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"New Generations"

New Generations

By: Haiku

Link entered the ancient graveyard. He looked around, and came to a section the size of a large park. It had on a large wooden sign hanging over a metal gate 'Hyrulian hero memorial.' And beside it was a statue of the Hero of Time, and the seven sages. Link looked closer at the statue with the name Link carved at the bottom, including all the medals he won saving the kingdom. It was of a 18-year-old person. It bore a remarkable resemblance to himself.

"Handsome guy." he said absent-mindedly. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. He then pulled out a small dagger, and thrust it into the rusted lock. It clicked open, and he rushed in, and the gate closed with a loud smash. That smash nearly caused Link to wet himself in fright. He ducked out of sight, but no one came. He then gathered up his courage, and walked on, looking at the different tombs.

Most were really small, of rich people who paid their way in here by financing rescue efforts. Then, Link came to a part that was immaculately designed, and a plain wooden sign, quiet out of place, said: 'Linkin park'. Link walked in, and saw a large area with trees looming over it. There was a empty fountain. This would be beautiful when it was finished. Link saw statues for the different heroes. Most prominent was the one for the Hero of Time. He saw one of the child hero. He walked up to the painted sculture. It was like a mirror!

He walked up to it, and looked around. He saw a dug spot, and a wooden door. He lifted it up, and leapt in. He fell for almost five minutes. He wasn't afraid of falling. All the way down were pictures of Link and the sages. For the first minute it was Link and the Kokiri sage in the forest. The next minute it was showing the different sages. The last three minutes showed the battle between Link and Gannon. Since he was falling, it looked like the people were moving in the pictures. He then saw the last part, which showed Link turning back into a kid.

Then he hit the water. He went down some ten feet, and didn't have any air. He began to swim, and tried taking a breath. He was beginning to black-out. He then hit the surface. He pulled himself out, and coughed. He looked up, and saw a sign that said 'emergency landing area' and saw a magic landing pad that had been deactivated. "Damn it!!!" he said. He stood-up, and his mouth fell open. There were the preserved bodies of the first heroes of Hyrule! He looked at them, and saw the body of the Hero of Time. He looked like he was asleep. He had died only a child. He was side-by-side with the sage of the forest, holding each others hand. There was a small inscription 'The hero of time forsaken his adulthood to be with the Sage of the forest. He died at age 139, after he choked to death on a whole ham sandwitch.'

And he saw a photo-album. Link opened it up, and looked at the pictures. The first picture was there wedding day. Saria and Link had an arm around the other's shoulder, making a funny face for the camera. There was one of Link holding a small baby, with wisp of green and blonde hair. Another was Link, and the child, fully-grown, with her husband. She had green hair flecked with gold. It went on, with three more generations of kids. Then, it showed the funeral, and there was a note at the back of the book. 'The sage Saria only lived 4 months after the death of her beloved husband.' Link lightly touched the cheek of both of them, and he swore he could feel their breath.

That sent a deep chill through him, and he looked at the far wall. On it was a large collection of masks. Link got closer, and read: 'These masks were used by the Hero of Time to defeat a foe just as powerful as the evil Gannon: Majora's mask. It took over the mind of a skullchild, and disrupted the balance of good and evil between the 2 worlds.' Link looked along there, at all the weapons. He reached out, and touched a shining shield labled 'mirror shield'. Suddenly, it was slung over his back. Also, his golden hookshot and lens of truth was on his belt. This was starting to freak him out big time.

He saw a closed door, and it said 'Hero of the Triforce.' Link was fascinated by that, and he walked on, and pulled the heavy wooden door open. He walked into an orantely designed chamber. He saw eight inclosed glass tombs. On each tomb was the different name. There was what looked like an altar with writing inscribed in it. It said 'Here lie the nine saviors of Hyrule. Long ago, earthquakes and other disasters came to Hyrule. The wizard Aganhim came to Hyrule, and quelled the disturbances. However, he used the power of the descendents of the wise man, of these seven maidens, to open the seal of the Temple of Time, which has been made into the Castle of Hyrule. The second Link, a descendent of the Great Knights of Hyrule, and the original Link, rescued the second Zelda from his grasp. He retrieved the Master Sword, but she was captured. The seven maidens had been sealed in Crystals, and where locked in Monster-infested temples that were once holy in the Golden Land. Link rescued them, and fought the wizard again. He then broke-into the Dark Pyramid, and defeated Ganon. He gained the full Triforce, and wished for all to be restored. All was, but on his death he had no chidren to claim the sacred triangles, and Gannon reclaimed his prize.'

And Link stood there and looked at the bodies. All the maidens, and he saw Link and Zelda. They were in a tomb together, but they each looked like they were only about forty, and it said 'Sir Link of the Great Knights, and King of Hyrule, born year of Din, 22, died year of Faore, 25. Zelda, Queen of Hyrule, seventh maiden, born year 20, died in the years of Faore, 25.' And in another picture-book, it showed their lives. There was one of woozy guards trying to celebrate beeing freed from the evil wizards spell, another of Link's wedding day, he had worn in tribute to his defeat of the wizard his own powerful robes, tailored to fit him. A couple of pictures later, it showed his only child, a small blonde girl, which was shown running off with queen Zelda's crown. That picture made Link fall on the floor laughing. He kept turning, and began to laugh harder. It showed the little girl still going with it, and she ran into the courtyard. The next couple of pictures showed her tossing it into the stream, and King Link leaping into the stream, in full king robes, and retrieving the circlet. It then showed a yelling queen pursuing a giggling toddler.

It took Link a while to calm down, and he saw another chamber, this time a different designed door. Link opened it, and walked in. In this one, there was a large pillar going to the ceiling. Link went to it, and read the inscription 'After the abrupt death of Link and Zelda, their small child, only ten years old, was left. Gannon abducted her, and her grandfather took the throne, Another Link came to her rescue (Link looked at a picture of him, and it is the one of the seven-year-old-Zelda talking to a small boy who was standing outside the gates of the castle. He also got a glimpse of her mother and father. They were the same people who were in the other chamber.) After a long battle, and recovering the pieces of a Triforce shattered to protect it, Link returned. However, another entity abducted Zelda, again. It turns out that it was a dark Link of some kind that had abducted the princess. Link, after a great battle, defeated the spirt of himself. On the way back, he crashed into Koholint island. It is thought now that it may have been part of the island of Termina. After landing, he found out about the Wind Fish. He fought the creatures, and rescued the sirens. He played them, and left the isle. However, he had fallen in love with a girl with a remarkable resemblance to the princess Zelda. He persued the island, which had now begun to move. He managed to get onto the isle. At this point, Link was twelve. He proclaimed his love to the girl, whose name was Marin. At age of seventeen, they wed. They had a son, who would be of the age of ten now, and that is where the line of hero's ends.'

