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The Legend of Zelda: Apocalypse

By: Jamie

Chapter One: Raru's Sacrifice

Sage of the Forest, Darunia, The Sage of Fire, Ruto, The Sage of Water, Impa, The Sage of Shadow, and Naboruru, The Sage of Spirit. All of the sages except Raru were the descendents of the ancient Sages. But they all wondered who would be his descendant. No one knew.

"So Ruto, have you mailed all of your Christmas Cards," said Saria as she was strolling on the Sage platform.

"Yes, I even sent Zelda a lump of coal for stealing Linky-poo!" exclaimed Ruto. "He was mine from the start!" continued Ruto, "she just swooped on in and took my fiancÚ right out from under me like a vulture flying in the sky," said Ruto as she was pacing and annoying poor young Saria.

"So, you're doing the same thing you have done for years you bitchy Zora, annoy all of us until we fling you to the Zoras in Termina," said Impa as she appeared on top of the Shadow plateau.


"Just to tell you, Link chose Zelda way over you," said Saria calmly. Just then a huge explosion came from the center of the platform and out came the most hideous, vile, insane, corrupt, and evil being of all time, Ganon.

"Oh, shit!" yelled Impa. The monster was swarming around the Chamber, looking at his surroundings.

"So, this is the fabled Chamber of Sages, not what I expected," said Ganon.

"Hey, Raru, Naboruru, Darunia, his is an emergency situation 5987! Get up here!" yelled Ruto as she was screaming into a chasm. The other sages appeared and screamed at the sight of Ganon.

"Okay, lets do what we planned. Saria, open a portal to the lost woods. Every one else, do anything to throw him into the portal!" ordered Raru.

Saria leapt into the air and clapped her hands together and out came a strait white line between her hands. She extended her arms and hands and a large circle appeared, and an image of the Lost Woods was in it. The other sages flew up and launched some sort of attack. Raru created a barrage of lightning bolts and launched them at Ganon. Darunia crated a flame saber and charged at Ganon. Ruto had her fins fly like boomerangs at the beast. Impa created a black whip and threw it at the evil king. And finally Nabooru got out 2 curved swords and started spinning. They charged at him, but Ganon created a barrier and the attacks went reverse and hit the sages.

They fought for hours, but the attacks were in vein. "I can't keep this portal open for much longer!" cried Saria. The portal was starting to misshape and deform.

"Enough, there is only 1 option. I will self destruct and hopefully the blast will knock him into the portal," said Raru after he got back on his feet. "But, you'll die!" yelled Saria. But it was to late; Raru turned a golden yellow and exploded. The blast engulfed Ganon. But the weird thing was in the blast; Ganon reverted back to Ganondorf before he flew into the portal. Saria closed the portal, and crashed to the ground. "Thank god, now he is in the lost woods without a fairy. He should get lost and turn into a stalfos due to no fairy," said Saria. "Yet all is not well, Raru sacrificed himself to get rid of him," sobbed Naboruru. "Hmm, there's something strange going on," said Darunia, "In the blast, Ganon turned back into Ganondorf." "Yeah, so what," replied Ruto. "I still think the evil, though gone from here, is still around," continued Darunia.

Chapter Two: Link's Birthday

Link and Zelda are the greatest couple ever to live in Hyrule. Ever since Ganon's seal and Link and Zelda's return to the past, they began a great friendship turning into the strongest love. It was only when Link had awoken Zelda from the great slumber, made her relies that Link has pt his life on the line for her 6 times. For the past 2 years they have been dating.

"Oh Link, I am soooooooooooo glad your brown hair dye came out. It was robing the beauty of your hair," said Zelda. Those 2 lovebirds were having a nice, candle light dinner at Great Bay Restaurant.

"Well, you're right, besides, brown makes me look fat. And you see, I changed my hair back to the way it was when I was a child. I haven't looked this great since I was 10!" exclaimed Link.

"It was also a good thing you changed it back, I was afraid hair would get in my eyes," said Zelda.

"Everybody look, the sunset, its beautiful!" exclaimed a random Terminian.

"You know, a sunset always looks better when you go through a dimensional Portal," sighed Zelda as she look out onto the beach.

"I know, Hyrule, Termina, Labryna, Holodrum, and all of the other lands I have seen and shown you have something special," replied Link. A Deku waiter was walking by trying to look at the sunset with a tray with 10 soups. He tripped on a Zora head fin and the tray flying to Link, it hit him. "OH NO! This was my only Goron tunic! My Gauntlets! My White Under Shirt! Ruined!" cried Link.

