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"Montero's Love"

Montero's Love

By: Inori

Ok guys, this one came to me when I was listening to the soundtrack to 'The Mask of Zorro'.  Ok, I know. Who in their right mind would buy the soundtrack to Mask of Zorro? I would. Anyways. Not to give anything away, but it really has nothing to do with Zorro at all, because someone already took that idea, but I like some of the names, like Esperanza and Elena, and Diego De la Vega. Oh well. Hopefully this turns out as good as I want it to. That's all for Author's Notes!


It happened on a cold, bitter winter night in Hyrule. Ganondorf had married a while ago, and his wife, Marquette, had given birth to his son, Montero. The birth of new evil. Ganon would make sure Montero grew up to be a conqueror. Ganon just had to make sure that meddling Link stayed out of the way.
Montero didn't look anything like Ganon. Instead, he had dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. Ganon cursed his luck that his son came out looking like Link in every way other than the fact that Montero was a Gerudo. Ganon just hoped Montero would be as evil as himself.

Exactly on the same night of Montero's birth, Zelda, too gave birth to a child. A daughter, to be exact. Link cradled her in his arms, while they both chose a proper name. "Esperanza," Link said aloud. The baby in his arms giggled at the name. Zelda agreed that the name was suiting for her.

Her eyes were a beautiful shade of amethyst, her hair was a strawberry-blond color.

A page entered the room with a solemn expression. He looked to Link, then Zelda, finally resting his gaze on Esperanza. "Sire, Ganondorf has a son, Montero. I fear the safety of your daughter, if not the whole kingdom."

Link only laughed. "Page, we've been at peace with Ganon for years, why would we fear his son?" Esperanza giggled again, then extended her arms towards Zelda.

Chapter One: Nineteen Years Later

Esperanza walked out into the morning sun, blinking a few times at the brightness. Link walked up behind her, and settled his hands onto her shoulders. Link was the only family member Esperanza had left, after The Red Death plague hit and took Zelda's life. Esperanza was only two years of age at the time, and she vaguely remembers her mother. Every night since she could remember, Link told her stories of his adventures, quests, and of her mother. Link made Zelda sound like the perfect and proper woman, but when Esperanza would protest and say there was a wilder side to Zelda, Link would smile faintly and deny it.

She bent down and picked a white Romanian flower. She loved the scent of these, and remembered how Impa used to hang them over her crib when she was younger. When Link told his stories, he used to take the flowers and use them as a sword, lunging them one way, then another, until Impa came in and cut him off from saying something inappropriate.

She giggled softly at the memory. "Something very forgettable," she murmured softly. She giggled again. Link always used to say that when Impa cut him off.

He looked down at her in curiosity. "What did you say, Esperanza?" he asked politely. She turned her head to look at him, her smile never leaving her face.

"Something you used to say when Impa cut you off during you tales of adventure, that's all," she replied. Link nodded, then suggested that they head inside for breakfast.

Montero stood on the cliff in front Gerudo Valley, watching the sun come up over the castle. Every so often he would find himself thinking of the princess, and he cursed himself for it. He turned to his horse, and mounted. Today was the day he would finally tell the princess his feelings about her.

His horse was a beautiful shade of black with a white star and stripe down its forehead and muzzle. The eyes were an icy green, and the mane and tail color were silver. Montero loved this horse. Whenever the sun hit its silver mane, it glimmered as if it were actually armor plating, and at night it looked like she was a phantom horse, the only thing left was the armor. That's why he respectively named her Night Shade.

Montero eased her into a steady canter and headed towards the castle. As he entered the castle courtyard, three guards came and stopped him.

"What's your busniess here, boy," one of the guards hissed. The second one looked him over, then realized who it was.

"You're Ganondorf's boy, you are! You have no right being here!"

Montero sighed. "I'm nothing like my father, trust me. I have no intentions to hurt anyone," he said in a soft voice.

"Like hell you aren't!" the third guard said. "You are exactly like Ganon! You've come to steal the Triforce for him!"

"What are you babbling about? I've just come to talk to the princess," Montero replied.

"No child of Ganon can enter this castle! Not after what he did!" the first guard said.

