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"Return to Hyrule"

Return to Hyrule

By: Haiku

As Link returned to Hyrule, Taarin headed back to his stone fortress in the dead lands. The territory he conqured had been overtaken, his conjured monsters not able to be replenished by Taarin's power. So, he lost all of his monsters, and the two Turtle Dragons, in a last ditch effort, melted together the gates leading into the castle. They did it two weeks before Taarin came back. Now, they saw Taarin's ship approaching, and they took off. And beeing that the two dragons were life-mates now, they didn't fight like other turtle dragons. Well, in a sense. They argue a lot.

The two turtle dragons landed on the deck of the ship, where they saw the Delta monster, as Taarin called it. Taarin came on deck when he heard and felt the two heavy thuds. As soon as he came on deck, the two creatures shoved close, all six heads saying the same thing, but in different words. Taarin finally said, "ONE HEAD AT A TIME!!!"

Six panicked voices yelled, "THEY'RE GONNA TAKE OVER THE CASTLE!!!" Taarin looked down.

"Deltamon! Take them out!" he said, that was what he named the creature. It took off, and fired a solid energy beam, and it scorched a straight line through the monsters. It landed on the ground, and began to eat the monsters with each one of its three heads. Soon the monsters retreated, and Deltamon was quite full, and didn't pursue. Taarin landed the ship, more like skidded it to a halt, and got out. His thoughts were of Kasey, and he rushed inside to see were she was. He looked all over, and he came to the center of the Castle, and he heard a high voice.

"Taarin, is that you?" she said, and she rushed out and hugged him tight.

She started to cry, and he said, "It's all right." Then he led her down to the green courtyard. She got outside, and he noticed she was very pale. "Kasey, are you alright?" he said, worried about her complexion. She coughed, and blood ran down her lip. He saw this, and said, "You're sick! Why didn't you tell me?" he asked, and she began to cough more and more.

"I wanted you to be happy *cough* I didn't want you to *cough hack cough* to worry about me," she said, and Taarin put his hand on her head, and concentrated. He tried to think healthy, well thoughts. He opened his eyes, and she had a little bit of her color back.

"Come on, let's go lay down." he said, and he heard a rumbling, and he saw in the distance a army of monsters and soldiers heading towards them. "Deltamon! Stall them." he said, and the true head (not the ones on the arms) nodded its reply. It took off, and the Turtle Dragons were left.

"What do we do?" said one.

"You two guard the castle. After all, you still are the head guards of this place. At least you aren't stupid like the other ones and got themselves sent back to nothingness," he said with a smile. "Just don't let them get onto the bridge. And don't get yourselves killed." He walked into the castle, carrying Kasey like he would a baby. Off in the distance, Deltamon had just came to the enemies battle lines..

..Deltamon had just arrived at the enemie's lines. It landed, and the middle head spoke, "Warriors, from where do you come from?" said Deltamon. From the WindFish he didn't only get swiftness and flight and magic, he got wisdom.

"We come from the sorcerer Talla, who orders you to surrender!" said a skeleton knight.

"Oh, is that right?" he asked the very stupid creature.

"Surrender now!" For he didn't catch the sarcasm.

"Come and get me, stupid creature," he said to the armored Stalfos, who leapt at him, thrusting his sword to dig in when he collided.

"Bone spit!" roared the dragon-skull head, and a shower of bones flew from its mouth, destroying the foolish skeleton.

"Any other takers?" he said to the multitudes, as the shower of bones ceased and the remains of the stalfos invisible among the bones. A monster of equal size of Deltamon charged forward, and tried to ram him. He punched it with his metal head.

It opened its mouth and said, "Ice strike!" and froze the monster, which he had never seen before. It looked like a very ugly, wooly ram. He hit it with the metal head, and it shattered into thousands of shards of ice. A group of monsters, which the monster didn't know the name of, yelled, "Let's see how you do with fire!" as balls of flame shot at him, impacting it.

It only slightly annoyed him, and the metal mouth opened up and said, "Flame Strike!" and the fireballs were swallowed up by the torrent of fire (he likes to show-off his attacks. Also has the ego of the WindFish.). He laughed at the crispy remains of the monsters, killed instantly. Then a ball of energy flew at Deltamon, made by the sorcerer Talla. \

Deltamon was almost knocked over, but he recovered and said, "A challenge. Don't tell me you made these extremly stupid creatures, did you?"

"It is no buisness of yours! Move, unless you want to be destroyed along with that fool Taarin!!!" Talla yelled, enraged he would let his daughter get sick. "Move!!!" he said, and shot some more evergy at him. In a flash he dodged it, and flew behind Talla and yelled, "Bone spit!" and a shower of bones flew at him, and he put up his energy shield.

