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"Eternal Youth"

Eternal Youth

By: Jawmax

This is my first fanfic and I hope you like it. This will give you a whole new perspective on Saria.

The Kokiri went exploring in the woods one day when they found a large stone structure. "What do you think it is?" Mido asked.

 "I don't know. But let's go in and find out," said Saria. Inside they saw fine crafted wood furniture, elegant statues, and a beautiful portrait of a young man with brown hair and a gold amulet with a young woman with long green hair and a wreath of blue and white flowers on her head they both wore long green capes. Saria was amazed at this painting. "They look so happy." She continued to explore this place until she found a bed room with a large, dust covered mirror. When she wiped the dust off of the mirror she saw an old woman staring back at her. She ran out of the room screaming.

"What's wrong Saria?" asked Mido.

"There is something in the mirror!" she cried. They looked in the mirror only to see themselves staring back at them.

Afterward they left that strange place and returned to the village. But for several days afterward, the Kokiri had bad dreams and saw things that weren't there. Finally Saria went to Link for help. "So all of this started when you gone into this palace?" said Link.

"Yes, but I didn't feel any magic in there," said Saria.

"There must be some connection between the palace and the visions." Then Link had an idea. "Maybe I can use the Triforce of Courage to find out why this
is happening." Link held up his hand and began to concentrate. Then they heard a voice in their minds.

"This is a tale that should be known," it said. "It is to remind others that all things have their price, some of which may not be worth the paying." They soon saw what none in Hyrule have ever known.

In the Kokiri Palace the Queen was looking in her mirror, she sighed. She was not in a good mood. "Graying hair, wrinkles, and." she then grabbed her
belly. "I'm fat." The queen was not happy with the way she looked as she approached her fifty-fourth birthday.

"Saria, where are you?" asked King Kardan.

"I'm in the bedroom," the queen said.

"Saria, please not more of this again," Kardan said as he entered the room. He had a gray, balding head and green eyes.

"I don't like getting old, and I don't like seeing you get old." She then stormed down the hall stopping at their wedding portrait. "I want us to be like we
were when we got married. I was never able to give us a son!" Saria was referring to the fact that they had no children.

"I know you always wanted to have a son but mustn't get mad we both need to watch our blood pressure dear," Kardan said trying to calm her down.

"And most of all I don't like us being fat," Saria said a little more calmly. Kardan took her outside it was a beautiful spring day.

"We can't turn back the clock Saria. These are supposed to be our golden years."

 "Our golden years were when we were young," She said.

Just then, Mido the captain of the guard came up to them. "Your majesties I have a report for you, from survives we can now definitely say that the Kokiri Empire is the most advanced culture in the land."

"Thank you captain you may go," said Kardan.  "Come now darling there must be something that can make you happy, what do you want for your birthday?"

"To be young again," she said.

 Late that night King Kardan was sitting on his throne thinking. "What should I do? I can't let Saria keep on going like this it will drive her to the grave!" Then
he got an idea. He would start on it first thing it the morning. He then went to bed, careful not to wake his wife. That morning Kardan woke Saria. "Good
mourning my beloved."

"What is so good about being another day older?"

"I'll make a deal with you, in ten days is your birthday, if we find a way to make us young again by then we will do it, but if we don't you must never complain about being old again."

"Alright you got a deal." So they and every servant in the palace searched every book in the library for clues. They searched for eight days straight until Saria found something.

"It says here that there is a place called the shrine of wishes. It appears on one day every five-thousand years. If you make a wish in this shrine it will come true! It will appear tomorrow and it is not far from the palace."

So the next day Saria and Kardan gone to the shrine of wishes on the way they talked. "Saria my dear I will make the wish for you as your birthday priest, to tell you the truth I just made this deal so you would stop nagging about being old but being young again sounds pretty good to me."

"Thank you my love, but I think that we should wish for eternal youth for all our people so that none of us would have to grow old again."

"Saria I'm glad that you're thinking of our people."

 "I just don't want any Kokiri go through what I did, being old is horrible."

The shrine of wishes was a small marble building with a domed roof. Inside they found a man in a blue cloak named Ferice. "Come and make your wish," he

Kardan came forward and said, "I wish that me, my wife, and all of the Kokiri would have eternal youth."

"Eternal youth I can't wait," Saria thought. Then there was a bright flash in the room and when they looked at themselves they were as young as they were when they married.  "Oh, just look at us, this is perfect!" Saria said.