Link looked at the picture of them, dancing, with the giant Wind Fish circling the sky. Link had wondered who his mom and dad were. Tears began to slowly flow down his cheeks as he read on. 'They are said to be still on that island, and because of the strong magic that flows from the wind fishes sails, it is said that people grow as old as they want to.' Tears began to flow onto the shoulders of his green tunic, which he never had known where it came from. Now he did. He looked around, and there was a gleaming white sword on a pedestal. Then, it raised-up, and went to Link's outstretched hand.

"I'm momma..and daddy." he sobbed-out, and suddenly, he was on the surface, by the statue. He looked down, and there was no hole. However, the sun was coming up, and he heard the distant echoes of people entering the park. He ran for it, and saw a tree. He fired the hookshot. "I hope this works," he said silently, and the hookshot exploded with noise as it shot out. It scared him half to death. He heard yelling, then felt a yank as he rose off the ground. Then he realized what he had hit. It was the castle tower! It had lodged itself at the top. That was some two hundred stories up. He was going up rather slowly. "Oh, GREAT!!! I wonder how I'm supposed to get down." he yelled, angry, but far more scared. Soon, he realized that he was going to fly over the top of the castle, and he began to majorly panic. He decided to let go, but he did it later than he should. His hookshot remained lodged in the flagpole at the top, but he was still rising. He looked out for a bit. He could see all of Hyrule. He could see the Gerudo palace in the distance, now all fixed-up. He twirled around, and saw the Zora's domain. They had got a lot friendlier. He caught a glimpse of the Gorons, who had come out of hiding. And he saw the forest temple, and he could see tiny dots, representing little Kokiri children bounding around on it. Then, he turned his attention on his current plight. He thought, and he remembered his sword. He pulled it out, and dug it into the wall. It began to slice through, and he hit the platform below with a lot less speed than he would have. But, it was enough to knock him out.

He woke up a little later, and felt a soft hand on his face. It was a small, warm hand, very delicate. He enjoyed the sensation. Then he felt it poke a bruise. "OW!!!" he yelped, and sat-up quickly, which was a mistake. He nearly fell off the edge. Not to mention, he had greatly brusied himself, and destroyed the wall behind him. "At least my shield saved me," he said, looking at the scuff marks on it after pulling it off his swollen back.

"Are you ok?" said a sweet voice. He looked up, and saw who it was. "I'm Zelda. Princess, actually. But you call me Zelda," she said sweetly.

"I think so, but my hookshot." he said, moaning, looking at it dangling from the flagpole. He looked in the pack he got from the tomb. There were bunches of stuff in there. He wondered what to use. He pulled out a red rod. He gave it a quick flick, and a ball of fire impacted with the pole. It swayed back and forth violently, but to no avail. "Dang, let my try something else." and dug some more. Zelda had backed off, afraid of his stuff.

"Just don't break anything else!" she said, looking at the twenty-some foot gash in the wall of the tower. He looked more, and pulled out another hookshot. He aimed, and fired. It flew, and hit the pole. This time, the golden hookshot came off. However, the hook from the one he was holding ricocheted off the pole, and hit Link in the head. The golden one flew to the ground. Link was knocked out by the silver one in his hand. Zelda hefted him as best she could, and took him into her room.

He came to on top of a pile of pink stuffed animals. She came in, holding a tray. He shifted, and suddenly was at the bottom of the pile. He began to push them off. "Hey! I just cleaned in here!" she said. On the tray was a bowl of steaming water, and rag. She dipped it in, and wiped his forehead. He was looking up, and soon began to stare into her eyes. They were each like gray crystal, and seemed to sparkle. She was done, and looked at him. She noticed his looking, and looked back. She is beautiful. Her eyes are even more beautiful, he thought, and a smile played around his lips.

What is he staring at?! He likes me. That is why. He IS kinda cute. Ok. Very. But. what do I say? How do I tell him? she thought, and a smile came to her lips. She stroked the side of his face with her hand, then her nursemaid walked in. "ZELDA!!! What is the meaning of this?!" That ruined the moment. Link tried to get up to run or something, but his whole body hurt. She watched as he sat up, let out a moan, shuddered, and fell back onto the pillow, staring at her.

"Uh, Teelana, um, uh, um.." Zelda couldn't think of anything to say. Tears welled in Link's eyes. He was scared out of his mind. He just wanted to hide. Teelana then saw the mark on Link's head.

"What happened to you?! You had better explain," she said in a stern voice. Link sighed, and tried to talk. He began to shake. He tried to get the words out, but then tears fell from his eyes. Sobs began to rack his body, and Teelana sat beside him. "Sit up, dear," she said, and Link did. His shirt was off, and a giant bruise was developing on his back. "What happened to you???" she asked, looking at him. Link still couldn't talk. He was scared out of his mind. She held his head close to her, and tried to comfort him. "Shhh. it's ok. Just tell me. I won't hurt you. It's ok." she said, rocking him slowly. Her voice and the motions began to calm Link down. Link was, after all, only thirteen. He didn't have nerves of steel.

"Oh.ok. I.It happened like.this." he managed to get out, and told her the last part, about leaving the cemetary, and the hookshot missing the tree, flying up, landing, and all that.

"Ow. Are you alright?" she asked. Link didn't know how to answer. Then the pain came full, and he tears began to fall down his face.

"I.I don't know. My whole body hurts." he said, and suddenly everything got fuzzy, and his eyes rolled, and he collapsed onto the bed.

"He is very badly hurt. Internal bleeding. Zelda, get a servant to go get a doctor. Hurry!" she said, and Teelana put Link into the bed. He was feebly trying to talk.

" I going to.die?" he asked, a horribly pitiful look on his face. Teelana looked into his eyes, and tears began to roll out of her own blue ones.

" You're not going to die. Sit tight, what is your name?" she asked.

"Link," he said softly.

"Link, you're not going to die," she said, and sniffed. The look on his face lessened, but it was still too much for most to watch. She bent down, and held him tight. Link felt relaxed agianst her soft, warm chest. He kissed him softly on the cheek, and he pecked her back. "Lay down now. You're going to be fine." But she didn't believe it. Link's head fell against the soft pillow, and everything was beginning to get dark and fuzzy again. Then she shook him, and things came into focus. "I know you want to sleep, but if you do you may not wake back up." That made Link's eyes go wide, and tears rolled out from his eyes. Zelda came back with a servant and a doctor. She ran to his side.

"Are you ok?" she asked, and he looked at her, with a look of sadness filling his eyes. "Tell me.are you going to be all right?" she repeated. Her hands were beginning to shake. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Link only looked. "Link, no.please..don't die." she said, holding his hand. The tears came out of her eyes in a flood, and she said, "Please, no, I just met you."

