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"Friendship Has Prices"

Friendship Has Prices

By: Kim Goodgurl

Author's Note: This is my very first fan fiction. This takes place after OoT and MM. Link and Zelda are 10 years old at the beginning of the story. As you will read they get older. This has some swearing in it. But, nothing more than what today's 3rd grader hears at school. I don't think I need to say it but I do not own the legend of Zelda. Please note I am only stating this ONE FREAKING TIME!!

Chapter One: Friendship Has Prices

The rain was hitting the ground like small rocks. It fills up the fountain that sits in the center of the market place. Standing near an ally is a small girl. She is just standing there. Not caring how wet she is or how much it hurts to be alone. All she has on is an old shirt and a pair of ripped up pants. She only hears what she wants to and only sees what she wants to. When the pounding rain stops, she sits down on the cold wet ground

Link looked out of his small window that rested just above his bed.

"It's been raining for a freaking week," He thought out loud. "I think I will go crazy if I don't do something!" He began to pace back and forth. Trying to keep himself active until the storms stopped.

"What afraid of a little water?" asked a voice behind him "You aren't condemned to the forest like I am, find something to do." Link turned to see Saria standing near the doorway sopping wet.

"No, but I can't really do much in this weather!" He shot back.

"Go to a store in the hylian market place, go for a swim do something so I don't have to watch you go crazy!"

He stopped to think. Ya I am going crazy, I have been having such odd dreams. Probably  from being inside for the past week.

"I know you can barely sit inside for a day" she laughed.

"Ya probably." He seemed to be stuck in his thoughts for about a minute. Finally he shook it off. "Ok, I guess I will go see Zelda, if I know her she is probably going crazy too."

Zelda was going insane with the massive storms that would come and go as it pleased. She couldn't go outside or see Link because of the huge amounts of rain. She was thinking about the dreams she had been having for the past few nights. One dream that stuck out in her mind took place 7 years later. Link was on the floor, blood all over him. He gasped for air and called out to her. When she ran to his side, a strong hand grabbed her shoulder and threw her down. It walked over to Link and finished him off. She thought it was Ganondorf. But when it spoke the words "Forgive me my friend" she knew it couldn't be. Then she would wake up. Interestingly enough, her dreams started the day it started pouring.

"Raindrops are said to be the tears of a goddess," Said a voice through Zelda's door. Zelda turned to see who it was. Impa stepped into her room holding a book. "When a massive storm like this happens, someone important has passed away," Impa spoke wisely. "Or something evil will happen." Normally Zelda would laugh at Impa's legends. But, considering she had been having strange dreams she took it seriously.

"Really Impa?" Zelda questioned

"Well, it's just a legend I wouldn't take it that seriously," She answered.

"Umm ya," She didn't bother telling Impa about her dreams.

By the time Link got to the market place, the rain had lightened up. It was down to a light drizzle. He started to walk over to the castle when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. By the fountain was a child sitting on the ground with its head lowered. Link walked over to see who it was.

"Uhh, hey," he said gently. "Are you lost?" No answer. "Are you ok?" He raised his head a little. Still he received no answer. He reached over to nudge her shoulder. Before he could touch her, she shot a nasty look. It really did scare him. Not because it was so quick but because it reminded him of Ganondorf's evil stare.

"Hands to your self," the girl growled. Link was taken back on how nasty she sounded. She looked like an average girl, other than the fact that she wasn't wearing a dress like most Hylian girls.

"I just wanted to see if you were ok," Link said. His voice still a little shaky.

"I am ok," She spoke again, this time a bit nicer than before. "I am just thinking."

"Well you looked a little strange sitting here in the rain by yourself. Where is your family?"

"I have none, I have been alone all of my life." Link understood how she might feel. He himself had been alone for as long as he remembered. Yes, he had Saria and Zelda as friends. But never any real family. The two of them were silent for a while until Link finally spoke up.

"Umm my name is Link."

"I am Kim," she lowered her head to the position she was in before.

"Oh." He sat next to her. "Where do you live?"

"Anywhere I want to, I don't have a definite place to stay."

"Wow, that's sad," he started. "It must be hard."

"Shut up!" She snapped "The absolute last thing I need is your pity!" She stood up and turned her back to him.

