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"Creation of the Delta Monster"

Creation of the Delta Monster

By: Haiku

Note: This is the second part of my series. I know it is short. Just so you know, I don't plan on the next story to end it, cause I want to play this out.

Months later, Link had not gone in search of the sorcerer Taarin. He had done as he was going to before, he went in search of the Koholint Island. There he was sure to find his parents, he thought. Taarin was in search of the island too, not for the previous hero, but for the Wind Fish. He wanted to add its best features and powers to his masterpiece he was creating, a beast made of the most powerful parts of the strongest monsters on the planet. We join our young hero as he spots a dot on the horizon..

Using the power of the Triforce, he was making an ordanary rowboat go as fast as a dolphin or a Zora. He saw a speck on the horizon, then a large spash sprayed him. "What was that?!" he said, wiping off a pair of goggles he had bought. He looked up, and saw the mighty Wind Fish. He also saw it dropping bombs. As soon as they hit the water, they exploded. Link concentrated more, and his craft sped up, but it was starting to creak from the stress. "Faster, Faster!" he said under his breath as he reached an amazing speed.

The Wind Fish said, over the rushing water, "Leave now, intruder! No one else is to land on this island!" the Fish said, and threw a bomb into the water. It exploded, and a large wave came at Link. He knew his boat couldn't stand it, so he concentrated, and his armor formed around him. It hit the wave, and  exploded on the wave in a shower of splinters. Link was hurled up, and he managed to land on the Wind Fish. The creature thought it had finished the job, and headed back to the island. He got near the shore, and Link lept from the back of the beast. It looked back, to see Link crash into the trees. It roared in anger and swooped down over the area, and Link quickly made his way out of the tree. He saw a town not far from were he was, and he ran for it, with explosions raining from behind him.

Link got to the edge of the forest, and an explosion hurled him into a pond, were a guy was fishing. "Hey, outta my pond, little kid!" the old man said, and Link hurried out. The man looked up, to see the low-flying Wind Fish in pursuit. Link ran into the village, and saw a massive BowWow chained to a peg. It leapt at Link. Link leapt aside, and the BowWow smacked into the Wind Fish, knocking it over. It looked up at Link.

"Listen, I am the son of Link!" The creature puzzled over it a moment.

"I don't trust you," it said. "You say you're the son of Link, correct?"

"Yes," Link replied, getting nervous. Link looked over, and saw the BowWow, with a lump on its head. The person who owned the house came out, and saw her injured pet.

"Oh no! What happened?!" she said, going to the massive thing. She saw the boy, and the Wind Fish, and put two and two together. She pulled the thing into the small building attached to her house.

"We will go see Link, and answer this mystery," the creature said, and the Wind Fish strolled-on toward a house on a hill overlooking a courtyard.

"Why do they call you the Wind Fish? You don't look like a fish," Link asked. The creature laughed at Link's question, and continued walking.

"Some thing I don't even know," it said, and chuckled again. He got up to the house, and Link stood on the threshold, and knocked on the door. A voice said 'Come in', and Link opened the door. He saw a grown-up man in green clothes, polishing a sword.

"Dad." he said, and the man's eyes lit up as he saw the boy, who had tears running out of his eyes.

"Welcome home, son," he said, as the boy ran and hugged him, sobbing now into his shoulder.

On the ocean..

Taarin had spent months trying to find the Wind Fish. "Where could this thing be?!" he said in frustration, as he looked over a map. "I have covered this whole freakin' sea! Where" He slowed to a halt, as he hadn't taken into account the wind. He knew that the Wind Fish could move the island. He quickly cast a spell on the map, to show wind current. Constantly changing thin black ink lines were moving across the paper, and he counted in wind current. He then added in where he had been, and found a spot that his flying base couldn't have gone to as it was beeing carried by the wind. It had the ocean current pulling opposite the wind. He ran on deck of the flying wooden ship, and yelled out, "Turn to 86 north, 56 west!!!" and smiled.

