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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Spirit Medallion - Hidden at Desert's End

Haunted Wasteland

Allies here include:

    Rug Merchant: He lives at the Desert Shop.  He'll sell you 10 Bombchu for R200.
    Phantom Guide: This ghost is very helpful.  He'll guide you to the Single Flagpole from the Stone House.  You need the Lens of Truth to see him, though.

Foes here include:

    Gold Skulltula: There's one in the basement of the Stone House.
    Leevers: These sand creatures rise and dash at you constantly.  Move in a zigzag pattern to dodge them.  They appear on the Phantom's Route.  If you defeat enough green ones, a large purple one will appear that gives you a lot of Rupees when killed.


Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Bombchu: About 10 of them cost R200 at the Desert Shop.
    Skull Token
    Purple Rupee: There's one in the basement of the Stone House once you light the 2 torches.


Important locations here include:

    River of Sand: This is your first obstacle.  You may Longshot or walk across with the Hover Boots.
    Desert Shop: The Rug Merchant is here.  It is west of the River of Sand.
    Flag Trail: The Gerudos placed this trail to guide themselves through the desert.  It runs from the River of Sand to the Stone House.  The twin flagpoles mean you're near the Stone House.
    Stone House: This is at the end of the Flag Trail.  A Gold Skulltula is on the back wall of the base-ment.  Light the torches there to get a Purple Rupee from a chest.  You may only see the Phantom Guide on the roof with the Lens of Truth.
    Phantom's Route: This random path is the only safe way to the Desert Colossus.  Watch out for an-noying Leevers as you make your way through.
    Colossus Gate: At the end of the Phantom's Route, you will see two flagpoles and a single flagpole in the distance.  This is the gate of the Desert Colossus, where you will find the Spirit Temple.

Area strategies include:

     When you enter this area, you will see the River of Sand and some flagpoles across the way.  You can either Longshot across or walk across with the Hover Boots to avoid sinking in the quick-sand.  Once you cross, you should follow the flags until you reach a sign.  The sign goes to the Desert Shop and the Rug Merchant if you want to waste money on Bombchu.  The flags will lead you even-tually to a pair of flags overlooking a valley.  If it is night, you must make it day to cross safely amid the whirling sand.
     When you reach the flags and the valley, you should go down to the opening and climb down.  You can get a Gold Skulltula in here, and then light the braziers to reveal a chest.  You will find a Purple Rupee in the chest and more goodies in the pots if you decide to check them.  At the top of the building, you find a gravestone, where you should use the Lens of Truth.  The Phantom Guide will lead you in a roundabout route to the Colossus Gate.  When you go through, you will arrive at an im-mense monolith of Gerudo worship called the Desert Colossus.

The Desert Colossus

Allies here include:

    Great Fairy 5: She lives in GFF 5.  She will teach you the magic known as Nayru's Love.  She is the last Great Fairy of Magic.
    Sheik: He appears once you leave the First Room.  The Master Sword is a ship that allows you to travel upstream and downstream through time's river.  The port for that ship is the Temple of Time.  To restore the Desert Colossus and enter the Spirit Temple, you must travel back through time.
    Owl: You see him overhead as Sheik teaches you the Requiem of Spirit.  He leaves as the song ends.

Foes here include:

    Gold Skulltulas: There are 3 here.  One is in the Bean Patch, another on a tree by the Dry Pond, and a third on a Sand Dune.
    Armos: Two of these are in the First Room.
    Possessed Jars: Two of these are in the First Room.


Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Heart Piece 34: This is atop the Stone Arch.  Use the Magic Bean Leaf you plant here to retrieve it.
    Fairy Spirits: These appear when you play the Song of Storms on the slab near the Dry Pond.

Important locations here include:

    Gate: The two flagpoles here mark the exit from the Haunted Wasteland.
    Cracked Wall: This sandstone block is between two palm trees in the northeast part of the area.  Bomb it to find GFF 5.
    GFF 5: Great Fairy 5 teaches you Nayru's Love here.
    Dry Pond: This pool was apparently full long ago.  Use the Song of Storms on the stone slab nearby to refill it and summon Fairy Spirits.  On the tree near the southwest shore is a Gold Skulltula.

