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"Le Wedding"

Le Wedding

By: Luna the Sheikah

Hooray! The last part! *pants* I may do a few shorter stories about Aqua and Link if people like my story. Anyway without anymore stalling here it is!

It was a bright summer day in Hyrule and the entire country was in a hurry. A great wedding was about to occur. Perhaps the strangest in history. A few years ago, a strange girl from a dimension called Earth was saved by Link. A romance blossomed and the two were to be wed. Sure, interracial marriages were heard of but not by two different worlds. Regardless that Aqua had grown Hylian ears she still knew her own customs.

Zelda and Impa were busily helping Aqua into her gown. It was a strapless white gown with a short skirt.

"You have to wear high heels!" Zelda said, her hand clasped over a pair of white heels.

Aqua shook her head, "I trip all over myself in heels." In an act of stubbornness she slipped on her boots.

Impa sighed and continued brushing the girl's wavy brown locks. A light blue eye shadow danced over her eyelids and glitter glowed upon her cheeks. Suddenly, just as Impa finished, Aqua jumped up.

"Who is going to walk me down the aisle?"

Having gladly left her abusive father in Earth this made them all think. Aqua snapped her fingers, "I know!" 

She whispered excitedly to the two of them. Impa dashed down the stairs and returned with the stand in. The stand in smiled and was led by Impa to another room.

Link had his Zora tunic on and polished boots and golden gauntlets. He knew she'd be surprised to see him without a hat.

"Wow Link your hair is actually agreeing with you today!" Navi chuckled. He playfully slapped her away. She heard the news from the numerous Kokiri and had returned for only today.

"God I'm so nervous."

"Don't be, just think about tonight."


She giggled hysterically and followed him out the door to the Great Hall. 

He chatted with the best man, Darunia over a few things. To calm his pre wed jitters.

"To think the Dodongo Slayer is getting married."

  "Aw c'mon Darunia. I was just a kid! Besides I needed the Spiritual Stone."

  Suddenly the notes of the Prelude of Light echoed through the stone walls. It was their favorite song.

Zelda stood in the crowd beaming, her thoughts raced to being Sheik and teaching Link that song all those years ago.

The sight that was to behold by the audience and the groom himself would be the talk of Hyrule for ages. There walked Aqua, looking radient and excited. Her arm was hooked with Nabooru and whispers started to go through the crowd. Link saw the sudden scowl on Aqua's face and wondered what his feisty bride was going to say.

"WHO'D YOU EXPECT MY DAD?" She yelled. A hush fell on the room. Everyone knew too well the young woman's past.

Nabooru had her long red hair down and a lily by her ear. A tight fitting light blue bridesmaids gown made her look all the more gorgeous. She winked at the guard that was gazing at her. He nearly collapsed and she chuckled. Her dress had the mark of the Gerudo and the Triforce on her dress, as a mark of the maid of honor.

The bridesmaids were Impa, Ruto, Saria, and Malon. The groomsmen were the fisherman, the diving game zora, a few gorons and Mido of all people.

As Nabooru released her friend to the altar, she slipped the lily behind her own ear, behind Aqua's. Soon the vows began.

Soon a young Goron in a tuxedo entered the room with a silver platter with two rings upon it. Link, the grooms namesake held the platter up to them. As they took their rings Aqua bent down and kissed his forehead. Causing the young goron to blush and Link ruffled the hair on his name sake's head.

The rings were exchanged and the line they had been waiting for was said.

"I pronounce you man and wife. The groom may kiss the bride."

Aqua leaped on Link and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms draped over his shoulders. She kissed him so deeply he nearly couldn't control himself. All he could do was hold her steady.

"Or the other way around." Rauru announced causing the crowd to laugh and cheer.

Of course they may not of seen this wedding day alive. A fierce battle of the heart and mind was fought only the night before.

Ganondorf looked at a young woman in Gerudo clothing practice. She backflipped then ducked. Jumped off a pillar and struck the opposite pillar, causing a few sparks to fly. The evil king wanted this woman to be his bride. Link came up behind her and planted a passionate kiss on her. Infuriated, Ganon summoned what strength he could in the world of the dead and he clenched his fist and pulled. A lifeless Aqua slumped in Link's embrace.

All the young man could do was stutter in shock and disbelief. A voice echoed in his conscience.

"I have stolen your heart's soul. If you want her, come and get her."

