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"Degamire's Fury"

Degamire's Fury

By: Lord Wolf

 The Protectors

Degagimire saw his favorite minion vanquished at the hands of Paul, and then at the hands of Link. Ganon's magical abilities were almost zero, and the magic he did have left he used to make himself food and drink. Pathetic Fool! Degagimire thought, Degagimire would no longer be able to use him. Degagimire paced around his large chambers in the Evil Realm. He could easily defeat Link, and probably Paul. But as long as they were working together, there was no chance. He would have to turn Link against Paul and use Link to destroy Paul. Either Link would destroy Paul or Paul would destroy himself. Either outcome was favorable. He would need to put himself in Link's mind, little, by little.

It had been about six weeks since the whole ordeal with Paul and Link knew Paul was around somewhere. Sometimes Paul found it funny to do mischievious things to Link such as hide his clothes when Link took a bath. Paul always returned them before anyone could see him, but it was still funny watching his reaction. Link never could see Paul because that is the way Paul wanted to stay. Today started out like every other. Link was just about to sit down for breakfast and Paul pulled the chair out from under him. Link got really mad and swung up where he thought Paul would be. He hit him right square in the . . .something. It was probably his stomach. Paul thought, I better not do too much to Link today. He seems to be in a bad mood. It was true. Link was a little cranky. But Link felt something else. Not a kind of rage or anything, just mad. He didn't even know who he was mad at. It wasn't Paul, or was it? Link decided to go for a walk and he didn't feel Paul go with him. Paul must have known he was not in a good mood.

Hmmmmmmm, Degagimire thought, well it is a start. I made him mad for no reason. It would only be a small matter of time before I can make him do worse things.

John was sitting under a Tree in Hyrule field when he saw this person who was wearing all green walk by. John was also a protector but he didn't have nearly as many powers as Paul. He didn't even know Paul that well, but sure enough about 100 yards back there was Paul. Every step he took he matched with Link's. John could feel Paul blocking himself out of Link's mind. Obviously Paul didn't want Link to know that he was back there. John sat up and dusted himself off and decided to strike up a conversation with Link. John ran in front of him and became visible and startled Link so much Link fell. Paul was still back about 100 yards and just watching. He knew John was protecting a simple peasant who was not yet important enough to deserve John's total attention. Eventually though, this peasant will arise to be a community leader and that is why he was given a protector. He also knew John was a good guy so Paul trusted him. John said, "Heya Link." John offered to help Link up. Link slapped his hand away.

Link then said, "You idiot! I hate you kind of people! Just popping up whenever you feel like it. Now get away from me!" John was confused. He took a couple of steps back when Link tripped him and jumped on him. Link was pounding him in the face and just then Link was ripped off of John and thrown ten feet into the air. Paul then became visible and helped John up. Link was really pissed and looked at them both and decided he could not win and took out his Ocarina and played the Bolero of Fire. He was instantly transported to the Death Mountain Crater. Then he took refuge inside the Fire Temple. Link thought, Those bastards. I will get them. I will show them all.

Paul was making sure John was ok and John said, "Man, what was his problem?"

Paul said, "There is something wrong with Link. I can feel it. I do not think I will be able to help him by myself, though. I know much about him. And I think there is only one person who can help him. Paul teleported himself back to the castle and went out to the courtyard and sure enough there was Zelda reading a book.

"Zelda," Paul said, "there is something wrong with Link. He attacked another protector without provocation and he is now hiding in the Fire Temple. I fear that his mood swings are being caused by a greater evil than Ganon. We must help him."

Zelda said, "I agree, I thought he was angry today but I didn't follow up on it, I figured he was just ill. We must do something. Perhaps we should find out who is causing this and deal with them."

Paul said, "Good plan but. . . .I don't think anyone in Hyrule is that powerful. It must be someone in an alternate realm."

