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"The Dungeon Saga"

The Dungeon Saga

By: Haiku

Part One

It was dawn, and Noel realized that it was time to get up. He yawned sleepily and got out a piece of bread. "Mmmf, I need new food," he said thickly as he chewed up the semi-stale food. He finished it and got out from under the shade of the tree he was underneath. "Thirsty." He managed to get out as he made for the creek. Slurp, suck, slup. "Ahh, thats better," he said, a bit more awake. He packed up his sleeping bag and stowed it by the tree. I can get this later, he thought to himself. He then put on his red mail, red hylian shield, and blackjack, and decided that it was time.

He walked for about 5 minutes, then came across two Deku shrubs. "Ugh," he said as Deku nuts tinged off his shield. He got out his boomerang, and sliced off their tops. "That's better," he said, pulling off seeds from his shield. He entered the dungeon, and his thoughts wandered to Saria. "I hope she won't miss me for long, I love her so," he said to himself, and a tear slid down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away, having to concentrate on this task. He wished he was bigger. Being a Kokiri made it so hard, always being little, he thought, when his boot toe caught on a flagg stone, and he tumbled down some small stairs. He got up just in time, because a skeleton had spotted him. He hit it with the blackjack, sending bone clattering down the passage. "That was close," he thought, massaging the spot on is thigh where he had landed on his shield.

He got up, and walked down the passage. Then a small creature popped out from a side corridor, and shot out a tounge thing that attached to his shield, and tried to pull it away. "Ahhh!!" Noel yelled, and began to whack it with his blackjack, and it let go and scurrried off. Noel pulled out a bottle of liquid with a rag, lit it, and lobbed it down the corridor. It hit and burst into flame, burned for a while, then turned to a pile of fine ash. Noel wiped the front of his shield off. "Ugh, I hate those things," he said, then walked on. He got to a large, torch lit chamber, with a large trunk thing in the middle, and he made his way to some side-stairs. He walked down, and he swung his blackjack, taking out 2 skeletons. Noel took a second to marvel at the abillity of the blackjack. It had a range of ten feet, even though it's suprisingly stretchy chain was only 2 feet.

Noel quit his musings and barely managed to dodge a skelaton knight that had been hiding in the cave supports. Noel crushed it with his blackjack, and wedged a bomb in his skull. Noel then ran for it, dodging bone fragments. He then ran for the door, which had a weird design on the stones in front of it. Noel was about to open the door when he heard a growl, and he froze dead in his tracks. He rembered the story from his friend Link as if he had heard it yesterday (and about fifty other times): "And then I saw this weird pattern on these stones and I opened the door and I saw" (dramatic pause) "a dragon!" (followed by gasps and a *humph* from Mido).

Noel checked all his stuff, took a deep breath, and opened the door. And then after some thoughtless yelling and mindless swinging and noticing the room was empty, Noel saw what he was looking for. There, in the middle of the room, was the hilt to the master sword. He sighed, glad that there were no dragons. "That was almost too easy," Noel said to himself with a smirk. Noel looked up, side to side, backwards. Then he looked at the stones on the floor in front of him, checking for traps, and then walked over to the hilt and took it. Just the hilt itself seemed to radiate power. Noel admired its beatiful craftsmanship, then put it into his pack. At that moment, there was a rumbling, and a dragon came through the wall, staring at Noel with it's glowing white pupils. Figures, thought Noel. Thinking fast, Noel hit it in the head with his blackjack. After it was hit, the dragon stumbled backwards, and a piece of stone hit him in the stomach.

Noel fell on his back, and saw something that gave him an idea. He pulled out a bomb, then lit it and lobbed it into a notch in the rafters where they were all joined together. Noel ran out of the room and closed the door. He heard the explosion, and heard the tumbling of the stone and rock. But then Noel felt a rolling rumble, and looked up. He saw cracks spreading in the ceiling, and he felt acid rise in his throat. He ran back up the stairs, and rushed down the long corridor. It didn't look like he was going to make it. His thoughts went back to Saria. Tears began to go down his cheeks. "Think happy thoughts," he said, but then a horrible image came into his head. It showed Saria bent over, crying, over Noel's limp, beaten body, in a casket, about to be lowered into Kokiri cemetery. Noel shook that image from his head, and dived out of the entrance onto the grass. It was noon. He felt a pounding at his head, and thought that maybe he was hit by a rock on the way out. He rubbed his head, and a pain shot through his hand. He looked up and said to himself, "Damn shrubs." He took out his boomerang and whacked their tops off. "Much better," he said, and went home.

