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"The Sage of Death"

The Lost Sage Chronicles: The Sage of Death

By: Jenny Pereda


They walked into the graveyard. One was a young man, about twenty with long black hair and green eyes. The other was an older man about fifty-five had gray hair, blue eyes and a short beard. The old man looked for the grave of the lost Sheikah warrior. It was the second one in the third row. He pushed the marker back and tied a robe to a nail and hammered it into the ground. They both climbed down the rope. The young man read the writing on the doors.

"It says one of us has to sacrifice our own life. You'll have to do it. You've already lived your life and I still need to live mine." He said handing the other man a sword.

He got the sword and slit his wrists. His blood was coming out. Moments later he died from loss of blood. The doors opened and the young man entered. Once inside he saw a young woman wearing a black robe standing in front of the gates to the spirit world.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" asked the young woman.

"I am Domique, and why would you care what I'm doing here." Domique said.

"I'm guardian of this gate so I have to make sure nobody opens it." She explained

"Aren't you a little bit too small to be guarding such a big gate?" He asked taunting her.

"I'm a lot older than I look. Why do you care?" She asked growing suspicious.

"Oh, no reason." He said reaching for a knife. She saw him reaching for it and instantly got out her sword and put it to his throat.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." She said put the sword closer to his throat.

"Okay, okay. You've won." He said. He closed his eyes and said something in ancient Hylian. A small glowing red ball of light came out of his hand and it went toward her. It was a freezing spell. She couldn't move.

"Not so tough are you?" He said teasingly.

He went to the gate and threw the door open. The room started to shake. The young woman was unfrozen.

"Close the gate!" she ordered.

"Why would I want to do that? Inside is the power of eternal life." He said.

"Eternal life? What are you talking about? Whoever opens the gates lets out evil spirits and brings horror upon all of Hyrule. Unless you want to die and bring horror upon our land leave the gate open but I would close it if I were you." She said.

He tried to close the gate but it was too late. The spirits were flying out. One spirit went into Domique and he instantly died. The rest of the spirits flew out into Hyrule.

Chapter One: Legends

Link was standing on a hill looking over Hyrule field Link was a seventeen-year-old Hylian with cerulean eyes and wore a green cap over his long blonde bangs. He wore a green tunic with a white undershirt. He wore white leggings and brown boots. On his back were a sword and shield. His blonde hair was swaying in the wind. Hyrule field was the only safe place in Hyrule. For the past few days evil spirits coming from Kakriko graveyard were attacking all of Hyrule. All of a sudden a small ball of light with wings flew out from underneath Link's hat. It was a fairy named Navi.

"What do you think is the cause of all this?" asked the little fairy.

"I wish I knew." Replied Link.

"Maybe Zelda knows. Should we go ask?" Navi commented

"Maybe, Let's go see if she does."

Link mounted Epona and rode toward Hyrule Castle. When he got there he noticed Hyrule Castle town was a wasteland filled with redeads, like when Ganondorf took over. He ran towards the castle. Everything looked normal but it felt different. Link felt someone's presence. He felt as if somebody was watching him. He turned around and there was Zelda dressed as Sheik. Zelda was the same age as Link. She was the princess of Hyrule and she often wore long gowns. This time she wore a skintight blue outfit with a mask covering most of her face. Only one of her indigo eyes was clearly visible. Following close behind her was her nursemaid, Impa. Impa had silver hair and red eyes. She wore armor and had a muscular build. On her face she had war paint.

"What are you doing here Link?" asked Zelda.

"I came here to ask if you know what's causing all of this." Link replied.

"Your highness, we should leave now or else we will end up like the others." Said Impa.

Link asked, "What others?"

"Everyone in Kakriko has disappeared and in there place are redeads. Soon all of Hyrule will be like that." Zelda said.

"Well, Hyrule Castle Town has already turned into a wasteland and-," said Link

"Then we should leave at once." Interrupted Impa.

They all left the castle and headed towards Hyrule field. The three set up camp and made a fire.

"So what is causing all of this?" Link asked for a second time.

"Seems like one of the old legends I heard when I was young." Said Impa.

"What legend?" asked Zelda.

"Well, there was an old Sheikah legend saying that when the whole world is filled with fear one of the lost sages will awaken." Explained Impa

"I've never heard of the lost sages. Have you Zelda?" asked Link.

"No, I don't think I have. Who are they Impa?" questioned Zelda.

"They are life, death, day, night, time, and destiny. By the looks of how Hyrule is, I think death has awakened." Replied Impa.

"Is there any way to make things normal again?" Zelda asked.

"The only way is to take the curses off of the temples." Impa explained.

"Where is the temple of death?" asked Link.

"Maybe it's in Kakriko graveyard. All the spirits are coming from over there." Zelda added.