"Sir, our sails can't take us there. That is against the wind!" He grumbled, and wondered what to do. Then, the image of the windmill came into his mind. He concentrated, and wooden pylons extended out of the sides of the ship, and propellers appeared on them. They began turning, and he put a lever on the control platform of the ship. The stalfos on board lowered the sails, but then cracks began to appear on the sides of the ship. The ship couldn't take the stress. Taarin held his hands out again, and the wood in the ship began to turn into metal. The cracking stopped, and the ship picked up speed as it headed for were he thought the island was. He headed down below, and pulled out his sketch so far. "My monster is coming along nicely," he said, as he wrote some more magical runes on the scroll.

Back on Koholint Island...

Link was still crying in his father's arms. The Wind Fish then said, "Uh, sorry Link," he said, and the crying Link just waved his hand in a gesture to show it was all right.

Then Marin walked in, and the grown up Link said, "Marin, our son has returned." Tears flooded her eyes as she stood there, and his father said, "Link, I would like you to meet your mom," he said, and Link turned his tear-streaked face to Marin's.

"Momma, I missed you." he said between a sob, and ran and grasped her. "Momma, why did you leave me?" he cried, holding on to her. She began to cry more too, as she thought of her and Link having to send him off. "Momma, why did you send me off?!" he asked again, pulling his head off her shoulder.

"W.We ha-had to. I'm sorry, son. I d-d-didn't.." she said, the memories of that time overwhelming her with emotion.

"You're a hero, son. You have the blood of the hero in you, and are destined to follow that path. We had to send you away, because all heroes have quests to fulfill. The quest will find them, always. I had to send you away," Link said, and his son turned to him, and held up his hand. He showed him the yellow triangle on his hand. "So it has already begun," his father said, then the triangle began to glow, then pulsate a dim red. His son looked at his hand, and a look of horror went to his face. "The Wind Fish knows all goings-on around the island. He sees him coming."

Near the island.

Taarin was looking out, when suddenly a blast hit the ship, and a large figure flew-by. "The Wind Fish!" he said, then the creature opened its mouth, and blast of energy hit the ship, making it shudder. Taarin raised his hands, and shot beams at the Wind Fish. The agile creature easily ducked, and blasted the ship. It shuddered again, and Taarin ran to the controls where a stalfos was steering the ship. Taarin knocked him out of the seat, and he sat in the chair, and grasped the small wheel. He pushed it forward, and the ship dived down, as a blast of energy seared the deck of the ship as it passed only five feet above the hull. It opened it s mouth, and Taarin looked up to see a ball of energy flying for the ship.

He abandoned the controls, and went in the cabin on deck, as the blast of energy smacked into the deck, blowing apart the controls. He used magic to make another set of controls, and as he did, the still diving ship went through the surface of the water. Taarin pulled up and broke the surface again. He used more of the Triforce magic to make energy cannons on the front of the ship. He saw the Wind Fish, and shot at it. The creature had more difficulty dodging the rapid shots. It turned toward the ship, and released volleys of energy. They impacted with the ship, adding more black craters to the damaged ship. The ship flew by, and turned back toward the Wind Fish. It just flew there, and Taarin shot at it. He smiled as the bolts flew at him, then his smile dropped as he saw them impact into a energy shield.

Taarin broke off his course, but the large ship was sluggish. The Wind Fish let loose volleys of energy balls that damaged the propellers, and the ship began to descend toward the island. Taarin braced himself, and the ship flew on, losing altitude, until it began to clip trees. It descended below the tree line, and plowed a long way into the Mysterious Forest, until it skidded to a stop. Taarin got out, and saw all his monsters gone, destroyed. He kicked a rock, and got out from the ship. He looked up to see the undamaged Wind Fish scoping out the terrain, searching for remains of the ship. Taarin looked up very angrily, then began to concentrate, and shot a beam of energy up, which impacted the Wind Fish while off-guard. It fell out of the sky, unconcious and smoking. "Here is my chance, I can finally get the last piece of my monster!" he said, looking at the magically moving diagram. "With this, I will be able to conquer the last two Triforces." He chuckled  as he walked towards were he saw the Wind Fish.