An image floated through his head. There was Aqua's soul in a small dress and a dagger at her throat. Ganon's arm held her by her shoulders.

"Nice choice."

His tongue slid against her cheek. She kneed him and elbowed him.


He only laughed and slid the blade deeply into her face. The image faded with one last word.

"Link..." His fiancée whispered into the air, overcome by pain.

In a frenzy, Link summoned the sages and met them in the Temple of Time.

He laid her body in the middle of the circle of them.

"What can we do?" Link asked.

Nabooru looked at him in the eye.

"I could transport you to the world of the dead. Being the sage of spirit and all. I think I can do it."

"Can I bring a weapon?"

"Only a few. Your heart, mind, and triforce of courage. I have a feeling this will be a major battle. Maybe not necessarily between you and Ganon but it will be a life changing battle. Be wise and true Hero of Time."

He laid next to the Earth girl’s body and held her hand. Then let the sages do their work.

Gazing around his new surroundings, he heard a laugh behind him.

"So you made it after all, Hero of Time."

"Where is she?"

"Oh her..."

He snapped his fingers and a young girl in chains hung on a wall.


"Link?" The captive managed to mumble.

He ran toward her but was blocked by a barrier. He pummeled and rammed the barrier with his body and fists.

"LINK LOOK OUT!" She yelled as Ganon struck him on the head.

Ganondorf kept hitting Link over and over with out a single pause. All Link could do was try to shield himself. But to no avail, his rival picked him up and slammed his soul’s last breaths against the barrier. The last thing Aqua heard him say was.

"I love you."  

"NOOO! You monster!" She cried pulling at the chains desperately.

Ganondorf laughed, "Your fiancée was worthless, you deserve better my precious."

Her blood boiled, a dark fire burned in her brown eyes.

"That is not true," Aqua said in such a strong voice that startled the sages and the evil king himself.

"He loved me until his last dying breath. Which is more than you'll ever give."

Ganondorf backed away a few steps.  

"You are the worthless being. Link shall always be better, you rancid bastard!"

Her eyes glowed a bright red. The chains shattered and she dropped to the floor. He gasped, was that a Triforce glowing on her hand?

"It cannot be..."

"You are in no position to speak you mother fucker."

Aqua simply walked through the magical barrier. She knelt beside Link's dead soul. Aqua kissed his forehead, restoring his life. He was alive but unconscious.

Ganondorf regained composure. He threw energy at her and his foe, only to have it evaporate as soon as it touched either of them. Her hand glided down her fiancée's face.

"Link, my dear Link..."

"You BITCH!" Ganon cried still trying to wound her. Aqua's gaze turned to the wicked man and her eyes narrowed. As she stood an aura of red was around her and her hair floated.

"You shall pay dearly Ganondorf Dragmire Evil King of the Gerudo race."

He turned to flee but couldn't move, he was frozen in his tracks.

"You coward."

Effortlessly she picked him up by his collar brought her face toward hers.

"You wanted me so badly, so here I am."

She kissed him, but it was a kiss of death. His body disintegrated under touch, becoming dust that was sucked back into his prison of the sacred realm.

She laid down next to Link and help his hand, feeling them return to their bodies.

She awoke the Triforce still glowing on the back of her right hand. Seeing that Link was still unconscious, she kissed him on the lips.

"Wake up..."

His eyes fluttered open and he didn't hesitate to take her in his arms. He looked at her hand.

"What in the name of Termina?"

Rauru stepped forward.

 "There is a legend. The empty triangle is the Triforce of love. Love can be wondrous and someone's bane, like she demonstrated with Ganondorf. It is only called upon when needed. You and your descendants will bear it Aqua."

  She only smiled.

That was what ran through her head as she danced with Link. He suddenly stopped in front of the staircase.

"Shall we?" His eyes glowed with a mischievousness she had never seen before.

"You naughty child. I may have to use my Triforce piece on you," Aqua whispered to him.

"Go ahead," He said and lifted her off the ground. They slipped inside their bedroom where words cannot describe what occurred between them.

The End

Ok that is the end of the series. I'll add more to it if I feel like it. This was fairly easy to type so I did it in one day! Go me! ^_^ Anyway, if you want a lemon about this. Do it yourself. Just be sure to send me a copy and mention that Aqua is my character! Hope you liked it. And give a review!