They Way They'd Do It
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"The Way They'd Do It"

The Way They'd Do It

By: Joe

Link walks into the sacred forest meadow where a large door now stands at the foot of the stairs and a roof hangs over. Wooden boards have been place over the warp pad and a large bed sits on corner. A fireplace roars with flames and warms up the little house. The house looks like it is meant to hold something secret.

"Where in the world can she be?" Link mutters to himself.

A sudden echo of the Minuet of Forest rings in Link's ears. Link smiles as a ball of energy glows in the middle of the room and a beautiful youth of 17 appears standing. A beautiful dress hangs on her inscribed with writings of the Royal family. A blonde ball of hair rolls upward and a young, pretty face that you could die for appears under the hair. A crown rests on her noble brow crested with a ruby.

"You look wonderful, Zellie," Link nervously emits.

"Thank you," she bashfully says back, "and so do you."

Link takes off his boots and places them by the fire to warm. His friend takes off her shoes and places them next to his boots. They sit next to each other on the bed and stare into each others' eyes. Link takes off her crown and places it on a small dresser. The girl giggles and takes off Link's cap. She places it on her crown. Link's heart beats in his throat as he talks.

"Well," he gulps, "are you ready for this, Zelda?"

"Oh, yeah," Zelda laughs nervously, "I think I am."

Link jiggles Zelda's belt and it falls off. Her long skirt hangs loosely. She necks Link as he pulls off her skirt revealing her white panties. He tosses her skirt on the floor and begins to pull off her blouse when she grabs his hands. Zelda breathes heavily.

"Wait..." she says.

She unbuckles Link's belt and takes off his tunic. She looks at the lump on his crotch and smiles. She places a hand on it and squeezes. Link moans with pleasure and pulls off her blouse. Her hands are pulled up in the air and he takes advantage. He grabs her wrists and pulls his head down next to her white bras. He sticks his tongue between her breasts and licks upward. She lifts her head back and laughs with pleasure. He licks up her esophogus and then her chin. She tilts her head back down and their mouths meet seeking out each others' tongues. They separate and breathe quickly. Zelda rips off Link's white shirt and gracefully tosses it onto the floor. She lies down on her back and Link presses his bear chest against her bearly covered chest. She laughs again with pleasure and Link lets out a small chuckle. He gets off her chest and fumbles on the strap with his shaking hands. Her hands clutch his wrists as he finally unstraps her bras. Zelda sees this and makes Link yank off her bras. Her luscious breasts wiggle in the air and Link sucks on them. Zelda begins to shiver.

"Link," she whispers, "it's cold... can we heat things up?"

Link responds very well with this suggestion. He pulls off his pants quickly. Zelda stares and estimates it to be 11 inches. He pulls off her panties and golden hair glimmers above her vagina. Link waves his penis over her teasingly.

"Let's return the sword to its sheath, shall we?" Zelda says jokingly but lustfully.

Link doesn't reply but drops his penis right inside her vagina. She screams and pulls at her hair. Link places his hands on the bed supporting himself as he humps what used to be a lonely virgin pussy. She stops him suddenly as Link is about to squirt his hot, sweet jizz into her.

"Link," Zelda licks his lips, "I wanna get on top!"

They turn around and Zelda rests around Link's cock as she licks his neck passionately. Link glues his hands onto her hips and she sits up still holding his cock in her vagina. She holds and squeezes her breasts as she uses her upper legs to bounce up and down in a kneeling position over Link.

Link helps bounce her up and down and says, "Are you still cold?"

Zelda grabs onto her titties and looks at Link in the eyes. Link can clearly see the sweat running down her face. Golden strands of hair are stuck on her face due to the sticky sweat. She moans in pleasure and continues bouncing up and down. Finally, Link groans loudly as hot, sticky cum shoots through his penis. Zelda screams at the top of her lungs and rips at her hair. Their screaming and moaning subside and Zelda rests on Link's chest. She rests her arms on Link's shoulders and he holds her bare back with his. Sweat rolls off of their wet, sticky bodies as they lay there.

"I love you so much, Zelda. I wish that you could have anything you want..." Link says.

"As I think about you, Link," Zelda says back, "I love you more than anything in the world."

They begin to get up with difficulty for they are very sticky. They slowly "strip" off of each other.

"Tee hee," Zelda giggles, "where ever there's honey... there's bees!"

Link laughs in return. He pulls out some night gowns from out of the dresser. He puts on his and slips Zelda's over her. Link puts a comfortable mattress on the ground near the fire and picks up a blanket.

"Aren't we sleeping on the bed?" Zelda inquires.

Link looks back slightly annoyed.

"If you wanna freeze to death tonight," Link answers.

