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"Link's Return to Home"

Zelda: Link's Return to Home

By: Jenny Klein

One day after many years of battle and triumph, loss, sadness, emptiness, and loneliness the neighing of a horse could be heard just over the horizon.  Epona and 18 year Link had finally made it home after almost 7 years of absence from Hyrule.  Link went immediately to Hyrule castle to see his princess who he had promised to marry when he returned from his journey.  Zelda said she would wait for him, she didn't care how long it took Link to return.  When Link came to Hyrule the guards immediately let him through knowing that one day their hero would return and this time he was needed desperately.

Chapter Two: Link's Worst Fears Confirmed

When link saw the guards he said, "You mustn't tell Princess Zelda that I have returned, I want it to be a surprise."

"Sir I think you might want to know something before you reveal yourself to her Majesty, said one of the guards.

"What is it, is she hurt, sick, what?" asked Link with concern in his voice.

"Sir her Majesty was forced to take the throne because of King Harkinan's death," said the guard.

"So why is that so bad?" asked Link now confused.

"Well the problem is is that her Majesty was forced to marry too," continued the guard.

"WHAT?" asked Link shocked.

"Well it's not her fault sir, while you were away Ganon escaped the Sacred Realm and put her under a spell," said the guard. "She is possessed and there are very few of us left in the kingdom that haven't been brainwashed."

"But how could that happen? Ganon was supposed to be sealed in between dimensions for all eternity," said Link, still shocked.

"Apparently the Triforce of power built up between dimensions and eventually the door to our world just popped from the power's pressure," said the guard.

"If only I had come back earlier," said Link. "How long has the kingdom been like this?" asked Link

"About 3 years," said the guard. "Sir, the princess that is possessed is not the real princess, Ganon couldn't actually bring her under her his spell because of her pureness so he created some sort of a double so that the people of Hyrule would think that the real princess really had come under her power."

"Where is princess Zelda then?" asked Link.

"I don't know," said the guard turning his head to the ground in a sad jester.

"Would Impa know?" asked Link, hoping the guard would say maybe.

"She went with the princess, or so I heard," said the guard.

"I actually think I might know where she is," said Link, thinking of Sheik and how the Sheikah man had appeared very suddenly when Link took the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time and turned into an adult. "Thank you, I'm going to go look for the princess, please tell me if you hear anything of her," said Link walking away and heading towards his next destination, the Temple of Time.

Chapter Three: The Reunion

As Link entered the Temple of Time he felt a presence but wasn't afraid for he knew who it was. "Link welcome home, I have been waiting for you for many years," said Sheik walking up behind him.

"Thank you Sheik, even though I really know who you are, Zelda, I've missed you so much," said Link as he leaned in and kissed the disguised Zelda, she returning it with equal welcome.

After they parted Link had Zelda explain the whole thing over again to him even though he heard most of it from the guard; he just wanted to hear her voice.  "So how are we going to defeat Ganon, again?" said Link as he looked at Zelda with a smile.

"Well I have an idea, but it is very risky. There is another part of the legend of the Triforce that I never told you," said Zelda. "If the Triforce splits into three parts like it has in reality, then any two parts may have more power over the one other part of the Triforce. The reason why it is so risky is because if the two parts want more power than then the other part, they must truly be in love and have always been truthful to that part that he or she loves.  So we love each other, at least I love you, and I have always been truthful with you. I'm hoping you have done the same as me. For if those two parts are not truthful and love each other, then they will be stripped of their parts of the Triforce and the other part will have all three like he or she originally wanted.  Meaning that if you have not been truthful with me, that Ganon will have all three parts of the Triforce and there will be no one to stop him, not even if you have the Master Sword at your side," said Zelda.

"Zelda you should know that I love you more than anything and I would always be truthful with you," said Link, kissing Zelda again. "So how do we make so we have more power than Ganon?" asked Link.

"We must take the Master Sword, and with it make cuts on our right hands, and then we must shake for our Triforce parts to become as one," said Zelda.

"Ok let's do this," said Link as he started to play the Song of Time that would reopen the Door of Time. As Link picked up the Master Sword and held in his hand he said, "It's been along time old friend, please protect me and Zelda like you always have and always will."

After Link and Zelda cut their right hands and shook hands the Triforce parts that once were only on one hand of the young heroes suddenly appeared on both, on one hand the Triforce of courage, the other the Triforce of wisdom.  "All is done, now we have to defeat the Evil King for good and save Hyrule," said Zelda.

"This time he will die," said Link gritting his teeth. As Link and Zelda approached the entrance to Ganon's castle both turned to each other and kissed one last time just in case.

When Link and Zelda found Ganon he was playing his big organ for the possessed princess.

"You take that clone bitch, I got Ganon, I'm gonna make Ganon regret he ever took Hyrule while I was gone," said Link with an angry look in his eye.

"Ha, ha, ha, you again boy I thought you would never return," said Ganon with an evil grin.

"Shut up and let's fight so I can run my blade right through your heart so you can feel the pain you have caused Zelda, me, and all of Hyrule," said Link.

"Very well boy, prepare to die," said Ganon as he started floating in the air.

"I got a few new tricks for you," said Link with a smirk.

"What more fairies?" asked Ganon laughing.

"You'll see you son of bitch," said Link as he took his fighting stance.

Ganon took out his sword that was full of black magic, like an opposite of the Master Sword.  "Prepare to die kid," laughed Ganon.

"Yeah, whatever you say," said Link with another smirk on his face.

Ganon wasn't a very good swordsman, but good enough so that Link had to dodge some close calls.  After what seemed forever of dodging slashes to his body, Link finally found an open opportunity to get Ganon; he took it.  Link made a horizontal cut that gashed open Ganon's knee, making him drop to the ground in pain.  Link kicked his sword out of the way and held the Master Sword up to the back of Ganon's neck and said, "Now before I run you through, I want you to hail the true ruler of Hyrule and beg for mercy," said Link.

"Heheh, never. She's just a weakling like you boy," said Ganon.

"I said hail the Queen of Hyrule, say that she is superior to you in every and any way or you will die a slow and painful death," said Link as he cut open Ganon's arm.

"Okay, okay just stop slashing me, I want to at least die in one piece," said Ganon.

As Zelda defeated the evil clone of her she walked over to Ganon and looked down at him with anger in her eyes.  "Princess Zelda, please spare me. This madman is going to kill me. I swear I'll change, do whatever you want me to," said Ganon, doing as Link told him but meaning none of it.

"Sure I'll let you go," said Zelda, and with that Link swung the Master Sword like a baseball player swings his bat and off flew Ganon's head.

"Did you actually mean what you said?" asked Link as he wiped off his sword with Ganon's cape.

"No what do you think I am, stupid?" asked Zelda.

"Stupid enough to agreeing to be my bride," said Link smiling as he drew Zelda in for a passionate kiss.  From that day forward Link and Zelda ruled Hyrule with an iron fist, a gentle iron fist that is.  Zelda bore many children for Link and he in turn defended Zelda, his children, and all of Hyrule.