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"Tides of War"

Tides of War: The Legend of Earthia

By: Kitara


In a land far away, were sword and sorcery ruled, lived a girl with extraordinary powers, different from the other inhabitants. Her name is Lady Saria Nikura Tagashi, of the house of Kurisukae.

In the land of Vitari, Saria learned the ways of the sword and magic. She also began to learn how to control her special powers.

I now take you the Vitarian capitol, Santuri.....

"Saria? Are you even paying attention to me!? We are supposed to be practicing swordfighting, not magic." said Saria's close friend, Lady Iiuka Akari Masanku, of the house of Taquiela. "By the way, what spell are you working on?"

"I am working on an teleportation spell, which will take me to all sorts of different lands far from our own. I know that I am different from everyone else here, so I plan to look for a kingdom or land that I fit into." explained Saria, standing up while drawing her sword.

"When is our training sesion with her highness Tatiana?"

"In about an hour. This time King tauron and Queen Kitara will be supervising your sparring match with the princess." answered Iiuka, drawing her sword. "And this time your allowed to use magic during the match! Isn't that cool or what."

"Yeah, I think it is. Though they only allow magic in a match, when someone is to become a Elite First Class Royal Guard. Oh shall we begin?" Saria said as she dropped into a defensive crouch, with her sword positioned in front of her.

"Why certianly. We should be able to get a decent warm-up done before they arrive. How should it go? Magic or no magic?" said Iiuka, following suit.

"Magic..........Starshine Flash!!" said Saria, while her sword glowed a golden color.

"Infatuan Leviosa!" said Iiuka, canceling Saria's attack.

Saria charged towards Iiuka, while she was brining her sword down from the previous attack.

Both swords clashed with a bang, sparks were sent flying in all directions.

Little did they know, was that Princess Tatiana was watching them from a far.

"Mother and Father were right! Saria is definatly the chosen one. Thats why their putting her through the royal guard training test in less than thirty minutes. I better get ready, and re-read the Legend of Earthia." thought Tatiana as she watched.

What she saw next would be etched into her memory for as long as she lived.

A slight golden aura surrounded Saria as she gathered energy for the next attack...

The horizon darkened slightly when she finished gathering energy.

With a flash of golden light, Saria shouted this: Tri-Magic Shock!"

A huge golden ball fo magic energy formed in front of Saria, blocking her from the princesses view, but she could still see Iiuka preparing to deflect the attack.

"Attack!!" cried Saria, unleashing the giant ball of energy straight towards Iiuka.

Iiuka was sent flying into a nearby stone wall, crumbling it to pieces.

"Healing Winds!" shouted Saria, healing the both of them in seconds.

"Iiuka, are you all right?" Saria asked nervously.

"Yeah I am now, before the healing spell, I was sure that I wouldn't wake up for a week! How did you do that! It was awesome!" replied Iiuka, digging herself out of the rubble.

"I don't know how I did it! It just happened, out of nowhere." replied Saria.

"Oh well, my guess is that it was form your special powers. Lets get back to the castle. We need to get cleaned up, and you need to change." said Iiuka, as she and Saria started towards the castle.

Tatiana began to head towards them to appear that she wasn't watching their spar.

"Well hello there Ladies." said Tatiana, joining them.

"Hello your highness." replied Iiuka, while Saria bowed.

"Iiuka. If I may ask, who is yourmatch against?" asked Tatiana.

"My match is against Shimizu Nikasuka. He should be a nice challenge for me." answered Iiuka.

"Saria, Iiuka. I will see you two later. Good day." said Princess Tatiana, walking towards her palace quarters.

"Good luck Iiuka, I'll see you after your match." said Saria, going to her own room. Iiuka doing the same.

Throne Room---

"Your highness, the match between Lady Saria and Princess Tatiana will begin shortly." said the royal advisor Taquiel.

"Thank you Taquiel." replied King Tauron.

"Shall we head towards the arena?" asked Queen Kitara, "We have an royal guard ajudication to attend."

"Trina, Shanku come." said Tauron.

"Yes sir." replied the two guards, leading them to the arena.