Zelda walks next to the mattress on the floor. Link motions her to lie down. She does and Link lays down next to her and places the blanket on them. After being satisfied earlier they quickly fall asleep.

The next day Zelda wakes up early and puts her clothes back on and warps back to Hyrule through the Prelude of Light. Link wakes up later to find himself alone with a gown laying close beside him. He smiles and puts his clothes on and fixes the place back up. He goes to the Hyrule castle and stares at it. He suddenly smiles and runs towards the gate because Zelda opens the doors and walks out unhappy.

"What's happening, Zellie?" Link comfortingly asks.

"Oh, Daddy's really suspicious of where I was last night," Zelda explains, "he suspects that I was out last night getting drunk or something."

"What did you say?"

"Well, I told him that I was just spending the night at a friends house."

"At least you didn't lie."

"Link, ha, ha, don't rationalize."

Link rolls his eyes and continues walking and talking with Zelda. After a couple hours of talking two guards run up to them.

"The king wishes that you'll come back to the castle, Princess Zelda," state the guards.

"Tell him that I'll be back shortly," is Zelda's answer.

They turn around and jog back to the  castle. Zelda tongues Link, lifts her dress, and runs to the castle.

"Don't be a stranger, huh?" Link yells.

"I'll go to the meadow around ten o' clock!" Zelda replies.


Link places his hands in his pockets and walks around. What he doesn't know is that a figure lurks in the water eavesdropping. Link begins to slowly walk back to the Kokiri Forest when the figure darts out of the water and sprints over to the ranch. The figure gets inside the mill and meets three other girls.

"Did you get anything?" A long, red-haired girl asks.

"I did! Right at the last second they were together they gave it away," a green-haired girl answers.

"Awesome," a fish-like girl says, "when and where is it?"

"They said the Sacred Forest Meadow, I believe, at ten o' clock," the green-haired one explains.

"Alright, Saria, Nabooru, Ruto, let's go and get ready!" the dark-skinned one declares.

Link slowly makes his way through the forest. He asks a Gossip Stone the time and it says "9:21!" He continues on up the stairs and slowly opens up a door. As he walks inside and closes the door many arms grasp onto him pulling him down on the bed.

"Hey!" Link cries, "what's the big idea?"

"Link! It's me, Saria!" the green-haired one yells.

"Don't forget us!" the red-haired one exclaims.

"Saria? Malon?? Ruto?! and-" Link is stops talking as he sees a fourth figure walk up.

"Nabooru?" Link asks confused, "what are you doing here?"

"Oh, c'mon Link! You know what we want!" Malon says.

"It can't be..." Link whispers.

"We can't let you and Zelda have all the fun!" Ruto giggles.

"But, why don't you just all do it separately?" Link asks.

"We all want you now," Nabooru explains, "we can't stand to wait!"

With those words Nabooru rips off her skimpy shirt revealing her sexy, dark breasts. Ruto takes the shape of a naked human with beautiful, blue hair. Malon drops off her clothes and jumps onto Link. Saria tears off her clothes and jumps to the side of Link. The naked, limber body of Nabooru jumps onto Malon and rubs against her ass. Malon moans as she takes off Link's tunic and pulling down his pants. His penis springs out and still grows to the full length. Malon's vagina is rammed onto Link's penis causing him to hurt his testacles. Nabooru laughs wildly lying on Malon. Ruto smothers Link's face with her blue-haired pussy. He just lies there with naked girls on him.

"I want some of the action!" Saria screams.

Saria sits behind Ruto hoping to get some tongue. She just holds onto Ruto and sits on Link's chest and presses her pussy against Ruto's ass. The girls all cum their stuff. Malon suddenly gets pulled off of Link and Nabooru sucks on Link's testacles. Malon turns around and grabs Link's penis and sucks it. As she tastes a fountain of goo squirt out Zelda appears in the middle of the room.

"Want some?" Malon asks Zelda holding out Link's cock which is dribbling with sperm. She licks some off of her upper lip while Nabooru laps it up off of Link's crotch. Zelda just stares wide-eyed.

"Hey," Link explains, "it wasn't my idea!"

"Join us!!" Saria says as she lifts up her leg exposing her vagina and ass. Her green hair glimmers with fire light.

"You want some of my man? Well, I'm gonna show you the professional way." Zelda says.

"Nah, we all want some," Nabooru calmly states.

"Very well," Zelda replies.

Zelda takes off her dress and jumps onto them. She tongues Saria who tongues back. They press their pussies together. They all then tire and rest for a bit getting their air back.

"Here, gals!" Zelda blurts, "I'll 'handle' him while you get the glory!"

Zelda lies her vagina on Link's chest and holds his penis. She fucks it while Saria, Malon, Nabooru, and Ruto wait patiently.

"Oh..." Link moans, "here it comes!"

