A Hero's Honor
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"A Hero's Honor" Chapters 1 & 2

Author's Note: (Please read the Defender of the Crown trilogy and "Into the castle" before reading this one!)
As my readers are aware, my romance stories center on the adult side of Link and Zelda's relationship. I contemplated whether or not I should submit this last story here, titled "A hero's honor," since this one delves into much more "detail" than the other fanfics I have posted. I finally decided to "go for it," since I know there are readers out there who are hungry for more adult Link/Zelda romance stories.

I love to think of Link as the perfect hero, whisking his lady away in his arms and making her feel on top of the world.
In this last story, he comes home after being away from her for two weeks at battle. Their reunion is rather, shall I say, very heated. Link also has to face some very unpleasant facts of life as a warrior of Hyrule, and it nearly breaks him.
Our ever faithful villain Ganondorf has plotted yet again to get his hands on that pesky Triforce, and will stop at nothing, including destroying Hyrule Field, Lon Lon Ranch, Kokiri Forest, and anywhere else he decides needs destroying, in order to get it.

After a very sensuous liaison in an unlikely place, Link and Zelda discover they are going to have a child. As the story unfolds, the tension mounts as Ganondorf closes in with his evil band of Moblins, hunting Link and Zelda down until the last possible moment. He is not aware she is carrying Link's child, the next heir to the throne of Hyrule.
In preparing this story, I let my imagination go and found myself centering in on a few scenes from "Gone with the Wind." The very ending is based on words from a Celtic song that I love, called "Dunlavy's Castle" by a group called Clandestine. It's a very eclectic mix, and I certainly hope you enjoy it. But remember.you have been warned. This story contains a lot of sexual scenes in it! Read at your own risk! J

A Hero's Honor

By: Happy Mask

Chapter One

The Hylian sunset welcomed the weary Knights of Hyrule as they rode over the top of the hill in Gerudo Valley separating them from the rest of their kingdom. Four of their men had been slain today in battle against the evil Moblins, and were being brought home to be buried with heroes' honor.

Out of their water supply, and the taste of dust in their mouths, smiles and restrained cheers broke out among them as Link drew Epona up over the hill and pulled her reins, slowing down.

Holding up his hand, he turned around and spoke to his men, his voice breaking up. "Gentlemen.across that hill lies our home. We must give thanks for being sent back here safely.and to remember our fellow warriors who died for us today. Let us not ever forget the price they have paid for our freedoms."

He removed his helmet, bowed his head and his army followed suit. Memories of the past few events suddenly flooded him. The knight that died in his arms just a little while ago was one of his best friends. They'd trained together, fought together, and now he was dead, never to serve alongside him again. The other three were newcomers to Hyrule, but just as brave as the ones who'd served with him since he married Zelda. Link felt a hot salty tear fall to his lips.

After a few moments of silence, he raised his head. "Now to home we shall ride!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. He could see the tops of the towers of his home in the distance. What a welcome sight it was. Raising his sword, and Epona up on her hind legs, the Knights of Hyrule charged toward the drawbridge.

The men were anxious to return to their families, but for four of those families, the bad news would pierce through them as swift as a flying Light Arrow.
Link had the overwhelming task, as the leader of these men, to send a page to each home, delivering the horrible news. He thought of Zelda, and could not wait to get home to her, to be welcomed in her loving arms.

Inside her bedroom at Hyrule Castle, unaware that he was riding home, Zelda was busy dusting the bookshelf she had ordered brought down from the castle attic. Link loved to read from her father's huge collection of books, and she was going to surprise him with a collection she'd removed from the downstairs library for his very own. Now he wouldn't have to leave her side to read anymore.

They could enjoy the firelight together, with him reading in bed next to her, while she mended his tunics, worked on her quilts, or read along with him.
Besides, the beautifully carved monster of a bookcase filled an empty space against the wall that had been left bare for far too long. She had climbed up a tall ladder to reach the top shelves to begin dusting. The books were in place, all they needed was Link here to read them.

She sighed deeply as she thought of him, hoping he would return soon. They'd only been married a short time when he'd been called away to the Desert Colossus with his men to fight an angry army of Moblins that had threatened to invade the Spirit Temple. Suspicious that it might have been Ganondorf's doing, Link was determined to thwart any evil that could jeopardize the peace in Hyrule.

This was what he had been born to do, to keep his country and his princess safe. But he had been gone for about two weeks, and the only thing keeping Zelda from going insane from missing him so much was this task she'd set upon herself.

