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Phantom Hourglass Official Art

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Link and Linebeck on their ship.
1028 x 724 pixels
142 KB
Link with his trusty map, and Ciela the not-Navi with Navi's voice.
3558 x 3404 pixels
297 KB

(This is a very large picture)
Linebeck patting Link on the head and pissing off Ciela.
2680 x 2873 pixels
319 KB

(This is a very large picture)
Link, Linebeck, and Ciela looking happy.
2455 x 2651 pixels
277 KB

(This is a very large picture)
Linebeck holding his map.
703 x 1164 pixels
277 KB
Everbody's favorite rock-eating friends, the Gorons.
1014 x 828 pixels
142 KB
Tetra, looking miffed, confused, annoyed, or all-of-the-above.
640 x 1382 pixels
117 KB
One of those fearsome, fun-loving phantoms.
1025 x 912 pixels
100 KB
The kindly old Oshus.
1044 x 1135 pixels
138 KB
The suspiciously Eskimo-like Anouki. The one on the left seems to be trying the old "nose bacon" trick for his dog.
1024 x 482 pixels
93 KB
A poster-like version of the front cover of the instruction manual, without the game logo.
1236 x 1750 pixels
276 KB