Milliana's Grace Arena--

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the match that will decide the fate of one young trainee! I give you Lady Saria Nikura Tagashi, of the house of Kurisukae and her highness Princess Tatiana Suka Randikai, of the house of Vitari!" said the overly happy annoucer.

Once the two challengers were on the feild, the heralds announced the arrival of the King and Queen.

The King held his hand up, signalling the crowd to be quiet.

"People of Vitari, here today you will witness the spar that will signify Saria as an Elite First Class Royal Guard.

My Daughter, Tatiana, Champion of the annual festival has been challenged by Lady Saria, who has hopes of acheiving the level of Elite First Class. The battle will commence in twenty minuets." explained King Tauron.


"Saria, I have heard much about you. Is it true that you have some powers different from the rest of the Vitarian people?" asked Tatiana.

"Yes I do have some special powers, but I rarely use them because of the fact that i can't control them properly." explained Saria.

"Lady, have you ever heard of the Legend of Earthia (air-thean)?" asked Tatiana.

"No milady, would you tell it to me after the match?" replied Saria.

"Of course. I would love to tell you of that legend." answered Tatiana.

"Thank you, your highness." replied Saria, looking up to the Royal Box. 

Royal Box--

"Five minutes till the match commences, your highness." said Shanku.

"Thank you Shanku, return to your post." replied Queen Kitara.

"Yes ma'am." replied Shanku, returning to his post by the entrance.

"Time to start the match." said King Tauron. 

Milliana's Grace Arena--

"Attention people of Vitari, his highness King Tauron will now start the match." said Trina. (another guard)

"Princess Tatiana, are you ready to take this challenge set before you." spoke King Tauron.

"I am your highness." replied Tatiana, pulling out her swords.

"Lady Saria, are willing to put forth your courage and take this challenge you have so boldly asked of the princess." said Tauron.

"I do your highness!" said Saria, pulling out her double swords.

"Now formally state your challenge to the kingdom." ordered King Tauron.

"I, Saria of Kurisukae, Second Class Warrior Elite. Here by challenge Princess Tatiana of Vitari, to a match of skill and endurance." said Saria

"Your challenge has been set before the princess. Now princess you must formally accept the challenge." replied King Tauron.

"I, Princess Tatiana Randikai here by accept this challenge!" answered Tatiana.

"Now, Let the battle begin!!" exclaimed Tauron.

Chapter One


"Lets get this show on the road, princess." said Saria as she began to circle around Tatiana.

"Why certianly, I wouldn't want to keep you waiting." replied Tatiana, doing the same on Saria.

Both Saria and Tatiana charged towards each other with their swords raised, when the swords met, there was a loud clang and sparks were sent flying.

After the initial impact both Saria and Tatiana backflipped away from each other, landing on opposite sides of the arena.

"Why don't we only use one sword. It will give us better speed and control." asked Tatiana.

"Sure why not." replied Saria.

The thing that Tatiana didn't know about Saria was, that it was Sarias' specialty to fight with only one sword and limited healing magic.

Both Saria and Tatiana put away one of their swords, leaving Saria with the advantage. (A.N.: I couldn't help doing that here but later on, no one person will recieve an over powering advantage over anyone)

Tatiana rose her sword into the air and muttered a spell.

"Fire Illusion!"

Flames erupted from her sword and spread throughout the arena, surrounding Saria.

Saria smirked at Tatiana as she vanshed.

Tatiana began to look around in a semi-panicked state.

"You looking for me?" asked Saria, reappearing behind Tatiana.

"Comet Shower!"

Small glowing rock began to pelt the ground, when Saria brought down her sword.

When the shower ceased, both Tatiana and Saria looked a bit beat up.

Before Saria had fully recovered for the previous attack, Tatiana sprinted forward and slamed into Saria.

From the force of the impact, Saria was thrown into one of the many barriers around the arena.

Saria managed to get up mere moments after ther intial attack, looking a bit worse for wear, but not slowed down in the least bit.

Tatiana was shocked , as Saria had gotten up from the point-blanc attack she did, and wasn't even phased by it.

"She truely is a master...." thought Tatiana, while Saria shethed her sword.

Raising her hands into the air, Saria chanted an all to familiar spell....

"Tri-Beams Blast!"