Back at the house.

After much crying and tears, Link finally was able to stop, though he occasionaly relapsed into silent tears. Now he was being bombarded by questions. "How have you been doing, son?" his father asked.

"Well, aside from finding all the tombs of the past heroes, getting the Master Sword, and meeting the princess, nothing much," he said, with a smile.

"You mentioned the princess. How is she? Does she remember me?" he asked.

"Oh, I am talking about the youngest daughter of the king. The princess Zelda you knew married a prince on the Dolphin Islands," he said.

"Really? Well, how well do you know the young Zelda?" he asked. Link was hoping to be able to spring this, and this was his chance to say it. He decided to make it good.

"Well, we've kissed a couple of times. We told each other we loved each other," he said, and his father's almost-bored face broke into a wide grin.

"Ah, got ya a girlfriend! I remember when I met your mother. While I was saving the island, she would be out in that courtyard, and I would stop by, and when I would talk to her, she would begin to sing the ballad of the Wind Fish," he said, looking affectionately at Marin. She began to sing the song, and Link came in with a small mandolin. Little Link pulled out the Oceana of Time, and began to play along, when he saw flashes of the fight with Taarin, and there was a woosh, and he ran to the door. They saw the ship crash into the forest, and the Wind Fish close behind, searching over the spot. They watched more, and gasped when a massive ball of energy impacted the Wind Fish, and watched it fall out of the side.

Link looked at his father, who said, "Son, we need to hurry." His father grabbed his small sword.

"Dad, take this one!" he said, handing him the white sword. He took it, and got his pack with his stuff. The ran off, through the Mysterious Forest. They came to  large patch of light, were the ship busted through the canopy, and followed the skid mark to the ship. They searched around it, and saw no one there. Then a bomb dropped near them, and little Link hit it with his sword like you would hit a golf ball. It flew, and burst. Link looked carefully, and saw a large eye looking at them, then a arm swung and another bomb. Link batted it again with the Master Sword, and it flew back and burst on the creature, and it vaporized. They saw a path burnt through the brush, and they decided to go that way.

"C'mon, dad!" he said, and made his armor appear on him.

"Very spiffy. Oh yeah. Lets hurry!" he said, and followed his son in a dash. They ran on, puffing until they came upon the foot of the mountain of Koholint. There was the Wind Fish, and Taarin standing there, using spells to diagram the creature. Link rushed towards him, however he finished what he was doing, and rolled up his scroll. Then the Wind Fish woke up and saw Taarin standing over him. He fired a blast of energy, but Taarin leapt out of the way, and Link had to dodge too. The creature got to its feet, and shook its wings.

It looked at Taarin. "You had the chance to kill me. Are you stupid?" the Wind Fish asked.

"I am making a creature that will make you look puny in comparison!!!" he said, and unrolled the scroll. "A creature made up of the best parts of the best monsters! The ability to dodge like a stalfos. The swiftness and magical power of the Wind Fish! The strength and protection of the Turtle Dragon. All these and more qualities that will make the ultimate monster!" he said. He held his hand out, and shot magic through the scroll until it glowed, and the monster appeared. There it was. It had the shell of the Turtle Dragon, and a head on each of its arms, one skull and the other metal. It had the Wind Fish's wings, and it had a long but slender tail. "Defeat this, oh 'mighty' hero." Taarin chuckled, and in a flash he had zoomed into the forest.

The creature let out a roar, and reached one of its head-claws at Link, trying to grab (more probably eat) him. He swiped his sword, which just bounced off the skull surface of it. Link leapt out of the way, and a blast of energy knocked it over into the wall of the mountain. "Run! Go to the seashell mansion! Take the seashells!" the Wind Fish said as the monster punched it, and the WindFish flew into the forest.

