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“The Search”

The Legend of Zelda: The Search

By: Lord Wolf

Link was all but dead. He had been transported somewhere and a mob beat the stuffing out of him and took all his gear.  All he had left was one bottle, a small dagger, and an arrow. Link was beaten in what looked like a town square. By now he had crawled out of sight and into a small alley. Link used his bottle to catch water when it rained a couple of days ago. He had been in this town for over a week, and he had not seen one friendly face, not one person who would offer him food or shelter. Link clutched his dagger and thought hard, something happened to his empathic connection to Paul. Link could not feel Paul anymore but Link hoped Paul could find him. Link turned over and waves of pain shot through his arm and side. Link probably had a broken rib or two as well as a fractured arm. Link tried not to move. Then he drifted to sleep.

Paul was furious. He had not found Link and it had been a week. Not only that but he couldn't feel Link either. Paul walked around his chambers in the castle and looked out the window. Everything was so peaceful and perfect in the outside world. In the castle however there was a constant frenzy. Even though Paul was the General he had delegated control of the army to a Lt. General Harp. Harp was an experienced soldier and knew how to command an army. Link said that if anything were to happen to him that he wanted Harp to take over. Harp had troops searching everywhere. Paul didn't know what to do. Paul paced for a few minutes and then transported himself to the heavens. He found many of his old friends which were dead. They were in Spirit form and could not do anything to help Paul. Paul couldn't even communicate with them. He just sat in their presence to try to unwind.

Just then a boy walked up and said, "What is a Protector like yourself doing in the land of the dead?" Paul looked at him and halfway thought he had saw this boy before.

Paul just looked away and flatly said, "If you are looking for conversation then I suggest you look somewhere else."

The boy looked at him and replied in as flat a tone as Paul had used, "I am looking at the person I want to coversate with. I want to talk now."

Paul stood up, Paul was easily 3 feet taller than the boy and said in a menacing tone, "Are you threatening me? I am not in a mood to play with children. Now either move along or I move you along."

The boy replied in a tone that would make normal men's hair stand on end, "Now you listen here boy, I believe I was a protector long before you were. You were stupid enough to let Evil overcome light, Evil is still winning. You must stop it."

Paul replied, "Screw you, I'm outa here." Just then Paul teleported himself back to Hyrule Castle. He then heard a scream and ran down the hallway. He heard another scream from Zelda's bedroom. Paul tried the handle and it was locked. Paul broke down the door to find Zelda half-naked and a man trying to make love to her. Paul yelled "Stop before I kill you!" The man looked up and that gave Zelda enough time to kick him and run behind Paul. Paul took off his outer shirt and handed it to Zelda never taking his eyes off this man.

The man said, "I will marry you Zelda, and no one will stop me! And you, Mr. Big Guy, try something and it is I who will kill you." Paul took a step forward and readied a lightening bolt, one powerful enough to turn a mortal man into dust.

Zelda put her hand on Paul's shoulder and said "Don't, don't kill him, please." Paul put his hand back down and called the gaurds.

Three gaurds rushed into the room and Paul said, "Escort this man out of the castle." The guards did as Paul said and Paul turned around to Zelda and said, "Who was he, what was he doing here, and why did you stop me from killing him?"

Zelda said, "His name is Antinious, he was a suitor from a neighboring country. I thought he left hours ago but he jumped out of the closet and attacked me. Thank god you were here. And I didn't want him killed because he is not evil, just misguided."

Paul looked at her and said, "Excuse me, I forgot you need to get dressed." Paul walked out of Zelda's room and into his own. It had been a long day.

Link was in a huge green field, it was endless. Link was so glad to finally be able to be warm and he didn't feel hungry or thirsty at all. Link sat down and then he heard a familiar voice from behind him say, "I knew you would come." Link turned around and saw someone who looked vaguely familiar. He couldn't see the person very well because of the cloak he had on but the voice was very faimilar. The man took off his hood and alas! It was Paul!

Link ran up to him and Paul looked at him and said, "This is only a dream, I could not contact you empathically but I figured I might as well try this. Can you tell me where you are?"

Link replied, "I am in some kind of a town. Everyone seems evil.  A mob of them beat me and took almost everything I had. I do not know how to get back. I think I broke a couple of ribs or something." Paul looked very concerned. Just then Degagimire appeared and ran a sword through Paul's forehead.

Degagimire looked at Link and said in a menacing tone, "Do you think you could kill me? I am created from the evil inside every person. The only way to get rid of me is to kill every person in the World. Either that or turn their hearts to pure good. And we both know that is impossible. So why don't you just stop dreaming about killing me and all the other Evil villians in the world and become one of us. You will find life much easier that way."

