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"The Beginning of a New Life"

The Beginning of a New Life

By: La Saiya

It was dark and stormy, and everyone was at war. "Get out of my way!" came a voice. The speaker was Ganondorf the king of thieves.

"Run, aura!" said a man with blonde shoulder length hair tied in a ponytail.

"But Kraal, you'll die!" said a beautiful woman.

"Just take Link and go!" Screamed Kraal. So Aura tried to run to the nearest place, Kokiri Forest. Ganon tried to kill her then-

"Link, Link, wake up!" said Navi.

"Oh Navi," Link said, "I had a terrible dream. They went outside, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and everyone was happy."

"What does it mean?" asked Link.

"Well, Duh, it means your parents died in the imprisoning war!" said Navi.

"You were around then? How old are you?" Link wondered aloud.

"About 3000 years old," replied Navi. But Link wasn't listening, he was thinking about his dream and his Parents.

That night Link had a different dream; his parents were there and so was he. They were talking to him. "Link," said his father. " I'm glad to see you."

His mother was crying with happiness. "Link," she said, "we're not dead, just well hidden."

"We dwell in Termina." Said his father.

The next day Link woke Navi early. "Huh?" she said groggily.

"Navi," Link said, "We're going to find my parents.

Then they set off, not knowing what was ahead of them. When they got to Termina they went for some sushi at Kafei's sushi house thingy. "I wonder where they'll be?" said Link.

"I don't know," said Navi through a mouthful of sushi. After the food they decided to look in snowhead. Through the once cold and snowy area they marched on and went to goron village. Then Link thought he saw a goron, but it was really a nejiron. It exploded in Link's face, and then he awoke in a pretty room with a fireplace and other things. He knew he was at the hospital. After two days, Link set out again.

"Well, this I going very well, don't you think?!" said Navi sarcastically.

"Oh, shut up!" Said Link. He had his mind on other things. That afternoon, they sat down to eat some lunch.

"Yummy!" Said Navi thickly (She just started on a sandwich).

Link took a bite out of his and sighed, Navi made tuna, and he hated tuna. "Wonder what kind of food mom makes?" Link said to himself.

"And mine's not good?!" Navi chimed in angrily.

"Navi, you know I hate tuna," said Link.

"It was all we had!" said Navi.

Link knew she was lying, he could see her smirking. "GEEZ!" sighed Link.

"Be grateful!" Navi said bossily. Then she threw the rest of her sandwich at Link's head, and before he could say anything, she went off to pick flowers.

"Ouch!" said Link. What does she put in these? Link thought.

The next day Navi suggested looking in Great Bay. So they walked all the way to great bay. How unlucky they were! It was raining. So Link put on his Zora mask and swam to Zora hall. They could hear the rain pitter-pattering on the roof.

"Hey Lulu!" called Link. "Have you seen two people around who look like me?"

"OH!" exclaimed Lulu. "Yes, I have, they went to Clock Town."

"Thanks Lulu!" Link said.

"They go everywhere!" said Link.

"They're probably looking for you," said Navi. "After all, that wasn't a dream you had, they really were there and they sent that message to you telepathically. I should have asked for a tuna sandwich." Tuna was her favorite.

"GROSS!" Said Link, "How can you like tuna?"

"Well, it all started when," began Navi.

"NO!" screamed Link, "I don't want to hear it!"

So they walked on, through the wilderness. When Link finds his parents, my job will be done, and I'll have to leave him, thought Navi. Then she started to sniffle.

"Yo, Navi, what's wrong?" asked Link.

"Nothing," said Navi Quickly. "HEY! We're here!"

"And so we are," said Link.

"Let's start in north Clock Town," said Navi.

"OKAY!" said Link. So they ran to that section of town. Then they heard a crunch behind him, then his parents came out and hugged him.

"We're so glad to see you!" said his mom. So they went to woodfall to camp.

Link was thinking about his new family. Then Navi came in and told him about how she had to go. Then without another word she flew away. This was a new family, and he missed Navi. I 'll. find her another day, Link thought. This was the beginning, the beginning of a new life for Link and for Navi, but whatever came, they were prepared.