Kid Link wasn't sure what that meant, but his father took out a small ribbon and a bag full of clinking shells, and shoved them into Link's hands. "Go to the BowWow in the village, and show him the bow! He will take you to the mansion!" Link said, and ran off after the monster. Link ran to the village, the distant sounds of the battle still heard. He approached it, and it growled. Link held out the ribbon for the thing to sniff (he thought that food would work a lot better getting his trust) and the thing licked Link, and he said, "Take me to the seashell mansion quick!" He took off the chain from the post, and suddenly was jerked off as the the BowWow sprinted east. He held on, and managed to climb on the animal. It leapt over rocks and other things, till they came to a large tree, and the BowWow bucked him off.

Link smiled at it, and he went inside. He saw two small striped poles, and walked by them. Suddenly the shells started to glow, and a voice said, "Hold out your sword." Link held it out, and suddenly magic flowed into it, and when it stopped, Link could feel the power in it. He didn't know what to say; he ran out, and saw the monster punch the Wind Fish, and it began to retreat. Link concentrated, leapt, and soared after the monster. Link caught up with him, and he could feel what he could do with the sword. Without effort, he flung the sword at the beast, and it impacted with its real head, and it caused an explosion which almost knocked it out of the sky. It turned at Link, and suddenly the heads started to shoot balls of energy at Link. He managed to duck, and he concentrated more, and his armor grew stronger, and he looked at his arms. There were things sticking out of them, with holes on them. He concentrated, and thrust his arms forward. What were like metal vines to Link shot out and wrapped around the beast' arms, also tying their mouths shut. The remaining head didn't like it, and shot a ball of energy at Link. He ducked and swung it around, and smacked him into the ground. He pulled and launched it into the air, and concentrated on the Master Sword. He released the monster, and shot a beam of energy at the beast. The Wind Fish shot a massive ball of energy, and hit the monster. It blew it apart, and destroyed it.

Link cheered to himself, but he heard a noise, and looked down. He saw the craft which Taarin arrived in come into the air. Then, he saw another monster the same as before come from the ship. Taarin looked at his scroll. The summoning of the second monster destroyed his scroll, and it crumbled to ashes. However, he had made this one stronger. It roared at them and flew off, acting as a guardian to the battered ship. Taarin made stalfos to be begin repairs on the ship, as he looked back at the island of Koholint. Link looked at the ship at the same moment. He wondered what could he be up to. He then remembered Zelda. Link zoomed to the ground, and landed at his fathers feet.

"I have to leave, dad," he said.

Link turned away, but his father said, "You can't leave without saying bye to your mom." Link nodded, and he and his father walked to the village. He appraoched the house, and Marin came outside.

"Momma, I h..have to go." Link said, starting to sob and tears running down his face.

She hugged him, and said, "Take care. And don't get yourself blown-up. That is all I ask!" she said, and Link laughed a little, but with tears still going down his face. "Don't cry, son. We  know you will be back!" she said, and Link nodded. "I love you Lin,." she said.

"I love you too." And Link walked out of the house. He reached the shore where his wrecked boat was, and found a large raft. On it was a owl, the same one that helped out his father. Link walked up to the raft, and spotted the owl on the raft.

"What you doing here, little fellow? Don't you think you should be sleeping?" he said, and the owl was sitting on a large wooden crate. Then the owl spoke, "Link, in this box is a hammer of great power, called the Vulcan's Hammer. This should have enough power to destroy that creature. The fate of the world is in your hands, I believe, for the gossip stones have told me this. I must go, for I see my dinner.." And he took off after a squealing rat, which dove into a hole. Link laughed to himself at hearing the owls curses as he tried to get at the rodent. Link looked at the raft, and was worried. How the heck was he supposed to stay on? He knew he had to travel quickly. He saw the box, and wrenched it open. Inside of it was the large metal hammer. He picked it up with great diffculty. He wondered where he can get some nails. The owl flew overhead, and saidm "Need this?" and dropped a bag of them on his head. Link rubbed it, and picked the bag up. He put some in this hand, and he concentrated, hoping to make them go in. Suddenly, all the nails flew in the box, and fastned it securely in seconds what would have taken all day.