Paul awoke with a scream and quickly calmed himself. Paul thought, "I just screamed, I have not done that since before my time as a Protector. Something has happened, something terrible." Paul rushed out of the room and peeked in Zelda's bedroom. He saw Zelda sleeping peacefully and then there was that Antinious character sneaking towards her. Paul flung open the door and yelled at Antinious, "Stop!" Antinious looked at him and threw a dagger that seemed to be on fire straight into Paul's shoulder. Paul grasped his shoulder just in time to find another dagger flying his way. Paul avoided this one and raised an energy shield around himself that should stop a few of those daggers. Paul looked at Antinious and fried him with a lightning bolt. He had heeded Zelda's wishes and did not kill him, however Paul hit him hard enough to cause paralysis in parts of his body for up to a month. Paul, who had not seen Zelda, found her huddling in a corner.

Paul helped her up and she said, "Is he dead?"

Paul replied "No, but he will be paralyzed for a while." Paul called the gaurds and looked at them with stone eyes and said, "This time he goes to the dungeon. I want two guards guarding the dungeon 24-7. Bring the key to his cell to my quarters. This time he won't be escaping. Also, remove all his garments including his undergarments and dress him in some underpants only. Make them short so he can't attack anyone with his clothes."

The guards quickly did what Paul said and Paul was just walking out of Zelda's room when she said, "Thank you."

Paul stopped, turned his head slightly and replied, "Just doin' my job." Paul walked back to his chambers.

Paul sat down on his bed. He didn't scream because of that. Something else made him scream. Paul thought hard and for a moment, he could feel Link. He felt Link in a far-away town and Link was feeling rather bad. Paul got a direction, but not a distance. Paul quickly ran to Lt. General Harp's chambers and pounded on the door. Paul waited for a few moments and heard nothing. Paul tried the handle and sure enough, his door was open. Paul went in and lighted a lamp and found the General snoring loudly. Paul went over to him and leaned down and yelled, "Harp!" Harp instantly grabbed a dagger and put it at Paul's neck. Paul froze and said, "Calm down Harp, it is only me."

Harp sat up and looked outside and said, "Is it time to get up?"

Paul replied, "No but I know where to send the troops."

Harp's eyes got wide and he said, "Where?" Paul walked over to the large map of all the known world on Harp's wall.

Paul put his finger at the castle and made a line that lead North North West and said, "Have the troops go this way until they reach a town or settlement that is probably uncharted. However send only the Knights, I sense great danger along the way. And after they have proceeded for 7 days they should come back."

Harp nodded and yawned and said, "As you wish, but can it wait until morning?"

Paul chuckled a bit and replied, "Yes, until then I am going to look myself, see you in the morning."

Link awoke and he felt somehow, different. He was in a soft bed. He didn't open his eyes but he turned over and his side still hurt but it felt better. He put one of his eyes into the pillow and slowly, slyly, scanned what he could see of the room with his other. All he could see was a window that overlooked some country-side. Link continued to lay there for a few moments but couldn't hear a thing. After that he turned over to his other side and did the same thing, this time he saw a wall and a door. The wall was a type of wood, so was the door.

Link decided it was safe and sat up and got a good view of the room. It was sort of small, square, and there was not a whole lot in it. Link fully stood up and found he had been stripped of his clothes but had his underpants and undershirt still on. His arm was in a sling and his ribs had bandages around them. Link found his dagger and his clothes on a table nearby. Link took his dagger out of his sheath and put his clothes back on, he also took his arm out of the sling, it hurt but he could stand the pain. He also decided that his arm wasn't broken, just bruised.

Link opened the door a little ways and heard someone coming up the stairs. He quickly, but quietly shut the door and stood to a side of it and had his dagger drawn. Just then the door opened and Link lunged at the person who opened the door, he ended up with his arm around a small built brunette woman. The woman dropped a tray she was carrying and she tried to fight Link, but Link was way too strong. Link let her go and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know who you were or what you were going to do to me."

The woman glared at him and picked up a throwing star and threw it and it landed 6 inches from his head and she said, "Don't you ever do that again!" Link apologized again and introduced himself, she replied, not as angry as before, "My name is Aren, I found you in the alley and brought you here. I was going to let you stay for a price."

Link picked the tray up off the floor and sat down at the table and started eating and said, "What price is that?"

Aren replied "That you protect me until I can arrange passage away from this God Forsaken town."