"I was not showing pity, I was just saying it must be hard. I have to live without parents too." She turned back to him.

"I guess I was being rude. I have a short temper. I apologize." She sighed. Link laughed.

"It's alright I get yelled at a lot anyways." He giggled. She began to laugh.

"So where is a kid like you going in this weather?"

"Just going to see a friend of mine," He said

"Ya? I might know him. I know a lot of people around here. What's his name?"

"He is a she," He corrected, "And her name is Zelda." He smiled. Kim, gave a look of shock.

"Zelda, princess of Hyrule?" She raised her eyebrow. "How can some forest kid like you know her?!"

"Well" He began "I well....It's hard to explain. I guess we have always been good friends."

"You snuck in to her courtyard." She smirked.

"How did you...." He started.

"No offence, but usually people who aren't 'noble' don't see any royalty. That is, without sneaking in," She said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

"Well, ya I guess I did sneak in. But it was important," Link said nervously.

"Ya well nice meeting you Link." She turned getting ready to walk away when Link stopped her.

"Do you wana come? I am sure Zelda would like to meet you," Link said.

"Bah! No royalty would wana see me!" she looked down at her clothes.

"No, Zelda is different she isn't like most royalty," He said.

"Well, I guess if you think she wouldn't mind," She said slowly.

"Great! Follow me!" He grabbed her wrist and tugged so she would follow.

"Link!" Zelda said as she ran down the long stairs, "This is a great surprise!" She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Hi Zelda," Link said, happy to see her. "I just thought I would say hi." Zelda looked over at Kim who was just standing there with her head down and her arms behind her back.

"Hi, who are you?" She said walking over to Kim.

"I am Kim," She said nervously. She had never seen the princess let alone talk to her. "Link brought me over."

"Oh, thats a nice name. What nationality is that?"

"Errr I am not 100 percent sure...." Kim began nervously.

Zelda walked around her. Trying to inspect her. "Are you Gerudo?" She asked curiously.

"Well that's what I tell myself...." Kim said. "I really don't know what I am..." Kim looked down at the ground. She never really knew were she came from. Her ears were round like a gorudo but she never felt like a thief.

"That's ok. You still sound nice," Zelda said trying to cheer the obviously depressed Kim up. Link who was watching the two girls getting acquainted stood with his arms behind his back. Zelda felt bad leaving him out of the conversation.

"Well, what brings you here Link?" She said in a brighter voice. Link looked up at her blue eyes and almost forgot how to speak.

"I am uhhh well I....err," He started. Kim watched as Link lost his words and figured what was going on.

"Oh I get. You two are boyfriend and girlfriend!" Kim said in a teasing tone.

"No!" Zelda snapped. "We are just good friends!" She glared at Kim. "You have a lot of nerve! Waltzing in here and making false accusations!"

Kim took a step back. Raised her head and roared out in a loud voice, "ZELDA LOVES LINK AND I AM TELLING ALL OF HYRULE!" Link turned a bright red. Zelda was very red too. But probably more from anger than from embarrassment.

"Shut up!" Zelda screamed as she shoved Kim off her feet. Link was in shock that Zelda took that comment as an insult. He had always had a crush on her. He also wondered if she felt the same. Link thought of how she was acting, but had to stop Zelda from smacking Kim. He ran over preparing to pry Zelda off Kim. Instead he saw Kim on the floor hysterical laughing. Zelda was also cracking up.

"Whets so funny?" Link asked. When the two of them didn't bother answering he decided he had better just join their laughing rather than question. So he just fell on the floor with them....

Seven Years Later

"Kim!" Link called as he entered the busy market place. He was going to visit Zelda. She invited him and Kim over to a royal dinner. Kim never liked going to those. But he thought it was the right thing to do when she was invited over.

"Link!" Kim called back pushing through the crowd. "Hey, are ya ready?"

"Ya I think so," he said as he tried to brush the hair out of his face. "How do I look?" He tried brushing his golden hair out of his face.

Kim chuckled, "Ya look fine Link!" She threw her had back. "You really must like Zelda if you go all insane over your looks whenever you go over!" Link blushed. Kim knew Link had feelings for Zelda. Ever since they were kids she knew. She would try to encourage Link to talk to Zelda. She wanted to see them "hook up." Kim would go to all lengths to get him to admit it. She even went to ask Zelda a few times how she felt about Link (She and Zelda had become very good friends). She would always try to change the subject. So, Kim figured she must feel the same way.