Other important locations here include:

    Bean Patch: This is on the porch just outside the Spirit Temple.  Be sure to get the Gold Skulltula here before planting the Magic Bean.
    Warp Tile: This is north of the Colossus.
    Colossus: This giant building houses the Spirit Temple.  Its past and purpose remain a mystery.  It towers over everything else here at the western end of Hyrule.
    Sand Dunes: These giant platforms of sand are obstructions on the ground and resting spots in the air.  A Gold Skulltula appears atop the small, northern one at night.
    Stone Arch: This is just east of the Colossus.  On the top is Heart Piece 34.
    First Room: This is Room 1F-1 of the Spirit Temple.  The tunnel to the south is too small and the gi-ant block to the north is immobile.  The southern sign says, "If you wish to proceed to the past, you should return here with the pure heart of a child."  Its counterpart says, "If you want to travel to the future, you should return here with the 'power of silver' from the past."


The defensive magic:

    Nayru's Love: This defense magic is a must within the Spirit Temple.  When cast, it creates a blue diamond that protects you from damage for about a minute and a half.  The cost is 12 MP, but it's worth it.  Great Fairy 5 teaches it you to you at GFF 5.

Warp Song 6:

    Requiem of Spirit: This is the final warping song you learn.  It takes you back to the Warp Tile north of the Colossus.  The tune is A Button, C-down, A Button, C-right, C-down, and the A Button.  It seems like a better version of the Nocturne of Shadow than the actual song.

Area strategies include:

     Once you enter this area, you should get some experience fighting the Leevers.  The Cracked Wall is on the right as you enter, in between two palm trees growing from the sand.  Inside, you will find the third and final Great Fairy of Magic in the country of Hyrule.  She teaches you Nayru's Love, a spell that prevents you from taking damage for a short period of time.  You will need this to get past some really mean sub-bosses inside the Spirit Temple.  You will find a nocturnal Gold Skulltula on a tree near the Dry Pond in the south part of the area.
     In order to proceed, you will have to enter the Spirit Temple.  When you do, you find two snakes carved with runes downstairs and two Armos on the upper level.  The signs tell you to find a 'power of silver from the past' to proceed.  When you exit, Sheik leaps down and teaches you the Requiem of Spirit, the last of six warping songs.  You should then warp to the Temple of Time and become a kid.


The Spirit Temple

Allies here include:

    Nabooru: She is the Gerudo by the tunnel.  You get nowhere by asking her about the Temple or the Sages.  When you say "Nothing, really," the conversation becomes interesting.  She asks you if you're a minion of Ganondorf and whether you would do her a favor.  She is a thief, but much differ-ent from Ganondorf.  Ganondorf stolen from women and children and murdered the defenseless with his minions.  She refuses to bow to a man that evil.
    She wants you to crawl through the tunnel and get her the treasure beyond.  The treasure is a set of Silver Gauntlets that allow adults to push, pull, and lift very heavy things.  Since they only fit adults, you must give them to her.  Ganondorf and his minions are using the Spirit Temple as a hide-out.  She needs the Silver Gauntlets to get deep into the temple, take the treasure, and foil their plans.
     After you have the Silver Gauntlets, she gets captured by the Two Witches.  She reappears later as the figure inside the Mega Iron Knuckle.  The witches soon recapture her.  When you beat Koume, Kotake, and Twinrova, she is revealed as the Sage of Spirit.  She wishes she knew you were going to be handsome as an adult.
    Sun Tiles: Shine light on these tiles and many things may happen.
    Owl: He awaits you on the South Paw.  Your ability to be unchanged by time is mysterious to him.  Even he thought the tales of a time-traveling boy were legend.  As a mature adult, the fate of all Hy-rule is on your shoulders.  To destroy the witches in this temple, turn their own powers against them.
    Rauru: He appears as you leave the Chamber of Sages.  He congratulates you on your efforts.  The final showdown with Ganondorf is nigh.  You should meet someone at the Temple of Time.

