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This allows consumers to ask questions, get instant answers, and see products in action. It's also a great way to build brand awareness, community, and trust with viewers.

How to stream on YouTube
If you have a verified YouTube channel with at least 50 subscribers, you can stream your video from a mobile device or a laptop. You can even go live from a webcam, but it's not as advanced as using a dedicated app or software.

Managing Comments: The conversation that takes place in your video is very important to make your live stream more engaging and relevant to people's interests. YouTube provides tools for managing live chat, including moderation of live comments and the ability to choose which people can participate in live chat. You can also set up a chat replay, which will show a replay of your live chat after it ends.

Attracting Guests: A great way to add good variety and a more authentic feel to your live stream is to invite industry experts or influencers into the mix. This adds another dimension to your content and encourages people to stick around and watch the whole thing.

The Right Audience: Before committing to a live streaming strategy, it's important to research your audience and find out which social media platforms they use the most. By understanding your audience, you can customize your marketing campaign and choose the most effective reinforcement tactics for your brand.

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