Ocarina of Time
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"Ocarina of Time", Prologue to Chapter 3

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

By: Lunitari


A middle-aged woman stood alone on the roof of the desert fortress watching the sunset.  She was Nabouru, the leader of the Gerudo people.That was before the male was born.  Now she was second in command and despised Ganondorf Dragmire with passion. He went against every code of  the race, he robbed women and children, and even went as far as committing murder when it was forbidden.  Just because he was the leader and the lone male he believed he could do everything he wanted and everyone should obey him without questions.  She thought of him as having an evil character and an ambition to match it.  He certainly made no secret of his intentions.  He planned to find the legendary Triforce and conquer all of Hyrule.  Unfortunately being regarded as outcasts by the rest of the kingdom, the idea pleased the rest of the Gerudos. To them this was an opportunity to  finally show those Hylians what they were capable of.  Nabouru strongly opposed to the idea but the majority ruled.

Finding the Triforce, what an absurd idea.  It was just a story, a myth.  She recalled that speech Ganondorf had made the night before about needing the Spiritual Stones to open the Door Of Time in the old temple of Hyrule Town.  Like that door really led to the Sacred Realm! That was just a children's tale, thought Nabouru.  Looking down below she suddenly noticed Ganondorf mounting his black war horse.  He was in armour and so was his horse.  Nabouru snickered.  Was he going to scare the fabled Kokiri kids into giving him the Spiritual Stone of the Forest? Or did he plan to burn down that tree, what was it called again? Nabouru searched her memory, ah yes the Deku Tree.

Let him waste his time in trying to find things that didn't exist, meanwhile there would be peace in Gerudo Valley and she would be in command.  She jumped down onto the balcony with ease and went back inside her room.  She sat down at her vanity table and brushed her long red hair.  Suddenly the thought came to her, what if he was right? What if there was really a Triforce? What if he did find it? Nabouru shuddered preferring to dismiss that thought for Hyrule's sake.

Chapter One: Inside Kokiri Forest

The thunder rolled.

The lightning lighted the way.
A wide stone wall lay up ahead.
A huge wooden door was at its centre.
This couldn't be Kokiri Forest.
The door fell down with a loud crash.
A strange white four-legged beast came running out.
On its back was two girls.
No they couldn't be Kokiris.
They were oddly dressed and one was too tall.
As they rode by the smallest of the two turned her head to look at him.
A frightened look, a silent prayer.
Out of the strange door came another of those beasts.
That one was black and massive.
The rider as scary as the beast.
The rider raised his arm
And suddenly everything disappeared in a flash of yellow.

Link woke up startled.  He had gotten used to the dream to the point that it no longer scared him but it always left him startled.Startled as if something had happen during that flash of yellow.  It had been several moons now since he had first started to have that reoccurring dream.  He had asked Saria, his best friend, what it meant but she was just as puzzled as him.  For once in their lives the Know-It-All Brothers had no answers or explanations to give.  Of course Mido had laughed at him saying it was another sign of him being a freak.  The other sign being the fact that he had no guardian fairy like the rest of the Kokiris.

However Tarin, the gate keeper, had told him that the dream's setting might be outside of Kokiri Forest.  It might be his desire to see what lay beyond the Bridge Of No Return that gave him those dreams.  As the little blond boy lay on his bed pondering on those thoughts a fairy flew in.  A pale blue fairy that began to circle around his head interrupting his daydreams of how the outside world looked like.

"Who are you?" asked Link.  He had never heard of a blue fairy before.  Up until now he had only seen yellow, green, and white fairies.

"I'm Navi the fairy! The Great Deku Tree asked me to be your partner."

"Great.I finally get a fairy but its different from all the rest.  I guess I'll always be the odd one around here," Link sighed.

"Hey! I happen to be the leader of the fairies you know."

Link sat up in bed.  "Really? Aren't you aware that people will laugh at you for being my fairy?"

"Nope because I don't care what others say about me and neither should you Link.  Now come the Great Deku Tree has summoned you.  We should get going he said it was urgent."

"The Deku Tree? Why would he want to see me?" Link asked while getting up.

"You'll know soon enough".