Link was sitting there and thinking, Why did I blow up at John? Why did I blow up at Paul? Something is provoking me. I must stop them. I must help Paul, I have to help Paul stop whatever is hurting me. Link stood up and played the Prelude of Light on his Ocarina. He was transported to the Temple of Time and he started walking back toward the castle. The whole time he was getting more furious. Then finally he stopped, and looked toward the nearest tree and bashed his head on it. Interesting therapeutic technique, but it worked, he was more or less still in control of his feelings. Link walked up to the guard and the guard let him pass. Let's see, Link thought, Paul will probably be with Zelda cotemplating how to help me, so let me check Zelda's bedroom first. Link  got to the castle's main chamber and walked up a flight of steps and went down a long hallway and knocked at Zelda's door.

Paul thought, Who could that be? Paul walked over to the door and opened it and sure enough, there was Link. Paul took a few steps back and positioned himself between Link and Zelda, he wasn't sure whether he could trust Link yet.

Link saw Paul's cautiousness and said, "It is ok, Paul, I am in control of my feelings now; at least, for the most part." Paul didn't budge and Link was starting to get mad. Link said, "Don't you trust me!?"

Paul still didn't move but he did say, "Link, are you forgetting? I am protecting both you and Zelda, and both of us have decided what we should do so neither of you get hurt."

Link was interested in this and he said, "What?"

Paul said, "You must go down to the castle dungeon and stay there until we can figure out what is causing your mad outbursts. Once we figure that out we will let you go. Please Link, go peacefully, you know yourself it is the best thing for everyone."

Link was furious he shouted, "No!" and then ran out the door and into two of the best guards in the castle. Link struggled and got away and was running down the hall when he lost the feeling in his legs and hit the ground. He turned around to see that it was Paul who hit him with an undercharged lightening bolt.

Zelda then came running out and went to Link and yelled at Paul, "What are you doing?"

Paul, without replying to that question, said, "Zelda get away from him!"

Zelda said, "But I love him! You can't just throw him in the dung.." Zelda trailed off. She looked at Paul, her eyes were completely red. Link's eyes never did that. Paul took a step back and told the guards to run and evacuate everyone out of castle. The guards swiftly ran down the hall. Zelda looked at Paul and all of a sudden Paul flew down the hall as well. Paul quickly recovered in time to see Zelda shooting some kind of red energy into Link's chest. Link was crying in pain and Paul decided he had no choice. He hit Zelda with another undercharged lightening bolt. Zelda just shrugged it off and continued firing whatever it was into Link. Paul shot another bolt. This time one and full strength right at the beam Zelda was firing. The beam disintegrated and then Paul shot Zelda with three undercharged bolts in rapid succession. She was now unconscious. Link was as well. Paul picked them both up and took them to the dungeon. Along the way, he caught up with one of the guards and canceled the evacuation. But he did order three guards to be stationed at the entrance to the dungeon at all times.

Degagimire was furious! First he could not turn his best hope to Evil, then Paul stopped the girl! Degagimire knew that in order to for this to work he would have to do something to Paul to either sap his power or render him useless. Degagimire thought, he thought long and hard and then he remembered John. John was a fellow protector, Degagimire could turn him, then he could use John to kill Paul, Link, and Zelda! Then Degagimire would finally have his revenge.

Link awoke with a start, he was no longer angry but his chest hurt like there was no tomorrow. Link looked around and he quickly realized he was in the castle dungeon. He squinted into the darkness and saw Paul. Paul said, "I'm glad your up! How do you feel?" Link now remembered everything, Paul trying to help him, and Zelda almost killing him.

Link said, "I feel fine now. But my chest hurts, I know why, though. Where is Zelda?"

Paul replied, "She is still unconscious. I had to use more than a little power to stop her. I also believe I know who is doing all this."

Link said, "Who?"

Paul replied, "I believe it is Degagimire, I knew he would resurface eventually. We must find him and destroy him. I am also betting he is in the Evil Realm. He must be dealt with, and soon. For if not, many lives could be lost." Then he said very lowly, almost as if talking to himself, "I have faced him many times, he has killed many of us, but not this time. This time he will be the one to die."

Link said, "Paul, why are you so determined, and what are you talking about? It seems like this rivalry goes back a long time." Paul got the keys and unlocked the door to the cell Link was in.