Then the doctor said, "Link, was it?" he asked of Teelana. She nodded, and he continued, "Link, I am going to need a look at your back." and Link tried to turn over, but a shockwave of pain racked his back and body. Tears flowed from his eyes. The doctor flipped him over, and Link screamed in pain, but it was greatly muffled by his pillow. He lifted his tear-streaked face up. "Ah, now! I see! This is major. Did you climb up on the flagpole and do this?" and he walked out the balcony. He saw the broken wall, and the large gash in the tower. "I see you tried to stop yourself. It looked as if something cushioned your fall." he said, and saw the shiny, now scuffed-up shield. He looked at Link, and said, "You are very lucky! What is that on your head?" and Link told him about the hookshot-thing. He got a good five minutes of laughing, as a well as a story for a long time to come. "Oh, has he been passing-out?" and Link nodded, his head swimming. "Just a concussion. He will be fine in about a week. Come get me if anything happens," he said, and left.

Zelda began to cry again, this time tears of joy. "Don't scare me like that!" she said, stamping. Teelana cleaned off her eyes, and Zelda bent down and held Link tight. She was well-developed for a thirteen-year-old, and he felt it.

"Zelda, I. would like it if you would.go out with me some time," he said, and his face went very red. She just looked at him, face emotionless. The tension was getting to him. He was convinced that she didn't like him. She saw his eyes starting to shine brightly, and tears welling up in the corners.

"I would love to," she said sweetly. She held him tighter, and he rested his head on her shoulder.

"I thought you were going to say no," he whispered into her ear. She enjoyed the sensation of his warm breath on her ear. "You waited so long. I thought you were just going to let me suffer in that terrible silence."

She laughed softly, and whispered back, "I am sorry. I was going to wait a while, just to see what you would do. After only like five seconds, I saw tears in your eyes." Link's face flushed, ashamed. He didn't like to cry over things like this, letting people see him cry was even worse. But, the doctor came back in.

"I am so silly!!!" he said. "I forgot to bandage you up, little man!" he said, and pulled a roll of gauze out. Link moaned, and sat up as best he could. He wrapped the tape round Link, and he could move without hurting. "That's better! I will go. You don't take those off. I will be back tomorrow." And he left.

Zelda pulled Link to his feet before he could say anything. "Link, want to dance?" she asked.

"I don.ok. Why not?" and she grasped his hand, and placed his hand on her hip. He felt awkward, so he moved it up. She moved it down again.

"Leave it there!" she said, and put her hand on his shoulder. They danced like that for about three seconds, before it became more of like a revolving hug. Teelana just watched, fascinated how two people could like each other so fast. Then, Link winced in pain. "Are you alright?!" Zelda asked.

"You squeezed me too hard!" he exclaimed. She smiled, and she rested her head on his shoulder. After a while, her father, the king came up. He walked into the room, turned around walked out, then stuck his head in the door.

"Teelana!!!" he said in a loud whisper. The two dancing slowly to Zelda's music-player didn't even notice him, they both had their eyes closed. "What is this?!" the king demanded. He looked nervously back in, and looked at Teelana.

"It is a long story." she said, and told him it.

"He needs to leave now! She is royalty!!! You know better than to let this go on!" he said, looking in even more often at the two.

"King! You don't even know his name, or anything abou." Teelana started.

"She is royalty! She is going to marry to Royalty! That is that!" he said, getting angry. "I don't need to know his name! She is going to marry a prince, and."

"She is going to miserable the rest of her life. You can't force her into this! A girl needs to have some independence! You go in there and tell her she can't see that boy and that she is going to have to marry some snotty prince! She shouldn't marry some prince! Tell me, was her mother a princess?" she said.

"No, she wasn't," he said with a sigh.

"She deserves someone better than a prince. A prince wants her for what? This kingdom! She wants love. Try going in there and saying she can't see the boy, and she has to marry for money! She will hate you!" she almost yelled. The two in the room weren't paying them any attention anyway. "Just give this a chance," Teelana said.

"All right. But I will kill him myself if he hurts her!" the king relented.

"That's better!" said the 24-year old nanny, grasping him in a hug, squeezing the life out of him.

"Acck." he got out. She finally let go, and he walked in. "Hi, sweetie! Who is this friend of yours?" the king asked. Link knew that voice, and jumped nearly a foot when he heard it. The king. He then got on one knee, bowed, and took his long green hat off. "Friends of my daughter don't have to bow to me!" he chuckled. Link stood up, but was very frightened. The king! Link was scared. Link looked at Zelda, and it was obvious she was about to talk. Oh, great! She's going to talk! I hope she says something good, and doesn't start off with.

".He's my boyfriend, Daddy!" she finished for him, and grasped his hand. She looked over when she felt it start to shake. She looked over, and frowned of the look on his face. 'You have nothing to be afraid of, it's just my dad!' she mouthed, and flashed him an encouraging smile. It didn't work, and he mouthed back 'Just your father?! He's the king! If he doesn't approve, I could lose my head! I don't think we should go out.'

Zelda's whole 'cheer-up' smile fell off her face, and the king said, "Well, I will be going. Oh! We are having a dinner-party from some guest from Sosaria. Zelda, you bring Link if you want." And he left, and remembered that they had brought their fifteen- and sixteen-year-old sons. He smacked his head on the wall, and walked off.

"Link, you don't mean that, do you?" she asked, very nervous, and scared.

"I.I don't know. I'm just not sure," he said, kinda scared too.

"He can't behead you!" she said, and Link laughed.

"I guess not," he chuckled.

"Do you want to come?" she asked.

"What kinda party is it?" he asked.

"These suitors from Sosaria! Man, their mom and dad are going to be mad when they found out that I am seeing someone not of royal blood, no offense. They will think they have a lot better chance. They will probably come here twice a month!" she said. Link was downhearted about that statement. Would she pick one of those rich princes over him? She saw his said expression. "I wouldn't pick those rich snobs over you!" she said, and that cheered him up slightly, although it was still in the back of his mind. "Come on! They are so boring! And besides, I am not going to marry one of them! The only reason that they are doing this is because they want my money!" she said, and punched him in the arm. He smiled a bit, and she hugged him tight. "That is what I want to see! Now, get your shirt on. Dinner isn't long! Also, bring your fancy weapons. I am sure that will make them even more jealous!" she smiled, and kissed him on his cheek. Butterflies flitted about his stomach, and he smiled happily. He just sat there, and was startled when Zelda said 'cmon!' he got his sword, but stopped at his shield. He ran his fingers across it, and all the scuff marks came off onto his finger. He rubbed it clean on his tunic, and beat out his tunic of the dirt. He put it on, and pulled items out of his pack. He pulled out the two rods, slung the quiver of gleaming silver arrows over his shoulder, hookshot, and three medallions from his pack, and a bag of magic powder. He put the small stuff on his belt. He found a pocket, wide and was as long as the quiver bag to put the bow. He slung the shield over the quiver, and sheathed the sword.

They went downstairs, and through the courtyard. There, Link saw the golden hookshot on the ground. He ran to it, and slipped it on his belt. He caught up to Zelda, and they entered the hallway. There, he saw the prince. He was sitting down, and jumped up, and hurried to Zelda when she appeared. He came up to her, and it seemed to Link that he was getting pushed backwards. He held his ground as he finally gave them some room. "Hello, I am prince Taarin," said one who looked to be the smaller brother.

