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"Who Wants to Be a Hylian Millionaire?"

Who Wants to Be a Hylian Millionaire?

By: Inori

Rauru: Hello, and Welcome to 'Who Wants To Be A Hylian Millionare'. I'm your host, Rauru, and do we have a show for you. All the way from Kokiri forest, the Hero of Time, Link! (Croud cheers) From Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda. (More cheers) The sage of forests, Saria! And last but not least, Mr. king of evil, Ganondorf! (Croud boos and hisses) Link, You won the fastest finger qustion, so come on up!

Link: Thanks for having me.

Rauru: No prob. Now, are you ready for the first question for 100 rupees? (Link nods.) Then let's play, Who Wants To Be A Hylian Millionare! Here's the first question. (Music Plays) In the fairy tale, 'Sleeping Beauty', on which birthday did Princess Arora prick her finger? Is it A) tenth? B) twenty-first? C) Toast? Or D) Sixteenth? Remember you have three life lines at your disposal.

Link: Um.... Oh this is hard. I'll go with.... E. None of the above.

Rauru: That's not even an option! Please pick either A, B, C, or D!

Link: The answer's F?

Rauru: No!

Link: O? Is that even an option?

Rauru: (Slaps forehead, and lets out a long sigh) Link, either choose A, B, C, or D. There are no other choices.

Link: Ok, I choose C. Final answer.

Rauru: C? C?! Are you that stupid?! i'm sorry, the answer's D, sixteen, not Toast! Get out of here!

Link: When do I get my million Rupees?

Rauru: Never! You lost!

Link: But that was a hard question! I demand a recount!

(Security comes and drags him off)

Rauru: Ok, the next one who got the second fastest time on the fastest finger question is Saria. Come on up!

Saria: All right, I'm ready. Let's begin.

Rauru: Yes, lets. Here's the question for 100 rupees. Which of the following is NOT a evil creature found in the forest temple? A) Deku Baba? B) Floormaster? C) Toast? D) Keese?

Saria: I'm pretty sure the answer's C, Toast, final answer.

Rauru: Finally! Correct. Here's the next question for 500 rupees. In which city would you find the Happy Mask Shop? A) Kakariko Village? B) Lon Lon Ranch? C) Gerudu Fortress? D) Hyrule Market?

Saria: Well, since I don't leave Kokiri Forest a lot, I'm going to use one of my life lines.

Rauru: All right, which one? You have: Ask the Audience, Ask a friend, or 50/50.

Saria: All take Ask a friend. My friend I'd like to ask is Link, because he knows where this mask shop is.

Rauru: Link? You want to ask that baka? He couldn't even get passed the first question! Whatever. It's your money.

Saira: Ok, Link, where is the-

Link: The answer is TOAST! Trust me!

Saria: But that's not even an-

Link: Saria, listen to me. It's toast. It's gotta be.

Ganondorf: Are you going to listen to this baka?! It's completely obvious he's DRUNK!

Link: (Stands up, and faces, Ganondorf) Yeah? So what? (Hiccups) So I'm drunk, what of it?

Saria, Zelda, Rauru: (Sweatdrop, majorly)

Saria: Alright, I'm not going to listen to him. I'll say.... D. Final answer.

Rauru: Correct! For one thousand rupees, are you ready?

Saria: Yes, let's begin.

Rauru: Where will you find the Spirit temple? is it A) Desert Colossus? B) Kakriko Graveyard? C) Sacred Forest Meadow? D) Lake Hylia?

Saria: I believe it's A. (Pauses) Yes, it's A, final answer.

Rauru: Correct!

( End of game sound goes off)

Rauru: Well, that's the end of our game, Saria will be back tomorrow to try and win the Million rupees, and we'll have three new contestants, too! See you tomorrow!