Link laughed a bit and replied, "Well I will try but you must remember I have a broken rib or two."

Aren looked at him and said, "That's right, but with the potion I gave you you should be fine in a day or so." Link looked surprised and found that his arm didn't hurt as bad as it did when he first got up. Link dug back in to his food and Aren said, "You should know, I cooked breakfast for me and you."

Link looked up and got an embarassed look on his face and replied, "I'm sorry, I didn't know . . ."

Aren just chuckled and replied, "It's OK, just go ahead and finish, I will go cook me some more."

Link dove right back in and thought. Maybe I can get out of this terrible place soon.

Paul had teleported himself about a dozen times and ended up just getting further and further into a forest. It wasn't long before he reached a clearing with a lake and a mountain in the distance. Paul saw smoke rising from the other side of the mountain.  Paul teleported himself to the top of the mountain and looked down and he saw a boy, about the age of 11 or 12 being attacked by 6 or 7 other men. These men were very big and they were pummeling the boy. Paul quickly ran and broke up the fight. Paul stood in between the boy and the men and Paul recognized one of the men, it was Antinious.

Paul looked at him and said, "I put you in the dungeon."

Antinious replied, "I escaped." Just then a zap caught Paul off-guard and in the arm. Paul was dazed and fell back a few steps. Paul saw a man in the tree and Paul fried him. Antinious threw a large energy burst at Paul and Paul went flat on his back. Paul did a nip-up and attacked Antinious but almost all the members of his party hit Paul all at once with energy bolts. Paul was now extremely hurt and he felt somehow, weaker, like he didn't have the energy to do anything. Paul looked over at the boy and seemed to recognize him and teleported both himself and the boy back to Hyrule Castle. This took a whole lot out of Paul for some reason. A teleport had never used that much of his energy before.

Just then a guard ran up to them and yelled, "Someone get a doctor! Princess Zelda! Come quickly!" Paul blacked out after that. Paul awoke some time later to find that he could not feel his powers going through him anymore. This vastly startled Paul. Paul sat straight up to find he had a runny nose as well. Paul was now scared, the most scared he had ever been. When you become a protector you remain in peak condition until you die by unnatural means. Therefore you do not get disease but you can still be hurt physically so if Paul had a runny nose, something happened and he was no longer immortal.

Paul walked around the room and found the boy he had saved, sure enough it was the boy from the Heavens. Paul walked out of the room and went to his chambers. A guard saw him and ran up to him and Paul said. "No time."

Paul continued walking and he passed Zelda and Zelda said. "What's wrong Paul?"

Paul replied. "I've lost my powers and my immortality. I am going to my chambers to practice a few meditation techniques. If that boy wakes up send him to me." Paul got to his chambers and read a scroll, burned some incense and light three candles in a triangular pattern around him and began meditating.

Link was now fully healed and he was just about to walk out of the door of Aren's house when Aren stopped him and said, "What do you think you're doing?"

Link replied, "I am going to get my stuff back."

Aren wouldn't stop him but gave him this warning, "It does not matter what they look like, they will kill if you give a reason, even the women have guts." Link nodded and walked out of the door. Link followed a short trail into town and saw a man bragging to a few other men about how he beat the crap out of this newcomer that was dressed in green. Link walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, the man turned around and found Link's hand in his face. That punch knocked the man for a loop and Link found a couple of pieces of his gear, he found his golden gauntlets. Link put on his golden gauntlets, picked up the man, and threw him through a few other men.

Link yelled in a loud voice, "This is a warning to whoever has my sword, either give it to me now or I will kill you." When no one gave Link his sword Link got very, very angry and saw a familiar strap on a man, it looked like the one his sword used. Link walked up to the man, undid the strap very, very, calmly and sure enough, it was the Master Sword. Link unsheathed it quickly and the man who he had gotten it from quickly drew twin swords from his hips. Link cut a backflip back and the man dashed at him. Since Link didn't have his shield he had to use his sword for all his defense. Link had practiced this somewhat, but not a whole lot. The man came swinging with one sword and Link blocked with his own and then the man came around the other way with his other sword and Link ducked and stabbed the man in the side. The man collapsed and Link picked up his sword sheath from the ground and strapped it to his back and sheathed his sword. The crowd that had gathered around them had dispersed and Link walked back to Aren's cabin.

Paul had meditated for seven straight hours. He hadn't seen anything except the back of his eyelids since then. Paul stood up and tried to teleport himself across the door but nothing happened. Paul then tried to shoot a lightning bolt at this bed, still nothing. Paul decided that the boy must be able to do something to help him. Paul left the room and ran into Lt. General Harp and Harp said, "The men are ready, should I send them?"

