Terror Returns
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"Terror Returns!"

Terror Returns!

By: Flaress the Sorceress



NOTE: This story is told in the FIRST PERSON perspective of the main character (NOT Link or Zelda!). It may contain some disturbing scenes (depending on how the readers look them). If you have played the games Diablo, Diablo 2 LoD and Ocarina of Time, this story will be easier for you to understand. If you haven't, it doesn't matter because this story is not on Diablo. Also I'm not really writing about war or fights, I'm actually writing about the life in Hyrule. (You will know what I mean if you read it to the end.)

After Diablo, the Lord of Terror has fallen under the town of Tristram, slain by a mysterious noble hero, peace has once again been brought to this ancient land. An Eastern sorcerer of Kurast has longed to leave his ruined town and travel to the West, to the legendary land of Hyrule.

On his way, he met a attractive young sorceress in the inn which he stayed, and it was she who helped him and led their way to Hyrule.

They explored the vast land of Hyrule and settled down in an ancient forest known as the Kokiri Forest, they lived in the Forest Temple at the end of the Lost Woods. Then, they met the guardian sage of the Temple, Saria, she looked like a little girl of ten but she was actually older than both of them, because Kokiris never grow up.

Saria introduced her best friend, Link, to them, who was a young man of seventeen, same age as the sorcerer, and he became good friends with the two.

They have soon became familiar with the land of Hyrule and made friends with many people. And, the sorcerer and the sorceress, they have finally confessed their feelings to each other, spoke what they have longed to say, and then, they fell in love.

Good times never lasts long. Even though the Lord of Terror is defeated, but one of his minions did not give up on the destruction of the Worldstone which was keeped on the summit of Mount Arreat in the Far East and the collection of the Triforce which were hidden under the Sacred Realm in the Temple of Light. He was the most powerful demon minion of Diablo's, his name was Ganondorf.

Ganondorf has poured darkness onto the peaceful land of Hyrule after his success in destroying the Worldstone, to try and land his hands onto the Triforce. The sorcerer knew that he must do something to protect Hyrule from destruction and stop Ganondorf from getting what he wanted.

With the help of the sorceress, Link and the six sages of Hyrule, will he succeed in defeating the remaining minion of Diablo and save the Triforce, the last hope of Hyrule?


This is only the first part of my story, there are more to come. If you don't like the plot, please tell me by e-mailing to the address on the top.

By the way, I might update this story and change the things that you don't like.

Thank you for your cooperation.