Nabooru fits her vagina over Link's penis and Link shoots some sperm. He holds it while she screams with pleasure. Nabooru is pulled off and Saria gets on. Link let's it go into her pussy and she screams like mad squeezing her breasts. She gets off and Malon gets a shot who groans wildly. Ruto gets on and then holds onto her legs. They all lie on their backs on the large bed feeling each other slowly while Zelda rests on Link's penis after he shoots the last load into her.

"This means we'll all be pregnant," Malon mutters.

"Who cares? It was wonderful," Ruto sighs.

"That was one hell of a good fucking time," Nabooru laughs.

"I can't believe I got this lucky," Link says aloud.

"Well, I'll be honored to bear Link's child," Saria says as she pinches Malon's clit.

"Five babes and one man! Link really is lucky," Zelda says.

They all shift around on the bed wiping the sweat off of them. The girls lay around Link with Nabooru on top, Saria and Malon to his sides, and Zelda and Ruto on the outer sides. All of them sleep naked like that for the rest of the night.

In the morning Link wakes up to see Saria and Zelda hugging, Malon and Ruto hugging, and Nabooru and himself hugging. Link gets up to fix some breakfast. He heres moaning on the bed and Saria pokes her head up.

"Have a good night sleep, Saria?" Link asks.

"Oh, it was wonderful!" Saria replies.

She stretches her arms up tightening out her boobs. Then drops her arms. Her boobs do a sort of jiggle. She gets to a side view of Link and stretches out her back making her boobs look just like nipples sticking out of her chest. She giggles once seeing Link watching. She walks over to Link and gives him head. She stops and slowly lifts her mouth off. She gives a mischievous smile and gets back on the bed and lies against Zelda. Soon Zelda wakes and starts to have sex with Saria. They bounce their pussies together with legs hooking to each other. Nabooru's eyes open and she smiles. She stretches out and plays with herself. Malon suddenly sucks on Nabooru's pussy and Nabooru rubs Malon's head. Ruto wakes up and lies on top of Malon suction-cupping her pussy on Malon's backside.

"You know," Ruto says, "it's good to be in the shape of a Hylian."

"It's good to act like one," Saria adds.

"It's good to cum and have sex!" Nabooru says in a "duh" tone.

"So, how much do you think you cummed?" asks Malon.

"A lot!" Zelda answers.

"I don't think I've ever had a night quite like that," Link states.

"Tee hee," Ruto giggles, "me neither..."

Link unfolds a wooden table and puts it in the middle of the room. He takes some bowls and spoons out of a cupboard on the wall and sets them on the table. He takes a pot out of the fire and sets in on the middle of the table. He sticks a ladle into it and grabs six chairs. He sets them up around the table and motions the girls to sit down.

"Brrrrr," Saria shivers, "this chair is freezing my ass!"

"Yeah," Malon adds, "it's giving me goosebumps."

"Put some clothes on then," Link says in a common sense sort of way.

"No!" Saria protests, "I like to be naked."

"Yeah," Malon agrees, "it'll warm up."

Zelda sits down not used to eating naked. She looks at all the other girls and most of them lean against the table resting their boobs on it. Zelda does so and notices her load is lightened.

"Eat up!" Link urges them, "don't be shy!"

Everyone takes turns ladling some soup into their bowls. After a while of eating Link says a few words.

"Well," Link begins, "you all are a great bunch! I hope you know that. And you can really make a guy satisfied. As well as yourselves."

Everyone thanks him.

"So," Link says again, "how are we going to go about with your pregnancies and hiding who made you all pregnant at the same time?"

"I think we should stay here!" Saria says back.

"Why don't we just all live alone?" Malon inquires back.

"But some of our parents will want to know where we are!" Zelda adds.

"Exactly!" Ruto agrees.

"Just say you were out enjoying time with Link and his friends!" Nabooru suggests.

"Well," Saria thinks aloud, "Nabooru and I can stay here for certain. You can all go then."

"We'll find some way!" Zelda protests.

"I don't care what my dad thinks!" Malon says.

"I'll just say what Nabooru said to do," Ruto says.

"So you all will be staying?" Link asks.
They all answer 'yea.' They all come to agreement that they will share Link one at a time while the rest just watches. If you want to hear them just keep reading!


Link sits on the bed watching Malon advance on him. She swings her beautiful red hair around and drops her robe. For the first time Link studies her body. Her neck is very firm. Her muscular chest holds up two big, round boobs. Six abs lie under her boobs. Her arms are very thin but muscular from all the farm work she used to do. The only hair on her body rests on the top of her head, her eyebrows, eyelashes, and on her crotch above her sheath. Curly red hair grows out of her crotch. Her legs are very skinny and muscular. Her body sets on two extremely strong ankles with small pretty feet.