The boy left his tree house and climbed down the ladder.  Before he even set foot on the ground he heard his name called out.  Knowing exactly who it was Link turned around to face the green-haired girl.  She starred at him and then at the fairy.

"Wow a fairy! Finally a fairy came to you Link.  Now you're a true Kokiri!" exclaimed Saria.

"And guess what? That's not all the Great Deku Tree wants to see me!" Link announced excitedly.

"That's quite an honour Link.I'll wait for you here and you can tell me all about it after."

"Alright, see you then!"

The boy ran off towards the Deku Meadow followed by his newly gained fairy.  Careful not to get wet Link jumped from stone to stone, making his way across the river separating the village from the meadow.  Finally across Link spotted Mido guarding the entrance and moaned.

"He'll never let me pass," whined Link.  "Might as well just go back".

"Oh come on Link! Don't be such a cuckoo! You have to stand up for yourself you know or else you'll always get teased."

"I know but."

"Hey Mr. No Fairy! What are you doing all the way out here? What's your business with Deku Tree?" shouted the bully.

".Well he summoned me.  He sent my fairy to get me," explained the seven year old boy.

"Your fairy? You actually got a fairy?" Mido asked noticing Navi.  "Well that doesn't mean anything I'm still not accepting you as a true Kokiri! Now what's this about the Deku Tree summoning you.  He should have summoned me since I'm the boss around here."

"Maybe if you were a bit nicer he would summon you more often," commented Link.

"Why you!.Summoned or not I'm not letting you pass.  You don't even have a sword and shield.  You're still a baby Link, now scram!"

"Fine.  I'll prove to you that I'm a real Kokiri! Just you wait and see."  With that Link turned around and walked away.

"You handled that pretty well Link," said Navi once they were out of earshot.

"Ya too well, I don't know what I'll do to prove it.  I just blurted that out without thinking.  I'll go see Saria maybe she has an idea that will impress Mido enough to let me pass."

Back in the village Link walked back to his house where Saria was waiting.  Upon seeing him Saria knew that something had happened with Mido just by the way Link walked looking down to the ground.

"Hey Kiddo, what did Mido do this time?" asked Saria.

"He won't let me see the Great Deku Tree! He called me a baby because I don't have a sword and shield."

"Oh that bum! I don't know why he's always so mean to everyone.  What he said is true though about needing a sword and shield.  The forest.Strange things have been happening lately.There has never been any monsters here before but all of a sudden they're  everywhere in the Deku Meadow.  On top of that something is happening to the Deku Tree! I don't know what it is but he hasn't been well lately."

"What do you mean?" asked a worried Link.

"He's loosing his leaves and there's nothing we can do about it! Perhaps the reason why he summoned you is because he will reveal something to you," said Saria.

"Actually before I left him he said something about being time for the boy without a fairy to begin his long journey," Navi announced.  "I wonder what that could mean."

Both Saria and Navi starred at Link.  Shyness being one of his weaknesses, Link blushed at being the centre of attention.

"Ah come on guys! Quit starring at me like that.  What about the sword and shield huh? I need them so Mido can let me pass."

"Well you can buy a shield at the shop," said Navi.

"And if you really want to impress Mido you could try to find the  Kokiri Sword.  I heard it was hidden somewhere in the forest," added Saria.

"Actually I know exactly where it is!" announced Navi.  "Follow me!"

"Umm.I think I'll stay in the village," Saria said.  "I don't like adventuring much.  I'll meet you later Link after your meeting with the Deku Tree.  Bye!"

Link watched the green haired girl run back to her house and then followed Navi up to the training ground.  Link knew there was a hole in the cliff at the far end, but never had gone in.  All the other Kokiri believed that it was a tunnel leading to the outside world.  It was well known in the village that if a Kokiri ventured outside the forest they would die.  A long time ago, a boy named Tim had crossed the Bridge Of No Return and never came back.

"Are you sure I won't disappear or die if I go in there?" asked Link as he peered into the hole.

"Don't be such a coward Link! I've been there plenty of times.  I'm actually the one who started that rumour about it leading to the outside world."

"Alright here I come!" Link took a deep breath and then crawled into the tunnel.

Chapter Two: The Deku Tree

"Wow!" exclaimed Link.  "This is like a maze."