"We'll check it out tomorrow. I'm going to sleep now," said Link.

"Good night." Zelda and Impa said in unison.

Chapter Two: The Temple

The next day Link, Zelda, and Impa woke up early and went to Kakariko village. When they arrived they noticed most of the buildings were burned down and crows were everywhere. There was an aroma of decaying flesh coming from all around. The village was deserted.

"What happened to everybody?" asked Zelda

"They probably all died or went somewhere else." Answered Link.

"Let's hope they didn't die." Thought Impa.

They walked into the graveyard and found one of the grave markers pushed back. Spirits were flying out and there was a rope tied to a pole leading down into the eerie tomb.

"I'll go in first," Said Impa. "And I'll call you in if it's safe."

Impa started to climb down the rope. When she arrived inside she looked around. She noticed there were over twenty decaying bodies. It probably explained to horrific smell. It was a dark small room with only two lit torches giving off light. The air was damp and had a slight chill. There were two huge doors with writing on them. To Impa it looked like ancient Hylian and she could easily read it. Above the door was a giant statue of a demon holding two skulls. A waterfall of blood was coming out of the skulls and making a trail along the walls leading into pool surrounding the doors.

"Link! Zelda!" exclaimed Impa. "It's safe to come down!"

Link and Zelda climbed down the rope and entered the tomb.

"Look Impa! The writing on the doors is in ancient Hylian. Can you translate it?" asked Zelda.

Impa looked at the writing and read it.

"It says this is the pool of sacrifice. In order to open the doors someone has to sacrifice their own life for a loved one. I'll do it. I've already lived my life." Said Impa.

"But Impa!" complained Zelda.

"I have to and both of you still have to live your lives." Impa explained.

Impa got a knife from one of the dead bodies and thrust into her heart. Zelda started to cry after she saw her nursemaid kill herself. All of a sudden the two giant doors opened. Link noticed it was very dark inside so he got a torch. They walked inside, but they didn't know they were being followed.

"Grab my hand." Link said.

Zelda grabbed his hand was they walked around the next room. The room was dark except for one spot. There was light coming from the ceiling. There was a giant tree. It looked like an evil deku tree. Its giant mouth was open. They could see inside. Link saw a giant Poe.

"Hold the torch, I need to get my sword out." Said Link.

He hand Zelda the torch. All of a sudden Zelda felt a cold hand on her mouth. She tried to scream but couldn't. Then she felt a hard hit on the back of her head. Zelda fell unconscious and was dragged by the stranger. Link turned around and notice Zelda was gone.

Chapter Three: Hope

"Zelda?!?!?!" Link yelled.

"Don't worry, she's fine." Said a voice coming from the distance. Link could tell it was a woman's voice.

"Who are you? Where are you?" asked Link.

"Come into the next room to see. Just step into the light." Said the woman

Link stepped into the light and entered a room. There was nobody inside.

"Where are you?" Asked Link.

"Use your lens of truth," she commented.

Link took out the lens of truth and put it to his eye. He saw a hooded figure dressed in a black robe. He took the lens away from his face and the figure was still there.

"Who are you? Are you the one who took Zelda?" asked Link.

"I am the Hope, the guardian of this temple. I did take Zelda. She's safe." Explained Hope.

"You must not be a very good guardian if you let all the spirits out." Teased Link.

"I did not let them go," started Hope. "A few days ago a dark stranger came into the temple and opened the gate to the spirit world. I tried to stop him but he put a freezing spell on me. I can't close the gate because he cursed the temple. The gate is in the room below, it's the giant tree. Fortunately the stranger died while opening the gate "

"What can I do to help?" asked Link.

"You'll have to kill the giant snake in the back room. I would kill it but I'm a prisoner here so I can't." she explained.

"Well, let's go." Said Link.

Hope opened a secret door in the back of the room.

"Follow me." She said.

They walked into the room. It was damp, but not as damp as the first room. The floor had two different kinds of tiles, blank tiles and tiles with a strange design on it.

"Be careful not to step on the tiles with designs on them. If you do you'll end up like that guy over there." She said pointing to a corner.

Link looked toward the corner and saw a man with a very sharp spear going through the center of his body and coming out of his head. It was obvious he hadn't been there for a long time. His blood was still fresh and he still had an expression of shock and pain on his face. Link wasn't paying attention to where he was walking and he almost stepped on one of the tiles. Luckily Hope stopped him before he made a fatal accident.

"Thanks for stopping me." Link said thankfully. You could tell he was scared. It showed in his eyes.

"No problem." She said. "Just be more careful."

When they got to the door at the end of the room, Hope stopped Link before he went any further.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop me from going into the next room?" asked Link.

"The next room you'll have to use your lens of truth to see the traps." Clarified Hope.

