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"Ganon Likes Pink?!?"

Ganon Likes Pink?!?

By: Kari Pichenko

Link was sitting outside of Hyrule Castle in the courtyard, listening to the birds and other animals. It was only about seven-thirty, and Zelda was sitting with him, when a messenger came up to them urgently. "Your Majesties, Ganon is attacking again. He is stolen approximatly 50 Super Bomb Flowers from the Gorons. You and Zelda are to go to his lair and confront him."

"Can't that guy get a life?" Link sighed, in his and Zelda's bedroom. Link got his Master Sword and Iron Shield. Zelda got her bow and two Silver Arrows
and 60 Crystal Arrows. Link picked up his Ocaraina of Time and the pair headed out of the castle.

Once outside, Link played the Ocarina and Epona came galloping, glad to see them (she knew Link had a carrot for her, he always did, greedy horse! Just kiddin). Link and Zelda mounted Epona and galloped to Ganon's Lair.

When they got there, Link sighed. "All right, let's get ready to climb a hundred steps." Fifteen minutes later, Link and Zelda arrived at the Lair Entrance. Link gave the door a karate kick and it opened. What they saw in front of them took thier breath away...

In front of them was a giant girl's mirror, a million cosmetics, a wardrobe of girl clothes... and it was all PINK cosmetics and PINK girl's clothes... and Ganon with PINK nail polish on, PINK lipstick on, a tiara, and he was dressed in a PINK ballerina costume with PINK high-heel shoes! "I lo-o-ove
pink, love pink, love pink..." he sang in a high- pitched girly voice.

"GANON?!?" Link and Zelda said at the same time.

"Wha... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Ganon screamed.

"So you like pink, huh? You like girly stuff, huh?" Link  taunted Ganon. "For YOUR info, we're here to take the Gorons Bomb Flowers back, and I know you won't use them against us, because it will blow the entire place up," Link said. "And I'm gonna battle ya!" Link exclaimed, drawing his Master Sword, Zelda drawing her arrows. "Zelda, you hold off Ganon's onions from the Evil Jar, then destroy it with a Silver Arrow!" Link said.

She was done in one minute, and Link and Ganon hadn't even started yet. After she was done, she got her last Silver Arrow ready, and stood in a corner of the room. "BRING IT ON, BITCH!!!" Ganon screamed at Link. The fight went on until Ganon was too weak to stand up. Zelda shot her Silver Arrow at Ganon. With his last dying breath, he said, "You won't get away for putting all those holes in my tutu..." Link and Zelda just lauged, and that was that.