The Kokiri boy  had just emerged from the tunnel and stood looking at his options.  In front of him a few meters away was a dead-end so there was no point in going there.  He was left with either going left or to the right.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to use the old Kokiri way," announced Link.

"What would that be?" asked Navi.

"Watch this."

Link closed his eyes and stretched out his arm as if pointing at something.  He then turned around in a circle a few times and opened his eyes.

"See I'm pointing more to the right, that means we go right."

The fairy rolled her eyes.  "Kids!" she muttered.

Link took the passage but was disappointed to find a dead-end.

"Nice going genius," commented Navi.

"Hey! You can fly so why don't you fly higher and tell me where to go instead of complaining.Besides look on the bright side I found a 5 rupee!"

Link went back where he started and this time went left and Navi told him where to go. Turning right, then left and right finally brought the two in front of a large wooden box.  Without hesitating Link went up to it and opened it.  Smiling he brought out the legendary Kokiri Sword.

"Guess we found it," Link said as he put on the sword belt.  "Now all I need is a shield."

"Before you get the shield maybe you should practice with the sword don't you think? It would be kind of silly if you got killed because you couldn't draw your sword on time."

"Ya I guess you're right."

The sword belt went around the waist and then a strap went over to the opposite shoulder.  The scabbard this way was held on the back of the wielder.  At first Link was a bit clumsy nearly killing himself in the process but he soon was able to take out his sword and be ready for combat before Navi had time to say Kokiri.

"That was quick learning, are you sure you never wielded a sword? Try taking a few swipes."

Link started to fight an imaginary foe.

"Don't use two hands Link! Remember you'll soon have a shield so get used to fighting with one hand."

Link tested both hands and ended up preferring his left.  He then took a few more swipes.

"I think I'm getting the hang of it now.  Let's get the shield now," Link said while sheathing his sword.

The boy and his fairy headed back to the village.  They passed by Mido's house and Link crossed the little pond by jumping from stone to stone.  As usual Lulu sat on the roof of the shop.

"Hi Link! I see you finally have a fairy, congratulation."

Link said a hurried thank you and ran into the shop.  The Kokiri Shop was the only shop in the village.  It was small but had everything a Kokiri could need.With the exception of swords since no demons had ever been seen in the forest since the drought of thirty years ago.

"Hi Link! You're up early today.  What do you need so urgently that it couldn't wait?" asked Alex.

Link blushed.  He had the reputation of being a late riser and was often made fun of  because of it.  This was another thing that made him stand out.  He just couldn't see how the rest of the Kokiri could get up even before the sun.

"I need a shield," Link said.

"A shield? What do you need that for? Never mind its none of my business.  That will be forty rupees."

"Forty rupees! That's a lot but I guess its worth it," Link said digging into his pockets.

"Oh but it is! Its made out of the strongest deku wood." Alex set down a wooden shield on the counter with a bang emphasizing its strength.

"Well here's your money."

Link picked up the shield and found that he could slide the holding piece under his scabbard.  He turned around quickly to see if it would stay in place.  Satisfied that it hadn't fallen Link decided to keep it there until it was needed.

"Oh so that's why you wanted the shield.  You're going to play being a warrior huh? Hey, where did you get that sword? Is that the Kokiri Blade?" asked the shop keeper.

"Yup it is! And I'm not telling you where I found it because that's between me and my fairy." Without saying another word Link left.

Navi suddenly laughed once they were out.  "Did you see his face? He looked totally shocked by what you said.  I guess people aren't used to you saying things like that.  Now if only you can learn to reply like that to Mido.  Come on now I think the Deku Tree has waited long enough."

Link ran as fast as he could to the Deku Meadow.  Mido was still standing where he was before.

"Hey! What's that you have there on your back? Oh it's a Deku Shield.I suppose you actually found a sword too?"

"Of course! See?" Link said as he drew the sword out.  "Now you have no reason to stop me from seeing the Deku Tree."

"Well, even with all that stuff a wimp is still a wimp.  I bet you won't even get past the Deku Babas!"

"We'll see about that Mido!"

"Umm.Maybe you should have your sword and shield ready," suggested Navi.  "You can't always just run by Deku Babas.  Sometimes they reach out and bite you.  They're carnivorous plants you know, once they bite you they don't let go."