She didn't want him to make another mistake. He got out his lens and put it to his face again. When he entered the room he noticed there where holes in the floor and some more of the trap tiles. This time he paid more attention.

"Aren't there any monsters in here besides the giant snake?" asked Link.

"Why do you ask? Do you want monsters in every room?" asked Hope

"I was just wondering. All the temples I went into had tons of monsters. This one is a piece of cake," said Link.

"Don't worry, there are monsters in the next couple of rooms. I'll make sure you kill at least one monster." She said teasingly.

"How come you never take off your hood?" asked Link.

"It's part of being a prisoner here. I have to wear the robe and hood." She explained.

"Oh, well where do we-" he started.

"Why do you ask so many questions?" she interrupted

"I'm just bored." He answered.

"Don't worry there's a monster in the next room. I won't be able to help you in there." She said.

"I understand," He said.

Chapter Four: The Two Chambers

Hope opened the door and they walked in. The room was filled with rats.

"Where's the monster?" asked link disappointed

"Wait." Hope said.

All of a sudden all the rats went to together and formed a demon with bright red glowing eyes. Link got out his light arrows and fairy bow. He shot an arrow at the beast but it went right through it without making any damage. He took out his master sword and sliced part of its leg off. Blood went all over his tunic. The demon caught Link off guard and hit his sword out of his hand. He tried to go run to go get it but the monster blocked him.

"Hope! Throw me my sword!" Link commanded.

She threw him his sword. He caught it and ran directly towards the vile demon. He jumped up and tried to plunge the sword into its chest. He hit it directly in the heart. It dropped down and died right before Link and Hope's eyes. After it died it turned into a shadow and disappeared. All that was left was the master sword. There was no blood on it. It was as if nothing had happened. Link looked at his tunic. The blood was gone.

"Where did the blood go?" asked Link.

"It went to the sacrificial pool at the entrance of the temple. The monster is made up of all that the people who sacrificed their lives feared. This is the Chamber of Fears." She explicated.

Link looked around. To him it looked like an ordinary room.

"It doesn't look very scary. It looks like a normal room." Link said.

"That's because you killed the monster. Once you've killed it the Chamber of Fears no longer exists." She explained. "I've never really seen what this room looked like. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be."

She looked around the room. It had five torches, one in each corner and one in the middle. The room had tan tiled floors and walls. There was a big door on the right wall leading to the other chamber.

They walked over to the door. She put her hand on the doorknob and tried to turn it. The door was locked. She took a key ring out from a sack Link hadn't noticed before. She found a golden key that was rusty and placed it into the keyhole. Hope opened the door and they walked in. The chamber was a dark room. There were moving images everywhere.

"What is this place?" Link asked.

"This is the Chamber of Memories. They are memories of the last person who made a sacrifice. Tell me, who was the one who made a sacrifice when you and Zelda came here?" She asked.

"Zelda's nursemaid, Impa." Link said sadly.

"Look she's crying." Hope said pointing at one of the images.

"I wonder why." He said.

"Looks like the time of the Great War." She commented.

"I remember she said something about her best friend dying during war. It made her the last Sheikah left in existence." Link stated.

"Look. I think that's her friend." Hope said pointing at the image once again.

The image was of Impa's friend. He had shoulder length black hair. She was also a Sheikah. Her eyes were blood red. On her face she had war paint. One black line under each eye and a black triangle on her forehead. She wore a red sleeveless tunic and brown boots. She looked like she was around Link's age. Her arms were covered with her own blood.

"I think we better go." Link said solemnly.

"Yeah." Hope said, still looking up at the image of the dead friend. They walked into a room with a stalfos.

"I hate these guys." Link uttered.

Link got his sword out once again. He tried to hit the stalfos but it blocked his attempt. He tried again but the enemy was too quick. The stalfos kicked Link in the knees, which made him fall to the floor. The stalfos got out its sword about to plunge it into Link's back but Link rolled out of the way just in time. The sword was stuck in the ground. It tried to pull the sword out but it went in very deep.

"Hey! Ugly!" Link taunted.

The Stalfos knew he didn't have a chance. It just stood there with its eyes closed waiting to die. Link got his sword and swung it toward the Stalfos' head. The stalfos was lying on the ground. Lying there dead.

"Another obstacle gone." Link bragged.

They entered another room. It was enormous. In the middle there was a giant pool of blood. It was bigger than the one in the entrance. At the end of the room there were two huge doors. Above the doors was a statue of a snake. This was obviously the door to the creature he had to kill in order to make Hyrule normal again.

"What is this place?" asked Link.

"This is the entrance to the monster's chambers. You'll have to cross the pool of blood in order to enter." She clarified.