Paul replied, "No, they will just get killed, prepare the entire army."

"They will march towards where we seek in 2 weeks," Lt. General Harp replied and quickly ran out to the Captains to tell them what to do. Paul continued walking and walked into the room where the boy was.

The boy was awake and walked over to Paul and said, "So now you want to talk?"

Paul replied, "What happened to my Powers?"

The boy looked at him and said, "That is a start, my name is Utria. I am the eldest protector and the most powerful." Paul looked a little in disbelief.

Utria looked at him and said, "You don't believe me? Well I can't do anything to prove this because my powers are temporarily sapped."

Paul said, "So this isn't permanent? This is just a temporary thing?"

Utria replied "Yes, it is, the man you fought, Antinous has many powerful friends. The most powerful is Degagimire. Oh that name brings out reaction in you. You seem to know of him. You should, he killed off our entire race and he almost killed you. Well anyways Antinous is a puppet of Ganondorf. Since Ganon has no power, Degagimire had to find a way for him still to cause trouble. I was on my way to find the only person who could permanently put a stop to most of this. I believe you know him, I was on my way to find Link."

Paul shifted his weight and said, "How close were we to wherever he was at?"

The boy replied, "Just over the mountain you saw there is a town. There is nothing in that town but very evil people. That is the reason why Antinious attacked me. He knows that Link will eventually marry Zelda, Antinious had to kill Link in order to make sure that didn't happen. However, instead of killing him he sent him to a town where he knew Link would eventually die. There is only one person there with a good heart. Her name is Aren. She may seem tough on the outside but she has a really soft, warm, and caring heart. She was also a protector at one time. She killed the person she was protecting because he decided he didn't want to be good anymore. Unfortunately, instead of just leaving, Aren killed him. So she was stripped of her powers and vanquished to the evil town forever."

Paul thought, Aren, she is alive, I thought I would never see her again. Paul remember back during her trial. Paul was the Judge, Jury, and executioner per se. He found her guilty of violating the most sacred Protector Law, she harmed her protectee. Paul vanquished her. To keep word from, spreading his identity was kept secret so no one, not even Utria knew it was him. "So let me get this straight, Antinious sent Link there instead of Degagimire?"

Utria replied, "Sort of, you see, Since Antinious is Ganon, Ganon simply contacted Degagimire and had Degagimire send him to the town instead of to a fiery volcano or a deep sea." Paul felt a rage inside him. A rage that he hadn't had been inside of him for years. Degagimire, instead of just killing Link, made him suffer. But that would soon be over. Once Paul got rid of Antinious, he would use the entire army to kill Degagimire.

Paul led Utria to the kitchen and they both had some lunch. They struck up conversation about this and that. Mostly the old times when the only evil thing in the world was Degagimire. Now, not only was there Degagimire, but whole armies of evil monsters. Not only that, now people, the very people that Paul and Utria used to protect were evil. There was nothing the entire race of Protectors could do. It all depended on one thing, it depended on the individual. If the individual wanted to be good, then he would be good, if he wanted to be evil then he could be evil. It all depended on what they wanted. Paul had an idea, he talked it over with Utria and they both decided that it was an excellent idea. They decided they should implement it as soon as one of them could teleport.

Paul found Lt. General Harp and said, "General, we are getting 20 new members for the army, 10 swordsmen, 3 archers, 2 skirmishers, and 5 knights. Please check the storage and see if we have any spare armor. They supply their own weapons though."

This confused Harp, Harp replied, "Yes sir, but where will we get these 20 people?"

Paul replied, "Trust me on this one. I also want the army to be ready in 3 days." Harp nodded and walked off. Paul went to find Zelda.

Utria found he could teleport nearly 3 hours after lunch. Utria teleported to the heavens and rounded up the ones he was looking for. They all had questions, they all were scared, and they all questioned whether or not they should leave. After a lot of pep talking from Utria, and comforting them by saying that there would be 22 of them and only 6 of the other party, not only that, but there would be an entire army backing them. Eventually they agreed and they all went to Hyrule Castle. Utria stayed behind in the Heavens and found the Goddesses. He communicated telepathically with them and had a startling revelation. Utria quickly transported himself back to Hyrule Castle.