She climbs on Link and kisses his chest. He runs his fingers through her incredibly smooth hair. She flips her body around quickly and shoves his penis up her butt hole. He grunts and caresses the skin on her neck. She rubs her cheeks around his crotch and lifts her ass up. She drops down again. She and Link groan with delight. She bounces up and down quickly and holds onto his hips. She flexes her legs so hard that Link squeezes them as hard as he can. Link gracefully and quickly moves out from under her and she lands on the bed with her back. He shoves his penis through her tight pussy and humps her as hard as he can. She separates his ass with her hands and shoves him down on her when some hot liquid empties into her.

"Oh, yeeeaaaaah!!!!!" Malon screams.

Link rests his sweaty face on her shoulder and his beautiful blonde hair falls on her face. They breathe super hard and Malon stares at the ceiling.

"Don't remove that penis!" Malon orders.
After a while they separate and Link rests for a while.


Link studies Saria's beautiful body stretched out on the bed. Her luscious green hair on her head, her eyebrows, and above her vaginal entrance. He fondles the hair above her pussy. She giggles softly. He then notices her beautiful pointy ears with one earring. She is extremely skinny with not one ounce of fat on her and bearly any muscle. Her boobs are opposite of the rest of her. They hang out very far but can easily be thinned out when she stretches. Link carefully sits below her ribcage and puts his penis between her breasts. She squeezes her titties around his penis and moves them up and down. Link also moves back and forth.

"You have very sexy breasts, Saria," Link says passionately.

Saria laughs hard and grabs Link's testacles and plays with them as he rubs his penis between her boobs. She and Link groan like animals.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Link cries.
Hot white sperm shoots between Saria's breasts and makes a line from her neck to her mouth.

"Mmmm..." Saria licks and drinks up Link's jizz.

Link then gets off and shoves his penis into her super tight vagina emitting the last load. Saria screams so loud and clutches her breasts tightly. They then rest and call it a night.


Link leans against the pillows against the bed and watches Ruto. Her fish-like body morphs into a Hylian body and "boob length" blue hair falls down. She kneels on the bed in front of Link. Her body is somewhat fleshy and her breasts are firmly in place with a tight-looking pussy hiding under blue, wavy hair. Link opens up his legs and beckons her to come and get some. She crawls toward Link and bends down and sucks Link's dick for a couple seconds and turns her ass towards him. She presses her butt cheeks against his chest and he grabs her sides. She falls down onto his penis and fucks him. Link grabs her tight titties and rubs them with his fingers. She groans. Suddenly, the tight walls containing Link's thing are filled with hot water.

"Ohhhhhhhh, sweet Nayru!!" screams Ruto.

Link then begins his finale. He straightens out his body and flips Ruto around and shoves his penis into her soft vagina. His sticky stuff is squirted straight into her as she screams and flexes her body as hard as she could. She then "un-tenses" up and holds onto Link. He rubs her back as they hold each other close.


"Link," Nabooru wildly orders, "look at me!"

Nabooru stands in front of Link who stares at her hot body. Her red hair in a pony tail hangs no less than her head. Her pointy nose looks like she could shove that thing way up Link's ass. Link looks down and notices her large jugs. The nipples stick out violently looking ready to strike. Her dark body shows sign of tension. Her pussy is totally bare with no hair covering it. She turns around and stoops over and separates her cheeks. Link charges forward and shoves his penis way in. She jerks her head up and groans. She runs off and jumps onto the bed opening her legs. Link jumps on right in front of her.

"Give me your hand," Nabooru tells Link.

Link does so and she puts it outside her vagina and makes him point his middle finger and shoves it in. He notices how tight it is even with his small finger. She then pulls it out and makes his hand into a fist. She then miraculously shoves his whole fist in and yells out with pain and satisfaction. She yanks his hand out and grunts and breathes heavily. She then grabs Link's head and shoves his face onto it. She lies back resting her arms while Link licks her pussy and bellybutton. He shoves his slippery tongue up her vagina and licks up her cum. She giggles and throws him into her place against the bed and starts sucking his dick. Hot cum shoots into the back of her throat and she tastes the salty, bodily fluid. He then jumps off the bed, lifts both her legs in the air, and penetrates her vagina with his penis and unloads even more cum into her. She groans so loud as cum dribbles down her neck. Link licks the sweat off of Nabooru and she does the same to him.


Link studies Zelda's body carefully. From the golden shining hair on her crotch to the golden shining hair on the top of her head. She has the most perfect body of all. Not too skinny, not to muscular, and some flesh with medium sized hooters.

They simply hump quickly and Link jizzes her up.

Well, I hope you liked my little story! I might write another if I get some comments and I may even make another guy if the viewers want me to.