Link couldn't wait to go tell Saria. Link mounted Epona, and galloped the rest of the way to Saria's as fast as he could, but this time Mido didn't try to slow him down (I wonder why?). Link got there, and went inside.

Saria was about to ask Link where he had been, but then Link cut in. He couldn't hold it in any longer. "Hey, Saria, guess what Malon just told me? She has a boyfriend! But that isn't the best part! Guess who it is!"

"Uh, is it Ryan from next door?"


"Well, is it J.J, that guy who lives at the far end?."

"No. You will never guess who it is!"

"Ok, I give up!" she finally exclaimed, throwing up her arms.

"It is, get this, it is Mido!" said Link excitedly. Saria began to laugh, but it was not a normal 'ha ha' laughing. It was uncontrollable laughter like nothing that you have ever seen or experienced. If she had not just gone to the bathroom right before Link had got to her house, she would be rolling around in a large yellow puddle. After about fifteen minutes, they both passed out from too much air. Zelda just watched the whole affair in great amusment. After they passed out, Zelda pulled out some blankets, and moved them so they where side-by-side. After about an hour, they came to.

They sat up, and they had a headache caused by their laughing. They stood up, and Link said, "Hey, Saria, you wanna go make fun of Mido? I asked him about it, and he said that he wasn't going out with her, but his head went cherry-red, and he was I...I...I'm not going out with h...her. W...Where did you hear that from?" said Link imitating Mido, and they began to laugh again.

Link escorted Zelda back to the castle. The next day, Link got the master sword and his Hylian shield, then got Saria and Malon and took them to the castle. "Link, why did you bring us here?" asked Malon.

"I wanted to spend our last day together. I am going to miss you all so much," he said, and pulled them both into a bear-hug.

Zelda came in, and she saw them there. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I brought them here. I wanted to spend our last day together."

Zelda then remebered that Link is going to leave her for more than a year in only a few hours, and she began to cry. Link then rushed to her side, and hugged her tight. They went in and ate breakfast. Then, they went out into the courtyard. There, they met Mario.

"Saria, Malon, this is Mario. Mario, this is Saria and Malon," said Link, and introduced them.

"Mama Mia! Nice to-a meet you both," said Mario, and hugged both of them, and kissed them on each cheek. This startled them greatly. "That's a-how we greet people from where I-a came from."

For lunch, they had a large picnic, and the king, Impa, Link, Zelda, Mario, and Saria and Malon. After they were done, it was starting to get dark. Mario then stood up and said "I think that it is time for me and Link to be on our way."

Link then looked at Zelda. It looked like she was going to cry. Mario then looked took out his star and it began to glow very brightly. Zelda then rushed over to Link and embraced him in a passionate kiss that lasted almost ten seconds. It kind of shocked them all. Link is only twelve and Zelda had only turned eleven a few months ago. "I love you," said Link.

"I love you too," Zelda repeated. He then said his goodbyes, hugged them all (including Impa and king Harikinian.) Then Link and Mario took a hold on the star, and it glowed a brilliant gold, and they where gone. Zelda started to cry. She missed him already.