Paul then said, "Link, there used to be hundreds of us. We were known as the Protectors. We guarded the most important people in Hyrule. Then Degagimire started killing us off, one at a time. After two hundred years there were very few of us left. Then what was left of us, about twenty-five or so, took refuge in the heavens to escape. Then I saw you fighting with Ganon about three hundred years after I went to take refuge and I decided it was time for me to start my duties again. I left the heavens and now I am here. A few of my people followed my example. John, the one you met was but one. There are a total of sixteen here. Nine stayed in refuge. Now I must kill Degagimire before he kills even more of my friends. I am also the leader of my people because I am the most powerful. However it is written that only the Goddesses can kill Degagimire, but I know, that in my heart, I am powerful enough."

Link was utterly amazed by what he had just heard. Then it struck him, where was Zelda? Link asked, "Paul where is Zelda exactly?" Paul pointed to a cell in the far end of the dungeon and Link walked down there and saw Zelda surrounded in a blue energy field.

Link was just about to say something when Paul said, "Whenever she wakes up that field will stop any magic she decides she might want to throw at us. She may be fine like you when she wakes up, but I will not take chances. I also have called an emergency meeting of the Sages. Our presence is needed in the Sacred Realm. Zelda will be fine, as soon as she wakes up I will know and I will bring us both back here."

Link got a lot of his gear together. He checked over his list. Lets see, Link thought. I got my Hylian Shield, Longshot, Arrows and Lens of Truth. I don't think I will need any more than that. He walked back down to the Castle's main hall giving the guards orders as he went. Mostly it was just busy work for the guards to do just so they wouldn't do anything stupid. He told the best to make sure Zelda was safe and that no one was to see her. After the incident they knew that Zelda might try to kill them so they followed his orders reluctantly. When Link reached the main hall Paul was already waiting for him. Paul looked somehow different. He wasn't wearing his usual blue tunic and pants he was wearing all black. It made him look buff and ripped but Link knew that Paul's muscles did not matter, it was simply the powers he had that would matter.

Paul said, "Ready?" Link nodded and they were teleported to a different castle.

Link thought, Well, it seems bigger than before. Link had already been here once but it seemed like it was so long ago. In reality is was only eight weeks ago. They walked down a hall and into a rather large room. In it were all the sages except Zelda.

Rauru said, "Ahhh gentlement, please come in." Rauru paused for a moment and then said, "Where is Zelda?" Paul and Link exchanged glances.

Impa could tell something was wrong and then she spoke up, "Link, where is Zelda? Why are you two looking like that?" Paul then explained everything that happened. He told them about Link's outbursts and the incident in the hallway.

Ruto stood up and slammed her fist into the table. "I will not stand for this!" she said/ "I will find Degagimire and kill him myself if I must!" Ruto started crying and Saria walked over to comfort her.

Nabooru said, "I will rally my people and we will have an entire army to kill him!"

Paul then spoke up, "Stop it! All of you! None of that will help. Only one thing can destroy him, and that is the Goddesses. However I know that I can, he is trying to kill everyone or everything I care about. He has killed all my of my friends but now it will not happen. I will be the one to kill him, me and me alone! And I have a few surprises waiting for him and once I." Paul trailed off and looked on the floor and put his hand on his head.

Link said, "Paul what's wrong?"

Paul said, "She's awake." Paul looked at the sages and said, "We will be back."

Paul and Link were now standing in front of Zelda's cell. Her eyes were no longer red and she was crying. Link unlocked the door and was about to go to Zelda when he ran into Paul's energy field. Link turned around and looked and Paul and he quickly took it down. Link grabbed Zelda and she cried in his arms for what seemed like an eternity. Paul smiled a little but then he flew across the room and into another cell. The cell door locked as soon as it closed and John appeared. John had red eyes much like Zelda did. Paul was about to melt the lock when an energy field similar to the one Paul had just brought down went around Paul. John turned around and walked over to Link and Zelda. Link took out his sword and stabbed at John. John barely avoided it and landed a blow into Link's stomach. Link doubled over in pain. Zelda looked at John and then grabbed Link's bow and shot John in the arm with an arrow. He simply took it out and kept on walking. Then a lightening bolt hit him from behind. Paul and managed to put a hole in the field that was blocking his strikes. John turned around and was about to reinforce the field when Link's sword went in one end of his neck and out of the other. John was dead and now the field that was blocking Paul's powers was down. He ran through the cell door and made sure Link and Zelda were ok.

