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"Here There Everywhere"

Here There Everywhere

By: Luna the Sheikah

Living in the castle is so odd! I've lived here about two years now and Link is as cute as ever. A huge party was held in the castle where everyone in every race attended. All because I arrived, made no sense to me but the perks are nice. I'm almost as famous as the Hero of Time himself.

I remember going with Link to visit Saria in the Forest Temple, when we were separated. I managed to befriend a skull kid and he led me to the Forest Temple safely, where a very worried Link was pacing the floor. Apparently, Saria knew the woods best and went off looking for me.

Once a week I visit Gerudo Fortress for training with Nabooru. Usually on the days when she isn't dusting her temple. Nabooru is so cool. Those  blades are difficult to wield though.

I find Zelda reading in the library from time to time. She usually recommends some books to me and teaches me some ancient Hylian. I know English, Hylian, and I finished learning Gerudo a while back. When Nabooru visits its fun to tell her something funny in front of Link in Gerudo. He gets so frustrated.

She gazed outside the window lovingly. Her eyes lingered on Link who was returning from Lake Hylia with his catch.

I waved at Aqua as I saw her face in the window. She returned the gesture before turning away. She's such a curious girl, always asking me questions. Good thing I went around awakening sages and such. I hear my stomach growl. I can't wait for dinner.

I met up with Link and helped him with his catch. Rather large fish, we're eating good tonight. After giving them to the head chef we headed to the market. I'd never tire of the hustle and bustle. As the moon began to glow overhead and the drawbridge closed behind us, I figured a round at the at the Treasure Box game would be fun.

I was low on bombchus and I had some rupees on hand. Aqua tugged on my sleeve.

"Can I borrow the Lens of Truth?" she asked.

Her playing the video game tormented me from time to time. She knew every weapon in my arsenal.

I simply nodded and handed the mystic glass to her. She smiled and hugged me before dashing to the door. Aqua reminds me of Saria before she was awakened as the sage of the forest. Her chestnut hair looked beautiful in the moonlight. When she stepped inside, I rounded a corner and headed into the back alleys.

Adrenaline always flushed my veins because it was so fun to astound the game keeper. He was always amazed on how I won every time. Simple, simple man. As I opened the final chest, a purple rupee appeared. I sighed heavily, no surprise there.

That creepy old man was still there. But I really needed the bombchus. "How many?" His harsh voice was barely a whisper.

"Two," I murmured, it's like if you speak too loud he'll be blown into smithereens.

An ancient hand appeared in front on me, awaiting his payment. I handed the rupees to him. As I opened the door, glad to have finished I heard a groan and a shrill cry.

I feel a blade at my throat as soon as I exit the shop. I smell the beer on my attackers breath.

"Hey there little pretty.."

He runs the sharp edge of the blade deeply across my cheek. The blood oozes and glitters in the dim torchlight. I thrust my weight backward, making him slam into the wall and drop his weapon. I quickly pick it up. He manages to get up and tries to thrust his fist at me. I merely duck and drop to the floor. I bring my leg up and whap him one on the shin. Toppling over I seize my chance. I lay the blade at his throat. Damn this man...

"NO!" I hear a voice yell. Suddenly, I'm on the ground and I can't move, the dagger skids across the cobblestones and into the looming darkness.

"He's knocked out. His head hit the ground pretty hard." I notice she's bleeding severely from her face. "Are you alright?"

Link's body pins me to the ground. This wouldn't be so bad if it was another time and place. He cuts my daydreaming off. He is right.

"Um...oxygen deprivation..."

Link quickly rolls off of me and I gasp for breath. Blood has soaked almost the entire front of my blouse. To answer his other question is hard. Why is everything spinning so fast?

She manages to get up and come toward me. Aqua seems to shake to and fro. Suddenly she collapses into my arms. Her blood is all over her blouse. That blade was dug in pretty far. I run to the castle and enter the front hall.


She appears and sees Aqua.   

"Calm down, I'll see to her wounds. She'll be fine."

