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"The Contest"

The Contest

By: La Saiya

Announcer: Hi! And welcome to the greatest contest of all time! The Miss Hyrule beauty pageant. There will be 5 contestants, Ruto, Malon, Saria, Zelda, and Nabooru. Here are our judges, Link, and Mido.

Link: Let's hope I live after this..

Mido: Oh, yeah!

Announcer: First here's Malon in a lovely gown of turquoise.

Malon enters wearing a flowing gown with her hair up in an elegant knot on the top of her head.

Link: whoa.. 10

Mido: 10

Saria enters wearing an emerald skirt with a green tank top.

Link: ummm.2

Mido: 6

Ruto comes in wearing. nothing!

Link: 0

Ruto: I couldn't fit on the dress!

Link: Well, it's not my fault you're too fat..

Mido: 0, you said it, Link.

Zelda walks in wearing what she always wears.

Link: 0

Mido: yeah, 0

And Nabooru comes in wearing an orange and black striped tank top.

Link: eww. 0

Mido: (whistles) 10!

Announcer Well and there you have it! Malon gets a date with Link!

All the girls throw Malon looks of the deepest loathing.

Ruto: I would of won if ranch girl wasn't here..

Everyone: NOOOO!!!

They all get in a big fight and Link and Malon go riding of into the sunset.