"I am Sauron," said his brother, who was Teelana's age. Taarin began to talk of himself, and Link was getting very bored. Then , Teelana came in, pronouncing that it was time for dinner. Link was relieved and very hungry. They came into the dining hall, more like a small cavern. However, it was kinda creepy, because the decorative banners and stuff soaked up all sounds that could make an echo. They sat down, and Zelda sat down, and Link had almost sat down when Taarin tried to steal his chair. "I'm sitting here," he said to Link. The brothers didn't think much of Link.

"I was here first," Link said. He almost had to look up, but he wasn't going to let them have the seat.

"You look like a peasant," said the boy.

"In this country, you are one as well am I," Link said. Both of the brothers were very self-absorbed, as their earlier ramblings indicated. Link's 'remark,' which was only a statement to Link, enraged the prince.

"I am a prince of a kingdom! You will obey!!!" he shouted.

"I only obey to my royalty. Also, I am the princesse's girlfriend. She wants me to sit here," he said smugly. She nodded, and patted the seat. He sat down, and she smiled at him.

"I am very sorry, Taarin," she said in a sweet voice. But he secretly smiled. If she likes him, then I will have such an easy time to get her to like me! His brother only nodded. He had given up his chance of kingdom to be a knight. So, he was accompanying his brother. Link flashed him a smile of such smugness that it should be outlawed, thought Taarin. Well, they sat down, and the king appeared, dressed in very fancy robes.

"Let's eat, shall we?" he said, and they began. Taarin bored them with talk about himself and the kingdom, but his brother Sauron entertained them about his adventures in far-off lands. It was clear to all of them why he didn't want to become king. Taarin was annoyed by this, and his story-telling went far after the last desserts were consumed.

"Yeah, and there I was, facing the dragon in Turtle rock! And you know what I did?" he said.

"You beat it!" Zelda said excitedly.

"No, ran off! I wasn't about to kill that thing for nothing, not to mention it melted my shield! I wasn't strong enough to kill it, so I just left. That is the true mark of bravery, I think, is to know when to quit when you are sure that you can't win. I have seen warriors who have got themselves killed by foolish and fighting things that they couldn't beat. So, here I am today, eating with you fine folk, instead of my bones being in some dungeon!" he said, and everyone toasted to that. Taarin was very mad now. Zelda and Link had been holding hands for awhile now.

"You know, you look a lot like that Link fellow," Sauron said. Taarin glared at Sauron, but he took no notice. "Are you related to him?" Sauron asked. The king chuckled at that, but stopped dead when he heard Link's reply.

"I am his son."

Sauron said, "My! Isn't that something!" he exclaimed. Taarin was going red in the face.

The king stood up and said "I think it is time we retire for the night!"

Everyone but Link began to get up, and Zelda whispered into his ear, "That means we leave, and go to bed. They are going to probably talk some more." Link nodded, and stood up too.

"Link, if you would follow me!" Teelana said. She took him to the side, and pointed at the tower. "23rd floor, room number 13. That is were you are going to sleep. And if I catch you in Zelda's room in the morning." she trailed-off. Link nodded, and smiled. She went to Zelda, and Link caught the last part of what she said to her ".and if I catch you in Link's room, or him in yours." she said. Link laughed, and walked toward the tower. The sun was almost set, and torches were lit along the walkway to the tower, when suddenly, Taarin stepped out from a tree into Link's line of sight.

"You don't expect me to believe that you are the son of Link and Marin, do you?" he laughed bitterly.

"I don't expect you to believe anything I say," Link said.

"Prove to me you're his son," he said to Link.

"How would I do that? I don't know where they live," Link said.

"Fight me! I am an excellent fighter," he said.

"That isn't any test! I have never fought before! You aren't born with the skill to fight in you!" he said, actually amused by his challenge. He pulled out a sword, and a shield with the markings of the royalty of Sosaria. Link pulled out the white sword, and his shield. He slashed at Link, and Link dodged away. Another swipe, and Link blocked it with his shield. Link saw him raise his sword to swing again, and Link raised his shield to block it. But he saw the blade shoot toward him, avoiding getting impaled by inches. Link decided he was going to have to fight. He slashed at him, but he easily avoided. Link and Taarin's blades connected on the next swing, and Link was thrown back.

"You don't fight well," said Taarin. Link jumped up, and slashed again. However, the blade was a little too heavy, and he stumbled forward. He slung his shield over his shoulders, and decided to use both hands to weild the sword. Link slashed at him, this time making a dent in his shield. Link began swinging, until he knocked his blade backwards. He was flung back, and impacted with a tree. His sword was deeply stuck in it now.

"Damnit!" he said angrily, and saw Taarin advancing. He held onto the sword with one hand, and aimed his hookshot with the other. He shot it at a tree, and it hooked onto it, and he pulled his sword free.

"Nice trick, but it won't save you!" Taarin yelled. Zelda was watching from the shadows, along with Teelana, Sauron, and the king. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes, and roll down her cheeks. Link didn't notice them.

"Link didn't always use his sword to when a fight!" he said, and shot the hookshot at Taarin. He raised his shield, but the force knocked him down. He staggered to his feet, and Link shot again. It hit his shield again, knocking it off his arm, and his sword fell to the ground. Link walked up to him, and kicked the sword away, holding the white sword at his neck.

"Ok, you win!" he said, getting to his feet, and getting his weapons. Link then put his sword and hookshot away. He began to walk towards the tower, and suddenly Zelda spun him around.

"WHOA! Oh, hi Zelda," he said, then saw her tears.

"Why did you fight him?!" she said, stamping her foot.

"He challenged me, but he also drew his sword, and slashed at me. I had no choice!" he said.

"You had a choice, and you chose to fight!" she yelled.

"Zelda, I'm." he started, pulling her around as she tried to walk off.

"I don't want to see you! I hate you! Go away!" she yelled, slapping him hard. Tears rolled out of Link's eyes, as Link sat on the ground, the impact of her words echoing through his mind. Taarin smiled as he sneaked back to his room. Teelana came out there, along with Taarin's brother.

"Link, are you alright?" she asked, both of them kneeling beside him. Link looked up, a large red splotch on his left cheek. But they both knew that wasn't why he was crying. "Listen, Link, I'm sure she didn't mean it. Trust me." Link looked up into her eyes. He knew she was beeing sincere, but it didn't help much.

"I will talk to her," said Sauron. Link abruptly stopped crying, and looked at him in astonishment, as did Teelana. "Hey, no one knows my brother better than me. I know what he was trying to do," he said, and walked quickly to the tower. Teelana looked after him, and Link smiled.

"Why are you smiling?! Your supposed to be sad!" she said, but that smile kept boring into him.

