Gerudo Legend
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"Gerudo Legend", prologue

Gerudo Legend

By: January


Kol glanced at the setting sun. The sky was already sweeping with deep crimson. "I told you not to stop at the ranch," he said aloud. It was a habit of his. Sighing, he slowed his mare to a stop at the far side of the bridge. His deep blue eyes gleamed in his pale face at the sight of the stone-root plants clustered at the cliff-edge. "Bingo," he breathed.

The waterfall roared so loud he couldn't hear himself say, "Stay, Pebble." The dappled horse understood him, though, and whickered teasingly. Rubbing her nose, Kol swung down and walked toward the cliffside.

His high boots scuffed the golden sand. Kneeling at the brink, trying not to look into the roaring water below, the tall, thin young scientist took the knife from his belt and started hacking a piece of stone-root away. As he worked he sang softly to himself.

"Lover girl, are you mine. You say we're running out of time. Won't you trust me when you say that I'll be with you, come what may." His long, pointed ears stung in the wind and he sat back on his heels, warming them with his hands. "Ouch.someone turn off the wind factor!"

After a few minutes, the tough plant had been sawed free. Kol stuffed it into his bag and stood up, a tall and lanky young man. His merry blue eyes studied the canyon. "You know, Pebble, it's times like this that I wish I was one of those forest fairies. I could fly all around here and not be hurt by anything.not a worry in the world." He turned and walked toward Pebble. "But that's fantasy." He looked up sharply. "Pebble?"

The dapple-grey mare wasn't there.

Kol ran to the spot. Her hoofprints had been brushed away, as if her kidnapper had wanted to keep the direction she was taken as secret. His heart in his mouth and his stomach in his shoes, he called out. "Ai! Pebble! Are you there?" Half-laughing as he realized that no answer could possible come, he turned toward the shadowed canyon leading farther into the desert, and thus toward the forbidden Gerudo City.

He took three steps before someone tripped him and kicked the back of his knees. The scientist fell to the ground and rolled away from his attacker. "What the blazes do you think you're doing!" he cried, struggling to his feet. "You coulda knocked me into the canyon or something!"

Laughing, the Gerudo warrior intentionally struck a pose before him, veiled and armed with two curved swords. The young scientist's mouth almost hung open as he took in the mall but lithe form, the mysteriously fascinating topaz eyes above her thin veil, and the swirling flame-red hair. She swung the blade silently, leaping forward on catlike feet. Kol was so stunned that he nearly forgot to duck.

The sword passed a hair from his pointed ear, and the hilt clunked against his shoulder painfully. As the second blade started to sweep around him, Kol had the presence of mind to stretch out a hand and catch the warrior's thin wrist in his hand, halting the movement of the shining blade. The girl's golden eyes narrowed above the gauzy white veil and her knee came up sharply, catching Kol in the gut. He dropped like a stone, curling around his injured stomach.

"Din!" In the next moment, he was on his feet and running toward the bridge. "I can't even hear her coming! Someone turn off the waterfall!" he panted in between curses. Nearly tripping as he stumbled down the stairs, the young scientist could feel his blood racing with the knowledge that the Gerudo was probably right behind him.

Accidentally, Kol glanced down in the middle of the bridge. The canyon of Gerudo Falls is a drop of nearly a hundred and thirty feet, he remembered, into strong currents of below-freezing water. The river itself is deep and strewn with rocks, populated only by the dangerous octoroks. No one has ever been recorded to survive such conditions, though it is unknown whether it is the river or the fall that kills them. As the textbook passage repeated in his quick mind, Kol decided that he shouldn't have looked down. His head grew faint and he started to sway from side to side. His boots slipped on the damp wood slats and he started to fall.

A slim, muscled arm shot out and grasped the front of his shirt. A tug, and then Kol's fall was turned a different direction- back onto the bridge. He could feel the entire structure shake as he fell full weight onto it. The Gerudo fell with him, caught by his momentum. One of her swords thunked onto the wooden slats of the bridge- burying itself into the wood close to his head.

His face hanging over the other edge of the bridge, Kol simply lay and gasped for breath. His head swam as he looked down, his entire head and shoulders resting on air. Surprisingly, the Gerudo didn't move. She lay across his back, silent, her chest heaving against him for need of air, her breath warm on his neck. After nearly a minute, in which both of them regained their breath and nerves, she pushed away from him and sat up. Before the man could get up, her hand was in his tangled auburn hair, letting him rise just enough so that she could see him. Silently, with the timelessness that comes after a fright, they inspected each other.

Kol saw a small, lithe girl, with flaming hair tied back and strands hanging in her face, with skin so smoothly tanned that it looked like glowing, warm bronze- or maybe it was-, with slanted long-lashed topaz eyes, with small, round Gerudo ears flat against her head. She wore a gauzy white veil across her lower face, hiding her lips and chin, and a large topaz gem on a circlet that glinted in the last dying rays of the sun. Over a band of cloth across her chest, black in color, was a short white vest with the orange and turquoise Gerudo pattern upon in. Loose and becoming white harem pants, low on her hips and bound in mid shin, and slipperlike red moccasins completed her costume.

He had met many pretty girls in his life. This one could have taken any of them on, and given as good as she got if not better.

The Gerudo, a young guard of the bridge and canyon, looked upon a young man of about seventeen; tall and lightly built without the look of a laborer. He could have been handsome by most standards. His ruffled auburn hair was almost blond at the tips and black at the roots. His eyes were a deep blue, honest and intelligent, entirely without malice in them. A merry dancing light flickered in them despite his fear. He dressed in a loose white shirt, laced at the collar and wrists, and dark green trousers, with a thin black sash around his waist and high leather boots. Upon noticing the small knife tucked into his sash, she reached out and took it before he had time to react.

She hadn't met many men in her life. This one was rather disappointing.

Abruptly the Gerudo pulled him to his feet. Still with her hand firmly entangled in his auburn hair, she backed him up so that his feet were barely on the bridge. Pressing her remaining blade against his chest, she spoke for the first time. Her voice was challengingly soft and tempting. "If I take you back to the city conscious instead of trussed up like a chicken, will you try to fight me?"

Kol swallowed. "I don't fight girls."

She laughed. "Then you lose to them. Come." She pulled him away from the edge and forced him to step in front of her. Stooping to pick up her one fallen sword and sheath it, she kept the second in her hand, and her other hand was still in his hair.

The young scientist watched his feet. As soon as he touched solid ground, he performed an admirable trick of ducking, twisting, and kicking back that was guaranteed to escape from a captor. It worked. He managed two steps of freedom before the flat of the Gerudo's sword descended on his auburn head. Kol crumpled and knew no more.