He fired a massive bolt of energy, and all three heads said, "DeltaForce!" and a beam of energy from each head met and a single beam hit Talla's beam. Each one was locked in a stalemate, not able to put more power in it. Deltamon dropped down and let his beam go, and let and smacked Talla with his metal head.

"I have no time for this. Monsters, attack!" Hundreds of monsters ran at him, but Deltamon took to the sky and flew back to the fortress. Talla continued forward, marching toward the fortress.

At Hyrule castle.

Link awoke to a bumping, and looked out the window still half asleep. He saw solid brick, and he sat up and looked for his clothes. He found his green ones, put them on, and opened the door. He was by the castle gate. He knocked on it, and the gate opened to let him in. "Were is the princess?" he asked a guard.

"She's in her room, sire," said the guard, and Link walked towards the tower. He looked up, and saw repair personnel fixing the big gash in the wall he caused. It was about half done. He thought about it, and decided to make an entrance. He ran back to the raft-craft, and got in. He fastened the belt, and zoomed up to her balcony, and landed the raft on the giant balcony with a clunk. He walked into the castle, and saw her asleep. He went over to her, and sat down on the bed. Link was still tired, it was only 7 in the morning. He pulled off his boots and socks, and slipped under the covers. She slowly stirred at the intrusion of cold air, and she saw him. "Am I dreaming? Is that you Link?" she asked sleepily, a single tear dropping down her confused face.

"Shh, go back to sleep," said Link, putting his arms around her.

"Oh Link, I missed you!" she said.

"Less talking, more sleep," Link grumbled. She then bopped him on the head with her fist. Link shot up. "That hurt! What was that for?!" he asked.

"Link!!! Hello?! I'm here! Do you really want to sleep???" she asked, amazed. She was suddenly full of energy.

"Ok, ok, I'll get up." Link said, sitting up in bed.

"Thank you!" she said, bounding out of bed and tearing down the hall squealing. "Link's back!!! Link's back!!! My boyfriends' back!!!!" Link meanwhile went to sleep, and a bunch of people, including Teelana and her new husband, Sauron (what, you thought everything would remain the same while he was gone?), were at the door, and Zelda was mad that he was asleep.

She was about to walk over there and bash his head with her mister bun-bun stuffed rabbit when Teelana said, "Zelda! Link needs his rest. Do you know what he has been doing?"

"No. But I want to see him!" she whined.

"Let him get some rest," she said. Zelda nodded sadly. It was her birthday today, and she wished he would be up for it. They walked away, and Zelda laid down with Link. Zelda caught Link with his eye opened, and scowled.

"I just got back from fighting giant monsters. Don't I getta break?" he asked.

"Link, it's my birthday," she said, and turned away.

Link proceeded to sing the birthday song to her, "..birthday to Zelda, happy birthday to you." And then he wrapped his arms around her.

She kissed him and said, "I got a great present!" she said, and held him tight. She looked at Link, who was trying to keep his eyes open, but was losing the battle.

"Happy birthday, Zelda." and his eyes closed and he went limp. He looked like he had died, and she acted fake-horrified, until a snore came out his nose as he sucked in air, and she laughed. Link tightened his arms around Zelda, and she laid down on the  pillow, and Link whispered in his sleep, "I love you Zelda."

She closed her eyes, and the king looked on the sight with sour eyes. "King, hello! Link has returned."

"Teelana, how am I going to get rid of this boy?" he asked.

She was quite shocked by this. "She's in love, hopelessly in love. You can't try and break this!" she said.

The king turned to her, and said with more force than he had ever talked to her with, "I won't let her marry a peasent! Not for me, but for her! And if you get in the way I will have you thrown in the dungeon with the rapist," he said, and the look in his eyes scared her so much a trickle of wetness was going down her leg and a wetspot was growing on the crotch of her pants. Tears ran out of her eyes.

"I don't want to hurt my little baby!" she said, because she considered Zelda her daughter.

"She is my child!" he said in such a force more tears came out. Teelana looked down and saw her puddle on the floor.

"I raised her from a baby! She is in essence my child! She is your daughter but my child. I am her mother she never had. I will not have a part in this. Don't hurt that little angel!" she said.

"Hah. You wet your pants when I get mad at you, yet you say you tell me what to do?!" he said.

"Go away," was all she said, and she peeked in the room. Zelda's eyes were open and tears were flowing down her cheeks. She closed the door and said, "You ask her if she wants to be with the boy. You can't force her to marry a prince." then she walked off to her room. She went in, and a wail was heard down the hall. The king walked off, and nearly slipped on he pee-spot on the floor. Zelda heard every word, and she clutched Link tight. She would run away to be with Link if she had to. Soon however, she alleviated her fears. She knew that Link would always be with her, and her with Link.

Then Link sat up in the bed, and said, "I am not sleepy anymore. Let's do something!" he said, and Zelda quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. Link looked over. "Why are your eyes red?" he asked.