Then Ferice spoke up, "At last I can leave this place."

 "What do you mean?" asked Kardan.

 "When you make a wish here you must stay in this shrine until the next time it appears in five-thousand years. I made a wish to kill all of my enemies now I'm free to loot and plunder the land again!" If what Ferice said was true then Kardan would be trapped in the shrine!

 "What's happening?" said Saria. The shrine was beginning to disappear! Saria and Ferice made it out but Kardan was unable to get past the door. The shrine vanished as some guards came and grabbed Ferice.

 "Let me go!" he demanded.

"Throw him in prison!" Saria ordered. She looked where the shrine once stood. "I will see you again in five millennia my darling, with eternal youth I'm sure I
will be there when you come out again."

The next day there was a big celebration in honor of not only the queens' birthday but also the beginning of their eternal life. Saria spent an hour in front of her mirror. "Look at me. I'm fifty-four years old yet I look twenty." She then went into her closet. "I'm going need the tailor to make me some smaller dresses now that I'm thin again." Later that night Saria could not sleep. "This bed is so big and lonely without you Kardan. I can't wait until you're back, and then we can have the son we always wanted. I miss you so much." Just then she burst into tears.

The next morning Saria felt different. She looked at her arms to see that they were completely covered by the sleeves of her night gown. "What in the world?"  Saria said to find that her voice was higher and softer. She ran to the mirror tripping once on her night gown. "This can't be!" she screamed as she looked into the mirror to see that she was a little girl again. "I must live without Kardan for five-thousand years only to have that stupid shrine mess up the wish!"

The people weren't happy with this development either. "Look at us, I need a ladder to get to the third shelf of my pantry!" said a girl in a crowd.

"I was a strong and mighty lumberjack but now my ax is too heavy for me to lift!" said one boy.

 "It's the queen's fault she was the one who wanted to be young."

"I say that we go to the palace and banish the queen."  But when they got to the palace they saw that the queen was divested by what had happened.

 "This is my fault, if I weren't so selfish Kardan would be here with me, he will never except me like this, a weak little child." They saw that Saria was worse off than they were; they hadn't lost the one that they loved.

"Don't worry my queen we will do everything we can to help you," said Mido.

"But how?" asked Saria.

"I know, we can ask the Great Deku Tree, he will know what to do," Someone in the crowd said.

They all went on the journey to find the Great Deku Tree deep in the forest. "Why have you come here O forest queen?" the mighty tree asked.

"Please help us find a way to get my beloved king back," Saria pleaded.

"I can not help thee expect to ease the pain of your separation. I will make you forget your lives before tomorrow, give you a new home under my watchful eyes and give you guardian fairies to protect you. There will be a time when you will remember these events the day before your king Kardan will return."

And this was that very day.

 "So that's what's going on," Link said. "Being back in your palace must have knocked your memories loose."

"Yes, I remember now. When I took you in, part of me was so happy that I finally had the son I always wanted, but part of me was also sad that Kardan wasn't there to raise you with me," Saria finally said after a long silence.

"You know he will be free tomorrow," Link said.

"Yes but what will he think of me if saw what a weak little girl I've become?"

"Weak? You are the forest sage and one of the bravest people I know. If he really loved you it wouldn't matter to him."

That night Saria wasn't sleeping well. "Oh Kardan, my bed is still big and lonely without you. It's my fault that we were apart for so long."

The next day Link took Saria to where the shrine of wishes would appear. "I just know that he won't want a child for a wife," Saria said as the shrine appeared. A small boy with brown hair and green eyes came out; he was wearing a gold amulet around his neck. "Kardan is that you?" asked Saria in amazement.

"Yes Saria it is me your husband. I was able to see all that happened while I was gone. I am so sorry that I could not help you raise Link as our own son."

"Oh, Kardan it's my fault that you were trapped there."

"No, you could not have known what would happen."

"But I was so selfish."

 "It's my fault that our people are stuck as children. I should have been more specific about the age we wanted to be."

 "It's no one's fault, no one could have known what would happen," Link said. They went home to the village. That night Saria and Kardan had a talk.

"Now maybe we can finally make some sweet love," said Kardan.

"But can we have sex? I mean we are so young now," Saria said.

"We'll only know if we try."

"Alright let's try." She started to undress.

Kardan smiled. "You are more beautiful than ever."