As he got back, he saw Link and Saria sitting on a stump out outside her cottage, talking to each other. Noel got close, and with a smile, Link says, "Speak of the devil."

"Noel!!" said Saria excitedly, and she hugged him and he kissed her. Then she said "What is it, is there something wrong?"

"Nothing," he said. "Oh, Link I got it." He handed Link the hilt of the Master Sword. Saria eyes widened quickly, then narrowed on Noel, then punched him on the arm. "Ow!" said Noel, rubbing his arm.

"What were you thinking, going in there and getting that? You should have let Link get it" Link Blushed. Then Saria moved forward and gave Noel a passionate kiss, which he returned.

Part Two

Noel got up from the tree; déjà vu, he thought, as he pulled out a piece of hard bread and got a drink. Next time, I will bring meat, he thought, as he swallowed it with difficulty. He looked ahead, and he saw what he had to do. Get the glove.  He walked forward, and walked up the platform. He saw these three round stone blocks. He saw a stone pillar on the middle. It had ancient Hylian on it. "I can't read this," he said, puzzled. Ah, of course, he thought, as he dug in his pack and pulled out his copy of the Book of Mudora. He looked through it, and paused at a likely looking passage. These letters look like the same dielect. He took about two minutes to decipher it. Then he read out the finished translation. It said: "To make the way forward, make your wish here, and it will be granted." He kneeled at the foot of it an said a silent prayer. Then the rocks began to shake, sending vultures into the air. Then the rocks started to slide around the edge of the platform, and revealed the stairs leading into the desert palace. He looked back, and saw that they way back was blocked by one of those boulders.

He sighed, then walked forward. He climbed the stairs, pausing to look at the view, and to catch his breath. He looked out, and he could make out a tribe of Gerudo. He caught his breath, then continued into the dungeon. He wondered, Why they would make the floor sand? Then he found out. About five of these plant-looking things, some were green, others were purple. He swung his blackjack at them, at slammed them back into the sand. Then a blinding flash of light hit Noel, and he was knocked to the ground. He looked up and saw a small statue that had a bloody eyeball revolving around it. It came back around, and shot  another beam at Noel. He quickly ducked out of the way, and swung his blackjack. It hit, then sent a jolt back to Noel.

"Aaahhhh!!!" he shouted, then ran for cover, tripping over some clay pots. They smashed, and small vials full of sparkiling liquid rolled out. I forgot about this stuff, he thought as he drank them down, feeling energized. He walked down the passage, and saw a sand demon in a sand pit. It shot fireballs at Noel, and he ducked behind his shield. He swung his boomerang at it and stunned it. He quickly ran past, and ducked into a room on the right. He saw a golden key sparkling on top of a pilliar. He ducked behind a pilliar, because there was another one of those eyeballs in this room. He swung his blackjack, and hit the pilliar with all his strength. The key was flung across the room, and he made a dash for it.

He quickly ducked out of the room. He went into another room and got the dungeon map. I wonder why they leave these things around, he mused as he got the map and left the room. He pored over the map, and saw a locked door at the southeast part of the dungeon. He made his way over there, dispatching some plant-things and some demons. He got there and opened the door. He saw these tentacale-thingies, and a shut metal door. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. He turned around, and the tentacle monsters where scuttling toward him. He whacked them with his blackjack, and the door suddenly swung open.

He went forward, and saw these things shooting metal balls. He ran though there, and saw a small chest. He walked up to it, and opened it up. Inside it was the master key. He pocketed it, and then exited the two rooms. He looked at the map some more. He then made his way to the other side of the dungeon. He walked in the dungeon, and saw another closed metal door and a bunch of clay pots. He looked under the pots, and large round button was under one. He pressed it and the door slid open.

