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"The Morality Saga: Cast Down"

The Morality Saga: Cast Down

By: Jawmax


This was it, they had come for her. Farore could not believe that they found her in the toxic ocean of Zoness the last place she would go. There was nowhere else she could hide. "We finally found you after millennia searching," said Cogox.

"Alright, let's go," Farore said reluctantly. In an instant they were in the Celestial City, a place beyond description. But to Farore it was the most mundane place in existence. Cogox took her to the Hall of Judgment to wait.

"So they got you too huh, sis?" said Nayru.

"On that disgusting planet Zoness," said Farore.

"That's not as bad disguising yourself as a Mofin slime eel," said Nayru.

"They found me in a super nova," said Din. Just then the judge came in.

"Let's get this over with. Din, Nayru, and Farore you are charged with creating an object that endangers our way of life, how do you plead?" he said.

"Not guilty," The three golden sisters replied.

Just then someone came into the hall. "Of course you're guilty and we all know it," he said.


"What are you doing here!"

"Leave us alone!" The three sisters said. Loki like many of the Eternals was named after a god in mortal culture; his name was fitting since like his namesake he was a trickster and few liked him especially Din, Farore, and Nayru.

"I am here as prosecution against you three," Loki smiled. "Now as you know your Honor, these three have created a world full of semi-intelligent mortals on which is object called a Triforce which could give mortals the same powers we have. This act must not go unpunished, we have disposed of the Triforce but its creators must be taught a lesson that no Eternal will ever forget!"

"What do you have to say in your own defense?" the Judge asked.

"We were bored, it was the only thing we never did before," said Din.

"That is no excuse," the Judge said.

"Your honor the problem in this case is that they have lost their sense of responsibility."


"They were model citizens before this incident, doing not only what is good for our society but for mortal kind as well. I wish to bring a few witnesses to show what I mean." In that instant, three different beings a short blue skinned woman, a human girl, and a Cornerian.

"Loki? What in blazes is going on here?!" the Conerian said.

"Fox, how nice to see you," said Loki. Fox McCloud had meet Loki several times and wished he never did.

"All of you are here to give testimony to the acts of these three women; you will have no memories of this event except for you Fox because I like you."

"O goody," Fox said sarcastically.

"Yes, it was you who shook the bookcase," said the blue skinned woman as she pointed at Nayru.

"Yes, Miss Toba and because of that a book hit you on the head and you then formed your gravity theory," Loki interrupted.

"Hey," the human woman said as she pointed to Din. "You're the girl with then jeep. Do you know where the guy in groovy glasses is? I've been looking for him for days."

"You'll find him," said Din as if she knew something.

"O yes as I recall you were on a on your way to a concert where your brother had a new job when your car broke down."

"Yeah, she gave us a lift; we would never have made it in time without her."

"Yes and there was some kind of electrical problem."

"It was nothing to serious Mike was just lucky he spotted it."

"Yes if he didn't the problem would have taken days to find and there would have been no concert in..."

"Woodstock," Din finished.

"And you would have never have meet your future husband, the groovy guy in the glasses, both of you very successful stockbrokers, and four kids," Loki added.

"Far out," was all she could say.

"Well I never saw any of them in my life, although I have the disgrace of knowing you Loki," said Fox.

"Are you sure? Do you recognize this photo?" Loki said as he shown the photo to Fox.

"Of course, that is my great grandfather Michel McCloud a war hero, he stayed on the battle field while most of the other solders fled, they used to call him Old Leadboots. This was taken when he got out of the hospital."

"And the women next to him?" Loki asked.

Fox took a close look at the photo. "I don't believe this. It's her!" he said as looked at Farore.

"Yes, Farore carried your ancestor out of the battlefield and cared for his wounds. If she did not I would never have been able to have so much fun with you Fox," Loki said with a grin.

"Thank you all for your help you may go now," Loki said as the witnesses vanished. "Your honor you now see that these three had a great sense of responsibility, they must be punished so that they may regain it."

"Very well. Nayru, Farore, and Din, I here by sentence you to a mortal life where you shall live until we fell that you have learned your lesson. You all shall have no memory of your former life except in your subconscious minds until you reach the mortal age of seven and you will be stripped of your powers."


This was their night. After a long wedding day Link and Zelda were finally going to make love. "I have had enough of relatives, well wishers, and even old friends,"  Zelda said as she entered the master bedroom with an exhausted look on her face.

"Don't worry honey I made sure that no one will disturb us tonight it's just you and me," Link said. "I just hope I can handle being a leader."

"You'll be a great king and you're already a wonderful husband."

"I guess we should get started don't you think?"

"Yes, but I'm very nervous."

"So am I."

They began to take off the fine wedding clothes went into the bed holding hands. At first they just looked at each others bodies, and then they came close, exploring each others mouths with their tongues, after about two minutes of this Link finally entered Zelda. This was the best sensation they ever had; they could not find words to describe it. Inside Zelda the natural course of pregnancy was taking place. But Nayru, Din, And Farores minds entered the embryos. Link and Zelda were chosen to be their parents.