".Thanks for the warning," said Link.

He got his shield and gripped the hilt of his sword even tighter.  So it was shield in right hand and sword in left that Link entered the passage to the Deku Meadow for the very first time.  Both fairy and child were alert and listened to every sound as they went down the passage.  Eventually it turned left and Link approached the turn slowly and without a sound.  He followed the opposite wall to see as much as possible around the corner.  Deciding it was safe he continued.

"Navi why don't you fly up ahead and tell me what's there."

The fairy left and soon returned with the report that there was two Deku Babas up ahead.

Link gulped.  "Well this time its for real and there's no turning back so here I come," Link said bravely.

He walked on.  At first he failed to see the difference on the ground between grass and the strange leafy structures but as he walked he noticed it and slowed his pace.  Sure enough out of nowhere popped up two tall scary looking plants.  The stem looked like any other plant but the top of it looked like a blue jaw.  The stems of the two plant seemed to move from side to side by the wind, but then again there was no wind Link reminded himself.  With a battle cry Link started to slash at the plants while avoiding their bite.  The battle was short and it left the boy without a scratch to Navi's relief. Link noticed that the stems that he had slashed had dried and now looked like a branch that went up to Link's waist.

"This could be useful," Link said picking them up with his sword hand.

"See that poach you have on the belt around your waist? Its magical if you stick the end of the two branches in your poach they'll turn to a reasonable size so you can put them in."

"Really? That's pretty neat!" exclaimed Link.

He put down his sword and shield and tried it and sure enough it worked.  He then picked up his gear and continued on.  A few minutes later Link spotted another area where the grass looked weird.  He went up to it and another Deku Baba popped up.  This time the battle was easier and was not as long.

"You know this is actually fun! It sure beats Hide-And-Seek," Link said as he put another branch in his poach.

Without anymore interruptions Link finally entered the Deku Meadow and starred at the gigantic tree before him.  Surly it had to be the biggest tree in the forest.  Navi flew up to it.

"Great Deku Tree I'm back!" Navi called.  "I've brought Link as you told me."

"Oh.Thou hast returned.Link.Welcome.Listen carefully to what I am about to tell thee.Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless and full of nightmares.As the servants of evil gain strength, a vile climate pervades the land and causes nightmares to those sensitive to it.Verily, thou hast felt it.Link the time has come to test thy courage.I have been cursed.I need you to break the curse with your wisdom and courage.  Dost thou have courage enough to undertake this task?"

"Yes I'll do it.  I might not succeed but I'll try my best."

"Then enter, brave lad, and thou too Navi.Navi the fairy.Thou must aid Link.And Link listen well to her words of wisdom."

The Deku Tree opened his mouth.Or what seemed to be his mouth, and Link entered followed by Navi.

Chapter Three: Inside the Deku Tree

As Link entered the Deku Tree he looked around.  He was in some sort of main room and in the centre of the floor was a huge spider's web.  Must be a hole there, thought Link as he advanced cautiously.  As he got closer to it he noticed three Deku Babas, but these were different.  They were already above ground, and definitely looked hungry.  Link slowly approached the first one and jumped back as it tried to bite him.

"I don't feel too good about this anymore," Link said.  "I rather go back fighting the other kind."

"Come on Link! You have to do this, it's the only way to save the Deku Tree.I'll fly around it to distract it and you get down to business."

Link approached it again and this time as the Deku Baba tried to snap at him he striked at it with his sword.  To his shock it didn't die, instead it started to act like the other kind before it tried to bite at him again.  Link struck at it again and the head of the plant dried out as it died.

"That's called a Deku Nut," Navi told Link.  "It stuns the enemy temporarily with a blinding flash."

"Now that can definitely come in handy one of these days."

Link picked up the nut and put it in his poach before terminating the other two Deku Babas.  On the last fight Link got bitten a few times before eliminating the plants.  Each time he had managed to pull free but the damage had been done.  He could barely walk and was breathing hard.

"I don't know if I can go on Navi.  I guess I'm not cut out for this hero business, maybe you should find another Kokiri."

"No Link only you can do this," the fairy said in a serious tone.  She approached her partner and landed on the top of his shield.  "You see no other Kokiri has the courage to fight these things, not even Mido.  The Deku Tree has chosen you for a reason.  You have to believe in yourself.See those small plants over there in the corner, they have healing powers.  Eat some until you feel better."

