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"Return to Koholint"

Return to Koholint

By: Haiku

Well, so far Link has made enemies with the kingdom that he had been born to protect. Way to go. But, Link has no regrets, for he has the person he loves. The king knows were he is at, he just doesn't know were at exactly..

They turn around to see Zelda. "Dad, could you get us married as soon as possible?" Link asked. Marin was bawling now. She had not expected to see him for another couple of years, but yet here he was, only a few days later and with a fiancée!

Grown-up Link said, "I.I guess I could. But it wouldn't be official, in a sense. In Hyrule you have to have a person who is certified to do this. You would be married in Koholint island, but that is it," he said.

"So? It doesn't matter." So his father and mother began preparations. I don't mean month-long ones.

Link's father went outside and began yelling, "MY SON'S GETTING MARRIED!!! ALL ARE INVITED!!!" at the top of his lungs, while his son went out to get some food. Meanwhile, his mother got a bag of ice for Zelda's head and was chatting with her.

"What is he like?" asked Marin, wanting to know more about her son.

"This is kinda awkward, telling his mother about him. I will try. He is very sweet and nice. He is also very caring," she said. "Also, he has a lot of respect. When he first met my father, he was scared out of his mind!" and laughed one 'ha' and her face fell.

"What is it princess?" Marin asked.

"My father. He doesn't want us to marry. We had to escape from there. He tried to arrest Link. He threatened Teelana. A soldier conked me in the head with a sword to try to keep me from escaping. But it is worth it," she said. Then tears began to run down her cheeks. "What am I going to do? My father hates me now, and I have nowhere to go!" she cried.

"You can stay with us, and you got Link." Zelda sniffed, and she smiled a little. She wiped her eyes, and Link came back in, loaded down with food and drink. He hobbled over to a table, and set it down, and the table creaked under the weight. Link went over and sat down by Zelda.

Then, the older Link came back, and said "Your wedding starts in five minutes. You better get cleaned up!" he said, and there was about eighty some people, and they were a little nervous now.

"Link, come over here," said Marin, and he did. "I want you to wear this. This is what your father wore for his wedding day." And she gave him a white shirt and a pair of black pants. Link went into a back room and changed in a remarkable amount of time, like ten seconds. Marin was amazed to turn back around and see him in it already. "How the heck did you do that?!" she asked.

"It's a thing," he said. She just shrugged, and Zelda had gotten into Marin's makeup. Link was stunned about her. Link knew that she wore for 'everyday' clothes stuff that most people would only wear as a, well, wedding dress. Marin had hastily picked some flowers from her flower garden and got some out of a vase on the mantle above the fireplace.

"Ok, are you ready?" asked grown-up Link, peeking his head in. They both nodded nervously.

They were about to walk out, and Zelda said, "I'm so nervous I think I might pee my pants," she said. Link smiled, and she said, "I mean it. I think if I walk out that door, I might pee all over my dress. I can't do it," she said. Marin pulled her into another room, and about a minute later, she came out, her face a little red, but then she smiled at Link. "I'm ready," she said. Link walked out the door, and Zelda's face went red again.

"What did Marin say to you?" Link asked.

"She gave me a diaper. And I just used it," she said. Link looked down, and he saw that the back of her dress was indeed bulging a little from the absorbent undergarment. Link and Zelda walked into the courtyard, where the people were. Zelda ran back into the house, and she came back out about 10 seconds later.

"You took off the diaper, didn't you?" he asked. She nodded, and grinned really big. They walked down together, and when they got to the courtyard, the people parted to make a natural aisle. Link walked down the aisle, and turned around. There she saw Zelda, beautiful, and watched her come down the aisle. She got to the bottom, and joined Link. After much talk and crap from the WindFish, who marries all couples on Koholint island,  he got the good part.

"And do you take this woman to be your wife, to love, to cherish, to take in sickness and health." he rambled on.

"I do," Link said, and smiled at Zelda. A tear slid down her cheek, as she smiled back.

"Do you," he started.

"Yes I do!" she interrupted.

"Well, you may kiss the bride," said the minister-fish, and each one of them hesitated.

"He said kiss the bride. Are you?" Zelda asked. Link smiled, and basically clamped his mouth over hers and began to suck, in a sense. The crowd went wild, 'cause grown-up Link was practically a celebrity on Koholint island. Link finally let go.

"Married at thirteen. Who would have thought?" he asked.

"I'm fourteen. I am older than you!" she teased.

"Well, I get the princess. All you get is the peasant boy," he teased back.

"Now that we're married, and if my father doesn't hate me, you will be the next king of Hyrule!" she said.

Link smiled, and said, "How is that teasing me?" he asked.

"Well, I could threaten not to kiss you." she said.

But Link said, "You wouldn't."