"Kim, will ya ever get off my back about Zelda?" He asked turning his head away.

"Hell no! You two are perfect together! I know you loooooove her!" She teased. Link turned a dark red.

"Grrr, c'mon Kim we have to hurry," He said, trying to change the subject. Kim shrugged at yet another failed attempt to get him to admit it. They both walked to the castle silent.

"Hi Link!" Zelda said as Link and Kim entered the courtyard. She gave him a hug.

"Ooooooh," Kim taunted in the background. Link blushed.

"Hello Kim," Zelda said rolling her eyes but still smiling. "Sometimes I forget how old you are. You still act like you're ten!"

"Greetings princess," she said nodding her head. "I like to keep young at heart. It's better than rotting away like you two bums."

"Err hi Zelda," Link spoke a little late. "Thanks for inviting me."

"You know you're always welcome here Link." She smiled "And, you to Kim," She said rolling her eyes.

"Very funny!" Kim said jokingly. Wanting to leave them alone, Kim asked if she could use the bathroom and walked off.

"So how was the trip here?" Zelda asked trying to start a conversation.

"It was pretty good," Link said beginning to relax. "Hyrule has had some bad weather though..."

"I know," Zelda sighed. "The raining never seems to stop!"

Link laughed, "I know, but at least it's not raining now." Once he finished his sentence Zelda quickly covered his mouth with her hand.

"Hey you will jinx us!" She said laughing. Link pulled her hand off of his face.

"Ya don't want that," He said smiling. He watched as the sun pushed its way through the clouds creating a pinkish color.

"Well looks like you did the opposite..." Zelda said quietly. She turned to him and looked into his eyes for a minute. She turned away, "Nothing bad ever comes with you Link...." He blushed. They both stood in silence for a while.

"Hey! What's wrong with you people!?" Kim's almost annoying voice shattered the silence. "You guys are supposed to be friends! Friends make on with the blabbing!"

"Kim, you are the one who makes on blabbing," Link said a bit annoyed but still joking. Kim raised an eyebrow. She was about to speak when a servant passed and said that dinner was ready. Link wanting to be a gentleman offered Zelda his arm. She took at and smiled. The two walked ahead of Kim.

"I am just the punching bag," Kim said quietly with a small grin on her face.

After the massive dinner, the servants came to clear the table. Link offered to help the servants in cleaning. They declined but thanked him for offering.

"I am gonna go, I have some umm stuff to do," Kim said getting up from her seat.

"You sure you don't want to have dessert?" Zelda asked.

"Nah I have a ton of work to do..." She waved as she left but called out, "Oh and THANKS!!!" Link rolled his eyes. Zelda and Link were left alone at the table.

"Thanks for having me..." Link said shyly.

"Oh Link you know your always welcome over," She smiled. Silence fell once again.

"So, err how has life been?" Link asked breaking the uncomfortable silence. Zelda shrugged.

"Busy like always. Sometimes I wish I wasn't princess. I never have time for my friends. I always have those big huge meetings to go to."

"Well, I guess it's better than living in a tree when you're 6 feet tall" He sighed, "I always wanted to try and live the royal life but I guess it's not in my blood."

Zelda laughed. "Nah I think you would make a great prince!"

"No, it's just not in me. I am more a roll in the mud to SAVE a princess," He shrugged. "Well I had better be going. I have to get up early tomorrow..."

"Oh," Zelda looked disappointed. "Well if you have to get up early I guess you should leave." She found herself looking into his blue eyes again. They stared at each other for a few seconds, waiting for the other to say or do something. Finally Zelda quickly kissed Link's right cheek. He turned the shade of a dark red.

"Oh sorry. I guess that was out of my place, I guess..." She wasn't able to finish. Link kissed her softly on the lips. They both pulled away, only to wrap their arms around each other and passionately kiss.