Link hesitantly picked one up and looked at it carefully before putting it in his mouth.  He immediately spat it out.

"Oh yuck! These taste awful Navi! I can't eat that stuff!" the boy whined

"Fine its up to you.Just remember you're a mortal and you'll eventually die in battle because you'll have no strength left."

"Oh alright I get the message!"

Link picked another one up, pinched his nose and ate it.  Feeling much better he then walked over to the spider's web.

"Hey look! There's something down there, it looks like water.  Maybe that's where we have to go!" Link said.  "But how do we get down there?"

He went in the middle of the spider's web and jumped up and down with no results.  Looking up he wondered what to do when he saw that there was four platforms.  He looked around trying to find a way up and Navi did the same.

"Look over there, there's vines growing on that pillar maybe its strong enough so you can climb it," said Navi.

Link went up to the pillar and tugged at the vines to see if they would break but nothing happened.  He sheathed his sword and put his shield back on his back and started to climb.  Reaching the top of the pillar Link found a wooden bridge that connected the four pillars of the room together.

"Hey Link! There's a treasure box over there."

Link ran up to it and opened it to find a map.  He sat down and leaned on the wall while Navi flew around the map to give Link some light.

"According to this there should be a door further ahead.  Also there's another floor above us.  Lets go check out that other room before and then we'll go up."

"Uhh Link.  Are you the one making that noise?"

"What noise?" Link concentrated to hear what his partner heard.  For a while there was nothing and then suddenly Link heard it too.  It was a soft chirping, but not a chirp from a bird.  It was more like from a bug and seemed to be coming from above and from different places.  Link got up and scanned the wall.

"Skullwalltula!" yelled Link as he ran across the bridge to the other room.  "I hate these things, you can't get rid of them."

"Well doesn't matter anymore because they're far behind.  However you'll have to face them again to get to the platforms."

"Lets hope there's something in that room that can be useful."

Link folded the map and put it in one of his pockets.  He then opened the door and went in.  As soon as he was in, the door closed with a bang and a click sound was heard.  Link turned the doorknob and to his dismay realized they were locked in.

"Watch out Link!" yelled Navi.

The boy turned around and grabbed his shield just in time to deflect a Deku Nut.

"What in the Deku's name was that?" asked Link as he scanned the vicinity and unsheathed his sword.

"Only one thing does that.A Deku Scrub."

A creature that looked like a bush with big red eyes materialized out of the ground in the centre of the room and spat a nut at Link.  Link deflected it and the nut hit the Scrub.  It began run around the room as Link chased it.  Suddenly it turned around and Link slashed at it.

"Ow-ow-ow!" it yelled.

"You can talk?" Link asked in surprise.

"Yes I can.  Forgive me for spitting at you I thought you were one of Gohma's off springs."

"Gohma? Who's that?"

"You're in the Great Deku Tree and you don't know who Gohma is? How can you not know, she's the reason why the Deku Tree is dying.  Now please if you let me go I'll give you a clue that might help you."

"Well.Alright it's a deal."

"If you jump from high  don't try to land on your feet.  Roll instead that way you won't get hurt," said the Scrub.

"But that's insane! I'll break my neck," Link said.

"No you won't.  But I can't guarantee it will work though if you jump down from a really high place.  Heh heh! Well its up to you to try.Toodles!"

Just as he came the shrub mysteriously disappeared.  Link then heard a click from the other side of the room and noticed for the first time that this room led to another.  Deciding to keep his sword and shield ready as not to be surprised again, Link went into the next room.

"This is strange," Link said to his fairy.  "Look at that block in front of us it's floating in mid-air.  I wonder how it does that."

"Quit being Mr. Scientist and go get what's inside that treasure chest over on the other side."

Link jumped on the block and landed on the other end, but in the process the block fell.

"Hey it's a slingshot with ammo!" Link exclaimed as he opened the wooden chest.  "I always wanted one."

Link looked back to the other side of the room wondering how to get back but as always Navi was way ahead of him.

"Look at that ladder above the doorway.  If you can get it to fall you can use it to get out of here."