He walked in the room and his heart stopped. He saw the large chest, with the hole the size of the big key. He put in the key, and turned it. The chest slowley creaked open, and he saw it. He saw the power glove.  He picked it up and put it on. He suddenly felt alot stronger. He then left, and made his way south in the dungeon. He made his way into a room, and saw an exit. He went out, and saw a heart piece. He grabbed it, and felt a funny feeling in his chest. He then saw a small cave, and saw a monster design over the top of it. He shuddered and entered. He made his way through it rather easily. He got to a dead end, but saw four braziers. They were unlit, and he had an idea. He pulled out the lamp he had borrowed from Link, and lit the braziers. The far wall began to move, and a door was exposed. It had a design in front of it of a one-eyed demon. He prepared himself, and entered. When he did, there was a rumbliing, and three worm demons appeared out of the sand. Noel took out two of them, but the last one was a little troublesome. He finally got rid of it. In a shower of flames, all that was left over was a heart container.

He felt his stamina rise, and he left the dungeon. He made his way back to the Kokiri forest. It was almost dusk. Noel had spent three days away from home. He had told Saria that he would be back by noon today. He saw Saria sitting on her stump in front of her house, playing her ocarina, and tears running down her cheeks. She was playing song of life, but in a mornful tune. Noel walked up, she saw him, sniffed, smiled, and embraced him. "I missed you," she said, sobbing into his tunic. "I thought you were, were..." she trailed off, sobbing some more. He smiled and patted her head.

Link walked up and said, "Did you get it?"

"Yes," was Noel's reply.

Saria then said, "You were suppossed to come home at noon."

"Well you know me, I like to make a good entrance," Noel said, with a smile.
"Lets go home," she said, and they walked home.

Part Three

Noel got up in the morning to see Saria already up. "I see your finally up sleepy head," she said, smiling at Noel.

"Ugh, I hate mornings," he said. He sat up, and Saria began to giggle. "What?" he said, annoyed.

"You have drool on your cheek," she said.

Noel felt his cheek. It was cold and wet. He quickly wiped it away. "At least I don't snore. When you sleep, every time you snore, your hair flutters. Occasionally, you will suck some up your nose, and you sneeze," he said, with a smile. "What's for breakfast? I'm starved," said Noel, rubbing his stomach.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, mused Saria. "Here you go," said Saria, handing him three loaves of bread and some fruit. He ate the fruit first, then devoured the loaves.

"Well, I've got to go," he said, getting his pack. "Where's my Blackjack?" Noel asked, rummaging around in his pack.

"I scrubbed it," said Saria, looking out the window.

"Good, that slime was starting to stink on that thing," Said Noel. Saria put her hand to her mouth, and her face turned almost as green as her hair. "I was kidding," said Noel, and opened the door to go outside. He went out the door to get his blackjack. Noel stepped back inside, and got his pack. He kissed Saria on the way out, and decided to practice for a bit before he left the forest. He walked to a tree. He concentrated on the blackjack, using a variation on the ancient sword trick. I thought Link was never going to teach me that, thought Noel, and swung it against the tree. The impact ripped a big hole in the trunk, and it toppled over. He smiled. That's enough practice. Better get out of here, or Mido will be griping at me. He looked over his shoulder and saw, who else, Mido coming his way.

Noel quickly left, followed by the shouts of Mido following. "...need to be more careful, what if someone was hurt? You know the rules, practice in the practice grounds," said Mido in his usual smug voice, but with a trace of anger. I wishe we would shut up, thought Noel, breaking into a run, leaving the forest. Noel climbed up Death Mountain to get up to crumbling Death Tower. "Man, this place is falling apart," said Noel to himself. Noel entered the tower, and wondered where to go first. At the other side of the room was a door and a chest. Noel walked up to the chest and opened it. Inside it was the map. Why the hell do they leave these laying around? A Deku shrub could get through this with no problem, thought Noel, with a confused expression on his face. Seven floors. I hope this isn't too hard. According to the map, the big key is in the dungeon.