"Sooooo....The snotty princess finally decided to get some from that Link eh?" Ganondorf said staring at the two of them kiss through his crystal ball. "Awww how sweet!" He said in a sticky sweet voice. He tried to keep his composure but his anger filled his body and, without thinking, he grabbed the magical sphere and sent it crashing to the ground. "SHIT! IF they are in love their power will be as great if not greater than mine! DAMN IT ALL!" He roared. Regaining his composer, he stated slowly "Forget them.for once my aim is not to capture the princess ZELDA" He said Zelda's name in a rather baby like voice "But rather that little friend of hers KimShe may not relies it now.But she has greater powers than me.I must get her to join me..For if not, I wont be able to reach my goalTake over all of the worldRid it of Link and Zelda.I must get my daughter to join my side!"

Link and Zelda pulled away from the kiss. Silence was struck over them. Neither of them could say anything, they just looked into each other's eyes. The calm silence was interrupted by a loud familiar voice.

"I SAW THAT!!!!" Howled a voice. "I SAW EVERYTHING! YOU GUYS KISSED!!! I ALWAYS SAW THAT COMING EVER SINCE WE WERE ten!" Link and Zelda stared in shock. Kim had been watching the whole thing from behind the bushes.

"Well, talk about and invasion of privacy!" Zelda shrieked. She was obviously annoyed at her friend, "Goddesses help me! Do I ever watch you from the bushes?!?!" Link was probably just as angry. He glared at Kim his eyes squinted and his cheek red. Kim took a step back.

"Hey sooooorrry!" She said sarcastically. "What's your problem?" Zelda opened her mouth to speak only to hear her words flow out of Link's mouth.

"Her god damn problem is, KIM, that was a huge violation of privacy! Why the hell can't you leave us in peace?!" He stated almost growling. Zelda, although still aggravated, was almost frightened. Link was never this angry before.

"Hey sorry!" Kim screamed. "I was just doing what a friend should do!" She said, her voice shaky. It almost sounded like she was about to cry. Link's face turned an even darker red.

"LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE KIM!" He roared. His eyes glaring at her, "You're always bothering us, annoying us and interrupting us! Just stay away from us!" Zelda was now ready to stop Link. He was about to pounce on Kim and strangle her. She could see Kim was on the verge of tears. Even though Zelda was mad, Kim was still her friend and she couldn't see her cry.

"Fine! I will!" Tears were in her eyes by now. "I will leave Link! I will leave you the hell alone! I wont talk to you! Anything for a friend!!" She emphasized those last few words before storming out of the castle crying. Link was left heaving his anger out of his body, tears on his cheeks. Zelda stood in shock staring at Kim's path out of the castle.

"What absolute wonderful timing!" Gaondorf said loudly. "It will be easy to get Kim to join my side now in her time of whimpering! What a great victory it will be for me!" He turned his head still smiling and roared for a moblin. "Grab the dark haired girl and bring her here!" He ordered. "I want her here alive! Understand me?" The moblin nodded. As he did, drool fell down his ugly lips. Ganon clapped his hands and in an instant the moblin was gone.

Kim sat in the middle of hyrule field, heaving and sobbing. She never usually cried. She probably only cried three times total her whole life. But she was really hurt. She couldn't understand why Link and Zelda were so mad. She was just playing around. They should have been used to her sense of humor by now. She picked up a rock and tossed it about 10 feet away.

"They are such jerks," She muttered. "Godesses; they always took my humor so well. Now I guess since they finally admitted they love each other there is no room for fun!"

She threw another rock. This time she hit something. "Shit! I hope I didn't clobber some guy!" She said. She sat up and wandered over to were she heard the noise. Before she could even react or run away, a spear struck her in the shoulder. She collapsed on the ground.

"Link, I understand why you are upset, but, you didn't need to be THAT hard on Kim. Her dumb act is just in her personality." Zelda said to Link who was sitting next to her in the court yard. Now, Link had calmed down. He was regretting how hard he was on Kim for being herself.

"I know Zel. I was just blowing off steam. But...we were...Just...alone like we wanted to be and then she comes running in!" His anger came creeping up on him again but his guilt easily overcame it. "I definitely should apologize though, I was VERY hard on her."

"Ya you were. Ad, don't get me wrong! I was upset to. VERY upset. But you looked like you were about to kill her!" Zelda said looking at Link. Link nodded.

"I probably was if you hadn't stopped me." He laughed quietly. "Do you know were Kim might be?" Link asked. "I better apologize now or she won't speak to me for a while," He said standing up.

