The Master of the Triforce
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"The Master of the Triforce"

The Master of the Triforce

By: Kid

Author's Note: This story is set long before The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

In the beginning, when the three goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore created Hyrule, they created the Triforce. The Triforce gave a wish to the person who touches it. But, when an evil-hearted person wants to touch it, they would be able to do whatever they want, so the gods created an extraordinary, huge, red bird, the one that you can find on the Hylian shield. So if an evil-hearted person comes, he/she would have to get through the bird to get to the Triforce, hence the name, Master of the Triforce. This bird protects the Triforce, although it can't make a wish on the Triforce.

When the first man with the Triforce of Courage was born and went to challenge Ganon, he was defeated and death came upon anyone who came in the same room as Ganon. Soon after that, almost everyone in the Royal Family was dead by Ganon's evil doings. In this case, the Master of the Triforce tried to protect everyone in the royal family. But, it was too much to handle so it protected everyone with a piece of the Triforce in them, no matter who it was. The Master of the Triforce still protected the Triforce but gave at least three lives to everyone with a Triforce piece in them. Have you ever looked at the Hylian shield and thought "Why is that triangle under the bird?" This is why it's there: After twenty years of defending the Triforce and the people with the pieces of the Triforce in them, it got weak, very weak. So the gods decided to give a third of power, a third of wisdom, and a third of courage to create a new piece of the Triforce that would in the middle of the three triangles. This one could not be passed to different people like the other Triforces, this one was made specifically for the Master of the Triforce and could only go back in the middle if the Master of the Triforce was destroyed. Once returned, the triangle will split the powers back to where they came from.

After another twenty years no one dared to try to get the Triforce, not even the people that have the pieces of the Triforce, knowing that the Master of the Triforce stops anyone with an evil heart. Though, the people knew that, they started to think that even if they had the tiniest bit of evil in their heart that they would die from the Master of the Triforce.

After five years of protecting the Triforce from nothing, the Master of the Triforce took a break to fly around Hyrule for about ten minutes. But it made a big mistake. Thinking that no one would come and get what's needed to open the door to the Triforce, a deeply evil man named Ganon came with a man and a woman in each of his hands. Since they had to be in that room to get the Triforce, Ganon had what was needed to get in. So with his Triforce of power, the man's Triforce of courage, and the woman's Triforce of wisdom hovering above him, he could get whatever he wanted now that they were together as the Triforce. Now that he got his hands on the Triforce, he wished for Hyrule to be his.

Once the Master of the Triforce came back, the Triforce had been used so it sealed itself back in the room, waiting for someone to get it or for it to spread to other people. The door was sealed so the Master of the Triforce couldn't get in. Suddenly, its piece of the Triforce was floating in front of it. The goddesses punished it by taking its Triforce piece. The Master of the Triforce still had the responsibility of guarding the Triforce from evil-hearted people, but it had to make it on its own, in other words, without its Triforce piece.

The Master of the Triforce tried to do its best to protect the Triforce but one day, the Triforce split to different people. The Triforce of power went to the same Ganon that got the Triforce, The Triforce of wisdom went to a woman named Zelda, also known as the princess of Hyrule, and the Triforce of courage went to a young man named Link.

This Ganon was so very evil that it wanted to destroy everything in its path. So instead of Link going to find Ganon, Ganon went to find him. When Ganon found him, Link was not at all ready to fight. He didn't even have a sword. Ganon used his evil powers to make Link suffer. And just as Link was almost dead, princess Zelda came and hit Ganon in the back with a light arrow. Ganon became so angry that he turned around and used a powerful punch that knocked her against a tree that was one hundred metres away. Zelda was unconscious against the tree so Ganon used his evil powers to make monsters find the Triforce of wisdom inside of her. After they found it, Ganon added it to his Triforce of power. Then he got back to Link. He made Link suffer until he Link couldn't handle it anymore. He gave up the Triforce of courage and Ganon walked away.

Ganon ended up at the door and used his most powerful powers to break the door. The only difference this time is that the Master of the Triforce was ready. Ganon stood in front of the Triforce, not touching it, making his wish known to the goddesses. He asked them to destroy themselves and give Hyrule to him. Just as he was going to touch it, the Master of the Triforce came swooping down and knocked him out. Ganon got up after five minutes and used his most powerful blast he knew how to do and knocked the Master of the Triforce out cold. The goddesses could not do anything about it so they tried to think up something. They decided to create the Triforce piece for the Master of the Triforce again. The Master of the Triforce, got up and used a huge fireball to push Ganon away from the Triforce. But, the Master of the Triforce sensed it. something was coming to kill the goddesses! It thought "How could it happen, he never touched it!" So it sent Ganon to the Evil Realm and went up to the goddesses.

Meanwhile, Link and Zelda could feel it, something was happening to the goddesses. Link and Zelda tried their best to send their spirits to help them but they were rejected to help. In that case, they just hoped that everything was going to be fine. The goddesses cried in the sadness of their suicide because they knew there was nothing they could do. The Master of the Triforce came and stood in front of the goddesses. Their blast came and hit the Master of the Triforce right through the heart. The Master of the Triforce fell down to Hyrule and the blast stopped coming. The goddesses sat in confusion thinking of why the blast stopped coming. Then suddenly, Nayru thought of it. She made them remember that they each put a fragment of their power into the Triforce for the Master of the Triforce. So that must have meant that the blast thought it had destroyed them because the Master of the Triforce still had a fragment of their power!

The Master of the Triforce lay there and thought "Why did his wish come true, he did not touch it." Then a Farore's voice came into its head and said "He did not touch it, but his blast did. You see, every time he shot a blast, some of his D.N.A. is part of it." The Master of the Triforce nodded in agreement and passed away.

Four years later, Link came upon the Triforce and wished that all the evil be destroyed, including the Evil Realm. The Evil realm was destroyed and all the evil in Hyrule was destroyed. And that was the story of the Master of the Triforce.

    The End