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“The Fourth Triforce”

The Fouth Triforce

By: Lunitari

Chapter One

The Hylia Knight sighed in relief as he went up the stairs leading to the ancient temple. After being away on what he had thought an impossible quest, it was good to know in just a few more days he would be home. He walked into the temple expecting it to be dark, and found that someone had lit several torches down the aisle all the way to the altar. The knight smiled thinking of the old woman. Had Impa come every day to light those torches, so he would have light when he returned? That’s the least she can do, thought Link. After all, she was the one who had sent him on this quest to find the Triforce Of Courage. Now all he had to do was to use it to break the sleeping curse on the ancient Hylian, bring the Triforce to the king, and he would be able to go home.

As he walked down the aisle, the thought struck him. What about the ancient Hylian? He was sure she wouldn’t even understand the modern Hylian language, making communication impossible. Where would she go once she was awake? In her days she was the Princess of Hyrule, now she would be a simple peasant unless the king decided otherwise. Link dismissed the thought and concentrated on the task at hand.

He now stood beside the altar. Holding the Triforce, he focused on the magic. This would be the first time he would be using the Triforce without Princess Zelda. Ironic, he thought, that both the ancient and the modern one were named Zelda. But then again Impa had told him that after the curse was placed on the original Zelda, every first girl born into the royal family was named Zelda. It would be ackward if they met though. Link realized he was getting side-tracked and refocused.

He felt the magic going through him as every inch of his body started tingling and go numb. Yet his hands burned with the contact of the Triforce. He felt dizy and lightheaded at the same time. He closed his eyes and concentrated on breaking the spell. When his task was completed he opened his brown eyes and reduced the size of the Triforce to a small pendant, that he placed back on a golden chain around his neck. Now all he had to do was to wait.

He waited what seemed an eternity and then at last saw her stir. He moved closer to the altar where the Princess lay and observed her. The last time he had seen her, he had only a quick glance while Impa told him the legend. He now could see she was quite young, maybe even just a few years younger than him. Her ears were much longer than the Hylians of his time. Link found himself wondering if the legend was true, if the ancient Hylians could really hear the Goddesses speaking to them. Whatever the answer is she’ll get teased a lot because of her ears, thought Link. He noticed she had a pale fair skin that gave her a doll-like quality. Her golden hair went down to her waist and was spread around her. Link who liked women with very long hair, unconsciously reached out to touch it. To his surprise it was smooth as silk, like if it had just been brushed. She wore a simple white sleeve-less dress with a pink tunic over it, held in place by a belt.

She slowly opened her eyes and Link gasped. She had eyes as blue as the sky! Never in his life had he seen eyes of such a shade of blue. Perhaps it had been a common color a long time ago, but now it would be considered as abnormal.

The woman sat up and looked around at the unfamiliar surrounding. How had she gotten here? What happened to her? The last thing she could remember was being in the castle’s courtyard. Her father had just passed away and she had wanted to be alone. The Hero Of Time had offered to stay with her for moral support, but she had politely declined the offer. He knew that when she was troubled or sad she liked to be alone. He had told her that her preference for solitude worried him, and she had smiled and told him she would be fine. He had left soon after that. Shortly after her eldest brother came, accompanied by one of her father’s favorite magicians. They had both demanded to know what the king had said to her about the Triforce before he died. Deciding it was wiser not to say a thing, she had stayed quiet. The magician got upset and threatened to cast a spell on her. She had been frightened, but she had promised her now deceased father she wouldn’t tell a soul. And she always kept her promises.

The spell! It must have been a sleeping spell, and that’s why she couldn’t remember getting here. After the spell was cast, someone must have carried her here. Zelda looked again at her surroundings and realized she was in the Temple Of Time. Although it did look different and seemed bigger too. How long had she slept?

She observed the man, who up until now she had ignored. He stood beside her looking at her without moving or saying anything. How odd, she thought, his ears are so small. And he’s so tall! Was he a Hylian? He was wearing a green tunic over a long sleeved brown shirt and brown leggings. He wore leather boots and a hat similar to the one Link always wore. On second thought he does look like Link, she realized. Except this man had brown hair and brown eyes instead of blonde hair and blue eyes. Thinking of the Hero Of Time made her wish he was here. Just a few days before her father’s death he had finally proposed to her. She had been so happy...and now this.

Link sensed anxiety and a feeling of loss within her aura.

“I can understand how you feel. I would probably react the same way if I were you,” he said.

Her breathing rate increased as panic seized her. She gripped the edge of the alter as she suddenly felt very dizzy and sick inside. The Hylians weren’t even using the same language anymore! She hadn’t understand a word the man had said. How many years had passed?

Link quickly realized what was going on. He had been right in assuming that they didn’t speak the same language. Communication would be a problem.

She slowly got up and walked a few steps forward. Link noticed she barely reached his clavicle. Link didn’t know if that had been the average height back then, or if she was simply short. She lowered her head and clenched her fists. Even though her back was facing him, he knew she was weeping. Link advanced towards her. Words might not be understood but gestures were universal. Standing behind her he wrapped his arms around her, stroking her arms. She stopped weeping and wiped the last of her tears with the back of her hand. She turned around to face him and looked up.

“Although you might not understand me, I want to thank you for your gesture. I appreciate it, at least I know I’m not alone.”

Somehow he knew she was thanking him and smiled. But now what was he supposed to do with her. He couldn’t just leave her here. Perhaps someone wiser than him, such as Princess Zelda, would know what to do. He gestured her to follow him and he led her out of the temple.