"Hmm maybe if I hit it using the slingshot it will fall."

Link gave it a try and let out a cheer as the ladder fell.  He jumped down from where he was and ran to the latter.  Once out of the room he made his way back to where he found the map.  Using his new found slingshot he aimed the Deku Seeds at a Skullwalltula and to his relief killed it.  He did the same for the two others.

"There's those vines again on the wall!" exclaimed Navi.  "That's how you get up to the next floor!"

"How did you figure that one out?" teased Link.

Navi stuck out her tongue.  Once at the top Link saw that a Skullwalltula was blocking the way to each platform.  Taking out his slingshot Link aimed at the nearest one.  It fell and vanished, dropping several rupees at the same time.  Link picked them up and went to the edge of the platform and looked down.

"Well here goes."

Link closed his eyes and jumped.  He fell down to the ground floor, straight through the spider's web and down to the floor below.To land in a lake.

"Aaaah! The water is cold," yelled Link as he quickly swam to the nearest platform.

"Be careful Link, there's a Deku Baba up there," warned Navi.

Link climbed up and slashed at the demon, he quickly finished it off as he was now getting use to this.  He almost wished for something more challenging but decided against it.  Looking around he saw two other platforms in each end of the room and a lot of spider webs.

"Something tells me this Gohma thing must be a spider.  A very big spider." Link said.

"Lets just get this over with."

Link took out his map and studied it.  "According to this we're in basement 1 and Gohma's lair should be right below us so we're almost there."

The boy put away the map and grabbed his sword and shield.  As he studied where he was he noticed on the far end of the platform was a door behind a thick wall of spider web.  Turning around he saw on the other platform a switch and an unlit torch.  Knowing exactly what to do he swam to that platform, stepped on the switch and the torch lit up.  Link took his Deku Stick as Navi watched him curiously.

"See I told you this could come in handy," Link told his fairy.

He held his stick to the flames until it caught on fire and then swam back making sure not to wet the stick.  Once there he burned the web and threw his stick in the water before moving on to the next room.

"Hey its another."

Before Link had time to finish his sentence he was hit by a Deku Nut.

Link did the same thing as with his encounter with the other Deku Scrub and caught it.

"Please forgive me Master! I'll never do it again! If you spare me, I'll teach you something cool."

"Okay but it better be more useful than the advice your pal gave," answered Link.

"You will never be able to beat my brothers up ahead unless you punish them in the right order which is 2,3,1."

"2, 3, 1.Got it.  Thank you!"

The Deku Scrub vanished and it was then Link noticed something strange with the next door.  It had bars on them stopping him from opening it and there was some sort of "eye" made out of metal on top of the door frame.  Deciding to try something he took out his slingshot and aimed at the "eye" and the door opened.

"What in the Deku's name is that?" asked Link as he walked into the next room.

The thing in question was a metal bar with spikes that moved from one end of the room to the other.

"I don't know but if you press that switch under the water it might deactivate it," Navi said.

"Link dived into the water and did as Navi said.  The water level lowered and a platform appeared at the entrance of the room.  Link went back and jumped on it.  The platform brought him to the other side without getting knocked down by the bar.

"Oh great, a skulltula."

"Stop complaining and destroy it," said Navi.

After destroying it Link climbed onto a block to get to the next room.  The door locked as soon as he was in the room.

"That is not a good sign," said Link as he looked around.

The rooms were beginning to have more webs and more enemies, he noted.  In this one was four Deku Babas which he easily terminated and gained more Deku Sticks.  Using one of them he lit the torches near the next door  to be able to move on.

"Is it me or is it getting darker as we go?" asked the boy.

"Its getting darker.  This place is creepy I can't wait to be out of here."

Link walked down the hallway and killed the skulltula that was waiting for him at the end.  Peering into the room his guard went up.  The room was large yet there was nothing in it but a torch.  At the other end was a spider web blocking the exit.  Deciding not to rush out into the open space, Link cautiously began walking across the room with a firm grip on his sword and shield.  Suddenly out of nowhere fell three hideous spider-like creatures with large green eyes that went red as they struck at him.  Summoning all his courage Link fought them and won.  He and Navi then looked at each other.

"If those are the babies."

"I don't want to meet the Mom," Navi finished the sentence.

