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"Never Ending Carnival"

Never Ending Carnival

By: Inori

Character List: (The who's who, guys!) Tenchi: Link, Ayieka: Princess Zelda, Tsunami (Sasami): Princess Ruto, Ryoko: Nabooru, Washuu: Saria [Ok, so this Saria will have a laboratory], Kyonai: Impa, Mioshi: Malon, Mr. Masaki (Dad): Ingo, Yosho (Grandfather): Talon. Ok guys, hope that's gonna clear a few things up! Whoever I didn't mention are themselves. Enjoy my fic!

Chapter One:

"Tenchi, Tenchi! Wake up!" Navi yelled. Tenchi awoke with a start, falling head first to the ground. After making sure he was actually alive, he got to his feet and got dressed.

"Hurry up, Tenchi! Princess Ayieka wishes to see you!" Navi exclaimed, in that annoying excited voice she had. Giving a grunt, Tenchi pulled on his boots and left the tree house, climbing sown his ladder and heading for the entrance to Kokiri village.

"Tenchi! There you are, my little guinea pig! I've finished my greatest invention, and I want you to test it! Come on, Tenchi!" Washuu exclaimed, pulling on Tenchi's arm. Tenchi let out a sigh as he pried Washuu's hands off his arm.

"I can't, Little Washuu," Tenchi explained, "I have to go see Princess Ayieka. She wanted to talk to me about something." Washuu looked a little crestfallen. "What's Princess Ayieka have that I don't? I just want you to test my invention, Tenchi," she replied, batting her eyelashes at Tenchi. Tenchi gave her a sympathetic smile, and sweat dropped, placing his right hand behind his head.

Navi had enough daudiling. She started pushing Tenchi along, which was very hard to do. After all, she is a small, annoying fairy!

"Hey!" Navi yelled, getting Tenchi's attention, "We have to go! Princess Ayieka isn't the most patient person, you know!" Tenchi let out another sigh and waved 'goodbye' to Washuu, who reluctantly waved back. Navi got a smug look of superiority, and Washuu stuck her tongue out at Navi for ruining the moment.

As Tenchi entered the castle gardens, he noticed that it was a little beaten up, as if a battle had gone on not to long ago.

"Lord Tenchi! Thank the gods that..... that...... woman didn't get you!" Ayieka shrieked as she caught sight of Tenchi.

"What woman, Princess?" Techi asked out of curiosity. He had an idea of who she was talking about, but he wasn't so sure. She was about to answer him but Ryoko showed up before she had the chance.

"Oh, Tenchi," Ryoko cooed, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning close to him, "I knew you'd come save me from this wretched woman, Ayieka."

"Miss Ryoko! Get away from Tenchi! I demand you! I won't let you lay a finger on him! No! I won't allow it!" Ayieka yelled. Tenchi gave a long and heavy sigh. "Can we please get to why you wanted to see me, princess? Ryoko, let me go!" he yelled. Ryoko gave him a sad look, but did as he wished.

Princess Ayieka regained her composture. "I called you here, lord Tenchi, because I want you to marry me."

Tenchi looked shocked. "Marry you?! Are you nuts? I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!"

Ayieka lifted her chin up another defiant notch. "I order you lord Tenchi. As for you, miss Ryoko," Ayieka said, changing the tone in her voice when she said the mischevious Gerudo's name, "you are to be trialed for high treason and attenped assanation on me, the Princess of Hyrule. Kyonai, please hold her until Asaka and Kamadaki are able to get her to the dungeons."

"WHAT?! 'High treason'?! 'Attempted Assination'?! I'm a Gerudo! We don't have a treaty with the Royal Family! And I didn't even attempt to kill you! I just got here when Tenchi did!" Ryoko argued as Kyonai held her arms behind her back. "Let me go, Kyonai! You know I'm telling the truth!"

Ayieka let out a sinical laugh. "Oh, Ryoko, did you honestly think I'd let you go just because you're a Gerudo? Just because you Gerudo's don't have a treaty with the Royal Family, doesn't mean you can get away that easily. Honestly, how much do you take me for?"

"You really want to know, princess? I take you for no less than a whore! That's what! You're always trying to steal Tenchi away from me. Tenchi is mine! Mine, mine, mine!" Ryoko spat out. Ayieka gave a hurt expression.

"How dare you! That's it, I order the exicution of Ryoko, tomorrow morning at dawn!" Ayieka yelled.

Tenchi had enough. He couldn't stand to see these two fighting the way they were. "Now, wait a minute, girls! First off, isn't it illegal to order the death of a sage? And second off, Ryoko didn't do anything, Ayieka! You can't just give an order to exicute her!"

Ayieka ignored them. "My decision is final. Tenchi, you and I were ment to be together. You will marry me!"

Kyonai looked over Tenchi, while letting go of Ryoko. "Well, I would like to marry Tenchi," she said softly. Ayieka looked at her with a shocked expression. "Kyonai! How dare you try to take Tenchi away from me! I won't allow it!" Ayieka yelled.

At this time Mihoshi showed up, delivering her usual Lon Lon Milk. She took one glimps of Tenchi and ran over to him, clinging on to him as if he was the only thing keeping her from blowing away. "Oh, Tenchi! I've missed you so much! You never come to see me anymore at the Ranch!" she shrieked.

Ayieka was getting pissed off. No one should be touching Tenchi like this! Tenchi was hers, and hers alone!

Tsunami[Sasami, just older] showed up for the usual meeting between her and Ayieka, and was soon groping over Tenchi too. Ayieka had enough. "LEAVE MY TENCHI ALONE!! WE ARE ENGAGED! HE'S MINE!" Ayieka yelled at the top of her lungs. "Really?" Tsunami asked, "He's engaged to me, too! He has my Saphire, and in return he has to marry me!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, Tenchi got me the Silver Gauntlets and saved me from those witch sisters! He obvously loves me more than you!" Ryoko argued.

"So? He conqured his fears and went into the Shadow Temple after me! He saved me from Bongo Bongo!" Kyonai said defensively.

"Whoopidee-doo. He restored my ranch and saved my horse from certain doom!" Mihoshi said, blondly. All the other girls rolled their eyes. Tenchi just tried escaping, but blocking his way was Washuu.

"He lets me expierament on him!" Washuu yelled gleefully. "He's my little guinea pig!"

"GIRLS, STOP THIS!" Tenchi yelled out of sheer fustration. None of them listened, and the fight continued.

Will the girls ever stop fighting? Will Tenchi ever be left alone? Who will marry Tenchi? What will happen when- aww, hell, fuck it. Lets just end the story.


I didn't mean now!

The End

I can't believe this........