"Chances are she is out in the middle of Hyrule Field. She always goes there to think by herself." Zelda trailed off thinking about he ties she and Kim spent talking out there "Just look for the orange stone." Zelda added before kissing Link goodbye.

Kim stirred from her sleep. Her head pounded like a drum. Her thought were clouded as she tried to remember what had happened. "LinkI am sorry" She muttered in confusion. She rolled on her side still delirious from the poison on the spear. Her head hit something sharp when she rolled over. In an instant she regained her senses and looked up. She was in dungeon with tons of metal bars and chains on the walls. When she looked down she saw what she had rolled on was a pincher bug. She gagged in disgust.

"Well, is my precious little girl up?" Echoed a deep voice. Kim looked around to see who the voice belonged to. "Come now dear.Your destiny awaits you!"

"Who the hell are you!?" Kim yelled to no one. "What do you want with me?!"

"Want? I only want my daughter's love," the voice echoed back. Kim took a step back still in complete confusion. She stood silent for a while. When the words finally escaped from her mouth they cracked and fell on the floor.

"F-f-father?" She asked into darkness.

"Yes my daughter. I have found you."

"Father? Looking for me? I...I thought you didn't want me. That's why I grew up in the STREETS!" Anger came over her quickly as she thought of all the hardships she went through in life because he didn't care. She banged on the bars in frustration. "Asshole! You left me to die whoever you are!" She yelled

"Dear sweet daughter," Ganondorf said emerging from the darkness. "I never didn't want you. I have looked for you...And now I will repay you for my carelessness by giving you what you oh so desire...The world..."

Link galloped on Epona. He went to the precise spot Zelda had pointed out to him. She wasn't there...He ran to Lake Hylia to find she was still absent.
"Kim?" He called out "Ya there?" He shrugged. Had Zelda given him the wrong place? He ran to the thieves' hideout. Kim would always make her fellow Gerudo laugh. (She had round ears so everyone assumed she was Gerudo). He charged there only to find her absent again.

"Where is she?" He sighed. "I really must have hurt her. I am such an idiot!" He galloped all over Hyrule. By morning he had left no stone unturned. And still, she was no were in sight. Link sat down on a nearby stone.

"I had to get mad at her didn't I? Couldn't have just laughed with her and have it over with," He muttered under his breath. "Be a mindless laugher. That's the ticket!" He drifted off to sleep (after all he didn't sleep that night. STUPID KIM!) When he awoke he found a note next to his nose. It read:

Want Kim? Find me Kid! I am in the shadows.
Signed, you know

Link didn't even have to think. He knew who it was already. He mounted Epona and galloped to the castle. He had to tell Zelda!

Chapter Two: Daddy's Girl

Link rode on Epona to hyrule castle. Although he didn't know were Kim was, maybe Zelda knew. He thought the note over. "In the shadows" was where he said he was. "Shadows," Link said aloud "I know he is hiding. But where." He continued on his way to Hyrule castle. "Could it be....Shadow Temple? Possibly. That's the only place I could think of."

He rode in through the castle's gate. Link asked a young guard were he could find Zelda. "She is in a meeting right now...I believe because of your friend...You know...The loud one?" He said through his helmet. "It appears the young girl has gone missing and our young princess wanted to find her."

Link was shocked. He hadn't told Zelda about the note. He didn't mention her missing. He didn't even see Zelda since last night! How did she know? He thought for a minute but simply gave up. No use questioning. It's definitely good she knew. They can get a head start on finding Ganondorf and Kim.

"Can I wait for her to finish? This is about the missing girl," Link stated. The guard thought for a few seconds.

"I don't know. I really shouldn't, but I guess you can go. That friend of yours always made me laugh! I hope you find her," The guard said while fixing his helmet. Link sighed and nodded.

He walked into the castle to see dozens of guards. There were always several guards in the castle but never this many! As he tried to walk through them, he bumped into several. After knocking over three guards and pushing eight he found Zelda in the front.

"Ok everyone! Kim is missing! Think people! Were do you think of when you hear shadows?" Zelda called out to the mass of guards. A few shouted Shadow temple at random. All the rest were baffled. "Come on! THINK! Link has already checked the shadow temple! He has looked all over hyrule! Still we remain without Kim!" She yelled to the silent bunch of knights. Link walked up to the front and stood near the princess. Zelda shot a smile to him but still concentrated.