"You like Sauron, don't you?" he said, his grin getting very big. She blushed, mumbled something, then smiled.

"I guess you're right," she said.

Link stood to his feet, and said, "Man, she slaps hard. It sure felt like she was serious."

"Well, almost every week now, people from far-off kingdoms come and try to get Zelda to marry them. People from as young as 12, to people almost 23 have tried to get her to like them. She has been proposed to 4 times this month already," Teelana said, and Link began to laugh. He wiped away his eyes.

"Are you sure she doesn't hate me?" he asked one final time.

"Sure," she said.

In the tower.

Sauron came to her door, and knocked on it. A muffled 'go away' came from inside. He tried the knob, but the door was locked. He pulled out a dagger from his belt, and shoved it in the latch of the door. It popped open, and he went inside. She turned around when she heard the loud noise. "Go away!!!" she yelled, throwing a pillow at him. He ducked, and sat down beside Zelda. "What do you want?!" she said, and looked at him through tear-streaked eyes.

"You don't really hate him, do you?" Sauron asked.

"I hate him! Why did he fight him?!" she cried, the mention of Link causing a flood of tears to continue down her face.

"My brother challenged him, hoping this would happen. You want to know the second reason I became an adventurer?" she nodded, and he continued. "Because I knew my brother would kill me to get the throne. He is power-hungry. I don't know if he might try and kill Link. All I know is, if Link had turned his back on Taarin, he would be dead, and would have made some lie to cover it up. He would probably have said that he wanted him out of the way. He got him down, and that that was the only solution. He would do that," Sauron said.

Zelda looked at him. "You mean.If Link didn't fight."

"He would be dead," he finished for him. She was in amazement, and rushed out of the room. She ran down the hall, and onto the lawn. She saw Link on his feet, and he turned around to get hit with full impact. She wrapped her arms around him, and tears fell from her eyes.

She pressed her head into his neck, and began to whisper into his ear, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry." over and over. Tears began to come out of his eyes, and he caught Teelana's eye. She mouthed 'told you so' and Link smiled, as Link heard those words repeated over and over and her hot teardrops on his shoulder. Link opened his mouth to apologize, but Zelda said before any words came from his mouth, "Link, don't apologize. Taarin, he wants you out of the way. His brother, Sauron said that the second reason he stepped down was because he knew that his brother would kill him to get the throne. He also said that if you had turned your back, he would have killed you. Watch your back, Link!" she said, and she kissed Link, this time a long, lingering kiss. Butterflies like you wouldn't believe where going in his stomach and heart.

"I won't let him hurt you," he said.

"He isn't going to hurt me! He want's me! He wants to kill you!"

Link thought about that. "Can I use you as a human shield, then?" he said. She punched him on the arm.

Then, she said, "You know, that actually might work. I just hope he doesn't get the 'If I can't have you, nobody can!' mentality. Then, you might need to protect me. I will just tell him that I am not interested, all right?" she said.

"Zelda, I am going to leave," Link said, still holding Zelda in that tight hug.

"NO!" she said, and frenched him this time. He was overwhelmed, but broke off.

"I have to go! I was on my way to finding my mom and dad, but I guess I could stay a week. After I find them, I am going to stay a week or so, and I will come back, ok? I promise. If I am not back, I will probably be dead." That didn't go over too well. "And besides, when was the last time a relative of the famous Hero of Time was ever killed on his first adventure? On any adventure?" he asked, and smiled.

"You are staying two weeks. I will track you down and pull you back here if you leave before then," she said, and locked him in a kiss. Taarin was looking down on the scene below. Then Sauron walked in the door.

Up in the tower.

Taarin had been yelling at his brother. "You have ruined my chance to marry the princess!" he yelled.

"There are plenty of princesses prettier than her! Also, many of those control kingdoms larger than this one," he said.

"But none are more beautiful than this one!" he said, but his words were betrayed by his eyes, which were looking hungerly at a engraving of the Triforce in the wall, with mythical creatures carved in it.

"Brother, you cannot have that! It is locked away in a secret vault! And only a relative of the princess can hold it, because of the spell cast on the door of the vault!" he said.

"That is why I want to marry her!" he said, turning around, his eyes wide with insanity. "I will then be able to have the whole world in my hands!" he said.

"NO! I cannot allow this! Zelda is in love with that boy!"

"You think I care about that?! I will gouge the princesse's eyes out for looking at that boy!" he said, his tone high, his right eye twitchy.

"Don't talk like that. The king would kill you to keep his daughter safe!" he said.

"Then I guess he has to go too!"

"Taarin." he warned in a deep, growling voice.

"Watch me!" he said in a maniacly-high laugh. He shot out the door, sword in hand. He made it down to the courtyard, and punched Link aside, and pulled out a dagger, and held it in his hands above his head. "I will gouge your eyes out for looking at that boy!" he said.

"No, not my eyes. please, Taarin.." she said, and clamped her hands over her eyes.

"Move your hands! This is your punishment. Unless, you open the Triforce vault." he said, his voice in what seemed like a humored tone.

"No! You are insane! I can't let you have it!" she said.

And he responded, "Very well. I will Let you keep your beautiful eyes," he said, and she lowered her hands, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he moved the dagger over the lower part of her chest. "But you shall be punished," he said, and pinned her arms underneath him. She tried to move, and began to scream. Link got down to the courtyard, and raced towards them. Taarin was looking at her with maniacal eyes. He slowly pushed the sharp blade into her. Her scream went a higher pitch as the blade pierced her skin, but cut off abrouptley as he pierced her lung. She began to sob, and choked as she tried to scream more. Taarin looked up to see Link halfway to them. Zelda took the opportunity to throw him off. She sat up, and tried to say something, but coughed, and a trickle of blood went down the corner of her mouth as she stretched her arms to him, then slumped to the ground. He looked over at Taarin. His eyes were locked on Link.

"Taarin, just calm down," he said, because he knew that getting mad at him wasn't going to help. Also, he had heard the stories of insane people of how their strength seemed to double or even triple and how one time it took fifteen solders to subdue a crazy person who had attacked a townsperson on the street. Link was furious, he also knew that he probably control himself.

"Why should I?! I want the princess. She is going to marry me, and open the Triforce vault for me." he said, looking at her. He inched closer, and Link took a step forward. As soon as he did, Taarin flung a ninja dart at him. He pulled his head back, and the star missed him by only inches, and he heard the sound of metal on wood as the star embedded itself deep in the tree. Link pulled out his sword and shield. Taarin moved closer to Zelda, and picked her up in his arms. Her feet were on the ground, he was holding her up by her arms. He nudged her with his hand, and her eyes slowly opened.

"Li.Link?" she managed to whisper, and everything was fuzzy. However, her eyes focused, and she was filled with horror.

"Taarin, just put her down! Don't hurt her! We can talk about this," Link said, very afraid he was going to hurt her more.

