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"True Identity"

True Identity

By: Luna the Sheikah

I heard Dad yelling at Mom in his slurred voice. Too much beer, second time this week. He'd hit me already, my face still stung from his strike. I do my best at school, I'm even on Honor Roll but no one cares. My older sister, Melissa just wanders around town as a whore, getting knocked up once a night. I'm surprised she isn't pregnant yet. That is why I have no friends, that's why I turn to Hyrule.

I was sitting on my bed trying to get through the Forest Temple. It was my way of venting my anger, I'm too weak to go against my Father. With a final jump attack the last stalfos fell, revealing the fairy bow. I had finally gotten the weapon I needed. Before I could even call upon the subscreens to save, Dad burst in. He yanked out the plug and yanked off his belt. I felt the leather scar the unprotected skin of my back. The blood stains my thin nightgown and my sheets. It stings as Dad leaves the room.

I do not want to fight those stalfos all over again. Oh how I wish I had a bottled fairy to heal me, heart and soul.

Zelda awoke suddenly, sweating and gasping for air. The dream of that poor girl being beaten and the forest temple raced through her mind. She felt tears edge her eyes. Transporting herself to the sacred realm she found Rauru.

"I had the dream again. Why?" Zelda said, breaking the calm silence.

Rauru appeared thoughtful, he stood in front of the princess and let his aged hands rest on her temples. "Let me see into this dream, Rauru commanded.

She closed her eyes and felt a light search and watch the dream as her memory replayed it for the sage. Returning he shook his head in sadness and disgust. "She is in an dimension called Earth. If she is who I think she is, we must rescue her."

I walked down the alley heading for the dumpster, maybe Dad won't look for me today. I sat behind the massive trash can and wept. The wounds of last night were still tender and painful. I always pleaded in my head that I could live in Hyrule. Where wounds could be healed with ease of a drink or a fairy. I want to escape from the angry hellhole so badly. If only Hyrule wasn't a video game. If only, if only...

Saria sniffed as they all heard the young woman's thoughts. Nabooru growled in anger, "That man should perish." She gripped the double bladed weapons in her hands. Darunia nodded as he clenched his fists.

"Calm down, both of you. We know what is occurring is wrong but there is a better solution," Impa said as she gazed at a young man, the Hero of Time. "Well send him."

I looked at the new boy in my homeroom. He seemed so nervous and lonely, and yet his gaze always was directed at me.    "This is Oliver. You'll sit in the empty seat next to Aqua," Ms. Gerard announced.

Reluctantly, he headed over and sat down. He gave one last glance before being scolded of not paying attention to the morning announcements. During lunch he sat all alone, barely touching his meal. I felt the need to make him feel better, I picked up my plate and sat beside him.

"Hello," I greeted as I opened my can of Pepsi Blue.

"Hey," The boy responded in a low voice. His blue eyes and blonde hair were attractive I must admit.

"Where are you from?" I asked, finishing a bite of my pizza.

"Around," he replied. He seemed so uncomfortable. I knew my action would be childish and immature but the opportunity was screaming in my face.

"Do-D-Do you want to be friends?" I merely murmured this statement.

"Sure." His face brightened and he finally looked at me.

My, he seems so innocent. I'd just had P.E and I had skipped breakfast, I pointed at his pizza.

"You going to eat that?"

He simply broke it apart and handed me half. Following my example, he downed the pizza and soda just before the bell had rung for fourth period.

"See you around!" I called after him as he dashed up the steps. He simply waved before slowing his pace. Was he talking to a ball of light? I merely shrugged as I headed to science. Mirage.

"Seems to be proceeding well," Rauru commented.

"Let us hope so," Zelda replied, gazing at the Hero of Time through the reflecting pool.

Turns out he's in all my classes. Oliver's pretty nice, but there's just something about him, I just can't figure out what. The final bell rings, I manage to get out of wood shop alive.

"Want to walk home together?" I ask as I meet up with him in the quad.


Apparently, he lives only a few blocks away from me. We decided to take the long way home.

"Can I ask you something?" He nodded. I see the green fabric peeking out of his backpack. I pull it out and look at it, Link's hat? Oliver froze in his tracks just staring at me. " like the Legend of Zelda games too?"

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah my favorite game."

I put the hat on my head and picked up a stick. I pretended to fight off a hoard of wolfos. When I finally returned to the hell hole named 'reality' I blushed. "Sorry," I said as I dropped the stick and handed the hat back to him.