"Your doing WHAT!?" Zelda said. "You can't possibly do this! I thought just one of you were bad, now a whole party? Where did you find them? No, wait, don't tell me, Utria and you decided to get rid of Antinious, Degagimire, and Ganondorf all at once. So your taking my army, plus another 20 just to kill 3 people?" Paul nodded. Zelda said, "Great, I like it!" Paul let out a sight of relief and rubbed his ears. For some reason Zelda's scream made them hurt very badly.

Paul walked out of the castle to find his special "party". Paul and Utria briefed them on the situation and that made them even more nervous. They were once great people, they had great powers, they still had great powers, but they still feared death. Lt. General Harp walked into the courtyard were the “20” were and Paul said, “Ah, here is the General now.” Paul looked at Harp and said, “Harp, will you please take this people to the armory?” Harp nodded and lead the 20 back into the castle.

Utria and Paul were the only ones left. Utria spoke to Paul and said, “Paul, why did you create a new Master Sword instead of just reuniting the pieces of the old one?” This question sort of caught Paul off guard.

He replied, “I didn’t think the old one was salvagable, so I made a new one.”

Utria spoke in an angry tone and said, “Did you really think that you, just one man could really create a sword just as powerful as the ancient council did so long ago? Are you that naïve!? I would think someone of your age would know better.”

Paul replied, “I thought that the less protectors there were, the more powerful the few would be.”

Utria replied, “No No No No No, you are no more powerful now than you were 1,000 years ago. Because of your ignorance Degagimire can never be destroyed. I spoke with the Goddesses. The original Master Sword was not only the sword of Evil’s Bane, it kept the realms in balance, and it kept Degagimire from growing any stronger than he already was. Now that the sword is destroyed the realms went out of balance, and no, your presence did not re-balance them, it was the Goddesses will that the realms not be destroyed. Not only did your incompetence make the Goddesses have to act quickly, it made it so Degagimire could never be destroyed.”

Paul had a very solemn look on his face and replied, “I do not understand. Degagimire is as mortal as Link. The only thing keeping him alive is the evil energies from his minions, and ..."

Utria cut Paul off, “That’s right! Degagimire only had 1000 or so minions at any one time in his realm. Now he can live off of the evil energies each person here eminates. Not only has it made him immortal to the point of him not being hurt, it has made him much more powerful. The last time you fought him, you killed his physical being. That was before he had enough energy to make him immortal, now if you fight him, there is no chance of him dying. Not only that, the Goddesses can’t even destroy him. The reason being, he is just drawing power from too many sources.”

Paul sat down and said, “How could I be so stupid. There has to be something we can do.”

Utria replied, “There is, we have to enter the void and get the fragments to the Master Sword.”

Paul looked at Utria and said, “That shouldn’t be too hard, Ganondorf has no powers in the void.”

Utria replied, “Degagimire sent evil minions to guard to pieces. We need to find 3 different pieces. The Hilt, the Blade, and the Jewel which gave the sword its power.”

Paul sat down for a moment and said, “How long will it take, you think?”

Utria replied “I don’t know, but I do know we need to act quickly.”

Paul himself went to the Armory and picked up some Chain Mail and a Skull Cap. He also picked up two daggers, a long sword, and a large shield. He turned to Utria and said, “Aren’t you going to get some Armor?”

Utria replied, “Why would I need armor?” Paul just shook his head and opened a portal. Both himself and Utria found themselves in the void and surrounded by the ugliest beasts they had ever seen. They stood at least 7 feet tall, had reddish skin, and horns sticking from their skulls.

Paul leaped upward and Utria said, “Harimus!”. In an instant a white light flashed out from him and killed all of the Demons.

Paul landed next to Utria and said, “You’ve got to teach me that some day.”

Utria chuckled and they continued into the dungeon. It wasn’t long before they came to some more Demons and Paul said, “My turn.” Paul shot out 7 energy beams that all found their mark on the Demons. The Demons just shook it off and continued to move forward.

Utria shouted, “Those guys are immune to elemental damage!” Utria then let out 7 beams of light that killed all the Demons instantly.

Paul said, “What attack is that?”

Utria replied, “They are beams of light. These Demons are im,une to fire, ice, lightning, and whatever else is related to the land. Almost all of your magic is based on that. All you have are weak projectiles of light, they do very little against these Demons though.”

Paul shook his head and said, “This sucks, looks like I will be using these after all.” Paul pulled out the sword and shield and they continued.

Link had loaded up a horse and he was about to escort Aren out of the town and South East. He didn’t know where that led too but he had a strong feeling that he should go that way. Aren came walking out of her cabin and said, “I see you got your sword back.”

Link chuckled and said, “Yep, I told you I would be fine, I was just unpreprared before.”