With her blond hair pulled up into a ponytail, and wearing a shift that barely covered the tops of her legs since the weather had been unseasonably hot, she kept dusting, trying to reach every crevice, determined to keep herself busy. Neither she nor Link believed in idle minds. She wiped the sweat from her brow with her arm as she continued working. It didn't matter what she was wearing in here in her bedroom, behind that closed door. She wasn't expecting anybody.

Chapter Two

     Riding into the castle grounds, Link dismounted Epona, and his servants led her to the stable to properly care for her after this long journey. Just before he entered the side door, his eye caught beautiful blooming red and white carnations in the garden nearby. Reaching down to pick some for Zelda before he went inside, he arranged them in a little bouquet and held them behind his back as he entered the castle.

He ran up the stairs, two at a time, eagerly anticipating her welcoming arms around him. When he arrived at the bedroom door, he almost knocked, but decided against it. Grasping the doorknob, he quietly turned it and poked his head inside. When he saw the bookcase filled with the books, a brilliant smile flashed across his face as he ran his fingers through his blond hair, so glad to be home.

"That devil of a woman," he thought to himself. "What a surprise." Then he saw her reach up with the feather duster, completely unaware she was being watched. He caught a peek of her femininity as she reached way up high to get to the top, top shelf. This took away all of the weariness, fatigue and helplessness he'd felt riding home. His temperature rose. She had no idea what a vixen she was.

Then the ladder swerved a little underneath her. She gasped and grabbed the shelf for leverage, looking down. Link's face turned to horror as he dropped the flowers and tiptoed behind the ladder quietly, his arms ready to catch his beautiful wife, but he still didn't want to give away his presence. She regained her footing and continued dusting, unaware he was right underneath her.

Link grabbed the end of the ladder, holding it steady, and looked up. By now he could see much more of her than he saw before. Grinning and rubbing his chin, he waited to see what she would do next. Would she climb down now, or keep dusting? She tried to reach up to the cherub's face carved into the very top, and when she did, she suddenly held her finger to her nose, breathing in.

But it was too late. She sneezed, and the force of it caused her to topple backwards. She shrieked in fear, and Link held out his waiting arms. The unmistakable horror on her face turned to happy surprise as she felt his strong arms breaking her fall, cradling her next to him.

"You gave me quite a scare.milady. You should be more careful. You never know who could come wandering in here and see you like this." He eyed her body in his arms, giving her a look that melted her very soul. His voice and arms around her were the best thing to happen to her all day.

"Link! You're home!" she cried out excitedly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hello, my darling," he whispered as he nuzzled against her nose, then leaned in to kiss her.

"I've missed you so much," she whispered.

"Not nearly as much as I've missed you," Link replied softly in her ear. He then gazed up at the bookshelf.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Yes, it's wonderful! Where did you find it?"

"From the attic upstairs. I decided we needed it in here. Now you have your very own collection of books. I want you close to me when you read."

He turned around with her still in his arms and carried her toward the bed. "It's beautiful, Zelda. However, I'm not interested in reading right at the moment," he said, his voice full of seductive overtones. His eyes were penetrating right through to her very soul, making her tremble in his arms. He'd looked at her like this in the Temple of Time, when she revealed herself to him as Sheik, and he'd never stopped since.

"Oh, Link, look at me, I'm a mess".she said, suddenly embarrassed.

He said nothing, but removed the feather duster from her hand, tossing it to the floor. She reached back to loosen her ponytail. Smiling in anticipation, she let her long blond hair free to tumble down her shoulders, shaking it behind her. Link carefully placed her on the bed using his knees, then lay down above her, his face full of hungry passion."I am looking at you, and you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I want to show you how much I missed you," he said in a low voice, taking her hand and kissing it.

She wound her arms around his neck, and he lowered his mouth onto hers. His passionate kiss stole her away from the present and into their private world, the one they loved to visit quite frequently. He didn't care that she was covered with dust, or that she'd been sweating. "Oh, Link," she murmured. "I'm so glad you're home."

His hands, moving underneath the shift, caressed her bare skin. "You're so soft and warm," he whispered. "Like a dream. So beautiful".

She unlaced the top of his tunic, then her hands drifted down to his belt, unbuckling it with passionate urgency, all the while looking at him with wide eyes.
"Link.I love you."

Pulling his belt away, and releasing his sword from his body with a thud as it hit the floor, he lifted the shift away from her and hungrily took her breasts in his mouth, one at a time, caressing their aching peaks with his tongue. Arching her back, Zelda grasped the sides of his head and began to moan to him in her sweet voice. This was what he had missed the most.