"My beautiful princess, it is me," Taarin said, and locked his lips on to hers. Tears ran down her face as she tried to pull away. She reached up with one of her hands, and pushed his head away, breaking his forced embrace.

"Link, help me!" she cried, and Link stepped forward. Taarin plunged his dagger into her abdomen, but not near any organs. She shook as the waves of pain racked her abdomen.

"Take another step, and I gut her like a fish!" he said, and twisted the knife. The pain began to make her cough, and blood ran onto her once white blouse, coloring the skin exposed by the V in her blouse red. She gripped his hands with hers, and tried to pull the knife out. It distracted Taarin, and Link flung his boomerang, and it smacked into his head. He was knocked back, and the dagger came free of her stomach. The deranged man looked at his hands, which were covered in blood. "Why didn't I think of this sooner?! All I have to do is put her blood on the door! I will be able to access it!!!" he said in maniacal glee. She slowly gasped each breath, and saw Teelana and Sauron running their way.

"Link, go and catch him! We can't let him get to the chamber!" she yelled, and Link slowly got to his feet, and hesitated. "GO!!!" she yelled and pushed the dazed Link. He ran after him, and saw him approach the giant door that had only a small bloody handprint on it. The door swung open, and he ran inside. Link ran after, then Taarin stopped, and looked up, horror on his face. Link looked up, and saw what it was. Giant letters were beginning to appear, seemingly made of blood. It read apon the wall: 'Blood of the princess upon your hands, you enter the tower of relicts. The one thing you desire most, you shall not receive!' it said, and Taarin saw the three triangles in that formation everyone knew by heart. He approached, yet within a hundreth of an inch he couldn't touch it. He put all his might into a swing, but could not touch it. He was so close, yet so far. He looked around, and saw hundreds of different items. He saw a black jar. He remembered that, Gannon's evil jar! He clutched it, and felt the presense of the power within. A small part of the force of power harnessed into a magic jar that could be used to easily manipulate the energy! His maniacal mind concentrated, and he drew the jar inside of him. Instantly, his skin went pale, and his hair jet-black. His eyes the vibrant red of the Triforce of Power, he looked at the Triforce. With a thought, he made what looked like a crossbow with a glowing arrow notched in it.

"Fly, arrow of destruction!!!" He said gleefully, and released it. It flew to it, got within the same distance he had, and the energy bolt disapeared. "NO!!!!!!!" he yelled in frustration. He looked up, and saw the blood words on the circular tower walls had dried, brown and cracked now. Link ran forward for the Triforce. He got there, and picked it up.

"You have displayed your courageous heart. However, you don't have the wisdom to know when courage is needed. You have power, but with out the second you can't have the third. Take your piece. These others go to those who deserve it!" the voice said, and he was holding the Triforce of Courage, which then went into his body. He looked at his hand, which had a gold triangle on it.

In the courtyard.

Teelana was weeping over Zelda's motionless body. She had died five minutes ago. Her spirit was weeping beside her, for the loss of its home. Then she looked up, and saw the two Triforce triangles, hovering in front of her. "What do you want?" she managed to sob out.

"We are power and wisdom," came a voice from both that was one. "You have a purpose. Take us and go home, sweet child," it said, and she grabbed hold, and they said, "You can't tell of what happened, my child!" she nodded, and laid down in her body. They saw as the blood disappeared, and her wounds closed.

She sat up and said, "We need to help Link! Stop staring and come on!!!" as she got up and ran. The two were very confused, but followed. They soon came to the open door of the large tower that held the Triforce and other magical relics. They went in, and saw the now power-infused Taarin and Link circling around. Link looked up for a second, and saw the dried words on the wall. Link thought that since he had The triforce, he couldn't hurt him!

"Give me your best shot! You can't touch me! I have the Triforce!" Link said, and Taarin charged forward, and smacked Link hard.

"Wrong! You touched it! You must have broken the barrier! Oh, princess, I see you are doing better than when I left you. So that must be it! No more blood, no more curse!" he said in glee, and he was mad at Link. Link leapt backwards, and pulled out the white sword. Taarin made three-foot blades come out from between the spaces of his knuckles on his hand. Link got his shield, and tried to fight the psychopath. Link remembered the Triforce of Courage he had.

"This is the Triforce! If I concentrate, I should be able to use it!" he thought. He concentrated, and a aura of yellow light surronded his right hand. He got within distance and struck Taarin. The energy in his fist exploded when it came in contact with Taarin's chest. He flew back into a wall. Link looked down at his hands, and saw  metal covering his fist and his forearms. It was padded underneath, and comfortable. There were spikes on his knuckles. He looked at his feet and saw metal covering his legs, and armor on his chest, and he looked at his shield. It felt a lot lighter, as did his sword. His shield was red now, instead of being reflective. He charged at Taarin, who was still in a daze. He smacked him full-force with his metal fist, and he was flung back into the wall. He swung with his other, but Taarin ducked out of the way, and it knocked some of the stone out of the wall. Taarin used the power of Gannon's famous talisman to conjure vultures to encircle Link. With one swipe of the sword, the vultures were destroyed. Link looked at Taarin, "Gannon couldn't defeat the old Links with the Triforce of power! What makes you think you can with that jar of his?" Link said.

"The Triforce of Power is what caused his defeat! It was his weakness! I want the Triforce of Wisdom. With that, I will be able to harness the true power of it! And this jar I will be able to tap into more of its power," he said, his maniacal glint gone, he was sane.

"The jar is evil! Why do you think they call it an 'evil jar'?" Link said.

"No power is good or evil, just what you do with it! I must admit that I wasn't thinking straight when I first came looking for the Triforce. However, I can think clearer now that I have a plan. The corruption of the Triforce of Power is a unfortunate side effect of it. I don't plan on joining all three pieces, you see. I plan on using them seperately. I will harness all there unique powers." he said.

"Your insanity earlier shows me that you would go insane with power once you got it!" Link yelled.

"It was an unfortunate hunger for it that I regret! I am sorry, my princess, for hurting you like I did," he said, and Link wheeled around, and saw a perfectly healthy Zelda who was red in the face and very angry.

"You can repay me by giving up the jar!" she yelled, his high voice echoing off the walls.

"Now, princess, you are perfectly healthy! That is your repayment! Thanks to your boyfriend here." he said. "I must be going. I have things to do, places to go! I know where I will go first," he said with a grin, and Link charged his sword with power, and swiped it at him. The energy was released in a crescent, but Taarin sent a beam of red energy, and the two blast exploded on contact, leaving a black scorch crater in the brick floor. "Tsk, tsk. A piece of the Triforce in your possession, and you don't even know how to use it!" he mocked. Zelda then pushed her arms forward, and a double-helix beam of red and blue light shot at him, and he created a shield around him. It impacted, and he was pushed back a few feet, but Taarin was still upright. "So YOU have the Triforce of Power! That was what kept you alive! However, you don't either know how to use it!!!" He laughed, and Zelda shot many smaller blasts at him. Taarin sent ones of his own, and soon her barrage of energy blasts began to be dissipated at shorter range. Then, she fired, but was met only a foot in front of her with an equal power blast. She was blown back, unconscious and quite singed. Link was in shock, and Taarin walked forward to her. Link ran after him, but Taarin just flicked his hand backwards without even looking back. A large section of the tower wall crumbled away, with a three-headed dragon about seven feet tall charging at Link. It whipped its tail, swatting him against the wall. Taarin held out his hands, and the magical jar appeared in his hands. The princess came to, and tried to blast him, but she was too weak. He opened the jar, and she felt her soul getting pulled into it. The jar was trying to pull away the pieces of Triforce, which she was holding in her heart.