Noel rolled up the map and out it in his pack. He headed down the stairs. He was met with an empty room with a sliding metal door. Maybe the switch is under one of those clay pots. He pulled one up, and heard a swishing noise. He turned around to be hit in the stomach by a marble tile. Ooommfff!!! was Noel's reply, getting the air knocked out of him. He bent down, and placed his shield in front of him to block the tiles. He could feel the reverberations as they smashed into it. I bet this thing will be all scuffed up when I get back. "I just shined this thing," Said Noel with a grimace.

The swishing and smashing stopped, and he stood up. He was standing in a large pile of rubble. Noel gasped at the design on the floor. The missing tiles formed a skull with crossbones, and the stone underneath was blood-red. Noel walked across the room, and went through the now open door. Inside were two worm-things, Noel quickly bludgeoned them, and turned his attention to this weired worm-thing. Noel his it with his blackjack. All it did was leave a small dent in its shell. This thing is tough, Noel thought as he bludgeoned it to death. Noel walked in and quickly killed the bloody skeletons inside. He saw four braziers situated around a small square of gold-threaded carpet. Noel lit the four braziers and a small door opened on the ceiling and a small chest fell on Noel's foot. Ow!!! said Noel, hoping around on one foot.

After calming down, Noel opened the chest. Inside was the dungeon's big key. He put the large key in his pack and went back upstairs. He quickly made his way upstairs into the tower. He saw three more of those blue things. He concentrated on his weapon and swung it. He caught all three of them in one blow. They fell down a hole in the deteriorating floor. He looked up and could see some more more watching him. He quickly ran into the next room, and saw two blue and one red one of those things. The blue ones scuttled towards him, but the red one just stood there, staring at him with its deep-set eyes. He disposed of the blue one, and turned his attention to the red one. He swung his weapon with all his might, but a split-second before it hit the red thing lept at him. It attached itself to his shield, and began to scrape at it madly. "Ahh! Get off! Get off!!!"

He was too busy with the red thing to realize that his blackjack was coming back at him. Smash. The blackjack had hit his shield, and smashed the creature. "Eww, this is gross," he said, looking at the slimy remains on his shield. In the corner he saw a dead skeleton of which looked like it belonged to a child, with tattered clothes on it. He pulled off a piece of cloth, and used it to wipe off his shield. He saw his pack, and pulled it open. Inside it was, to his amazment, what looked like a piece of the Triforce! It radiated energy and shone with a glowing light. He looked around in it more, and about two dozen red rupees fell out, along with a small leather-bound book. On it it said:

I can't believe my eyes, I have found a piece of the legendary Triforce. I remeber when I was a kid, I wandered into a blue tile. I was transported into the golden land. It was the most wonderful place I have ever been. And there I saw it, hovering over on top of a beutiful pyramid. The Triforce was in three pieces spinning sideways and upside-down. I walked up the pyramid steps and admired it for what seemed like hours. Then  a voice spoke to me. 'Touch me with a wish.'  It formed into one piece, and it looked just like all those pictures I have seen of it, only hundreds of times more glorious. I grabbed it, but then I heard a cackle. I turned around, and saw this Gerudo standing behind me, but it wasn't like any Gerudo I have ever seen. It looked like a Gerudo, but it was a man. I said 'Who are  you.'

"I am Ganondor Dragmire, and that Triforce you are holding is mine," said the man in a tone I have never heard. The man was holding a long spear, with three prongs and a skull in the middle. His voice sent chills down my spine.

"I will not!" I said, as brave as I could.

"Ha, you, little child defy me?! Give it to me, and I will be merciful. I will let yo live." From the look in his eye, he was hungering to kill me. If I gave it to him, I would be dead.

I said with all my might, "I wish that the Triforce of legends will never fall into the hands of evil man, and good will always protect it." I remember the Triforce split into twelve small triangles, and I was transported to the transporter where I had entered. The small triangle I was holding now said "You have made a wish that only one with pure heart could make. You have thwarted Dragmire's plot. Now go to the king." What I wanted to do was to go tell every person  I know that I found the Triforce. But I obeyed, and  told the king. He tried to buy it from me. The Triforce said not to accept. The king said that he would make sure that it will be all day and night. The Triangle said to the king "Your selfish desire is why you want it here. I cannot grant wishes, only some magic power. You shan't have me."

The king was furious. He told the guards to seize me. The Triforce sent a warning shot at the guards, and they stood back, afraid. The king shouted "Give it to me!"