Link said, "That was close."

Paul replied, "No kidding! Zelda I think it would be best if you stayed in the Sacred Realm with the other sages until I get rid of Degagimire. Link, I think you should do the same." Link was about to protest when he was teleported to the Sacred Realm. The Sages had puzzled looks on their faces.

Zelda said, "I hate it when he does that!"

Link replied, "I know but there is not much we can do at the moment. Rauru, can you teleport us to the Evil Realm?"

Rauru replied, "I believe so, but it is much too dangerous, Paul will not do anything to get himself killed. If he does start getting hurt he can teleport himself back out." Link thought hard, he could feel Paul, Paul was still in his head. Link felt Paul's anger and determination. Until that changed Link would not do anything. This was Paul's battle, and Paul had to fight it.

Paul was in the middle of what looked like a burned out field. Almost all of the Evil Realm was like this. Paul started walking towards a huge mountain in the distance. Paul knew this wasn't a mountain, it was a castle, one so large it made Death Mountain look like a hill. Paul knew teleporting wasn't a very good idea here. Degagimire could simply trace his power and send his minions on Paul. Paul walked very briskly towards the castle. He then broke into a full-fledged run. He ran for what seemed like an eternity and found himself at the base of the Castle. He knew Degagimire would be at the top of it. Paul started climbing the outside walls. It was far too dangerous inside, even for him. There were enemies inside that equaled the power of Ganondorf, someone were even more powerful! There were many cracks so climbing was a breeze. He reached the top of the tower and the entire top of it was glass. Paul looked down into it. There was Degagimire pacing around his chambers. Paul broke through the glass and fell down. Paul landed about twenty feet from Degagimire. Degagimire was startled but turned around to see it was Paul and said "So, you have returned! I knew I should've killed you when you the first time. Your weak army had no chance to destroy my minions. Now you come to face me one-on-one, eh? I will give you a fight!"

Paul, through this whole time had the same look on his face and didn't say anything, but now he spoke. "You might have come close the last couple of times. But this time I will not back down. This time one of us will die and there will be no more fighting," Paul said.

Degagimire launched an energy bolt at Paul. Paul quickly dodged and fired his own bolt which hit Degagimire right square in the leg. Degagimire shrugged it off and launched another bolt at Paul. Paul did a sort of cartwheel on the wall and hit Degagimire again in the leg. Degagimire knew that he could probably not win at this. Degagimire caught Paul by surprise and lunged at him in a sort of dropkick maneuver and smacked him right in the jaw. Paul went flying across the room and hit the wall so hard he made a huge hole in it.

Paul tried to retaliate with another shot of lightning and Degagimire avoided it and punched Paul in the face. Paul went flying to the opposite side of the room. Paul got up and jumped about ten feet in the air and came down on Degagimire's shoulders and started choking him. Degagimre threw Paul into the glass ceiling and it shattered all onto Paul's back. Paul was cut badly but he continued fighting. Paul decided to try a combination of physical maneuvers and magic. Paul punched Degagimire in his back and shot a bolt of lightning right out of the hand he punched with and shocked the crap out of Degagimire. Degagimire fell to the ground and Paul started kicking violently.

Degagimire got up and threw Paul out the window. Degagimire looked outside and didn't see Paul so Degagimire assumed he won. Degagimire turned around and Paul, who had grabbed hold of a ledge, came flying back through the window and tackled him. Degagimire took Paul's leg and snapped his knee. Paul knew he was done for. He backed up against a wall and tried to teleport himself but it didn't work. Paul knew it was the end. Degagimire raised his hand and Paul suddenly felt how Link did when he was fighting Ganondorf.

Just then, a light arrow came down and struck Degagimire. Degagimire shrieked in pain and Paul looked toward the ceiling and, sure enough, there was Link! Link grabbed his new Master Sword and started to hack away at Degagimire's knees and arms. A volley of arrows came down from Zelda, who was an accomplished archer. Paul tried to get up but couldn't. He could not finish this battle, but he knew that his friends could.