"Let go, Zelda. If you don't, you will be trapped." She tried, and she felt which piece it was pulling harder at. She concentrated on the Triforce of Wisdom. "Let go of the other piece. You cannot win! Just let go." said a voice she thought might have been the jar, but then felt it was coming from her heart. She let go, and suddenly the piece went into the jar, and at that moment a blast from Link knocked Taarin over. Taarin took the jar once more into him, and was energized by the Triforce. "I can control the Triforce of Power! It shall not control me with greed!" And he summoned the dragon. It knocked Link into the wall, and Taarin jumped on it, and the dragon took off. Link was thoroughly stuck in the wall, embedded about a foot in it. Zelda stood up, and helped pull him out of the wall.

Link said, "Are you alright?"

"Yes. But he got the Triforce of Power," she said.

"No! Our only chance was to destroy him here before he had the chance to escape!" Link said in frustration.

"It didn't matter. He was already more powerful than us," she said.

"How do you figure that?" said a puzzled Link.

"That isn't an evil jar, it is just black. They called it that only because they thought Gannon made it. But he found it. Its real name is the Genie's Bottle. It can store different forms of energy. For example, put in a bomb. Every time you open the lid, the force of an explosion comes out of it. Only that it is constantly duplicated. He put the Triforce in, and it took its properties. It can be stored in the heart. It can also make the commands of the person come true. It was formed from a wish granted by the Triforce long ago. He knows how to use the jar to its full potential, just like Gannon. The problem is that he has trained himself into resisting the blood-lust curse of it. You need to be careful. If he gets all three, who knows what he could do!" she said. Link hit the wall in frustration, but the armor wasn't there anymore. He held his hand, saying a few obscenities.

He calmed down. "Your armor only appears when you need it. Just concentrate when you need it," she said, rolling her eyes at his foul mouth. She then moved forward and held him tight. "Link, you can get him, right?" she asked.

"You bet I can. But I think I may need a stronger sword," he said, and suddenly something clanged off his head. He was knocked over, and looked in front of him to see the Master Sword. "Ow, that hurt!" he said, and looked at his hand. The yellow triangle imprint was glowing, then stopped. Link held out his hand, and the sword suddenly stood straight on its sharp tip, then shot to his hand. Link closed his hand around the hilt. It was the most amazing sword! It looked heavy, yet felt as light as a short sword! He swiped at the wall, and it cut a groove in the rock. He wondered if he could send a beam of energy through it, and he concentrated, and held it above his head, tip pointing at the far wall. A beam of yellow light shot out, and blew a hole in the wall.

"Put that thing down before you hurt someone!" she said, looking around like a nervous squirrel. He sheathed it, and looked around to see where it came from.

"I thought this thing was in the Temple of Time," he said. She shrugged, and they left. After lots of fretting, and many tears shed by the king after hearing what had happened, it was time for dinner.

At dinner, a guard came in. "Sire, we got reports from Kakiro of a dragon flying in the direction of the Gerudo desert. However, it didn't land, and has left the kingdom, and was last seeing in the sorcerer's domain." Link and Zelda looked at each other. They were puzzled why he would pick that spot. It was full of evil sorcerers building power to try and take over land. However, they did not come into Hyrule, because of the magic forces that keep out evil from entering. Any sightings we be unreported until it was too late.

At the sorcerer's domain..

Taarin had landed, and saw a good spot. There was a large natural bridge going over a ring of lava. He made the claw-things come out, and sliced the ground. After a few slices, he found that the bridge was almost all iron. He smiled, and held out his hands. There was a rumbling, until a double-helix tower erupted in the island rock that was some three hundred feet over the lava. It went far into the sky, and various things were formed at its side. He smiled, and conjured fire-mosters to shoot balls of lava in case of invaders, and dragons as watchdogs and lookouts. He finally created a replica of the moster in Turtle Rock. "You are the master of all the monsters I have created. You will obey me as a noble ruler. You have a place in my castle. You are not to disappoint me! Also, any one who enters this domain, do not kill. Bring them back to me alive, not frozen!" he said looking at the ice head. It shook its head under his glare, and he continued. "You are to feed on the natural evil monsters on the cliffs. They will not obey you, and will not attack. Do you understand me?" The creature nodded, but then there were loud noises of creatures approching the new tower. "They are evil, and do not seek the same goal I do! Destroy them."

And the Dragon flew into the sky, and within not much time, the ground was littered with charred and frozen bodies of the dragons and their masters. However, one slipped through, and landed on the opposite end of the bridge, facing Taarin. "I Volvana, here in the name of the sorcerer and my master Talla. He demands that you surrender your fortifications to him."

"I will not. And what are you to demand me? You saw what my minions did," Taarin said, slightly amused by his threat. "Sieze him," Taarin said, and the dragons swooped down on him, but a blast of energy destroyed all of them.

"I am more powerful than a normal sorcerer. Surrender now or die!" he said.

Taarin sighed. "Witness my power," Taarin said, and held his hands out and conjured thousands of bombs that fell into the lava, and exploded. Two geysers of lava shot into the air, and fell back in, without harming him.

"Any conjurer could do that," Volvana said.

"Could any normal conjurer make a turtle-dragon?" Taarin said as the large beast landed on the bridge. He was speechless, and raised his hands to try and blast it, but they were shaking, and the monster lowered its three heads to inches of his, and he felt the hot, cold, and rapid breath of the three.

"You are impressive," he said, regaining his composure. "But you will not win. You will be destroyed yet," he said, mounted his dragon, and flew off. The Turtle-dragon looked up at the receading dragon.

"He would have made a fine meal," grumbled the middle head.

"You need a name. Trialna," he decided, and said to the dragon, "Give him some warning shots to let him know to not come back."

"Gladly," the tree heads said in unison, and a fireballl came from one, plumes of ice magic another, and a gust of wind from the middle. Volvana was thinking of a way to break it to his master that he failed, when he saw the energies he dodged them both, and was nearly tossed from his mount in the gust of wind. He looked back angrly, and sped forward.

"Well done, my pet," he said, rubbing the hard warm nose of the red head.

At the sorcerer's domain.