"You're good." I took the compliment in stride. There is just something about him. I don't want to scare my only friend off. Still....

"That was close," Impa said.

"She is skilled though. She'd make a good Gerudo," Nabooru said.

They all agreed.

"Just have to wait and see," Saria remarked.

It's amazing Dad isn't drunk and Melissa is actually home. I finish my homework and dinner without a single beating or curse word aimed at me or anyone else. We watch a movie and actually laugh together. Its these moments I look forward to when we actually seem normal.

Afterwards, I turn off the sound of my TV and play Pink's "Family Portrait." This time I seek those stalfos with a vengeance.  This time I save it. The fairy bow is mine. I go off to school to see Oliver patiently waiting for me at my locker. As I finish my combo and start to switch my books around, he breaks the silence.

"You want to come over to my house today?" he asks, pretending to have interest in the circles he's making in the dirt with his shoe.

My parents never care where I go, so I happily oblige. As we head to homeroom, for the first time in years, I have something good to look forward to.

Zelda smiles, "Good he's gotten that far."

At least she had a bruise-free night yesterday," Ruto said.  

We head to his house, as we enter its empty. "Both my parents work, I never see them." He replies to my astonished expression.

We go into his bedroom and play the game. He's really good at it, once he got a hang of the controls. A bit rusty he says, says he hasn't played it in a while. Riiight.  Finally our eyes start to ache from staring at  the screen for so long. He hands me a glass of milk and I begin to strike up conversation. The silence was getting to me.

"When I go online and read fan fiction about Legend Of Zelda, everyone wonders who Link really loves. I mean he meets SO many girls in the game." I cut short, he seemed nervous. His face was a deep red and his eyes kept darting every which way. A sure signal to change the subject.

"I thought it was funny when he ran away from the Gorons when they tried to hug him."

He blushed again. "You would too if you were a tiny kid and these massive gorons wanted to hug you to death."

I became confused, "Wha?"

"I mean from his point of view."

I drank some of the milk, I suddenly felt energized. While he went to refill our cups I looked in the bathroom mirror. Strange, my wounds and scars are gone. They were there when I left school, maybe I needglasses.

"He'd better be careful, he nearly gave himself away," Rauru said.

I got hit again, this time I'm bleeding pretty bad. Damn, it stings so badly. On a lighter note, Oliver asked me over again. I had some more of the weird milk. The wounds and pain disappeared. I find myself grow more suspicious. The ball of light, hair, eyes, hat, and the milk. Wait a second, what am I saying!?  

"She's finally catching on!" Darunia exclaimed.

"Thank Nayru," Zelda replied.

He played a beautiful melody on his ocarina for me. Seemed to be Zelda's lullaby. way! Its impossible, I'm 17 I can't have stupid thoughts like this! But.


"SHUTUP!" Nabooru shot back.  Rauru had to calm the two sages down, with great difficulty.   

At his home again, and dying in utter suspense. I know he cannot be Link and yet... He looks so much like him  And why in the world does he always keep his ears covered?

They all sighed. I hope she figures it out soon. I'm so sleepy," Saria said. The sages all yawned in agreement.  

I'm spending the night at Oliver's place. Mom and Dad won't care anyway. He's sleeping, he so cute when he's sleeping. I have to know, I pull back some of his hair. Its so silky to the touch, I find a pair of pointed ears. Ok that's it I'm confronting him tomorrow.  

"YAY!" Ruto cheered. Impa had to elbow her to keep her quiet. Deep down they all cheered.


"Yeah Aqua?" I loved it when he called me that. It made me appreciate my odd name.

"This may sound ridiculous but I think you are Link." I could tell he was trying to hide a smile.

"Why do you think that?"

I took a deep breath, "The milk heals me like Lon Lon milk, you play the game so well, you were nervous about my comments, you play the ocarina like a pro, I think I saw you talk to Navi, the hat and..." I pulled back his hair and placed the hat on his head. "The ears."

He simply smiled. "I wondered if you'd ever figure it out."

"You mean you ARE Link?"


"Then why are you here?"

"Zelda had a dream about you being beaten, and supposedly you might become a large part of history. I was sent here to save you."   

I gathered my radio and the clothes I brought with me. I stood beside him. "I will go with you to Hyrule."

The sages cheered as she spoke these words. They gathered their power and transported them home.

I felt something pull me away. We landed on the roof of the castle. As I stood up and finished dusting myself off, Link wrapped his arm around my shoulders and made a large gesture with his other arm. "Welcome to Hyrule."