A Time to Flee, a Time to Fight
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"A Time to Flee, A Time to Fight", prologue

A Time to Flee, A Time to Fight

By: January

Prologue: Flight

mpa looked down at Zelda. The young Princess was leaning against Impa's arm, asleep. Her little pink mouth was slightly open. She was heavy.

Looking around, Impa saw that it had been too many years since she had roamed Hyrule freely, and much had changed. She had wasted precious being forced to battle the Peahats, the "funny flying houses" as Zelda called them. Ganondorf's spreading anger and power confused her senses.

Crimson eyes scanned the land. The black mask across her lower face, symbol of grief, hindered her breathing slightly. She shook her head hard, trying to concentrate. They did not have much time before the night creatures woke and walked abroad. The moon was high and illuminated the fugitives like a candle, and she was quickly tiring.

Deep inside her, a little voice was whispering. Just for a moment, Impa. Just slip off the horse and lie down a moment. It won't hurt anything. You won't be found. Quickly Impa bit hard on her lip, rising out of her stupor. She had almost given in.

Ahead of her, the forest suddenly appeared shadowed in fog. Impa spurred Prophecy forward. The white horse cantered across the narrow bridge into the deep forest. No fairies betraying their Kokiri companion flew. A night bird called somewhere; it's voice echoing in the stilled forest. Impa gave in. She slid off of the hose and pulled Zelda after her. Carefully laying the little girl on the ground, Impa sat by her side and leaned back against a tree. She was so tired...The last thing she thought was, You're out of shape, Sheikah.