She shook her head, "Of course not!" and kissed him again. Then Zelda remembered the flowers in her hand. "Catch!" she yelled, and threw them. Marin caught them and tossed them back.

"I am already married! Give it another shot!" Zelda laughed, and tossed it. She put more arm into it, and a small red-headed girl caught the flowers while standing at the back. Then, a small boy tried to get them, and they ran off laughing. They smiled, but suddenly Link got another flash. Flashes of many people on dragons, and the king on a large one.

"Zelda." Link started to say to her, but he saw on her face that she saw the same vision. "I can't fight in this. I have to change!" Link said, and ran to the house.

"Fight?! Link, we have to run!" she said, but her words fell on deaf ears. He looked for his clothes, but he found some identical to his but the tunic was red and the shorts were black. He saw a note that said: These are for you, son. I want you to have them. They will be more comfortable than those rough clothes you had. And I got you knew boots! it said, and Link saw a pair of boots like his, but black also. He put the clothes on, and he could see in the distance the many warriors on their flying steeds. He ran out there, and saw the very uneasy-looking WindFish. It saw Link emerge, and hopped up to see him.

"Your father said that army is from the kingdom that your wife and you are from. He told me not to attack," he said.

"He told you wrong. Can I get a ride up there? I may be able to talk them out of trying to blast the island," Link said, and hopped on the back of the WindFish. It took off, and he looked back and saw Zelda looking back up.

"Be careful!!!" she yelled, and Link flashed her a smile as he got smaller in the sky. He was apprehensive as he got closer, and saw the king standing on the back of the dragon, in black robes and holding a very crooked black staff with a skull on it.

Link stood also, and said, "You're too late. We are married now." The king looked very closely at Link, trying to see if he was trying to fool him. He realized that he wasn't, and tried to scorch him with a blast from the staff.

"This staff was created by Gannon. It harnesses the powers of his former Triforce that were the hardest to tame, but was destroyed before he could use it. Now I have it!" he said, and Link could tell this was why he was so angry at the idea of Link and Zelda together. It was the staff that had corrupted him. He sent another blast, but the WindFish had a shield around it, and the energy bent around the shield and impacted with the water below.

"Why are you angered at the thought of me and Zelda together?" he asked. Another scorch on the shield. Link leapt from its back, and formed his armor around him, and floated in front of the King Hylyea. He was looking intensely at Link.

"You are but a peasent!" he said, and tried to whack Link with the destructive staff. Link ducked, and a crescent of energy flew from the end of it.

"I am not a peasent! I am the descendent of the Hero of Time! My father saved Hyrule twice! My dad has his own park!" he said, referring to the park from which he got his stuff. It dawned on the king that he was telling the truth, and his bond with the magical staff weakened. Link got some more flashes of events, of Taarin very nearby, and that he wanted the staff. "We need to get rid of that staff. Taarin is after it!" said Link.

The king hesitated, and Link grabbed the staff. Suddenly, feelings and emotions ran through him. He pulled away the staff, and he felt a conflict with the staff. He felt greed, jealousy, hate, lust, and other bad feelings. They began to hurt his body, and the staff began to bond, but Link didn't want it to. He tried to pull it away. Tears were rolling down his face, and he began to say, "Get it off," very weakly as his vision began to get clouded, and he knew that his soul was beeing locked away in his own body. He looked at the freed king, who knew what Link was going through. Then, the yellow triangle on his hand glowed brilliantly, and the staff fell from his hand. The ship appeared, and it cluncked on the deck.

The king watched as Taarin grabbed the staff and the ship disappeared again.  The king grabbed Link before he began to fall, and the WindFish was blasting the area. He hit the ship, but it accelerated out of sight before he could fire again. The king looked at Link. He was in terror of what he saw and felt, wondering how anyone could feel that. The king landed, and Link got to his feet. Zelda ran over to him, and hugged him. Link slumped against her, and she saw the look of horror on his face. "He grabbed the staff of power," said the king, and Zelda gasped. She had learned about that staff while small, how if Gannon was able to have used that staff. And Zelda came back to her senses.

She looked at Link, and said, "Link, it's ok. It's ok! You'r ok!" she said, her voice getting high and cracking from the emotion caught in her throat.

"Zelda, I felt things no one should see. I felt them when seeing would be bad enough. I feel terrible." Zelda brought him inside, as Link was shaking very badly.

At Taarin's castle.

Taarin had returned with his prize. As he felt the power go through him, he used it to make a magical veiwer to veiw Link. He watched her put him down to go to sleep, and Taarin smiled. With this cane, he would have enough power to get rid of the boy and take the Triforce from his and her possession. "I will be able to finally build the kingdom I have always wanted." he said to Kasey, who was nearby as he thrusted the staff up in the air. Energy came from it, and a parting of the clouds formed, casting natural sunlight on the ground, illuminating his lands. He smiled as the last parts of his plans were about to be set in motion.