Chapter Four: a New Quest

Link lit up a stick and burned the web revelling a small tunnel.  Link sheathed his sword and put away his shield and crawled in.  At the other end he realized he was back in the room with the lake but on the other side.  He noted another spider web covered hole in front of him and gulped.

"This must lead to Gohma," stated Link.

He pushed the block that was there into the water and jumped to the other platform.  He lit another Deku Stick and jumped back quickly to the hole.  He walked to the centre and dropped his stick.  The spider web burned making Link fall down in the hole to the room below into yet another lake.  Link swam to the shore and was bombarded by Deku Nuts.  Link frowned.

"This is getting old," he muttered as he got his shield and deflected the nuts sending them towards the second Scrub, the third Scrub, and then the first.  The first then began to run around and then stopped in front of Link.

"How did you know our secret? How irritating! Oh well might  as well tell you how to beat Queen Gohma so you can get rid of her for us.  Its simple really just attack her when she's stunned!  Good luck kid!"

"Well here goes.  This is it," Link said and opened the door.

"Sure is dark in here," commented Navi.

"Ya and what's with the fog?"

"Do you see anything?" asked Navi.

"No you?"

"No but I can here something and its getting closer," Navi said with a shaky voice.

Link looked up to the ceiling and all he could see was a huge orange eye before its huge owner jumped down and ran towards him.

Link screamed as he saw Gohma's eye turn red, a tell-tell sign of an imminent attack.  Link rolled out of the way barely missing Gohma's stinger.  Link quickly calculated in his mind what to do.  Her eye must be her weak spot so if I hit her there she'll be stunned then I can attack like that Scrub said.  He began to run around the lair for time as he put away his shield and got out his slingshot.  When Gohma caught up to him he turned around and at the last second aimed at her eye.  Gohma fell and Link took the opportunity to strike at her four times before she got up and climbed back on the ceiling.  Link watched her go wondering why she was retreating.  Gohma walked on the ceiling until she was in the centre of the room and then just stayed there.

"What's the matter?" shouted Link.  "Afraid of a little boy?"

"Umm.Link.  Instead of mocking her why don't you pay attention to what she's doing."

"What do you mean?"

Link observed Gohma and to his horror realized she was about to lay eggs.  Sure enough three eggs dropped to the floor.  Link quickly destroyed them before the babies hatched.  An angry Gohma jumped down to the ground in front of Link.  All of a sudden Link felt small and vulnerable.  He ran being chased by Gohma with Navi flying after them. Gathering his courage the boy stopped running and faced the giant spider.  He aimed at the demon's eye with his slingshot and prayed this could end soon.  Never again would he wish for an opportunity to do something heroic if it meant being chased by a giant demon and having to run for his life.

Gohma fell and Link striked at her another four times.  To his relief she vanished leaving a cloud of smoke behind.

"Navi I have a funny feeling this thing wasn't real.  That this thing was created and put here by someone.  Maybe it has to do with that evil looking man in my dream."

"Perhaps.  The Great Deku Tree will know more about this, why don't you ask him."

Suddenly a circle of blue light appeared where Gohma had been.  Link approached it and put a hand in the light.

"The light is warm it almost feels like if its alive.  I think we're supposed to go in it."

Navi landed on Link's shoulder and the boy stepped into the circle of light.  The light blinded the boy and the fairy.  When Link finally opened his eyes he realized he was back in the Great Deku Meadow.  Had he fallen asleep and all that had happen was simply a dream?  A voice interrupted his thinking.

"Well done, Link.Thou hast verily demonstrated thy courage.I knew that thou wouldst be able to carry out my wishes.Now, I have yet more to tell ye, listen well.A wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse upon me."

"Hey the man in my dream was also from the desert.  Could it be the same one?" asked Link.

"Yes, it is.This evil man ceaselessly uses his vile, sorcerous powers in his search for the Sacred Realm that is connected to Hyrule."

"Sacred Realm? Hyrule? What are those?" asked a puzzled Link.

The Deku Tree chuckled "I don't blame you for not knowing.  The Kokiri have always believed there was nothing outside the forest.  Hyrule is the kingdom that we live in."

"I thought we lived in a forest called Kokiri."