"Link, let's go home, I have something for you, also you can put on a new tunic," said Zelda. The 2 got up, paid their bill, got on their horses and rode off.

Link got back to Hyrule castle, changed his clothes to a violet tunic and went to Zelda's room. "So, what did you want to so me," said Link as he went to sat on her bed.

"Just follow me," said Zelda. She was caring a case and the Ocarina of Time.

They got to the Temple of Time. Zelda played The Song of Time, out of the case were the 3 spiritual stones. The Door of Time opened. "Link, tomorrow is your 18th birthday, but I believe that the Master Sword should be rightfully yours today."

Chapter 3: Enter Bizzo the Clown

"Oh Shit! That Fuckin' Sage! He just had to blow his ass off, fling me into the lost woods and make me transform back to Ganondorf! Oh Well, I'll just get up and take ov. OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!" screamed Ganondorf. His left leg was just hanging by a sliver of muscle. He tried to get up but his leg completely fell off. "Ahhhhhhh SSSSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!" screamed Ganondorf when the leg fell off. He finally got up and leaned on a tree. A comet, out off the blue, came from the sky and just blew off his right forearm. He looked at his arm now on the ground with discontent. Finally, a barrage of daggers came flying from the sky and completely pulverized the left side of his face. "This has been one WEIRD ASS DAY!" cried the Gerrudo King. Then he heard footsteps coming. Closer and louder, closer and louder, he could hear the squeak of the shoes. "Come and show yourself! I'll kill you!" yelled the near dead Ganondorf. Then out from the trees came the most evil clown, Bizzo. "Bizzo." said Ganondorf.

"Ganondorf! I haven't seen you since we were together at the Evil Academy!" said Bizzo. Before Ganondorf could reply, he fell uncoucs. "Hmm, my clown tricks must of injured him badly," said Bizzo looking at the body, "I'll take him back to the tent in the Aqua Islands and make Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and more evil than ever." Bizzo made a cold and evil clown laugh.

Chapter 4: One being, One Prince

On the top of a boulder on a stormy night, Link's sword thrown off, shield shattered and Zelda on the ground out cold. Link began to glow white and float up. His tunic and hat turned white and his under clothes turned black. Armor appeared like that of the Fierce Deity. Finally the markings of the Fierce Deity appeared on Link's face. Link then formed a sword, not the figure eight sword but a sword with a magnificent silver blade. He jumped up and.

"Link, Link honey," cried Zelda running down the hall to Link's bedroom in her nightgown. She opened the door and, "Ahhhhhhh!" screamed Zelda floating like a ghost.

"Zelda, I told you to tell him!" exclaimed Jake, a Hyrulian night who followed Zelda.

"I know but my dad told me never to tell him!" replied Zelda. Link finally transferred back and went back to sleep. "Fine, I'll tell him in the morning," said Zelda as she and Jake left for their rooms.

That morning, Zelda called for Link. "You wanted to see me?" asked Link as he entered Zelda's room. "Yes Link, come out on to the balcony," answered Zelda. Link and Zelda sat on chairs across from each other. "Link, there is something I need to tell you. you are not really who you think you are. You are actually the crown prince of Hyrule," said Zelda.

Link fell back laughing crashing down on the stone balcony, "Oh Zelda, nice joke, but everyone knows that I am just a Lord and warrior and a body guard for you, I'm no Prince!" said Link still laughing.

"NOW LISTEN LINK, I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU OF YOUR PAST AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS LAUGH!" yelled Zelda angrily. Link got back up and sat back down. "Now believe me, Link. when you were very young, you and I played together. My family was of Noble heritage but an event happened that caused my father to ascend the throne. When you were 1 year old, Ganondorf attacked the castle, Your parents the King and Queen fled. Your father was killed in the castle grounds to shield you and your mom. Ganondorf pursued, and injured your mother; she crawled to the Deku forest where she begged the Deku tree to take you in for safety until Ganondorf goes away. The tree did and your mom died. My father told me never to tell you," said Zelda.

"Yes but how can you back that up," said Link.

"Yes I can. When you fought with Dominionan in the future you transformed into the Fierce Deity, the markings on you face were the royal markings, the sword you formed was the darkness destroyer Soul Sword. Can only be formed by members of the royal family. Also the reason you have been showing those signs is due to the fact that your ascension is at hand Prince Link," said Zelda. Link then fainted.