"Allergies," she said, and sniffed.

Link said, "Here, take my." then looked at his filthy handkerchief.

"I think I'll be better off with my sleeve, thank you." But she pulled out an handkerchief anyways. Link then decided to put his plan in action.

"Zelda, would you like to go for a ride on my new craft?" he asked. She nodded, and went out to his raft. He opened the door and said, "Hold on a sec." He used magic to make railing on the craft,  two chairs, and another set of controls. Link sat on the outside, and took the controls. She sat in the other seat, and both put on the safty harnesses. He pulled back, and they took off, and Link was talking to her as he flew along.

"This is beautiful! When did you get this craft?" she asked, holding one of his hands.

"After I left Koholint island. I did some magical improvements to it, and voilá!" Link said, and he flipped the craft, and they were looking down.

"Link, I don't like this." she said, her face going a very interesting shade, as her red face was also a tint of green. Link flipped it back, and halted it. He stopped it in midair, and took off his seatbelt. He went over to Zelda, who was about to take hers off. But before he did, he kneeled at her feet, and pulled out a box, which he palmed in his hand.

"Zelda, we've only known each other for a very short time, but I feel like I have known you forever. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. It is destiny. I can't compete with that! Will you marry me?" he proposed, and pulled out a box he got from his mother, her wedding ring. It was the Triforce. The one of courage made of gold, the one of power was small ruby stones set into a triangle, and the one of wisdom with sapphires. The empty triangle was onyx, within it set with silver were the words "I love you Zelda" (Zelda was added-in by his father recently).

Tears were pouring down Zelda's face, and she said, "I don't know. Give me a minute." Link was in shock she said this, and she said, "I am kidding, silly!!! Of course I will marry you! Hello?! You didn't think I meant that?" she said, and kissed him on the lips for a full ten seconds. "I love you Link. I always will," she said, and  wrapped her arms around Link. She let go, and said, "Can I fly it? I already know how. The Triforce of Wisdom taught me how," she said, and changed seats.

Link sat down, and said, "Guess what? I got a fiancée!!!" he said.

"Really, who?" she asked.

"Well, she is very pretty, a princess, and.." And they both described there 'fiancées' to each other, then Zelda remembered the conversation of Teelana and her father.

"Link, your father doesn't want us to marry," she said, and looked at him.

"What makes you think that?" he asked.

"I heard him talking to Teelana! He got so mad at her that she peed her new pants! I am going to have to tell daddy somehow," she said, and wondered what might happen. Link nodded, and zoomed over to the courtyard, stopping fifteen feet above the ground. He picked her up and leapt from the craft. They walked into the dining room, and saw the king. Link grabbed some food, and Zelda said, "Daddy, me and Link are getting married." Link was prepared for this.

The king turned red. "You're not marrying him," he said.

"Daddy, it's my life! I want to marry him. I love him. And he loves me," she said, her voice getting soft at the end.

"He is a peasant! He cannot love you. Guards, sieze him! I demand you hand over the Triforce of Courage to me!" he said, and guards suddenly came forward to sieze Link. He just grabbed the whole tablecloth, and ran from the room. Zelda ran after him, but a soldier hit her with his sword in the head. The king was about to have him killed, till he realized that he had stopped her escape. However, Link turned around, and, using magic, levitated her to him. He leapt into the air, one hand full with a giant sack of food, the other his future wife, and landed on the craft.

"Get us outta here!" he said, and the craft slowly turned around, and flew off. Link had deposited the food, and put Zelda in bed. Then, a ball of fire flew by the craft.

Zelda woke up and said, "That isn't the first time the Triforce has healed me. Also, my father has sent out the dragon troops. We need to hurry," she said, and a blast almost hit the hull. Link thought, and concentrated.

He thought, If we were made out of metal, I wouldn't be screwed! and the outside of the ship was plated in armor. Link turned around, and aimed the cannons. He shot blast of energy, and the dragon-soldiers broke their attack. Link pushed the speed-lever on the dash to a setting that said hypersonic. "What does hypersonic mean?" Link asked.

"It means way too fast. Oh crap. That was what you just put in on, didn't you?" she said, and grabbed the mattress. It accelerated so fast that the mattress flipped up and Zelda was implanted into the wall. After it stopped accelerating, Link looked over. He pulled the mattress off, and Zelda was literally embedded in the wall, unconscious. Link tried to pry her out, but she was really stuck. This was a major problem. Link concentrated, and tried to pull her out of the wall. He finally did it, and she was awake. "Don't, ever, ever  do that again," she said, and hugged him tightly.

"Ship, raft, whatever, go to Koholint Island," Link said.

"Setting course for Koholint island. Estimated time of arrival, 3 seconds." And the ship slowed down to a stop over the island, and sat down by the house.

They went inside, and Link said, "Mom, Dad, meet my fiancée."

The End