Foes here include:

    Possessed Jars
    Blade Traps
    Stalfos: The one in Room 1F-3 is doubly tough due to your child-strength attack power.
    Green Bubbles
    Anubis: These jackal-headed statues hover in midair.  Use all sorts of fire to destroy them.  Their lo-cation changes with yours.
    Fire Keeses
    Gold Skulltulas: There are 5 here.  They are in Rooms 1F-5, 2F-1, 3F-4, 1F-9, and 3F-1.
    Lizalfos: They reappear in several Rooms here.
    Iron Knuckles: These metal giants wield axes that deal a ton of damage with every hit.  Use Nayru's Love against as protection.  They get faster with each hit.  After 25 hits, the outer layer of armor will disintegrate.  Twelve hits later, the warrior dies.  They lurk in Rooms 3F-5 and 3F-10.
    Two Witches: They appear when you get the Silver Gauntlets.  They hypnotize the trapped Nabooru with black magic.  They are powerful minions of Ganondorf.
    Wolfos: There is one in Room 1F-11.
    False Doors
    White Bubbles: These skulls leave trails of light behind as they move.  Slash each twice as it stops moving to clear out Room 4F-6.
    Mega Iron Knuckle: This is the loyal minion of Koume and Kotake.  After its mistresses leave, it creates a giant axe and attacks.  Navi says it's no ordinary enemy.  If you're weak, use the pillars and throne as shields while it breaks each to reveal Hearts.  It will turn into Nabooru after 19 hits.

Sorceress Sisters TWINROVA

    Kotake: This icy witch is the first to see you.  Her powers are based on arctic chill.  Her attack can freeze you unless you dodge.  Use the Mirror Shield to deflect her attack towards Koume.  The two witches are Ganondorf's surrogate (replacement) mothers.  Her powers can freeze you to your soul.
    Koume: This flaming female has red-hot anger and spells to match.  She claims she can burn you to the bone.  Her attack creates a layer of lava over the arena temporarily.  Reflect her powers towards Kotake with the Mirror Shield.  They combine into Twinrova when both are beaten.


Koume and Kotake's Double Dynamite Attack

    TWINROVA: This female has the strengths and weaknesses of both witches.  Absorb the energy from three same-type attacks and you'll reflect the energy back at the witch.  If you try to block two attacks of different types, you'll suffer damage from the second attack and lose the stored energy.  The energy reflected stuns the witch.  Slash her while she's down to damage her.  Twelve hits in this form will end the battle and kill both witches.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Deku Shields: These only appear in the chests of Rooms 1F-3 and 2F-1 if you've lost your Deku Shield earlier.  Otherwise, the chests hold Rupees.
    Silver Rupees: These are needed in Rooms 1F-5, 3F-3, and 1F-9 to solve puzzles.
    Small Keys: The 5 here are in Rooms 1F-5, 3F-3, 1F-10, 2F-2, and 3F-10.
    Bombchu: These are in Room 2F-1 after you hit the crystal switch.  Use them to detonate the boulder blocking the shaft of light.
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room 2F-2.  Light the 2 torches to make its chest appear.  There are 39 Rooms in this dungeon over 4 above ground floors.
    Silver Gauntlets: These gloves greatly enhance an adult's lifting abilities.  They are in the chest on the South Paw.  Nabooru wants them to get deep in the temple and mess up Ganondorf's plans after taking the treasure.  With them, you may push giant blocks and lift gray stones.  You can't give them to Nabooru because the Two Witches capture her right after you get them.
    Compass: This is in Room 1F-11.  There are 20 other chests in the dungeon.
    Mirror Shield: Like-Likes can't gobble this second treasure here.  It may reflect any form of light or magical energy except Ganondorf's firebolts.  It is on the North Paw.  It's a must throughout the rest of your quest.
    Mutoh Key: This is in the chest above Room 4F-3.  Hit the switch above to retract the flames tempo-rarily.
    Heart Container: This is on the northwest platform in Room 3F-15 after you destroy Twinrova.  The blue portal is all the way across the room.
    Spirit Medallion: Nabooru gives you this in the Chamber of Sages.  It contains her thanks and con-gratulations on what you've become.  It is the last Medallion, so congratulations on getting this far are in order!