 Her words are so reassuring. I hand her Aqua and follow them to her bedroom. I wonder what she's dreaming...

Where am I? I see flashes of light. Gold and red. How pretty. And the Triforce? I feel myself awake as the sunlight dances on my eyelids. I gasp the pain is so fierce. My memory floods back to me. Did I go unconscious? Most likely. I look around and rub my eyes.

Link sits in a chair beside my bed, his head back and sleeping. Seeing the deep bags under his eyes makes me feel a pang of guilt. He stayed up all night just for me? On my bed table is a few gifts. Mostly from the sages.

A candle from Nabooru, a beautiful sapphire pendant from Ruto, a few bomb flower seeds from Darunia but one gift caught my eye.

There lay a brown ocarina perfectly carved with my name. No doubt the work of Saria. She's so sweet. I smell the sweet scent of the wood and see the faint red tint to part of the instrument. Perhaps it was carved from the wood of a Deku Shield. I put the thought aside and lie back into the comfort of my pillow. I put the ocarina to my lips and try a note. It rings clear and true, stirring the slumbering Hero of Time.

I slowly wake up and see Aqua wide awake. I smile and notice the ocarina in her hands. "Are you ok?"

She simply nods and starts to play the first few notes of Serenade of Water.

"Is that mine?"

Aqua just shakes her head and points to the small card beside her. I pick it up.  

"I figured it would be Saria. Was your voice affected or something?"

She laughed. "No silly, I'm just lazy."

Her eyes linger on the mirror on the desk. "You want it?"


I laugh and walk over. I gaze at the intricate designs of the goldwork.  

"If you want to admire yourself use your own mirror or look at the huge statue of yourself in Hyrule Market," I heard Aqua say then she laughed.

I handed her the mirror and her gleeful expression changed. I hadn't noticed but the scar had become purple and puffy. Her eyes became glazed and she bent her head and sobbed.

I tilted her head up and kissed her on the cheek. When I realized what I did I stepped back and ran out the door.

When each had mulled over the incident they had to talk to someone. Each went to the only friends they truly trusted. The sage of the forest and the sage of spirit.

Saria was sitting on the same stump she always had been. The sweet tune of her song echoed through the trees.

Her eyes gazed at me as I approached, "Hello Link."

I sat in front of her, "Hey Saria."

I figured I'd just spit it out and kill the ever creeping suspense. "I kissed Aqua."

"Where?" I placed a hand on my cheek.

She nodded knowingly, "The prophecies are playing as usual."

Before I even enter two feet into Nabooru's room, a blade is at my throat. Her gold eyes tried to stare me down. I simply duck and roll to the rack of weapons. Pulling two of the weapons I go to the defensive.

"What brings you here?"

I try to bring the blade down to the crown of her skull. She swiftly crosses them and places them above her head. Nabooru then tries to side swipe me, I backflip to safety.

"It's about Link."

She circles around me like a shark would its prey.

"He kissed me."

The sage begins to stammer, her guard is down. "W-w-w-here?"

I flip behind her and lay the cool metal of the blade on her cheek. "There."

She slides down to her knees, laughing. I sigh and sit down in front of her. ďI knew he liked you."

"Prophecy?" I ask.

"Yes, it will be revealed fully in due time. Just be patient."

I hated it went she went all sagey-wisdomy on me. To lighten the mood, I playfully threw a nearby nut at her.


I acted innocent, just to push her buttons. "What?" Saria angrily threw her ocarina at me. I caught it and tossed it between my hands. "Thanks for the gift."


And you never told me?"

"Sorry, even I can't interfere with prophecies."

"What'll happen?" I ask.

"Oh many things."

"Can you at least tell me?"


In utter annoyance I stand up and rush her. The clang of the metal and war cries probably echoed throughout the fortress.


She chased me all over the village. I forgot how fast she could run. Most fun I've had in ages. Saria finally got it back, when she shoved me into the water around the shortcut to Zora's Domain. When the ocarina floated to her she just grinned and laughed. Soon a water fight was ensued. When I realized how late it was I knew I had to head back to the castle.