Degagimire was backed into a corner and then he threw Link with his left arm across the room into another wall. Now there were big holes in all of his walls. Link was knocked for a loop from that blow and attempted to get back up and failed. Degagimire was closing in for the kill when another bolt of lightning hit him and knocked hm down. Degagimire was furious! Little gnats! Degagimire thought, I will show you all! Another arrow came down and hit Degagimire right in his forehead. That was Degagimire's weak spot, Degagimire was blinded momentarilly and that was Link's time to strike.

Link, who now rememberd where he was, took his sword and stabbed right into where the arrow was. Degagimire let out a yell like no other and fell to the ground. He was vanquished. Link walked over to Paul to help him up. Paul stood up and said, "I thought I told you to stay in the Sacred Realm, but I am glad that you didn't, for a moment there I thought I was done for. Looks like you two showed him up."

Zelda replied, "When was the last time we listened to you Paul?"

Paul chuckled and looked at Link and said,  "I'd say its time we go home." Just then an entire army of Degagimire's minions broke into his chambers. Paul said, "Ummm Rauru, help!" Just then the trio was back at Hyrule Castle. Paul looked around and then started to walk over to Link, who was on the opposite side of the room. Once he put weight down on that broken knee, he fell. Link rushed over and helped him back up.

Link said, "Looks like I will be your protector for a while," Link said. Just then Paul fainted. The cuts on his back were now gashes. Link took him upstairs and set him down in a bed and got a doctor to bandage him up with gauze. The doctor said that Paul would be ok, but he would sleep for a couple of days until he got more blood going through his system.

Link and Zelda decided to take a walk out to the Kokiri forest. Link took her to his old house, which was now abandoned. Just then Mido came up to him and said, "Hey mister! This place is only for Kokiri!"

Link replied, "Hey Mido, why don't go jump off of a cliff!"

Mido thought for a minute then said, "Where did you hear that? The only person I ever heard say that to me was a guy named Link, but he has been gone for nearly eight years."

Link replied, "Me and him are old, friends."

Mido said, "Well I guess you can stay, but for no other reason than besides you were his friend." Link showed Zelda around the Lost Woods, and the Sacred Forest Meadow.

Zelda said, "It's beautiful here, I wish we could come more often."

Link replied, "Well I do have a house here, we could stay there for days, we just couldn't sleep in the bed, we would have to sleep on the floor."

Zelda said, "It's like camping!"

Link, with a very serious tone said, "Hey, I lived there for ten years." Link then smiled and said "But hey, it was like camping." Zelda smiled and Link teleported them back to the Temple of Time via his Ocarina. It was getting dark and Zelda went upstairs to her bedroom and Link went into his and they both ventured into a dreamy sleep.

Zelda awoke with a start, something was wrong. She rushed to make sure Paul was ok. She slammed open the door and Paul didn't even twitch. He was dead asleep. Zelda then ran to Link's room. There was a note on his bed. Zelda picked it up but she couldn't read it. She ran into Paul's room and went over to his bed and tried to wake him up. He groaned a few times and then finally Zelda yelled in his ear, "LINK IS GONE! WAKE UP!"

Paul sat straight up and said, "Who, what huh?"

Zelda gave him the note and said, "Read this."

Paul looked at it and read it aloud, "Link is gone, did you think you could get rid of me so easily? I would've killed you if it wasn't for him. Have fun looking for him, old friend. I will give you 2 hints. He is somewhere in Hyrule, and he is alive." Zelda covered her mouth with her hand and gasped. Paul jumped up and put on a shirt and pants and ripped his splint off of his knee.

Zelda said, "What do you think you're doing!?"

Paul replied, "I am going to look for Link."

Zelda said, "Wait one minute. You don't have to go yet. I am naming you Acting General of the Hylian Army per Link's return. Now you can order troops to search and then when you are healed then you can go and search. But you need rest." Paul agreed and had troops sent to every part of Hyrule. He had delegates sent to every race to inform them of the atrocity. Paul knew there would be a long road ahead of him. But for now, there was little he could do.