Aren said, “Ok, let's get going.” Link hopped on the horse, and then Aren jumped on behind him. They slowly began trotting down a path.

Link said, “I don’t know why we are going this way, I just had a feeling.”

Aren replied, “Trust your instincts, thats something I learned quickly here.”

Link said, “Yep. You know, I had a Protector, I wonder what happened to him. Oh, I’m sorry, a Protector is an Immortal being that protects mortals like me from harm.”

Aren got quiet all of sudden and said, “What was his name?”

Link replied, “His name was Paul. The last I saw of him, we had just finished slaying Degagimire, or so we thought. I do not know what happened to him after that. All I know is ended up in that town.”

Aren thought, “Paul, a name I heard so long ago, if only I hadn’t killed that man, if only I hadn’t done so many things...”

“Ok men! Is everyone mounted and ready to go?” Harp yelled. He got a thumbs up from all of the Captains. “Ok then, lets move out!” Zelda stood next to her Window and saw 1,000 men  march through the town. This would be the first indication that something was wrong. Not only that, but Paul, and Utria had disappeared without telling her. She would have to have a talk with them once they got back, if they got back. Zelda tried to not let thoughts like that come into mind.

Zelda sat down at her desk and then the piece of Triforce in her hand began to glow. She didn’t know why, but it was obviously important. As soon as it started a portal opened before her. She stepped in and found herself inside the Temple of Light in the Golden Realm. Before her sat the sages. Rauru said, “Zelda, grave times are upon us. The rest of the Legion of Protectors are about to go into battle. We can not guarantee their safety, but they may need help. Paul and Utria are attempting to retrieve the last pieces of the Master Sword. I do not know if they can do it alone. I am far too old to help. However, yourself, and the other Sages may be able to.”

Saria spoke up, “We will find Paul and Utria and help them recover the sword, Rauru will join us for the final battle against Evil. But we must hurry, I fear that something Catastrophic will happen.”

Impa said, “Two went in, one will come out, which one, I do not know. We must hurry.”

Zelda said, “Well then, lets get going.” Zelda, and the other five sages found themselves in the void. The saw slain Daemons, and decided to “follow the trail of breadcrumbs”.

In the distance Link saw from a mountain what looked like an army on the basin below. He didn’t know what army, but it was getting late and he decided that he and Aren should take cover inside one of the many caves they had seen. Link jumped down from his perch and said, “Aren, it is time we found some shelter. I saw an army marching. I don’t know if they are hostile or not, but they will probably be camping tonight, and I intend to stay out of their way.”

Aren replied, “I agree, we should also not make a fire tonight. I suppose we can eat some of the biscuits I brought along.”

Link said, “Ok, I’ll get the horse and we can take him in a cave with us.”

Link went and got the horse and was leading it up a path and Aren said, “Link! Up here!” Link looked up and saw Aren, she was standing at the entrance to a cave. Link led the horse up the rocky terrain and inside the cave. Link tied up the horse and he ate some supper with Aren. They talked about small things. Mostly Link’s life. He tried to get her to talk about her own, but she avoided the subject. Link and Aren layed down together and Link felt a strange feeling. It was like she was eminating power. Link got this feeling when he was around Paul, but never anywhere else. Link was perplexed, but decided to sleep.

Utria and Paul were moving at superhuman pace. They had covered about 30% of the dungeon in as little as fifteen hours. Mostly Utria had to kill the demons they ran into, Paul however, killed everything else. They entered a room with a large pedestal in the middle. There was the complete Master Sword sitting there. Paul walked forth a few steps and then an arrow shot out of the wall and hit Paul’s energy shield. Paul jumped back and looked at Utria. Paul then muttered a word and he was able to see into a sub-realm of the one he was in. He only did this if he suspected there were spirits at work that the mortal eye could not see. Paul saw nothing. He figured it was a normal trap.

Utria then opened up his arms and said, “Multi Spiritus Jaricus!” As soon as he did a Golem was summoned from the ground. It walked forth toward the sword. The same arrow that hit Paul hit the clay golem. After a moment, another arrow pierced the Golem. The Golem then stood in front of the Master Sword and a wall of fire appeared underneath him. The Golem melted from the heat.

Paul said, “Is there any limit to your powers Utria? You have already displayed abilites I thought only ArchAngels had and now you show me that you can summon.”

Utria replied, “I told you I was powerful, now how do we get to the sword?”