I came home and slipped into my Gerudo outfit. The thin fabric of the veil and pants felt comfortable in the summer night. My top glittered in the moonlight that fell through the window. Pulling out my dusty radio and blades, I headed down to the Great Hall. It was as desolate and silent as a graveyard. I turned on the machine and the sound of Linkin Park started to echo. I  felt the lyrics fill me with an anger and determination. Now a target in the minds eye. Dad will be my latest target.

"I found the answers are so clear. Wish I could find a way to disappear. All these thoughts they make no sense. I found blessed ignorance. Less I hear the less you say. You'll find that out anyway..."

I heard music drift from the Great Hall. There was a Gerudo practicing. Hold on, that's Aqua. So that's what she's been doing lately. She backflips and strikes, a cry echoes over the dwindling lyrics of the song playing. She looked so graceful, like a Zora diving. Soon a slow song began to play. My chance.

"My December" began to play. I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist. I turn and see Link's glittering blue eyes. "May I have this dance?"

Her tense posture relaxed when she saw me. I suppose that's a good sign. She nodded. I feel her arms wrap around my neck as the piano's notes echoed.

His arms circled and tightened around my waist. We sway to and fro, do a few dance steps, nothing major. I rest my head on his chest and hear his heartbeat quicken. I giggle softly and continue to savor the moment.

I just continue dancing. I have no other choice, she's a pretty good dancer though. The song dwindles to the last note and her deep brown eyes gaze up at me.

He blushes, itís so adorable. We're so unreasonably close, and those lips of his look awfully inviting. He made the first move, my turn.

I feel something warm and soft against my lips. Takes a second for my mind to register what's going on. I just respond, to see what it's like. But I'm not so sure how far this will go.

He seems so hesitant. Well, not today elf boy. I prod further, finally a reaction. I delicately explore his mouth with my tongue. I hear the slightest groan escape his throat as he pulls me closer. I decide to pull away before it gets out of hand. I gasp for breath as the wolfos start to howl.

"It's getting so late." She says still catching her breath. I long for more but I decide to quit while I'm ahead. Or it might go further than expected.


"Good night."

I watch her descend up the staircase, what a goddess. I head the opposite way and collapse on my bed. What a day.

As soon as I shut the door, I squeal into my pillow. Don't want to wake up Hyrule and the dead with my spasm of joy. We kissed! EEEEE! I quickly slap myself. I sound like a N*SYNC fan who just got backstage passes to meet them. I feel so irresistibly happy. *Sigh*

It took Link almost a week after the night in the Great Hall but he finally had the perfect surprise planned.

Pull back... release! Die evil rupee! "Nice Shot." I just smile, these moving targets are easy. Just have to time it just right... I miss and he cheers. "Damn."

"Quit cursing Aqua." I simply stick out my tongue in response and hit the next target.

She's getting good. I'll go broke by betting with her so much. Heh, oh well, at least Zelda pays me so well for being her "body guard" for events. Which is only when evil tries to murder her or something. Another arrow is released from her bow. That fierce look of determination on her face was a tad scary. It was that fire the Gerudo would get when fighting.

I sigh and wipe some sweat from my brow. I turned to Link, "I'm starved."

"As if your earthquaking belly would've told me different."

"Quiet you."

He laughed and grabbed my hand before heading out the door, pulling me out the door. I laughed as we weaved through the crowded market to the drawbridge.

I had to show her the view atop Death Mountain at sunset. Pulling out my ocarina, I call Epona. Digging around the saddle bag, I retrieve two Goron tunics. Catching one, she blushed nearly as red as the tunic.

"You can change behind Epona. I won't look."

I was still wary but it was his eyes. You just have to trust him. It seemed like I performed the task in a nanosecond.

"Hold on to me," Link commanded as he brought the ocarina to his lips. I held on to his shoulders just as the last notes of "Bolero of Fire" echoed through the air.