"Yes, milady." he whispered. Feeling his arousal growing quickly, Link took off his chain mail and the rest of his clothing, freeing his hardened masculinity from further confinement. Then he ripped away her remaining undergarments, grabbed her legs and firmly held them by the ankles around his shoulders, and rose up on his knees. "Now I've got you right where I want you.your Highness," he murmured in a wicked tone, kissing her calves, his tongue flickering against her skin, traveling up to her thighs...

Zelda loved it when he ravaged her like this, watching his handsome facial expressions as he was becoming lost in her. It had been a long time since she'd seen him in all his naked glory, his rippled golden muscular chest, arms and thighs, firm buttocks, and his well-defined manhood that was now ready for her.
Dying to touch him, she started to rise up from the bed. Then she felt his hands tighten around her ankles, his teeth grazing against her thigh. She flinched and let out a sensual hiss as he smiled at her. "Careful," she whispered. "I might have to put one of my magic spells on you, you naughty boy."

"Then punish me, please." he whispered back in a passionate frenzy, lowering his body over her, his sultry blue eyes burning right through her. She traced his shoulders slowly with her hands as they wound around his neck, relishing the thought of what was about to happen. "Tell me.does this make me a naughty boy?" he asked, easing himself into her slowly, closing his teeth over her right shoulder. He made a noise against it as he realized just how ready for him she was.

She gasped and grabbed his backside, her head slowly arching back. "Oh, yes."

"Then.does this make me a naughty boy too?" he asked again, withdrawing from her a little, his mouth closing over her left breast, then easing into her again.

"Oh.Link." she purred.

He laughed sensually against her as he began to move his body faster, his very skilled movements making his wife turn to putty underneath him. Eagerly anticipating the loud noises that came from her sweet mouth when they made love, he wanted her to be especially vocal when she reached that ecstatic peak he was about to give her. He knew how to move just right when he was inside her, and all Zelda knew was the paradise she was about to enter with her husband.

"Oh milord, you are wicked, take me now." she begged him, her breathing sensual and ragged, raising her legs around his waist, enabling him to penetrate her even deeper. "Take me now."

Link clenched his teeth. "I love it when you call me that," he groaned in her ear, thrusting faster and deeper. Looking him deep in the eyes, she then commanded to him in Hylian what she wanted him to do to her, and the boldness of it and the way she said it was all it took for him to lose control. He'd never heard her say that to him before.

"Oh, god..." Then he plunged his entire being into her with a delicious fierceness that sent her body into immediate orbit, as she commanded. She grabbed him fiercely by the backside, wanting more of him, her body shuddering with intense pleasure. She could smell the scent of the battlefield on him, feel his callous fingers against her silken skin.

"Yes! Oh yes, milord!" Link raised his head and growled from deep within his soul like a wild animal as he filled her completely with his essence. He felt her contracting around him as she let go, her sweet voice crying out to him. Their bodies rocked fiercely against one another for what seemed like an eternity.

Spent and exhausted, and with one final growl from his chest, Link brought his lips down to hers and kissed her tenderly as his body still quivered slightly from this intense storm that had just flooded him. Her body was still twitching from these delicious feelings that had left her helpless in her husband's arms. How wonderful it was to be married to this man, to have him do this to her.

Swallowing hard and trying to get his breathing back to normal, Link looked down at his sensuous wife, and a slow grin spread across his face. "You bring out the wild animal in me." he whispered as he took her face in his strong hands, hungrily kissing her neck.her chin... "Such an evil temptress, I hope I didn't.hurt you".

"Oh, on the contrary," she murmured, enjoying their passionate afterglow, running her fingers through his beautiful blond hair.

"That was more wonderful than you can imagine, Link. I love it when you do that to me".

Laughing, he covered her mouth with deep, deep kisses, still moaning a little against her. "I shall have to go away more often," he whispered. Withdrawing from her, he settled beside her and pulled her close to his naked body. Regaining his senses, he looked at her with utter astonishment. "You..are..a...wild woman," he whispered, reaching behind her and spanking her firmly on the rear.

Taken by surprise, she let out a surprised shriek. "Naughty girl. You should know better than to say those things to me. I didn't know you knew that kind of language," he said, grinning at her from ear to ear.

"Well you're the one that has made me this way," she teased. "I was a proper princess before I married you."

"And now I've ruined you, what a terrible shame," he said mischievously as he took her in his arms and kissed her.