Saria appeared behind them and said, “I think we can answer that.” At the sound of another voice besides their own Paul let out an energy bolt that found its mark on Nabooru and Utria hit them all with beams of light. The beams of light didn’t do any damage since they were beings of light, but the energy bolt that hit Nabooru knocked her unconscious.

Paul said, “Oh Shit!” Utria walked over to her and uttered some words in Ancient Hylian and she was awakened. Paul said, “I am so sorry, I thought...”

He was cut off by Ruto, “It’s OK” she said, “we should have announced ourselves first.”

Nabooru shook her head and said, “Dang, that was powerful.”

Utria said, “We still need to get by those traps."

Saria said, “I can take care of the arrows.” Saria then summoned two trees to block the path of the arrows.

Ruto then said, “The fire is mine." Ruto kept a constant stream of water on the spot where the flames shot up last time.

Paul leaped over and picked up the sword, getting singed in the process. The seven looked at the sword and Paul threw down the Long Sword he had and put the Master Sword in its place.

They were just about to make a portal when they heard Ganon’s voice say, “Did you really think I was going to let you get away that easy?”

Paul looked up and saw a rock about to fall on Zelda and he was just about to run and push her out of the way when she teleported across the room. From the rock 70 Daemons spilled forth. Utria tried his beam of light, but it did not work.

Utria opened a portal and said, “GO!”

Paul unhooked the sword and gave it to Zelda and said, “Go through that portal! Get it to Rauru!”

Zelda said, “We won’t leave you two.”

Paul replied, “Damnit! Just go!” Paul then shoved Zelda into the portal and turned to the other 5 and said, “I’m not kidding! GO!” They ran through the portal and Paul ran next to Utria and said, “Utria, lets go.”

Utria replied, “I have to keep them busy. You go, I will be along shortly.”

Paul said, “If you stay you will die.”

Utria replied, “Everyone dies some time, go quickly, and remember, my soul will always be with you.” Paul leaped through the portal. As soon as he did Utria saw the Daemons leap at him. Utria teleported and then tried a few more beams of light, then beams of energy, then beams with elemental damage. All of the proved futile. Utria then summoned his most powerful spell. It was spell powerful enough to make massive craters in the surface of the Earth. Utria released it in a wave and the Daemons were unaffected. Utria dropped down to one knee, he was done for. He used the rest of his power to close the portal which he had created. The walls started shaking. His spell may have done nothing to the creatures, but now the room was collapsing and nothing mortal could survive that. Utria closed his eyes, and the last thing he heard was the mighty fall of one hundred ton rocks.

Harp was surveying the terrain. He saw some of the trees burned, it had to have been from a battle, but which battle, he did not know. There was a lake about 100 yards in front of him. There was also a mountain beyond the lake. He thought he saw someone on the mountain but he quickly dismissed it as an animal. Harp was just laying down when he heard the screams of some of his men. Harp jumped up and saw six people shooting energy beams similar to Paul’s into the tents of the men. Harp yelled, “EVERYONE ON YOUR FEET! WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!”

At that moment Harp was hit hard by one of the beams. Harp flew fifteen feet into a tree. Harp stood back up and saw his men beginning to close in on the six. His men were dropping like flies. Harp gave the retreat signal, and the six men did not follow. Harp and his men ran about 300 yards and when they looked back they saw the special twenty that Paul had brought had stayed behind. The archers were hitting the men with some kind of arrows. The swordsmen were besting the others, and the knights were pounding the main one. Three of the men fell in the first couple of minutes. After that, the archers started to fall, one by one. Harp finally recognized the main one as Antinious. Antinious let out a wave and in that instant the magical arrows being shot stopped, and the swordsmen were slower. After that wave all of them fell. Antinious then turned with his four remaining men and began walking towards what was left of Harp’s army. Harp gave another retreat signal and his broken army began running away.

Rauru was startled by the sudden entrance of his sages. Paul slammed the sword down on the table. “Here is your sword,” Paul said. “I hope you can find a way to return it to its original state, or we are all dead.” Rauru picked it up and examined it. Just then, all of them found themselves inside the Temple of Time. Rauru put the sword inside the pedestal and all the sages got into their respective places and each began shooting a beam of energy at the sword. Rauru’s was white, Zelda’s was gold, Ruto’s was blue, Saria’s green, Nabooru yellow, Impa Purple, and Darunia red. Then, they all stopped. The sword started glowing, it glowed brighter and brighter until Paul had to look away.

When the light stopped Paul turned around and walked toward the sword and it was now a Golden Color. Paul turned to look at Rauru and Rauru said, “We must get to Link.” Paul forgot that the army had already departed. Paul replied, “We have to get to the army first.”