Tatiana's eyes widened as she reconized the attack Saria used in the previous spar.

"Oh Goddesses......."said Tatiana, as a large ball of golden colored energy formed in Saria's hands. Giving her a slight golden aura...

"Attack!" cried Saria, launching the attack at Tatiana.

Tatiana quickly put her hands in front of her, and put up a magic shield. The glowing ball of magical energy came flying at her at an alarming speed, and in mere seconds crashed into the shield. The shield held for almost a minute, then shattered, sending Tatiana flying into the arena walls.

When the dust had settled, Tatiana was lying motionless by the arena barrier. Two referees came out and checked to see if Tatiana was still fit to fight.

One of the ref's stood up an announced to the crowd...

"Tatiana can no longer fight, Saria wins the match."

The roar from the crowd was deafaning as Saria slowly walked over to Tatiana's unmoving form.

Saria rose her hands into the sky and chanted a familiar spell....

"Healing Winds!" whispered Saria, completely healing Tatiana's wounds.

Tatiana's eyes opened to see three referee's and Saria, standing over her, looking quite worried.

"Are you all-right your highness?" asked Saria.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You on the other hand look quite beat up. Are you all-right?" asked Tatiana, standing up.

"That last attack took up a lot of energy. I'll be fine after I take......a.....little........ nap." said Saria before she passed-out.


"Guard. Take Saria to her quarters. Iiuka could you summon the doctor for me." Tatiana said quickly.

"Yes your highness." replied the guard, exiting the arena.

"I'm on it Princess Tatiana." Iiuka said as she exited through the same doorway as the guard.

'I do hope Saria is all-right. style="mso-spacerun: yes">We will just have to wait and see what happens.' thought Tatiana as she headed towards the Royal Box. 

Royal Box-

"Mother, Father. When will the acension ceremony take place?" asked Tatiana.

"It will take place the day after Saria is deemed well by the doctor. Then you will be able to head out on a diplomatic mission, with her as your bodyguard." replied the King.

"Thank you. I will speak with you again once Saria is awake. Good day, your highnesses." said Tatiana. 

Hospital Wing, Grand Palace-

"Lady Iiuka, your friend should be up in about an hour....she was quite exhasted from that match. I bid you a good day, Lady." said the Doctor, leaving the sparsly furnished room.

"Thank you, Doctor Taquiel." said Iiuka, turning her attention back to Saria's sleeping form.

Minutes later, Princess Tatiana entered the room and sat next to Iiuka, waiting for thier friend to awaken.

"Hello your highness." Iiuka said quietly.

"Hello Lady Iiuka. When did the doctor say Saria would awaken?"replied the princess.

"In about fourty-five minutes, maybe earlier. He gave a very powerful strengthening potion." said Iiuka.

"I wonder where she gets the talent to pull off such spectacular spells without killing herself in the process?" asked Tatiana.

"Saria has always had a knack for these type of things. Her grandmother told me that her mother was one of the Magus. Saria also said that she wondered where her mother was, cause she knew she wasn't Vitarian." explained Iiuka.

"I didn't know that any of the Magus still exsisted in Vitari, I thought they all left to Hyrule many years ago. Do you---"said Tatiana, only to interupted by Saria.

"Would you keep it down a bit please. I'm trying to sleep."

"Oh my , I'm sorry Saria. I have to go speek with my parents anyway. Good day." said Tatiana , quickly leaving the two friends alone.

"You ready to get up Saria?" asked Iiuka, standing up.

"Yeah, just let me wake-up a bit more." replied Saria, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Iiuka held out her hand when Saria sat up. Saria took her hand and used it as support to help her stand.

"Thanks, I needed a bit o' help there." Saria replied greatfully.

"No problem. You think you can walk?" asked Iiuka.

"Yeah, I can. Lets go to the Throne Room, I bet my grandmother is going crazy over my win and other things." replied Saria as she started towards the door.

"Ok. Lets go." said Iiuka, folowing Saria out of the room. 

Disclaimer: I do not own the Legend of Zelda

Athors Notes: The Zelda aspect of this story will not surface untill the middle of the second chapter. Please tell me what you and review.....^-^

Well here is the long awaited update....hope you like.

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