"I have searched Hyrule! I have left no stone unturned and yet I still can't find her!" He yelled to the mass. "As you already know Ganondorf left this note so we know she is missing and not a runaway," He said holding up the note.

"Ok don't just stand there! FIND HER! Check again. A few guards recheck the shadow temple! Hurry! GO! We have little Time!" Zelda said loudly. The guards rushed out the door to find the missing girl.

Kim stared at the evil man who called himself her father. He was certainly tall, but not handsome. Kim thought it was impossible considering he looked so...well...gross. He smirked at her.
"Well my dear daughter. I can give you the world! I can give you anything you desire. All I ask of you is your help." He grinned evilly. Kim was hesitant. She remembered Link and Zelda talking about some evil guy. Could this be her father? He had round ears just like her. His nose looked sort of the same. Still she was reluctant.

"What do you want with me?" she asked in a low growl. "If I am the daughter you so missed, why am I in a dungeon?"

"I wasn't sure whose side you were on dear," He said smoothly. "I don't know who to trust. I have to find out if you are on my side or not." Kim stared. Yes, he definitely looked evil, and she knew he had evil intentions. But, she had to find out what he wanted with her.

"What do you want with me? What do you want me to do?" She repeated.

"I need you at my side!" His voice thundered. "With you at my side, our powers will be unstoppable!"

"Powers? I have powers?" She asked

"More than you think. You just have to learn to use them. I can teach you." He stated. Kim thought for a few moments. Powers? How could she have powers? I guess it makes SOME sense if this guy is her father.

"Ok I will do it!" She said loudly. "Make me powerful!" Her eyes went a different color.

"I don't have to you already are..."

In Hyrule, all of the kingdom was looking for her (apparently she had a lot of friends). Still no one found her.

"Zel, I don't know were else she could be. Everyone has been looking and yet still there is no sign of her," Link said to Zelda who was sitting next to him.

"I know. But I think it's the best we can do for now," She said looking back at him. "We will have to start a search out of Hyrule soon," She added looking from him to the ground. "Kim is such a good friend. Even though we tease her she still smiles. She is always laughing. I hope she is alright." Tears formed in her eyes.

"I know. This is all my faultI was too hard on her. If I had just laughed with her none of this would have happened." He shrugged. Zelda looked up and patted Link on the shoulder.

"Hey, you're only Hylian. Everyone gets mad sometimes," She said before kissing him on the cheek. He looked over to her. They stared in silence. Like the day when Kim was watching. They kissed passionately. Zelda pulled away and rested her head on his shoulder. "We have to find her."

"Your highness! Your highness!" called out an excited knight. "We have found an entrance to a cave on death mountain! We believe this is were Kim is!" Zelda looked wide eyed.

"Ok! I will get Link. We will explore this cave. Gather the best knights and send them here! If what the letter said was true. Great power dwells in the cave." The knight ran off. Zelda ran to get Link, who was sitting alone in the court yard.

"Link! They have found a cave which might hide Kim!" She said excitedly. "You must come with the knights and I to find her!"

Link almost exploded. He jumped up, grabbed Zelda's hand and ran for the gate. He didn't relies what he was doing until he hit a tree. "OUCH!" he yelled grabbing his head. "That hurt.." Zelda was laughing. She tried to hide it, but it was such a retarded move she couldn't help but laugh. She helped him to his feet.

"Hey slow down Link! I am excited too but we can't go rushing into cave of which we have no idea what is inside," Zelda said grabbing Link's arm.

"Ya the smack in the head knocked some sense into me. YOU CAN'T GO!" he emphasized the last words. "This is waaaaayyy to dangerous and I can't risk losing you!"

"Link, I am in just as much risk as you. This time I am putting my foot down. I am going!" She said. Link shrugged.

"Alright. But please for the goddesses sake be carefulI can't lose you." He smiled and kissed her.

At the entrance to the cave sounds could be heard. Link and Zelda could hear loud bashing and yelling. The four knights with them didn't hear anything.
"I will go first..." Link said boldly. "Zelda take my hand." He extended his hand to hers. She took it and followed him. The deeper that they walked into the cave, the louder the yelling got. The cave started to shake violently. Link grabbed Zelda to make sure she didn't fall (Awww what a hero). The ground shook so hard that pieces of the cave fell and hit them on the head. They walked on for about ten minutes when the shaking stopped they hit a dead end.