The triforce said, "King, if I give myself to you, the world is doomed. Do as I say, and you shall keep the throne. Don't, and you shall lose your throne in the end." I remeber how mad the king was. One of his eyes was twitching, and a vein was throbbing in his temple. In the end, however, he relented. It was his daughter that convinced him.

"Father, that is the Triforce! Disobey that, and nobody in this kingdom will obey you," she said, with tears in her eyes.

Noel was reading this in disbelief. He was holding a piece of the Triforce. "I'm holding a piece of the Triforce," he said with with a big smile. He put it in his pack, and then stared at the book. He decided to take it with him. He couldn't wait to show this to Link. He would be so jealous. He decided to think about this later. He went into the next room, and crushed the little blue things in there he made his way upstairs. He killed some worm things, and saw a large chest in there, surrounded by a large hole.

He gauged the distance. He was about to jump to it when he heard a voice. It was heavenly. "Leave the treasure. That is for a future hero. It is called the moon pearl. That is all you need to know"

"Who are you?" Noel asked.

"I am the essence of the Triforce, of course. You are the one destined to put me back together. The book in your pack, the man wrote it on his deathbed. It is almost eight thousand years old. There are twelve temples where I am kept. The piece in the desert palace was brought here because of the greed of the Gerudo. When the holder brought that piece there, the followers of the evil Dragmire where scouring the desert, where he had told them through telepathy about the little child that had defeated him. His most devoted follower was there new leader. I had decided  that we would put the pieces in isolated places, not with the different races. They where furious, they wanted their pieces of the Triforce. There are three in the in this world, nine in the Golden Realm. Ganondorf is imprisoned. Ask Link about Dragmire, he has much to tell you. He has fought him, and will tell you much about him. But don't worry about Gannondorf, he is unimportant. But the Moonpearl is for the person who will have to fight him next. Continue on your quest. The monster at the top of this tower is your objective. Two pieces await you at the top."

"Ok, I can do that," he said to the Triforce.

"I believe you," said the voice, and that boistered his spirit. Noel headed up the stairs, and killed some more of those blue things, and managed to kill a red one before it leapt on him. He saw the monster design in front of the stairway. He took a deep breath, and went up the stairway. What we saw what looked like a arena. In the middle was a island, with a wall connecting it to the walkway around it. He saw one of those worm things in it, but it was humongous. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how to do it.

"Aim for his tail," said the Triforce. "This is all I can tell you, for I am not supposed to help you." Noel got in there, and began to fight it. Every time he hit the monster, it groaned, and began to move faster. Once he was almost knocked off the edge. Noel hit it one final time, and the monster groaned, but then, most unexpectedly, it stopped and talked.

It said, "Congragulations, young one." Noel frowned at the giant worm, he hated being called young just because he was a Kokiri. "It is time for your reward." The giant worm glowed, and turned into two small golden triangles. Noel took the Triangles, and placed them in his pack. All of a sudden, in a flash of light, Noel found himself at the foot of Death Mountain.

Noel went home, and was greeted by Zelda. "Hello Noel," she said sweetly.

"Come back to my house, I have a suprise for you," Noel said with a sly grin. I wonder what that could be, she thought, but nodded all the same. "Get Link, he will want to see this," said Noel. Zelda nodded and ran off to get Link. She came out with them hand-in-hand, and Saria was back from berry-picking.

"What is it?" asked Link and Zelda in unison. Saria also wondered what was the suprise. It was eating Link up.

"Ok, but you might want to sit down first." They sat down on the bed, and he continued. "Behold, the Triforce!!" He pulled out the three gold triangles and tossed one to each of them. They sat there, in awe of the triangles they where holding.

Then Link voiced a concern of his. "If this is the Triforce, then why arn't they all one big triangle?" Noel then told him all the Triforce had told him, and what he read in the book he found on the skeleton. "Well, it seems like you have alot to do," said Link. "Well, I will see you tommorow," said Link.

"Yeah," said Zelda in agreement.

After having dinner, Noel and Saria got ready for bed. "Come to bed, honey," said Saria in with a seductive smile on her face.

"Ok," said Noel with a seductive smile on his face too.