The heat still surprises me. I hear Aqua sigh. "May I ask what brought up the insane idea of coming here?"

She looked so peeved it was almost funny. I remembered the entrance to Death Mountain summit. Over the skinny bridge. I pull out the long shot.

"Hold on."

I grab onto his waist and shut my eyes. I hear the chain whiz through the air and reach its destination. I re open my eyes and see the lava pass underneath us. I frantically hold tighter onto his waist. I hope I don't cut off his circulation.

She must hate heights either that or lava. I should've warned her first, too late now. I see the dim light trickle through the entrance, almost sunset.

When I feel firm ground underneath my feet, I sigh with relief. I realize I still have a death grip on his waist. I blush and release him, luckily my face was already pink from the heat so it didn't matter. He leads me onto the mountain over looking Hyrule. Sunset was about to begin. And there was a picnic laid out before us. The aroma of chicken and freshly baked bread filled the air, reminding me of how incredibly hungry I really was.

Her reaction was just as I expected, thank the Triforce. I extend an arm, "Shall we?"

She takes it, "We shall." She replied eyeing the food like a moblin would its enemy.

I leap on a plate and pile it high with chicken, bread, salad, and fill my goblet to the brim with wine. No alcohol laws here. The chicken is so moist and tender. Mmmm Mmmm good.

She's enjoying herself, obviously. I never knew she could eat so much. Sure, I eat a lot too but I fear she'll eat the entire cucco by herself.

He takes the chicken and cuts it in half with his dagger. "Before you starve me out over here."

As the last crumb of the meal dropped from their lips the memorable sunset began. As the clouds began to grow pink and orange, Aqua laid into Link's arms and sighed in content. He laid his chin on the crown of her head. The sun began to set.

"It's so gorgeous." I murmur not really expecting a reply. I hear him gulp and then whisper, "Like you." It was silk to my newly formed Hylian ears.

She looks up at me, "Really?"

I simply nod and she smiles. She rests her head on my shoulder, facing me.

"You're so handsome."

He blushes and I giggle. We slowly head toward each other and our lips meet. Itís so slow and deep, like dark chocolate. I feel him pull my face closer. I do not care if this is his first real kiss or not. It's absolute heaven.

She's such a good kisser. I prod further, its blissful. I take in every bit of her that I possibly can.

When we finally break apart the moon is up. and the stars are twinkling around it. I shiver as a cool breeze blows by. He wraps a cloak around me as he lifts me infront of him on Epona. His arms go around my shoulders and he takes the reins, returning to Hyrule castle.

She's asleep halfway through Kakariko. Aqua is so calm, I brush a lock of her hair away from her face. I have to call out to the guard as we reach the bridge.

"Open Up!"

"Who goes there?"

"Link and Aqua!"  

His eyes peer at me. I simply hold up the master sword. He opened the drawbridge just enough for us to climb the chains and slip in. Patting Epona on the head, I pick up the sleeping Aqua and dash up the chains.

I lay her on the bed, amazed she is still asleep.

I feel myself leaves someone's arms. I think they're Link's. I'm so tired I'm not sure of anything anymore. I feel someone's lips on my forehead. I sigh and fall asleep.

Link and Aqua had been dating for over a year now. Aqua stood up one morning and stretched. On her pillow was a rose and a note. She read the note,

"Meet me in the courtyard." She knew it was Link by the handwriting. &

quot;What is that insane Hylian doing now?" she thought.

Aqua saw Link sitting on the stone bench under the canopy of plants. She leaned on one of the posts,  "You wanted me Hero of Time?"

He laughed and stood up, walking over to her. She had taught him a few words in Gerudo a few years back.  

"Luyen ach daven."  

Her eyes grew wider as he knelt down and pulled out a small ring.  "Will you marry me?"

Aqua could only kiss him and say ďKiujak "

"I take it that is a yes?"  

She merely nodded and let him slip the ring on her finger.