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F1096820 2400
FF000220 0000
Enabler Code (Must be on for other codes to work)

811F3588 0000
811F358A 0000

Use Fierce Diety mask anywhere & enable all blacked-out items
801EF6E0 0000 Have Ocarina of Time
801EF6E1 0001 Have Hero's Bow
801EF711 0009 Infinite Arrows
801EF6EE 000E Have Lens of Truth
801EF6EA 000A Have Magic Beans
801EF71A 0009 Infinite Magic Beans
801EF6EF 000F Have Hookshot
801EF6E8 0008 Have Deku Sticks
801EF718 0009 Infinite Deku Sticks
801EF6E9 0009 Have Deku Nuts
801EF719 0009 Infinite Deku Nuts
801EF6E6 0006 Have Bomb Bag
801EF716 0009 Infinite Bombs
801EF6E7 0007 Have Bombchu
801EF717 0009 Infinite Bombchus
801EF6E2 0002 Have Fire Arrows
801EF6E3 0003 Have Ice Arrows
801EF6E4 0004 Have Light Arrows
811EF730 0707
811EF732 0707
Have Big Key, Compass, and Map
811EF73A 0909
811EF73C 0909
Infinite Small Keys
811EF6AA 03E7 Infinite Rupees

801EF6A9 0030

Infinite Magic
811EF6A6 0140 Infinite Life Energy
811EF6A4 0140 Have all heart containers
8111A66C 7777 Have all equipment
801EF72D 0005
811EF72E F7CF
Have all quest and status items
D03E6B3B 0020
813FFE18 40CB
Moon Jump (press L)
801EF6EC 000C Have Powder Kegs
801EF71C 0009 Infinite Powder Kegs
801EF6ED 000D Have Pictobox
801EF6F8 003E Postman's Hat
801EF6F9 0038 All-Night Mask
801EF6FA 0047 Blast Mask
801EF6FB 0045 Stone Mask
801EF6FC 0040 Great Fairy Mask
801EF6FD 0032 Deku Mask
801EF6FE 003A Keaton Mask
801EF6FF 0046 Bremen Mask
801EF700 0039 Bunny Hood
801EF701 0042 Don Gero's Mask
801EF702 0048 Mask of Scents
801EF703 0033 Goron Mask
801EF704 003C Romani's Mask
801EF705 003D Circus Leader's Mask
801EF706 0037 Kafei's Mask
801EF707 003F Couple's Mask
801EF708 0036 Mask of Truth
801EF709 0034 Zora Mask
801EF70A 0043 Kamaro's Mask
801EF70B 0041 Gibdo Mask
801EF70C 003B Garo Mask
801EF70D 0044 Captain's Hat
801EF70E 0049 Giant's Mask
801EF70F 0035 Fierce Diety Mask

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