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"Kafei's Advice"

Kafei's Advice

By: The Father of Din, Nayru and Farore

  Chapter One: Link's Problem

It's a beautiful day today, Kafei thought, just sitting outside his house, staring out at the vast Hyrule field, Maybe I'll just sit here until sunset. It's been ten years since he moved to Hyrule with Anju, his wife. Shortly after they were married, they left Termina with Link, the kid who saved them, and who reunited them. Kafei was 20, going on 21 back then, and Link just turned 13. Kafei wanted to see where Link came from. He wanted to see new lands. Kafei and Link built a house on the highest hill in Hyrule field. It was a cozy little house, overlooking the field like a tower. At dawn, you could see the sun rise over the peaks of the mountains. At dusk, you could see the sun set over the endless horizon of the eastern desert. Both were a magnificent sight to behold. Anju planted a flower garden on the North end. It scented of roses, daisies, tulips and lavender that filled the house when the winds from the North came, 7 times a day. Oh, what a house!

Kafei took a sip of his icy lemonade. The thing he loved the most about this house is the soft and sly breezes from the East that caressed his skin and sending his long hair into a frenzy like a flame. He loved that feeling. I wonder what Link's doing today, he thought. Kafei and Link grew to be the best of friends. Link is now 20, going on 21, and Kafei just turned 29. Over the past 6 months, Link had been ranting and raving on how crazy he was for Princess Zelda, and how he longed for confessing his true feelings of love to her. She seems like a nice woman, Kafei thought, When he stopped by here today I think I heard him mumbling to himself 'I'm gonna ask her today, now matter what.' Heh. Whatever he said, he must have chickened out, I think.

When he said that, Link came up to the hill on his trusty horse, Epona, with a worried, embarrassed, bewildered and guilty look on his face. "Uh-Oh," Kafei said, "Something's wrong." He's never seen that particular look on his face. He took a bigger sip of his drink. "What's wrong, Link?" he asked. Link was silent until he got off Epona, up on Kafei's porch, and plopped in the chair next to Kafei.

"I have a problem," he said.

"Oh, Which is?"

"I...," Link sounded very nervous. Maybe he's suffering Paranoia, Kafei thought.

"I... I finally asked her."

"What? I'm confused."

"I asked Zelda out on a date."

"..." Kafei just blinked, not saying anything. He was lost in thought.

"I know what you must be thinking," Link said.

Kafei chuckled, hiding his face with his hand and hair.

"I know. It's stupid, but I had to tell her and I stupidly so happened to just blurt it out like that..."

While Link was talking, Kafei had guzzled his lemonade down. The entire glass.

"Hey, are you upset?" Link said.

" *GULP* But let me tell you why." Kafei got up and went inside. Link followed. "Come, have a seat." Link sat.

"Something to eat?"

"No, I had lunch."

"Want a drink?" Kafei asked.


Kafei opened the kitchen drawer and grabbed a bottle of what was seemingly alcohol. "Bourbon?" he asked again.

"Nah. Scotch, if you have it."

Kafei got another bottle. As he poured two glasses, one bourbon, one scotch, he went back to the subject at hand. "Okay," he said as he handed the scotch to Link "What happened?"

Link told his story between sips. "Well... I was strolling through the castle like always, and Zelda spotted me. She said, 'Oh Link, what a surprise!' And my knees felt weak by the sound of her sweet voice, you know. So we had our casual stroll through the castle courtyards and just talked like always. She has a great sense of humor. And her laugh... Oh, Kafei her laughter is like... l-like the splendor of the Sacred Realm of Heaven... like the song of the waves of a restless ocean."

"Eh Heh Heh. How poetic. I think that's the scotch talking." Kafei joked.

Link scowled at Kafei. "Anyway, when we reached the end of the courtyard and had a seat on one of the benches, I said,


'Yeah, Link?'

'Uh... W-would you like to go out with me?'

'What? On a date?'

I was so embarrassed. 'Well... yes.'

'I'd love to.'

Kafei, you should've seen the look on my face. It lit up like lightning. 'Oh! Well... that's... great! Uhh... yeah.'

She laughed again. 'So when do you want to go?'


'I said, So When do you want to go?'

'Oh! Uh, how about Friday. Are you busy on Friday?'

'No. Friday sounds good.'

'Okay, see you then.'

'Okay, bye Link,' she said as she kissed my cheek and walked away. I thought I just died and went to Heaven and Hell at the same time.

I cursed and slapped myself. 'Bana Dukw, Link! Just look what you did to yourself now! Kuso!' "

Kafei laughed so hard he nearly spilled his drink.

"I can tell that you are drunk. Maybe I should come back later," Link said as he walked towards the door.

Chapter Two: First Lessons

Later that day, when Kafei was sober, lounged on the covered porch again, lost in thought. He thought about his life right now. Anju and Kafei were expecting their third child in a month. "Hope it's a girl," he thought, since he already had two boys, Carlz and Seth. It was good having the boys around, but he thought it would be nice to have a little girl. He sighed as he watched his boys playing and whatnot.

Then Kafei remembered about Link's problem, and yes, Kafei did remember, even if he was drunk. "Maybe I should teach Link," Kafei said aloud, "Yeah, I think I should teach him the ways of love. He just turned adult, and he needs to learn more about women. I think I'll go over to his place and talk to him." So he got up, went over to his nearby stable, mounted his prized and trusty stallion, Storm, and rode off to Link's home in the city.

Night fell. Link was in bad shape. He had no clue. No clue on how love worked. "For God's Sake, what am I going to DO?" Link said in utter helplessness. Link thought and thought. And then

"Who would be here at this ungodly hour?!" Link demanded.

"Link, It's me, Kafei."

"Oh!" He was suprised why Kafei came.

"Could you open up, please?"

Link opened the door, "I couldn't imagine better timing, Kafei."

"I wanted to speak with you?"

"On what Issue?"

"Your Problem."

"Oh, uhh... Come in!"

"Actually, I was thinking if we could go have a drink."

"That'd be cool."

"Good. Let's Go."

Later, When they sat at a nearby cafe, They talked into the night.