"Terrific!" Link said sarcastically. "I guess this isn't the place.." Link turned around about to leave when Zelda grabbed his arm to stop him. She put her long ear against the wall.

"Link this wall is thin. We can knock it down! Kim is probably here!" Link smiled at Zelda. She was always so smart. He pulled out a bomb.

"EVERYONE BACK!" He yelled as he tossed it at the wall. IN a huge explosion, the wall shattered revealing an empty room. Link walked in and motioned to Zelda it was ok to follow him. All of a sudden the walls shook and Ganondorf burst through the ceiling. He shook with anger. Instinctively Link stepped in front of Zelda to protect her.

"Well, well, well. Look who the cat dragged in," Ganondorf hissed. "Looking for Kim?"

"Where is she you idiot?!" Link roared. He took a few steps closer. Ganon raised his hand to stop him.

"Now don't worry. She is perfectly fine. In fact, she is better than ever!" He clapped his hand and the roof shook again. Kim came though the ceiling and landed on her feet. Her breathing was heavy and she had a cold expression on her face.

"I would like you to meet my daughter," Ganondorf added proudly. Link and Zelda were shocked.

"You bastard!" Zelda cried out. "Kim isn't like you; she isn't your daughter!"

"Oh but she is! Maybe that humor came from her mother." He glared. Link drew his sword. Before Ganon could react to Link's attempt. Link was struck with a powerful beam of dark magic. He landed on the floor smacking his head against the rocks. He was bleeding badly but knew he had to fight. By now the knights had all run out of the castle. It was only Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, and Kim left in the room.

Chapter Three: The Final Battle

Kim's appearance had changed. Her eyes had changed from the warm brown to a cold glowing stare. He friendly smile was now a nasty grin. Link was taken aback with not only fright, but with guilt. If only he hadn't yelled at her. Kim was frozen staring at nothing. It was almost like she was mindless.

"Well, I see you know her..." Ganondorf said in a low growling voice. Link and Zelda just stared. It was a shock to them. Kim never had any hate in her. She didn't have powers either. It seemed that because she joined Ganon she gained strength. Finally Link spoke up.

"You asshole! How could you do this to her?!?" He roared to Ganon.

"Well, I see you're a bit pissed off eh? Well you won't have to think about it for much longer.  Link, don't worry I am not going to kill you. Kim is!" With those last words a giant dark beam of magic hit Link in his abdomen. He clutched his wound. Zelda ran to his side and used a healing spell to revive him. He looked up to see that Kim had thrown the magic.

Kim's frozen stance had melted away as she walked slowly toward Link. She grbbed him by the collar of his tunic. "Pathetic little boy. You really do suck.Get the HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!" She screamed into his face. With those words said, she tossed him into the wall with no effort. The impact was so great that a piece of the wall fell of as Link rolled down onto the floor. He was completely knocked out. Zelda ran over to Link and cried.

"Gods Link wake up! Don't leave me now!" She cried into his chest.

"No worries Zelda, you will join him soon enough!" Ganon laughed. "Kim, finish Link and Kill Zelda too!" he ordered. Kim obeyed and slowly walked towards the unconscious Link and the shivering Zelda. She pulled out a massive sword and in one quick slash struck Zelda left cheek causing her to bleed.

"Out of my way Zelda! I want Link first!" She ordered throwing Zelda off to the side. She landed on her back but got up as quick as possible to knock Kim off her feet using one of her spells. Kim reacted fast rolled on the floor once and did a front flip to stand up. She was pretty damn pissed off. She punched Zelda in the face with all of her strength.

"Die, bitch!" She growled. She grabbed her sword off the floor and raised it of her head. In an instant she felt a sharp shooting pain in her back. Link was awake and had slashed her right down her back. Blood dripped from her wound.

"So Link is up?" Ganon said from behind them. "Kill him NOW KIM!" Link ran to the unconscious Zelda and grabbed her hand. Kim grabbed him by his neck and pinned him to the wall. He gasped for air as she strangled the life out of him.

"Kim! Don't believe him! Wake up! I know you wouldn't do this. I am sorry I got so upset! Kill me! Don't kill Zelda!" He choked.