Link went back to his father's house, and asked for some pillows, blankets, and maybe a matress. His father gave him the one that he had stored. Link went back to the box. It was very large, enough for two other people his size to squeeze in. He cut a hole in it, were he could put the top on and look out if it rained. He then conjured some glass, he was overjoyed he was able to do that, and affixed it as a sliding thing. Link put the stuff in the box, and hinged the front of it. He got in. He remembered making the smaller other boat go. He tried on this one, but it barely got off to a start. He wondered how Taarin was able to do it. So, Link made a control wheel to steer, and a speed lever. He poured magic into the boat, conentrating on moving. Then, he pushed the lever, and the craft slid along the shore, which Link thought was fun, till it glided into the water. Link pushed farther forward, and it picked up speed, till he said, "The hell with it. Full speed!!!" he yelled, and just pushed it till it wouldn't go any farther. It jerked forward, smacking him agiainst the back. He accidentally yanked the wheel, and the craft shot straight up into the air. Link managed to get control, and pulled it level, and put the speed lever, as he called it, on stop. He opened up the top of his box, and looked out. He was some 300 feet in the air. Link was breathless at the view. He slowly pushed the lever down, but as he slid forward, the craft dropped like a stone with Link getting pressed against the wheel. There was a  large splash, and a clap as the flat craft smacked into the water. Link almost peed his pants, and he decided he needed a small chair. He closed his eyes, and thought about a chair, enough room to sit in, proper controls, water proofing and a large window. He felt his legs fall, and he was sitting in a chair, controls he could understand, and the 'box' wasn't a box anymore. It was a cabin now, with a bed in the corner, and a stove even! He saw  a door by the bed, and he walked out. The raft was a little bit bigger, and he noticed it was polished oak rather than roughly hewn deku.

He went back in, and sat in the chair. He saw a button that had on it 'push for instructions'. Link said thank you to the goddesses a hundred times, then pushed the button. It said. "Hello, Link. Welcome to the raft-o-matic 2000 operating console! This allows you to fly, go underwater, or cruise the surface. It also has magical energy cannons for attacking! Now, say what you want to know about the console." Link thought.

"How do I travel?" he said.

"Easy. But first, fasten your seatbelt!" said the cheery voice. Link looked down, and picked up the belt, and fastened it, which made an X, firmly holding him to the seat. "Now, grab a hold of the control," 'she' said, and Link did, and it continued. "Good. Now, move the accelerator lever slowly forward." Link saw a lever, and gently pushed it. The craft began to move forward, and he felt the smooth rythmic bumps from going over the waves. He looked out, and saw that it was starting to get dusk. He knew from this area of the ocean that it would take at least two days to get back to Hyrule. He pushed the lever as far as it would go, and he was pushed into the back of the seat.

He asked another question, "How do I fly this without having to control it?" He said.

"Push the autopilot button. It is best you go airborne if you plan on sleeping," it said, and Link looked at the controls. He saw a lever that had three settings. He moved it to air, and the wheel clicked, and Link pulled slowly back on it. The craft rose out of the water, and slowly ascended. Link was getting very sleepy, and pulled faster, till a gauge said 250 feet. Link pushed the autopilot button, and it leveled out, and a voice said, "What destination are you headed?"

Link said sleepily as he took off the harness, "Wake me up when we get to Hyrule castle please," Link said, and he went over and laid in the soft bed. He saw there was a sliding board on the side of the wall, and he pulled it up, and Link fell asleep watching it, also thinking about Zelda.