Link entered the pool. The blood was up to his waist. He could feel the blood go against his skin as he walked. The pool had to be at least half a mile long. Toward the middle of the pool he felt something grab his leg. It felt like human hands. He felt more hands grab his legs. He was being pulled down. They were trying to drown him. When his whole body was underneath they let go. When he got out he was covered from head to toe with blood, he noticed Hope was still on the other side. He blinked and she was gone. He stood there. He felt someone touch his shoulder. It startled him. He turned around and there she was. The blood was gone.

"Link, You'll have to go in there alone. I'm not allowed to go in." Hope stated.

"If I die please make sure Zelda gets out ok." Link said.

"Alright. You'll need this." She handed him a little orb. "Use it when it's very dark and you can't see." She disappeared into thin air before he could ask how to use or say thank you.

Chapter Five: The Final Battle

Link walked into the room. It was very dark and musty. He almost couldn't see. All off a sudden two giant snake eyes opened in front of face. The snake was right in front of him. He got out his orb. His hands were shaking. He accidentally dropped the orb and it shattered into many pieces. When it broke, the whole room became lighted. In front of him was a giant snake. It was black and it had to be at least one hundred feet high. Its fangs were sharp and looked very deadly.

The snake uncoiled itself and looked like it was about to pounce. Link knew the snake was going to attack soon but he didn't know when. The snake pulled its head back and attacked. It almost got Link. It had great speed and accuracy. Link got out his Fairy bow and an arrow. He aimed toward an eye. He missed. The snake was too fast. He shot another arrow. This time he hit the target. It started to slow down. Its aim wasn't too good either. It tried to attack Link again. It only scratched part of his arm with its fang. Blood was dripping. His wound was beginning to sting.

"You'll pay for that!" Link yelled out.

Link had a look of anger upon his face. He took out his hook shot and aimed it toward its neck. Direct hit! The sharp point was stuck in its neck. Link used the hook shot to distract the snake. He was looking for his Fire arrows and some bombs. He got a fire arrow and shot into the snake's mouth. It's tongue burned almost into nothing. Then Link got a bomb lit the fuse and aimed for it's mouth. The bomb landed perfectly in its mouth. It just took about seven seconds for the bomb to explode. When the smoke cleared Link saw what had happened to the Snake's face. Most of its skin was gone. Its skull was easily visible. Blood was everywhere. It was spitting out all of the blood out of its mouth.

"I told you, you would pay for that." Link said.

The snake was mad. No, it was furious. It started to attack Link. It nearly bit off Link's leg but he moved just in time. Link cut off part of its tail. It yelled in pain. While it was yelling Link tried to make his move. He tried to chop off its head but it saw him and hit him knocking him to the floor. His sword fell to a corner of the room. He got up. His sword arm was broken. He ran toward his sword and got it. Now he had to use his other hand to hold it. The snake hit him again this time his leg got badly injured. He was in so much pain. He just wanted to lie there and die, but he couldn't. He had to save his home.

He got his sword one more time. He swung his sword and got its heart. It started to cough up blood. Its head was beginning to drop. When it landed on the floor smoke was everywhere. The impact of the drop pushed Link toward the wall. Out of the smoke Link saw Hope walking toward him.

Chapter Six

"Are you alright?" she asked looking at his wounds.

"I'll be okay. I've felt worse before."

"We've got to get out of here before all of the spirits come back." She said with a worried look upon her face.

"What about Zelda?" Link asked.

"She's waiting outside." Hope said.

Link got up and followed Hope to the end of the room. Behind the dead snake was a stairway leading up to the entrance of the temple. They climbed up the rope as fast as they could. When the got at the grave they saw Zelda waiting for them and the spirits coming towards them. They were coming towards them.

"Drop!" Link yelled.

They all dropped to the floor. They could hear the spirits flying over them. When they all were inside the gate was sealed. Link, Zelda, and Hope got up. They felt as if someone was watching them. They turned around and there was Impa's spirit.

"Impa!" Zelda exclaimed as she ran to her former nursemaid and hugged her.

"Goodbye princess." Impa said solemnly as she disappeared.

"If the Sage of Death awakened then where is he or she?" asked Zelda.

"You're looking at her." Said Hope.

Link and Zelda looked at her surprisingly. Hope took off her hood. In front of them was Impa's friend from the image they saw in the chamber of memories.

"I thought you were dead." Link said confused.

"I am. This is my grave. Why do you think nothing happened to me when the gates were opened? I kept my hood on so you wouldn't be able to see my face." She clarified.

"Will we ever see you again?" Zelda asked.

"Just come to my grave in the night if you want to see me again." She said right before she disappeared into thin air.

Link and Zelda walked into Kakriko village. Everything was back to normal. The village was filled with the usual hustle and bustle and the building were back.

The End