"Link, you're very stupid indeed. I will kill you but Zelda will die as well," She mocked. "You will see her in hell." She tightened her grip on his throat. Link was able to get one good swift kick into her stomach. She dropped him on the floor gasping in the life giving air. The kick knocked the wind out of Kim and had given Link time to get to Zelda's side.

"Zelda honey wake up," He said soothingly. "Please." His words rolled out of his mouth and on the floor. Zelda was still unconscious.

"Romeo, Romeo, wake up Romeo!" Ganon mocked in the background. "Oh please won't my love wake up?" He laughed. Link's blood began to boil. He ran over to ganon and slashed him in his chest. He once again fell on the floor crippled with pain by one of Kim's magic attacks.

"Get over it KIDDO. Stop trying so hard. You're gonna die either way!" Ganon laughed as he tried to get back his strength. Link fell to his knees. He was out of engery. He could not fight anymore. Kim was way to strong. He fell on the floor still gasping for air.

"My friend I am sorry," He whispered before his eyes closed.

Something clicked inside Kim's head. She stared at Link. Her best friend. The one who had taken her in when she was on the streets. And now, she had killed him. The evil that filled her head left in an instant as she ran to Link's side.

"Get up Link! Please! My friend." She turned to Ganondorf. He had a smirk on his face.

"Foolish girl! That's one rule you didn't follow! DON'T TRUST ME!" He laughed so hard that the walls shook. Kim glared at Ganon. Silence fell over the room. Finally Kim smiled.

"Ganon. Father. What ever you are...You broke one of my biggest rules." She said still smiling.

"Oh ya? What rule might that be?" He said with an evil chuckle.

"Don't touch my friends!" In the blink of an eyes Kim summoned so much energy that the roof fell and the ground split open. She yelled out and screamed the names of the goddesses. Ganon was frozen with fear. He couldn't move. Chunks of the ceiling we hitting him in the head. He stared at his daughter becomestronger than him, Link and Zelda. With all of her strength she release the massive ball of energy torwards her so called "father." On impact he slammed into the wall breaking right through it. He was gushing blood everywere.

"What I won't do for a friend," Kim said expressionless. She turned towards the unconscious Zelda and the lifeless Link. She fell on her knees and felt Link's pulse. He was gone. She cried into her hands. Zelda stirred and lifted her head off the rocky ground.

"Kim? You're ok?" She said, still a bit dazed. Kim shook her head tears running off her face.

"Zelda. I am sorry. Link is gone," She sobbed. "I killed him. I...I...KILLED HIM!" She placed her head back into her hands. Zelda stood in shock tears welded up in her eyes. She cried her out. She flung her self over Link's body crying and crying. It was like a part of her died. Kim stood up and walked toward the split wall.

"I killed Ganondorf too .I killed my father," Kim shook her head again. "Goddesses I am a murderer!" Zelda looke up from her tears.

"Kim, don't blame yourself," She sniffled. "We both knew it wasn't you who did this damage. But Link is DEAD!" She screamed falling to her knees again.
Kim stared at Zelda who was at her feet crying. Then over to Link.

"There is something I can do," She walked over to Link and grabbed his lifeless arm. She started to concentrate. Her hands glowed a dark purple as she yelled to Zelda.

"Good bye Zelda.. Tell Link I am sorry. I Love both of you like family, but I must right what I have wronged!" Her expressions disappeared and she fell on the floor, dead. Zelda ran over to her and saw Link was stirring.

"Link!!!!!" She ran over to him and jumped into his arms. "Oh I love you! I am so happy you're alive!!!" She exclaimed. Link embraced her.

"Zelda! Thank gods your ok!" He said kissing her. He was very excited that they were both alive. "But where is Kim?" He asked slowly. Zelda looked down. She felt the tears welling up again.

"She is dead Link. She gave her life for you. She loved you like a brother. You were her best friend." She cried into his chest. Link cried for the first time in his life with Zelda that day.

Kim was buried in the hylian cematary at kokariko villiage. All of hyrule came to say good bye to their light spirited friend. Zelda and Link cried the most they ever did that day. Kim was honored as a hero and the king proclaimed that she would be written in the legends.

Link and Zelda were married a year later. They had a daughter of whom they name Kimberly, after their best friend.

The End