One morning before Link was awakened Zelda suddenly woke up with a horrible feeling in her stomach. She ran across the hall to the bathroom where she vomited. She felt a small bit of relief when she vomited again. Link came in at this moment. "Zelda darling what's wrong?" he said.

"I'm not positive but I think I might be pregnant."

"But when could this have happened?"

"Well if the signs are right it was most likely on our wedding night."

"We're having kids on our first try huh? I guess we're pretty lucky."

"But Link I'm not sure if we are ready for this."

"We just have to do our best that's all we can do. Come on, we better get ready."

"For what?"

"The big announcement we got to make, I what to share our joy with everyone in the kingdom."

Inside Zelda the sisters were very comfortable. They thought that mortal life would be a breeze. Wonder came over them as they seen their arms and legs began to grow. Often they wondered what species they would be or who their parents would be.

Months later as the pregnancy progressed Link began to get used to being the king of Hyrule. He made sure that every one of Zelda's needs were met. Every one of Link and Zelda's friends wanted to either be the baby's godparent or have the baby named after them. "Come brother, we're sworn brothers!" said Darunia.

"Darunia, I know this means a lot to you, but a have to talk to Zelda about it."

"I named my son after you the least you can do is return the favor."

"But what if it's a girl?"

"Then you can name her what ever you want to."

"I'll put it on the list ok?"

Later Zelda came into the throne room after one her walks. This was the only exercise she could do ever since she stared to show, she normally would train in the Sheikah ways. "Link, I think Impa should be the godmother."

"But Saria wants to be the godmother."

"Link Impa is very good with children and practically raised me."

"Saria was the one who raised me and is the gentlest person I know."

"This has to be the most popular baby in the entire world."

"That's because the parents are the ones who saved Hyrule."

"Well at least he or she will be well loved. Ouch!"

"What's wrong?"

"I think the baby's kicking."

"Let me feel." Link put his hand on Zelda's belly.

"This is strange. It feels like it's kicking all over. But how can this be?"

Inside Din, Farore, and Nayru were indeed kicking. "It's getting too crowded in here," they all thought.

Finally the day arrived. Every one was worried because the baby was late. Even though most said that Link shouldn't be at the delivery, nothing would keep him from Zelda's side. "Come on Zelda push!" the midwife said.

"I am pushing!!!!" Zelda screamed.

"Keep going Zelda dearest."

"I can't do this!"

"Yes you can. You can do anything!"

Inside the three knew that it was time to begin their new lives. "See you on the outside," Din thought as she began to exit the womb.

"Here it comes!" said the midwife. "It's a girl!"

Link was overjoyed until Zelda spoke up. "I'm still having labor pains!"

"What?! But that can't be!" the midwife was very concerned. "Keep pushing! It may be twins."

Another girl came out. "It sill hurts!!!!" Zelda screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Keep going sweetheart!" Link said trying to clam her down. A third girl came out and the pain finally stopped.

"I don't believe this. No one has ever had three babies at the same time before," the midwife said in amazement.

"I think a proper term would be triplets," said Link. "Look at them Zelda. Aren't they beautiful?"

"Yes. They're gifts from the goddesses. So we will name them after the goddesses in thanks. Din, Nayru, and Farore," she said as she pointed from oldest to youngest.

"Yes, our little goddesses," Link said as looked at the three sweet girls.

Life with the girls wasn't easy. Link and Zelda insisted that they'd take care of the girls themselves instead of having a nanny do it. They named Ruto the girls' godmother. Zelda decided to breast feed the girls but Link often helped her by giving one of them a bottle.  They often played with them during their bath. "Ok Farore I'm gonna eat you up yes," Zelda said in a playful voice as she started to tickle Farore's belly with her mouth. One of the hardest parts was the sleepless nights. "Nayru's still awake?" Zelda asked as she came into the nursery.

"She just wants to hang out. I don't."

"Remember what Impa said. We got to try to sleep when they do."

"This has been very hard; facing monsters was easier than this."

"Yes, but while we try to get used to life with them, they are trying to get used to life."

"Well look at that. She's finally asleep." They put Nayru in the crib with her sisters.

"They so beautiful when they're asleep," Zelda said she looked at the little ones.

Link put his hand on her shoulder. "Aren't they just." They went into their room.

"You know one day they will be bringing boys here."

"I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for that. Zelda, do you want to make love tonight?"

"Are you sure? We might get more kids."

"That would be nice." He took Zelda into his arms and they kissed passionately.

Elsewhere in Hyrule two shadowed figures made plans. "Are you sure what this Loki person said is true?"

"I'm positive. The three princesses are the goddesses in mortal from. If we kill them I'm sure we gain their great power!"

"So what are we waiting for lets go to the castle and kill them!"

"Patience my beloved. We must be cunning and wait. We will work are way into the castle staff and then make our move. No one can stop us!" Horrid laughter echoed though the land.

Will Link and Zelda be able to protect their children from this threat? And why has Loki revealed this secret? And will Link and Zelda ever learn the truth about their girls? Find out in the next chapter of the Mortality Saga. The Hopes of Children.