"You might not understand all of this now but you will one day.As for the Sacred Realm it is there that one will find the divine relic, the Triforce, which contains the essence of the gods."

"The Triforce?"

"Before time began, before spirits and life existed.Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule.Din, the goddess of power.Nayru, the goddess of wisdom.And Farore, the goddess of courage.Din with her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth.Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.And Farore with her rich soul produced all life forms who would uphold the law.The three goddesses their labours completed, departed for the heavens.  Golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world."

"Let me guess those triangles are what you called the Triforce," Link said.

"That is correct my child.  Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis of our world's providence.  And the resting place of the Triforce has become known as the Sacred Realm.Thou must never allow the desert man in black armour to lay his hands on the sacred Triforce.Thou must never suffer that man, with his evil heart, to enter the Sacred Realm of legend.That evil man who cast the curse upon me and sapped my power.Because of that curse, my end is nigh."

"What?" exclaimed Link.  "But I defeated Gohma!"

"I know.  Though your valiant efforts to break the curse were successful, I was doomed before you started.Yes I will pass away very soon.  But do not grieve for me," the Deku Tree added as he saw a tear run down the boy's cheek.  "I have been able to tell you of these important matters.You are Hyrule's final hope.Link.Go now to Hyrule Castle.  There, thou will surely meet the Princess of Destiny.Take this stone with you.  This is the stone that man wanted so much that he cast the curse on me."

Suddenly a green shiny stone appeared in Link's hand.  It was so shiny that it seemed to glow.  Link put in his poach and continued listening to the Deku Tree.

"The future depends upon thee, Link.Thou art courageous.Navi help Link to carry out my will.I entreat ye.Navi.Good.Bye."

The guardian of the forest that has stood guarding the forest from evil since the dawn of time died.  His leaves began to dry out and fall.  Link stood there for a long time before Navi gently reminded him they had somewhere to go.  Wiping the tears from his eyes he slowly walked back to the village.  Mido was the first he encountered.

"Hey Link! What did you do? I can see the Great Deku Tree loosing his leaves from here.Did he die?"

"Unfortunately yes he was under a cu..."

"How could you do a thing like that?" interrupted Mido.  "This is all your fault!"

"Its not my fault if you let a stranger get into the meadow so he could cast a curse.  I tried to save him instead of blaming this on someone else!"

Link no longer able to contain his tears any longer ran towards the Forbidden Bridge that would bring him into the outside world.  He would carry out the Great Deku Tree's will or die in the attempt.  Reaching the bridge he slowed down, being a bit apprehensive to leave the forest.  After all this is where he was born and had always lived.  He closed his eyes and took time to memorize the sounds that surrounded him, the birds, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the creaking of branches, Saria calling him.  Saria! He opened his eyes and turned around to see his best friend coming towards him.

"Oh, you're leaving.Did the Deku Tree tell you to leave?" she asked.

"Sort of.  You know that he's.passed away?"

Saria nodded her head.  "It might sound strange but I felt his death within my soul.  So why are you leaving?"

"The Deku Tree was under a curse.  The man responsible for this lives outside the forest and will cause problems there if he isn't stopped."

"So the Great Deku Tree asked you to stop him.I knew.that you would someday leave the forest because you're somehow different from the rest of the Kokiris.  But I didn't expect it to be for this reason.  Be careful out there I've been told by the Deku Tree that the outside world can be very dangerous.Link.We'll always be. friends won't we?"

Link smiled, "Of course.No matter where I am you'll always be my best friend."

"Before you leave I want you to have this."

Saria reached into her pocket and retrieved an ocarina.  The one that she sometimes lent him.  Link took it and held it in his hands for a moment before putting it in his poach.

"Please take good care of it.  When you play it, I hope you will think of me and come back to the forest.at least for a visit until your quest is finished."

"I guess this is good-bye for now," Link said.  He turned around and ran to the huge fallen tree trunk.  Before entering it he waved and left.  Saria stayed a long moment watching where Link had been before slowly walking back to the village.

    What Link saw emerging from the forest literally took his breath away.  In front of him was the biggest field he'd ever seen, and on top of that he could see strange structures in the distance.  Curious and wondering if that was the castle the Deku Tree had told him about he began walking towards it.