Temple tricks include:

    Room 1F-1: Nabooru guards the tunnel when you enter now.  It leads to Room 1F-2.  Past the block to the north is Room 1F-8.
    Room 1F-2: Dodge the Blade Trap and beat your foes to open the doors.  The southwest door leads to Room 1F-3.  The other door up here leads to Room 1F-5.  Through the tunnel is Room 1F-6.
    Room 1F-3: Beat the Stalfos that appears and then tackle the Green Bubble in the chasm.  Boomer-ang the crystal switch from afar to make the netting form a bridge.  The two Possessed Jars guard a chest holding Rupees.
    Room 1F-4: Go around to the area across from the blocked door and hit the crystal switch with a Deku Seed to create flames that easily beat the lone Anubis here.  This action will raise the portcullis.
    Room 1F-5: If you enter from Room 1F-2, light the torches with Din's Fire to make a chest drop.  Entering from Room 1F-4, get the chest and beat the Wallmasters that fall.  The Silver Rupees will lower the middle part of the netting as a bridge across.  There's a Gold Skulltula on the netting.  Watch out for Keeses and Fire Keeses!
    Room 1F-6: This is west of Room 1F-2.  Use the Small Key to open the locked door.
    Room 1F-7: Beat the 2 Skullwalltula and climb the wall to reach Room 2F-1.
    Room 2F-1: Beat all of your foes here, including the Gold Skulltula near the climbable wall.  The Bombchu from the chest revealed by the Crystal Switch are used to blow up the rock blocking the shaft of light.  The other chest either holds a Deku Shield or a Blue Rupee.
    Room 2F-2: This lower half of a giant room has the figure of a seated Gerudo on the back wall.  Use Din's Fire in between the two torches to make the Map appear.  Push the statue onto the switch to raise the portcullis above in Room 3F-1.  When you enter from the north, beat the Armos by the door.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the left hand of the statue at this time.  The chest on the right hand holds a Small Key.
    Room 3F-1: This is above Room 2F-2.  The southeast door is your first destination.  As an adult, use the ramp to reach the left hand.  On the right hand, summon Pierre and you may reach the last Gold Skulltula here.  At the north end of the room, you should Longshot to the chest holding some Rupees.  The rusty switch opens the door to Room 2F-4 when hit.  When you lower the platform from above, use sunlight to make the statue's face crumble and Longshot to the grate to reach the Mutoh Key lock.
    Room 3F-2: This stairway connects Room 3F-1 to Room 3F-3.
    Room 3F-3: Defeat the many Beamos upon entering.  Pull the Sun Tile into the light to open the door.  Grab the Silver Rupees to light one torch.  Use one Deku Stick to light the other 3 and get a Small Key in a chest.
    Room 3F-4: Above the entry door is a Gold Skulltula.  The stairs to the east lead to Room 3F-5.
    Room 3F-5: This room has 6 stone columns and an Iron Knuckle on its throne.  When the foe is de-feated, the northern door, which leads to the South Paw, opens.
    South Paw: The Owl awaits you here.  After he leaves, open the chest for the Silver Gauntlets.
    Stone Arch: Nabooru gets trapped by the Two Witches near here.
    Sword Chamber: Warp here and become an adult after Nabooru is gone.
    Room 1F-8: This is north of Room 1F-1.  Beat the Beamos and hit the crystal switch above its ruins to open the outer doors.  Use the west door when you have a Small Key.
    Room 1F-9: This is northwest of Room 1F-8.  Collect the Silver Rupees while avoiding the boulders.  Behind the Time Block is a Gold Skulltula.
    Room 1F-10: Beat the Like-Like that falls from the ceiling to find a Small Key in a chest.
    Room 1F-11: This is southwest of Room 1F-8.  Beat the Wolfos here and use Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce to make the Compass appear in the chest.

More Temple tricks include:

    Room 1F-12: This is west of Room 1F-8.  Beat the Like-Like that falls and smash the Possessed Jars before climbing to Room 2F-3.
    Room 2F-3: This room is home to an invisible Floormaster.  Beat it and rotate the mirror around until a Sun Tile lights up.  Beware the icy trap within the corner chest!
    Room 2F-4: This is east of Room 2F-2.  Push each giant block as you follow the path around.  Hit the rusty switch to make a platform become a nifty elevator to and from Room 1F-1.
    Room 3F-6: This is northeast of Room 3F-1.  Beat the Beamos to end danger.
    Room 3F-7: Beat the Beamos and 3 Anubis to open the northeast door.
    Room 3F-8: Use an Armos to keep the door open.  Room 3F-9 is to the east.
    Room 3F-9: Get the 2 treasure chests here to refill your health.  East is Room 3F-10.
    Room 3F-10: Your second bout with an Iron Knuckle is here.  The battle should be easier due to your higher attack power.  Through the south door is the North Claw.
    North Claw: As you arrive, the chest holding the Mirror Shield drops out of the sky.
    Room 3F-11: This is west of Room 3F-8.  The last Small Key here is in the chest.
    Room 3F-12: This is past the locked door in Room 3F-7.  Beat the Beamos and carefully scale the wall.
    Room 4F-1: This is above Room 3F-12.  On the floating platform are 2 Hearts.
    Room 4F-2: This is west of Room 4F-1.  Use Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce to raise the western portcullis.
    Room 4F-3: Beat the Torch Slugs and detonate the False Doors.  Shoot the eye switch and Longshot up.  Hit the switch and open the chest below for the Mutoh Key.
    Room 4F-4: This is south of Room 4F-2.  Beat the Possessed Jars and hit the crystal switch in the cell to raise the portcullis.  In the lower section, beat the Possessed Jars and reflect the light when it comes onto the Sun Tile to lower the platform below the mirror.
    Room 4F-5: As you enter, a Lizalfos appears and attacks.  Beat it and reflect light onto the Sun Tile to find a chest with Bombs.
    Room 4F-6: This is east of Room 4F-5.  Beat the White Bubbles and Bomb the false north wall.  An-other mirror is here.
    Room 4F-7: Beat the Lizalfos here.  Use the mirrors to reflect the light to the mirror above the lower section of Room 4F-4.
    Room 3F-13: This is behind the statue's face in Room 3F-1.  After Koume and Kotake leave, the Mega Iron Knuckle attacks you.  When Nabooru is gone, the door behind the throne will open.
    Room 3F-14: This hall connects Rooms 3F-13 and 3F-15.
    Room 3F-15: The five platforms in this enormous room are of equal height, but only the central one is climbable.  You fight Koume, Kotake, and Twinrova here.
    Chamber of Sages: Nabooru will give you the Spirit Medallion here.  As you leave, Rauru talks to you.
    Warp Tile: You end up here once Rauru stops talking.

Temple strategies include:

      When you arrive at the Desert Colossus, you should go to the entrance of the Spirit Temple.  There is a Bean Patch nearby you can plant the final Magic Bean in.  Once you go inside, you will find the Temple virtually unchanged, with one exception.  That exception is the Gerudo kneeling by the tunnel leading into the Temple.  She gives you three options-asking about the Temple, talking about the Sages, or saying you have nothing to do today.  The first two options get you nowhere, so you have to choose the last option to get anywhere.
     After some idle chitchat, you find yourself talking to the woman you will hear about as an adult as the exalted Nabooru!  She has principles and honor, unlike Ganondorf, and wants you to do her a favor.  You must, and you will then be asked to get Silver Gauntlets from beyond the tunnel for Nabooru.  When Nabooru moves to the side, you can enter the tunnel and crawl through to the next room.  You need to defeat an Armos and several Keeses before the two doors will unlock.  In the room on the right, all you can do is use Din's Fire to reveal a treasure chest on the opposite side.
     In the room on the left, you will find a Stalfos on the first platform.  When you defeat it, you should destroy the Green Bubble moving in the bottomless chasm.  You must activate the crystal switch in the chamber to bridge the gap in the room.  In the next room, you will see an Anubis hover-ing over the platform in the chamber.  To defeat the statue, you will either use Din's Fire or the crys-tal switch in the room.  To use the crystal switch, you will need to maneuver opposite the barred door and then shoot the device with a projectile.
     When you can enter the next room, Navi warns you of Wallmasters.  You will find a Small Key in the chest you revealed by lighting the braziers on the other side.  You will also find several Keeses and Fire Keeses on the chains, along with Silver Rupees.  You will lower a section of the chains to create a bridge when you collect all of the Silver Rupees.  You should then kill the bats and also eliminate the Gold Skulltula on the chains.  The Small Key you have works on the locked door through the tunnel in the Armos room.
     Inside the locked door, you will find a wall guarded by Skullwalltula.  When you destroy them all, you can climb up to the second floor.  Turning around at the top, you can see a Gold Skull-tula on the wall, within easy reach of the Boomerang.  You should then take out the Skullwalltula near the big rock set into the walls of the room.  You can find Lizalfos if you explore the chamber, and the crystal switch drops two chests into the room.  You can open the door out by running a Bombchu up the wall until it hits the rock, awakening the Sun Tile.
     In the large room, you will find a pair of metal braziers at the feet of the seated statue.  Light-ing them with Din's Fire, you can pick up the Dungeon Map in the chest that materializes on the plat-form.  To open the door above, you must push the Armos statue onto the blue pressure switch near this doorway.  The staircase on 3F leads you to a square room with three challenges in it.  You should first kill the Beamos and pick up the Bombs they leave behind-you will need them.  You can open the doors by pulling the block with the Sun Tile into the light.
     The next two challenges are related.  When you gather the five Silver Rupees, the golden bra-zier will light with orange flames.  You must use one Deku Stick to light the remaining three metal braziers in the chamber before any burn out.  This creates a chest with a Small Key on one of the ledges that a Beamos had guarded.  In the door to the right of the chest, you will find a Gold Skulltula in the next hallway.  You will use the Small Key to open the lock and enter the first sub-Mutoh battle here.
     In the room beyond the locked door, you will see a metal knight with an axe sitting on a throne.  When you strike the Iron Knuckle, you should immediately back up and cast Nayru's Love for protection.  If you are out of MP or don't have the spell, you should chuck Bombs at Iron Knuckle to beat its armor.  You can let it smash the pillars and throne for Hearts, and you get three more Hearts by killing the creature.  The door behind the throne leads you out onto a ledge at the southern hand of the Desert Colossus statue.
     When you get out, you will receive a final word of advice from Kaepora Gaebora the Owl.  To defeat the witches inhabiting the Temple, you must turn their own magic against them.  When the bird flies off for the last time (yes!), you can claim the Silver Gauntlets from the large chest.  The moment the dialog box vanishes, you hear Nabooru shriek from down below.  She tells you to leave as Two Witches, powerful Ganondorf minions, force her into a purple portal.  When the three vanish, you should head back to the Temple of Time and become an adult.
     When you are Adult Link again, you should warp to the Desert Colossus and grab the Heart Piece and Gold Skulltula with the Magic Bean Leaf.  The Silver Gauntlets automatically equip, so you can lift gray rocks and push the gray block in Room 1F-1.  This gets you into a room with a Beamos underneath a crystal switch on the ceiling.  When you hit the switch, the doors on your left and right open.  In the room on the left, you should kill the Wolfos and then play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce.  This reveals a large chest you can Longshot to for the Compass.
     With the Compass, you should enter the room on the right of the locked door.  You have to find Silver Rupees in the alcoves and collect them all to open the barred door.  You can also find a Gold Skulltula by moving the Time Block over to another alcove.  In the new room, you will have to deal with a Like-Like falling from the ceiling to pester you.  When you kill it, you can find a Small Key I the chest.  This will open the locked door in the Beamos Room, into a hallway with a second Like-Like and two Possessed Jars.
     When you destroy the two monsters, you can climb up to the second floor again.  You'll meet an Invisible Floormaster in the room with the mirror, so you have to take that out right away.  When you kill the evil creature, you should head to the mirror and rotate it around the chamber clockwise.  It reveals two chests (one of which is a trap), and, if you keep pushing, will open the door.  Back in-side the statue room, you should climb up to 3F and leap onto the hand marked with a Triforce.  This will reveal two chests, one on the other hand you can Longshot to for a Small Key.