Vovana walked into the room, and saw the great sorcerer at his desk, writing something on a piece of paper. "Welcome back, my warrior. Did you succeed?" the sorcerer said without looking up.

"No we didn't. He destroyed the wing I took with me." he said.

"Really?! How many were there?" he asked.

"Only one," he said.

"What kind of creature could take that many men out?" he said.

"It was a Turtle Dragon," he said.

"I thought almost all of those had died out, and none remained in these parts," he said, still not looking up.

"The master of the fortress says he conjured him," Volvana said, and the sorcerer stopped writing and looked up. He looked at him, his face, the one of someone 25 years, masking the thousands of years he had been upon the earth.

"Did you see him do it?" he asked.

"No Talla. But the monster didn't try to eat me, and obeyed all his commands," Volvana said.

"Volvana, he is more powerful than I first thought. He must have a powerful source for his magic. Did he display any when you confronted him? You did, didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes. He held out his hand, and thousands of bombs poured from them into the lava. It was a demonstration," he said.

"He does indeed have powerful magic. Get our most powerful warriors ready. We will destroy him," the sorcerer said with a malice-filled grin, and returned to his writing. "Go organize the warriors. You are dismissed," he said. Volvana marvled at his calmness. He remembered his last master, who ripped out his eyes when he failed in a battle. He also remembered how he put a spell on him to let him see. He ran his hands over the magical glass orbs in the scarred sockets. He walked on to the meeting room.

Back at Taarin's castle.

Taarin had began to conjure many powerful monsters, and filled various parts of his dungeons with monsters the strength of those called 'boss monsters' in the dungeons in Hyrule. He made many that strength which roamed the turrets and grounds around the castle, and many that flew the skies of his castle. Using his magic, he made green grass and trees appear on the lawn, trees full height and grass as if it had been tended very carefully. He also made a large wall encirling the castle on the inner edge of the lava-moat. Smaller monsters were all over it, watching and waiting. He had made another Turtle Dragon, this one gave itself its name, Lock.

Only ten minutes after finishing the monster-making, the air and land forces of Talla approached. He got to the bridge, and the fire-breathing monsters at the front let loose fireballs. They smacked into the walls, scorching them, but doing no other damage. Then, the round-looking things with wings swooped over, dropping what looked like tiny little bombs. The warriors on the ground ducked under magic shields, and charged forward. They got up to the gates of the castle, and strangely, the gates opened. Talla thought something was up, so he sent the order to stop, but the soldiers and monsters were in a frenzy and rushed into the courtyard. Talla was swept up in it, and was drawn into the courtyard. The gate closed, and Talla realized what happened.

"Damnit, it was a trap!" he said. He surrounded himself with an energy shield and sped into the air, but the intelligent mosters ignored him because they could sense the strength of the energy shield. Taarin appeared next to him, and neither attacked, just watched the battle unfold. It wasn't really a battle, more like a massacre. Bomb-wielding Uniclops used their large fists to literally bash people's heads off, while other monsters swooped in, and began to feed on the dead bodies.

Then Taarin spoke, "All monsters stop your attack." And the monsters stopped in place, and the soldiers stopped too. "All flying monsters, sieze the remaining living soldiers. All live monsters are free to join my side, or be realeased." Then large vultures swooped down, and picked them up. They came to level with him, and he pointed to a young girl. She was a sorceress, but her hands had been gnawed off, and her eyes eaten away by acid. She hung limp, waiting for death. The vulture brought her close, and he kissed her. His power healed her wounds.

She looked at him, uncertain. "Do you want to be my princess?" he asked the young girl.

"I.I owe my allegiance to that.that man," she said, pointing to Talla with a shaking hand.

"You owe your eyes, face, hands and life to me," he said, and she was torn between life with him, and death below.

Tears went down her face, and she said, "He is my father."

He looked at her, and at him. "You are only 14, I would say, and yet you are in battle," he said.

"I wished not to be in it. I don't want to shed blood," she said, tears going down her face. The vulture's talons began to tear into her flesh. He lifted her gently away from the vulture, and hugged her.

"Will you be my queen?" he asked.

"Not to someone I just met," she said, and he let go of her, and she stayed there suspended.

"Talla, I will not take away one of your children. She is free of her will. However I will give haven anyone who asks for it," he said.

Talla looked at his daughter, and said, "I'm sorry for pushing you into this," he said.

"It takes this for you to say it, and I have told you many times before I didn't want to!" she said, getting angry. "I want to stay, if only for a little bit," she said. He only nodded. "Thank you, daddy," she said, and he floated to her, and hugged her. "And before you even ask, I won't!" she said.

He smiled, squeezed her a bit, and said, "The rest of my soldiers, are they free to go?"

"If they want to," Taarin said. He waved his hands, and all the mauled and hurt soldiers were on the ground, healed, and unconcious. His tone got firmer as he said, "My friend, I will not spare them next time." He shook his hand. Talla nodded grimly, and went down to the ground, and the monsters tromped out of the castle, and the blood on the ground was instantly soaked into the ground, leaving it as pure as before. The girl next to him waved, and Taarin decended to the ground.

"What is your name?" he said to the beautiful girl.

"My dad gave me this really long name, but I just call me Kasy," she said.

"Ok, Kasy. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" he asked.

She blushed, and said, "How can you be so nice, but you allowed this bloodshed?"

"I didn't want it this way. I did it as a demostration to, what's his name?" he asked.


"Yeah, Talla. I am Taarin. Nice to meet you. Now to what I was saying: I don't want to hurt anyone, I want to build a magnificent kingdom. However, I had to steal two valuable objects to do it, and that is why I am here. He is a very nice person," he said.

"Ok. Yes, he is. However, he is hoping that I you will tell me what your power is, so I can steal it and give it to him. Either that or marry you, so he doesn't have to fight you," she said.

"Well, no one can get to it where I have it," he said. "And I bet you are going to ask 'where is it', aren't you?"

"No, because I figured you wouldn't tell the daughter of your enemy," she said.

"We're not enemies, just not friends yet. I am enemies with all that are fighting for pleasure, though," he said. She thought that was weird, but decided to not comment on it. "Do you want to go to dinner with me?" he asked Kasy.

"Yeah," she said, and he grasped her hand, and walked into the castle, hand-in-hand.

At Hyrule castle..

The top-most generals in the Hyrule army were gathered to form a plan of attack. After much discussion, the eldest and wisest general stood up. "There is only one way to beat him. We need to let your daughter and that Link-boy handle this. They are the only ones who can defeat him. I just got a report from the dead-lands that an army attacked his new base. The army was routed. We need to let them do this. If not, we risk bringing his wrath on us."

The generals nodded grimly, and the king stood up, and said, "It is decided. We do nothing." Link was sitting with them, a little nervous before, but downright scared now. "Don't worry son. You'l be able to do this." That gave Link a little confidence.

At that moment, Taarin, Talla, and Link thought the same thought: I will get what is mine. 

To be continued.