Rauru said, “I can handle that”. Rauru opened a portal and picked up the sword and walked through. The eight of them were standing in the camp where it looked like the army stopped for the night, Paul then saw the worst massacre he had seen in years. Paul dropped down to his knees, all of this, because of a man, a woman, and a two demons. Why did mortal men always have to become involved in the battles of the immortal.

Paul stood up and said, “I will avenge these people.” Paul turned and saw Antinious.

It was starting to get daylight and Link woke up to find Aren nearly on top of him. Link slyly got out from under her and returned to his perch and he saw one of the biggest massacres he had ever seen. He also saw on the ground, a neatly laid out flag with the Hylian crest on it. Link screamed, “NOOOO!!”

Link rushed and got his horse, he took all the weight off of it and began quickly galloping down the mountain. As he got closer he saw Paul, Zelda, the Sages, and Antinious. The closer Link got the better he could feel Paul. Paul used a good deal of his mental power and gave Link a rundown, he also let Link see his memories of the past weeks. Link had the horse going as fast as it would go. He was getting closer, and closer. He ran around the lake. Just then Antinious turned and was going to hit him, but Paul hit Antinious first. Antinious shook off the beam and hit Paul with one.

Paul took the beam and then he got the sword from Rauru and yelled, “LINK! CATCH.” Paul threw the sword and Link caught it. Link swung and a bolt came out of his sword that split into four and killed Antinious’ minions instantly. Link jumped off of the horse and held his sword high. Rauru fired his beam into it, as well as the other sages, this confused Paul, What are they doing? he thought Why not just attack?

Rauru said, “It’s not enough, fire you own beam Paul!” Paul pulled together every ounce of power he had left and shot it at the sword. It still wasn’t enough. Paul dropped, as well as the other sages. Link just stood there, he looked at Antinious and he was laughing.

Antinious said, “Puny mortals, no one has enough power to use the sword as you wish."

Paul looked on the mountainside and saw Aren. Paul said in a language never heard, “Parilu, Sovocome, Defera,”

Aren felt her powers enter her. She teleported next to the sages and said, “You want to kill them, you have to come through me first."

Paul said, “No, don’t sacrifice yourself.”

Just then, Utria appeared behind them and said, “She doesn’t have to.” Paul sat up and said Utria and was about to say something when Utria surrounded the whole bunch with a field and they felt re-energized. Antinious was about to run when Utria cast a spell on him that made him stick to the ground. Utria said, “Try again.” Link raised the Master Sword and Paul again combined all of his power into one beam, Aren, and the sages did the same. Utria said some words and a beam shot down from the sky. It gave enough power to the sword and then a wave expanded from the sword and it killed Antinious and it was a wave that went across the entire world. Everything Evil was being cleansed.

Degagimire felt his powers dropping. He looked across his evil territory. A wave of white was coming across his lands. His minions were powerless to stop it. Across every realm the same thing was happening. Degagimire was quickly losing power and he felt, mortal again. The wave passed over him and within seconds he was staring into blackness, he was dead.

When it was all over Paul no longer felt any powers running in him. The newly reformed Master Sword crumbled, the Sages could no longer teleport, even Utria could not perform the most basic of spells. The Goddesses appeared in front of them, only as balls of energy. They Goddesses said. “The power we gave to you, and we gave to the Master Sword is no longer needed, there will be no more Evil in the world for Ten Thousand years. You no longer have to worry about anything but yourselves. Go now, go to your castle and lead your lands with righteous hearts. Paul, Aren, Utria, as the last of your kind, you must spread word of your deeds and make sure the world does not fall into the state it did before. As Evil grows, so will your power. You will know when you are needed again when you feel your powers. Link, Zelda, Rauru, Ruto, Saria, Impa, Darunia, and Nabooru, return to your people. You no longer have to sit inside the Golden Realm to protect the Triforce. The Triforce is now a relic which can be shared with all people, no one will ever make an evil wish on it again. Bring it out the Hyrule Market Square and let people bask in it’s power. We leave you now with the Wisdom we have given you. Good luck, and goodbye.”

They were all astonished. They were back at Hyrule Castle. They didn’t know what to do first, scream in joy, run in joy, or make a public announcement. Everyone hugged and then Zelda went off to find some guards, Link went to find Harp and the army, and each of the Sages went to different parts of the castle. The only three people left inside the courtyard were Paul, Utria, and Aren. Paul said. “I guess I can safely say this now. I wast the one that put Aren on trial, I know that you know Aren, but Utria doesn’t.”