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“The Story of Navi”

The Story of Navi

By: La Saiya

It had been two months since Link found his parents and Navi had left. She didn’t want to of course, because she loved Link very much. So she went to live with Mido and his fairy, Zari. Navi and Zari became friends very fast.

“I wonder what Link’s doing now?” Zari asked Navi one day.

“Knowing him, he’s probably training,” said Navi matter-o-factly. You see, Zari was a very young fairy and had a lot to learn from Navi.

Back at Link’s house they were getting ready to go back to Hyrule.

“Why the long face, Link?” asked his father.

“I just miss Navi,” said Link.

“Well, maybe we’ll see her when we get there,” said his mom.

“I guess,” said Link glumly.

Back at Kokiri Forest Navi and Zari were taking a walk, or a fly rather.

“Hey, Navi?” said Zari. “Can we go to town or somewhere, ‘cause I’m soooo BORED!”

“Well...” Navi thought for a moment. “OKAY!! Let’s go to Lon Lon Ranch.”

“YEAH! I love horsies!” said Zari. So off they went. When they got there they saw Malon planting roses.

“HIIII!” said Navi.

“Oh, hello, Navi have you seen Link?” asked Malon.

“Uh, he’s in Termina with his parents. And I have a feeling he’ll be back!” Navi added brightly.

“You have to go now! That lazy bum is very sick!” screeched Ingo.

“AHHHHH!!!!” the fairies fled to the market.

“What was that?” asked Zari, but she meant to say, “Who is that?”

“That is Ingo,” said Navi.

“Is he an alien or something?” asked Zari.

“I don’t know...” But her voice trailed off because she saw her worst enemy: Brittany. Brittany was a stuck-up fairy and, in Navi’s opinion, a filthy, brat.

“Oh Navi. Where’s your elf boy? Ha ha ha ha,” said Brittany.

Her laugh made Navi’s spine shiver. “He.. He..." She didn’t have enough courage to say “He is gone” and get laughed at.

“You were always a runt Navi, always.” Then Brittany flew away.

“Who was that brat?” asked Zari.

“You don’t wanna know, Zari, you don’t want to know.”

That night when everyone was asleep, Navi snuck out. Then she went to the sacred forest meadow, were she and Link always used to go when they were bored. Then she sat on a stump and fell asleep.

She was a little fairy, playing with her best friend, Sasami. Then Sasami turned into Brittany, who laughed at Navi. Navi’s mother and all the other fairies fled while Navi watched Brittany destroy her home.

Then she awoke sweating and panting. What did it mean? Thought Navi. Then suddenly it hit her, Sasami had been possessed by evil and turned evil herself. So that’s why I haven’t seen her in so long thought Navi.

The next day Navi told Zari about the dream.

“Wow...” Zari’s eyes grew big. “Is that what really happened when you were little?”

“Yup.” Said Navi.

That night she had another dream. She tried to reason with Brittany but it didn’t work. Then a voice told her to seek out the three necklaces, the necklace of love, the necklace of beauty, and the necklace of friendship.

So Navi told Zari about the dream the next day.

“But we’re just two little fairies, what can we do?” asked Zari.

“Anything if you want your best friend back,” said Navi.

So off they went.

“Where do we look first?” asked Zari.

“How about Lon Lon Ranch, Ingo always steals jewelry,” said Navi, sounding disgusted. At Lon Lon Ranch they saw Ingo muttering to himself about how lucky he was and the fairies saw the necklace of love.

“Um... Ingo can we have that necklace?” asked Navi.

“NO!!” screeched Ingo.

“We'll do anything,” said Navi.

“Anything?” Ingo thought for a moment. “All right! Go get me the king’s crown!”

“But...” said Zari.

“NO BUTS! JUST DO IT, NOW!” screamed Ingo. When the fairies got to the castle and snuck in the drainpipe. It was easy to get past the guards, as they could fly, but it was a pity the window was open....

“Cool! Open window!” said Zari with excitement.