     When you get the Small Key, you should climb up the stairs nearby.  You can from that plat-form summon Pierre and Longshot over to the final Gold Skulltula in the Temple.  If you cross the room, you will find another chest near a rusty switch on the other platform.  Hitting the rusty switch opens both doors, one in the corner, and the other downstairs.  The pushing of the blocks in the down-stairs chamber leads you to a second rusted switch near a floor tile marked with the crescent and star.  The switch turns the special tile into an elevator to and from the carpet in Room 1F-1, in between the Armos.
     The upstairs door leads you through a hallway with a Beamos and a pot, but you can ignore those.  The next room has three Anubis statues and a Beamos, so you should pack Fire Arrows and Bombs.  When you destroy them, the door opposite the locked door opens.  When you touch the blue switch, the door opens, but only as long as you stay on it.  The trick is to lure an Armos onto the switch and then chuck a Deku Nut to stun it into position.  Two invisible chests in the hallway beyond both contain Recovery Hearts, if you need them.
     In the room atop the hallway, you will see another Iron Knuckle on its throne.  The same strategy applies from the earlier encounter, but you should find it a little easier this time.  When you defeat the Iron Knuckle, a door opens behind the throne.  On the outside, you can pick up the Mirror Shield from the chest that drops onto the hand.  This shield is irreplaceable and thus immune to Like-Like digestion.  You can use it in the Armos room to activate the Sun Tile beyond the Blade Trap and open the nearby door.
     The room past the lock contains a Small Key in a chest.  You can use this in the Anubis room to open the door to the 'Wall of Death.'  Your first objective in this room is to kill the two Beamos on the tiny pedestals.  You can then either climb up the hard way or use your Longshot (the preferred method) to sneak past the Skullwalltula and ascend.  At the top, there is a platform you can Longshot to that has Recovery Hearts on in.  You will find a Triforce Tile up the short flight of stairs in the door past the two Beamos upstairs.
     Inside this room, there are lots of Torch Slugs and False Doors.  When you destroy the ene-mies, you should see a yellow eye switch in the upper-left corner of the room as you enter.  Trigger-ing this will allow you to Longshot up to the timed switch on the white platform.  When you press the switch, you have a little time to get the Mutoh Key from the chest, so hurry!  You should then exit the room and go up the stairs to the tall door.  You can open the barred door in the next room by striking the crystal switch inside the iron bars with the Spin Attack.
     In the room that opens, you will meet a Lizalfos, alone and unaided by its friends.  When you beat it, you can reflect sunlight onto the sun mark to find a chest with Bombs.  When you beat the White Bubbles in the next room, you will notice a section of the wall blocking a doorway.  When you beat the Lizalfos after bombing the doorway open, you can line up the mirrors.  You should line them up such that the sunlight shines on the big mirror in the other room.  When you go to the platform the light reflects onto, you will have to fend off several Possessed Jars.
     When the pots are gone, you can reflect the sunlight onto the Sun Tile.  This lowers you to face the giant Gerudo statue in the large room.  When you reflect enough sunlight onto the face of the statue, it melts away to reveal a grate and the Mutoh Key lock behind it.  After you Longshot over and open the door, you will meet Koume and Kotake, the Two Witches who kidnapped Nabooru.  When they leave, you will have to battle their loyal minion, a bigger, stronger Iron Knuckle.  The same battle tactics apply, and you'll see Nabooru tumble to the ground when the armor clatters off.
     When Koume and Kotake capture Nabooru again, the door behind the throne opens.  This leads you through a short section of corridor to the final door.  Inside, you will find five platforms of equal height, with only one climbable.  When you climb up, you should head up to the center of the platform.  This will make Koume and Kotake rise from two of the platforms nearby and threaten you with harm as their hats turn into magical flames.  The Mutoh battle begins when they circle above you and the words "Sorceress Sisters TWINROVA" appear on the screen.
     This is one of those rare battles where it is a bad idea to Z-Target the enemy.  When one witch or the other powers up her attack, you should reflect it to the other witch using the Mirror Shield.  You can do this easily if you stand on one of the side platforms, as long as they don't fly over to you.  Magic Arrows do not work on the Twinrova sisters; so do not try using them.  After enough damage has been dealt, Koume and Kotake use their Double Dynamite Attack and merge into the younger, stronger Twinrova.
     For Twinrova, you will absorb some magic and store it until the mirror Shield expels it in a blast.  You must absorb three attacks of the same type before the magic reflects and stuns Twin-rova.  Trying to absorb a fire or ice attack when you store magic of the opposite type loses the stored energy and damages you.  When you stun Twinrova, you should hurry over and slash her before she recovers from the stun effect.  Twelve slashes will destroy Twinrova and kill Koume and Kotake, who reappear from bits of magic.  After a bit of bantering, the ghosts of Twinrova rise up to meet their maker and vow to haunt you in the future.
     When that's done, you can pick up the Heart Container and then hop into the blue portal.  At the Chamber of the Sages, Nabooru is awakened as the Sage of Spirit.  She gives you a Spirit Medal-lion and is glad to help you fight Ganondorf.  As you warp out, Rauru tells you to meet someone very important at the Temple of Time.  This someone is likely to be the Seventh Sage, and obviously a friend of yours.  It could even be the one person you have not seen in your travels as an adult, the one who vanished utterly on that day, seven years ago.

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