Esperanza walked out into the courtyard. "Just what is going on, guards?" she said in a demanding tone of voice. Montero couldn't help but gaze into her beauty. She definitely had Zelda's charm and looks and Link's strength. Esperanza noticed Montero's gaze on her, then turned to look at him. "I'm sorry for my guards' behavior. May I help you-"

"Montero. I'm Ganon's son. I've come to talk to you about something very important," he supplied. She nodded, then motioned him to come with her. He dismounted Night Shade and tied her to a tree, then proceeded to follow Esperanza to the castle.

She led him to a secluded garden so they could talk without disruptions. "What is it you wanted to talk about, Montero?"

"Well, I-" He was cut off by the intrusion of a young soldier. Esperanza stood and hugged the intruder, who in return kissed her lightly. Montero grew angrier. This soldier was her fiancée. He could tell by the ring she wore on her heft hand.

His love for Esperanza turned into anger and hatred. She shooed her lover away for the time being and returned her attention to Montero. "I'm sorry about that. Please, continue," she said.

"I was saying how much I loved you, but seeing as how you won't return my love, forget it," he said. Esperanza gave a small laugh.

"How could I love you? I only just met you, silly. Besides, I'm engaged," she said with another laugh.

Montero looked at her coldly, a brillant plan brewing in his mind. Instead of simply saying his intentions, he knocked her unconcious and kidnapped her. If he could not win her effection, he would force it onto her. He retrieved his horse and rode back to Gerudo Valley.

Esperanza awoke to what seemed like a draft, only there were no windows or doors the wind could have come from. She realized then that she was lying nude in a cell, the only way out was a small hole in the celing. She also realized who was there with her. Montero.

"Did whoever kidnap you too, Montero?" she asked in a frightened tone of voice. She had a feeling that he was the kidnapper, but she wasn't sure.
"Nope. I brought you here. I stripped you. And since you wouldn't take my love, I'm gonna force you to, in anyway possible."

Esperanza's eyes grew larger and she backed into a corner and crouched down low, holding her knees. "You are just like Ganon," she said softly, tears rolling down her face.

"No! I'm not like him! I'll never be like him! He was a cruel man, unable to feel love towards others! I loved you from the first time we both played together in Zora's river!" he yelled. He stood there looking at her, waiting for an answer, breathing hard as tears threatened to fall.

She looked at him with those scared eyes. "You're that little boy I used to play with all the time? I thought you didn't like me when you didn't show up to my party that I invited you to."

Montero looked down and sat down on ground of the cell. "My father found out about us being friends, and forbid me from ever leaving Gerudo fortress again. Unless, of course, I joined him in his evil scheme." He tossed her her clothes.

She got dressed and sat down next to him, placing her small delicate hand on his large, muscular back. It was a contrast of her light-colored hand against the hard, tanned muscle of his back. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry I even brought you here. I should've known you would never return my feelings after so many years. I am such an idiot," he said in a regretful voice. She pulled him over to her and held him in a tight, but soothing, embrace. He marveled at her strength that she inherited from Link, and how she hid it in the delicate shell of her body.

"Don't be sorry. It is I who hurt you. Not the other way around. I do return those feelings. I loved you for the longest time, but when you never came to see me, I thought you hated me and, well, you know the rest," she said. Montero looked into her eyes.

"I could never hate you. Never. No matter how much I try, I'll never be able to hate you. Your fiancée, on the other hand, is a diffferent story." He laughed softly, then looked back down at the ground.

After a while of sitting there in silence, they stood up, and Montero got them out of the cell. He helped her onto his horse and mounted up behind her, grabbing the reins by slipping his arms around her. He kicked the horse in it's side, getting it into a full out gallop, heading towards the castle.

They once again entered the courtyard and he helped her off the horse. As a final goodbye, he handed her his necklace with the charm of the Gerudo's most precious treasure: The ice arrow. The charm was a small gold arrow with a white diamond around the tip. She took it and put it around her neck and watched him ride away, knowing that they had parted with a passing of friendship.


Esperanza recieved news of Montero's death three years later of their reunion. He had joined the Knights of Hyrule, against his father's wishes, and during a battle with Ganon he was killed.

She on the other hand, married the soldier, Forrester, and had two children. The oldest was a girl, which they named Elena, and the youngest was a boy, born after Montero died. As a symbol of her friendship with him, she named her son Montero.