“You’ll get used to it, and when you do, it won’t be exiting,” sighed Navi.

When they got inside they saw a purple velvet carpet with several hallways and--

“The crown!” screeched Zari.

“Let’s just take it and get outta here,” said Navi.

“Hey stop!” It was a guard. Zari and Navi grabbed the crown and flew out, the guards shaking their fists and cursing.

When they got to Lon Lon Ranch Ingo grabbed the crown and jammed it on his head.

“Here take it,” Ingo gave the necklace to Navi, then the guards saw Ingo and captured him and took him to jail.

“GOOD RIDDANCE! Okay next the necklace of beauty,” said Navi.

“Hmm. Who would have that one?” said Zari.

“I think it takes what you are on the inside and turns you into it,” muttered Navi to herself, not listening to Zari.

“HELLO!” said Zari.

“What. Oh, I think...Princess Ruto!” said Navi.

So at Zora’s Domain the saw Ruto.... If it was Ruto. She was way fatter than King Zora and was eating 3000 pounds of chocolate.

“Eew, so that’s what she’s like on the inside” Said Navi.

“Ruto can we have the necklace?” asked Zari.

“Get me a treadmill,” said Ruto, continuing to eat.

“MMMKAY..." said Navi.

Outside Zora’s Domain Zari said, “Where the heck are we going to find a treadmill?” Said Zari.

“I know! The chicken lady has one!” Said Navi.

So when they got there they saw the chicken lady.

“Hey! Can we borrow your treadmill?” Squeaked Zari.

“Will you trade?” Asked the chicken lady.

“Okay,” said Navi.

“Get me the rare purple cojiro on Koholint Island,” she said.

“...” Navi was speechless.

After several minutes of arguing, the chicken lady told them to get the green cojiro in the deepest part of Kokiri forest instead.

“Gee, just for a couple of stones...” Said Zari.

“Yeah I know,” Answered Navi. Don’t worry Sasami, I’ll save you Thought Navi. For Navi truly and desperately wanted her best friend back. As they got to the forest, they headed for the lost woods. Navi guided Zari through the woods and over logs until they got to the sacred forest meadow. Then they noticed a hole, just big enough for a cojiro to fit through...

“Let’s go down there!” Said Zari.

It was very pretty down there, there were palm trees and plants growing everywhere.

“Wow!” Squeaked Zari.

“Yeah,” Said Navi. Link, were ever you are I am always with you thought Navi as she gathered up her courage. She was never really courageous. Every time there was danger, she always hid in Link's hat.

It turned out to be a maze, and a confusing one at that.

“Navi I am so tired, we’ve been walking for hours,” whined Zari.

“LOOK!” said Navi. “It’s the cojiro!”

Indeed it was, looking very elegant while sitting on its eggs. Navi didn’t have the heart to take cojiro off its beloved eggs, so she decided to take an egg.

“Okay, when I say go you distract the cojiro, Okay?” said Navi.

“Got it,” said Zari.

“One...Two...GO!” said Navi.

“Ooga boga!” screeched Zari. The cojiro flapped its wings and chased Zari. This gave Navi time to snatch an egg.

“Come on, Zari!” said Navi, as the fairies flew up the hole.

“WHOA! We got it!” said Zari.

“Yeah,” said Navi.

When they got back they gave the chicken lady her egg.

“WOW! THANK YOU!” she said.

When they got back to Kokiri forest Navi said, “I’ve got the last stone, Sasami gave it to me. Now we have to place them in the unicorn fountain.”

“How far away is that?” asked Zari.

“It’s near the Deku Tree,” said Navi simply. So they flew to the great deku tree and they flew in the hole.

Navi placed the stones in the Unicorns' mouths. Then Brittany materialized in front of them, then there was a blinding flash of light and there was--

“Sasami!” Navi cried, “I missed you!”

“Me Too!” Said Sasami.

At that very moment Link came in and hugged Navi.

It was perfect, She had her best friend and Link back, and it was all so perfect.